tagErotic CouplingsKattieLynn & Tucker - The Wedding Night

KattieLynn & Tucker - The Wedding Night


To all who read this story, please understand, like most authors here, I am an amateur. I don't have an editor, but rely on the tools embedded in my word processing software (which are proving to be not that great!). In previous stories, some readers have commented on my lack of proper punctuation and misuse of tense, syntax, and, in some cases, individual words (i.e., 'organism' in place of 'orgasm'). Don't get me wrong, gentle reader -- I appreciate the helpful hints. But please try to understand that my style is conversational not formal. When I write, I try to imagine that you are a friend, and are sitting across from me sharing a glass of wine. I'm telling you a story, face-to-face. I'm not an English Major and I hope this isn't too off-putting for you. If it is, please excuse me. I'm telling you about events as they happened to me and mine and, while the dialogue may not be accurate on a word-for-word basis, it's as accurate as I can remember and conveys the essential meaning. With these caveats in mind, please read on -- and feel free to comment on what you read.

* * * * *

Well, the wedding was over. Tucker and I were man and wife (at last!). The ceremony was beautiful, with the bridesmaids in pastel colors and me (the BRIDE!) in (you guessed it!) white. Tucker looked his usual great self in a tuxedo with his groomsmen in a mixture of tuxedos and uniforms (some of his friends are still in the service and came appropriately dressed). We got married in my hometown because all my friends and family were there and his family lives less than 100 miles away.

For those who are not familiar with my story, a bit of history is in order before the action (the parts I know you all came here to read!) starts. If you're not interested, simply skip the boring stuff and get on to the wedding night (which, I must admit, turned out to be rather special!).

I met Tucker at an off campus party in my junior year in college. He was in his senior year. I was coming off a very unsatisfactory relationship with a guy named Peter. Peter was a very soulful type, which is what drew me to him in the first place. It turned out that he was into some pretty radical political activity, as well as being a great believer in women's rights. Unfortunately for me, while I was looking for a serious relationship (and to lose my virginity!), Peter seemed more interested in talking about a woman's sexuality than exploring the possibilities of actually activating it with a specific woman! While we spent endless hours talking about sex and "empowerment", we spent no time at all doing anything about it. The relationship ended when I asked Peter if he was gay (that, and his insistence I move with him to Australia to do "great work" among the aborigines -- a prospect I was less than enthused about!).

Tucker and I started out slowly, with on-again, off-again dating over the few months before summer swept us apart. I found out that he was 4 years older than me (his 24 to my 20) and had recently been discharged from the Army, after severing two tours in Afghanistan in Special Forces. This made his reaction to such things as a car backfiring understandable. I still remember him throwing himself on top of me in the street the first time that happened! Over the summer, I found myself missing him and wondering what he was up to. When school started again, there he was, on my doorstep the first day back.

A short time later (about our fifth or sixth date, I believe), Tucker took care of the issue of my virginity (another story that's been published here) and I eventually moved out of the dorm (and left my room mate, Samantha) and into his apartment (he's reasonable neat for a guy). That took us through the remainder of my senior year and his first year of grad studies. We had our ups and downs -- like most couples, but I found it very easy to get along with him and I believe he found it easier and easier to get along with me. A period of "adjustment", my mother called it (and don't ever let anyone tell you that "make up sex" is overrated -- it's among the best I've ever had!).

Anyway, we finally finished school and moved into the "work force", working in the same outfit. At that point, we decided to formalize our relationship -- i.e., GET MARRIED. He asked, in the traditional way, I accepted, with much crying and carrying on (well, it is sort of expected!). We announced our intentions and set the date. Things were a little hectic -- my mother (and his) wanted a say and it turned into a bit of a tugging match, but things settled down and we were all set.

The wedding and reception went off beautifully. We left the reception with many gross comments from his friends (why do guys have to be so gross in public?) and went to a really wonderful hotel for our wedding night. We had booked the wedding suite for our first night as man and wife. It was lovely (if a just a tiny bit overdone on the hearts, flowers, and doves). He carried me over the threshold (without slamming my head into the door frame!) and we did the usual hugging and kissing and looking around the room at all the neat stuff they had sent up for the newly weds.

I went into the bathroom to change (it was about midnight by this time and I was really exhausted -- getting married is a lot of work!). I slipped out of my cloths and into the special nightgown my maid of honor (Beth, my oldest friend from high school) had packed for me. This was a semitransparent, short, white silk gown with matching bikini panties. The whole thing was embroidered with tiny roses and a leaf design. Very sweet -- and very expensive! I came out of the bathroom to find that Tuck had undressed and was laying on the bed, waiting for me. I thought to myself "What a gorgeous hunk of man!" and he truly is! Tuck is 6 foot tall, really well built. I've seen him naked on any number of occasions. After all, we had been living together for almost 3 years before our marriage and have had sex as often as possible during those years. But, even as I stood there, back lighted by the light in the bathroom, I knew that tonight was going to be something different -- something very special.

Tuck rose from the bed in one smooth motion -- one moment he was laying there, the next standing in front of me. This has always surprised me, the way he came move from a seemingly relaxed state to full awareness in an instant. I flowed into his arms. There's no other way to describe it. He hugged me tightly, whispering, "I love you, KattieLynn" over and over as we stood there. His hands moved slowly over my back, the silk of the nighty sliding over my skin. He gently led me to the edge of the bed, lowering me down.

He slide his hands over my silk covered breasts, cupping them through the thin material, raising goose bumps on my arms. My head was thrown back as he started kissing my neck, gently moving from my ear down along the side. I lowered my head to the bed cover, twisting slightly to give him access to my breasts. He wasted little time sliding the smooth material up, exposing my hardening nipples to the cool air. He continued kissing and stoking the mounds, teasing the tender flesh with his lips, gently biting the soft brown tips until they were as hard as pebbles. The sensations coursing through my body were delightful! He moved to gently push the hem of the short night gown up and continued this movement to slide it off my shoulders, his hands returning to the fullness of my breasts as his lips once again found the hard nipples -- first the left, then the right, gently teasing them to even greater hardness. I groaned in a mixture of sheer enjoyment and anticipation, knowing what was to come, knowing the fullness of his love.

His lips moved down, over my belly, softly kissing the indentation of my belly button, his hands continuing to stroke and knead my breasts. I arched my back, pushing them into the palms of his hands, his fingers gently tweaking my, by now, rock hard nipples. His kisses continued down, brushing against my abdomen, one hand now leaving my breasts. He pushed the waistband of the panties down giving him access to the top of my fur covered pubic mound, his tongue sliding over the soft hair. I was very wet down there and could feel the lips of my vagina opening, could smell my own scent of arousal as the sensations of his fingers sliding over my abdomen, lower and lower, continued to circle downward.

I shifted my position, my own hands now moving from above my head, reaching for his length, his hardness. I quickly found it, encircling it, gently gripping and stroking its length. I heard him groan softly, his own hand now sliding under the waistband of my silk panties, his finger seeking the wet warmth enfolded in the groove of my sex. The first contact between his finger and my aroused clitoris was almost electric! My hips rolled upward slightly, my legs falling open, giving him access to my slit, and asking, by their action, for him to invade my vaginal canal, to take me completely.

His fingers lingered at my clit, rolling the button around and around, softly stroking just the tip. Sensations raced through my body, centering somewhere deep in my belly, and I could feel a climax start to build as his middle finger was joined by the other four, his thumb now alternately applying light pressure to my clit, followed by a release of that pressure, the rhythm timed to match the roll of my hips against his hand.

My knees were brawn up and spread widely apart. He grasped the waistband of my panties and drew it over my abdomen while I lifted my hips to help him get the confining garment off. Down they slipped, over my hips and butt, sliding past my knees and my feet. He placed them on the bed, near my face. They smelled of my sex.

I wanted nothing more at this point than to be totally open to him, to have him continue the exploration of my body. I turned onto my side as he lay down next to me, his face pointed at my pussy. I propped on foot on the side of the opposite knee, opening the entire length of my vagina for his attention. Laying on our sides in this way served to bring the head of his cock towards my face. I saw a glistening drop of pre-cum as it oozed from the slit in the head of his engorged dick, my tongue slipping out to catch this sweet, musky fluid. My mouth opened and I took the head of his cock into it, licking it as if it were a lollypop. His tongue had found my clit, flicking over it, teasing it, rolling over the hood. His hands separated the lips of my pussy, opening me more fully for his invading tongue.

I felt his hips start to buck forward, driving the length of his cock into my willing mouth. I accepted it, feeling the soft plum of the head slide over the roof of my mouth, and I opened my throat as much as possible to allow it to start down my throat without gagging. I swallowed and felt him push a little deeper, trying to drive the full length into my mouth and throat. One hand maintained a soft grip on the base of his cock, while I moved the other hand to cup the full sack of his testicles, softly stroking the base, lightly scratching the soft skin that connected it to the area of his anus.

His own fingers had by now found the rosebud of my anus and he gently probed at it, his fingers and tongue busy in my pussy, inciting me to higher and higher levels of passion. I knew I couldn't hold off any longer as my hips bucked forward, a shattering climax crasheing through my body. Centered deep in my abdomen, the waves of sensation built and carried me higher and higher towards a point that I can only describe as the heaven of total sexual release. I swallowed again and again at his deeply buried cock and finally felt the hair at the base tickling my nose. I had never been able to deep throat him before, but tonight I felt I could do anything, would do anything, to please him. I fell back as my climax passed, the waves of pleasure still gently washing outward from my belly.

As I fell back, I felt him withdrawing his cock from my mouth. It slide past my lips, the hardness unchanged, the plum like head slipping out of my throat and over my tongue, past my lips, a thin thread of my saliva and his pre-cum trailing from the bulbous head to my lips. I released his cock as his body turned, his face lowering to mine, his lips seeking and finding mine. I tasted and smelled the heady aroma of my own sexual arousal from my pussy juices, which were smeared on his face and lips. I found myself getting turned on to an even higher pitch as I anticipated what the next step would be. We kissed, and I opened my mouth to receive his tongue, which darted deep into my mouth, his lips moving softly against mine. I sucked at his tongue as though it were a miniature cock, as it darted in and out of my mouth.

He moved once again, coming upright and kneeling between my wide spread legs. He lifted my feet, placing the backs of my heels on his shoulders, his hands on my hips, lifting them and pulling me forward, until the cheeks of my ass were resting on the tops of his thighs. He leaned forward, resting his hands on either side of my head, rolling my hips back and upward, the tops of my thighs meeting the nipples of my breasts. He took one of my hands and placed it on his rock hard cock, asking me by this action to guide it home, home to the sweet haven of my very wet and ready cunt.

I placed the head between the lips of my pussy, lifting it to roll the head over my clit, bringing it down so it nestled at the opening to my vaginal canal. I moved my hands to the sides of his hips, grasping them, urging him in, to take me fully, rolling my hips up and down where they rested on his thighs, the head of his cock brushing the tip of my clit, then sliding down between the open lips to find the tight opening to the canal beyond. At that moment, I wanted nothing more than to feel him plunge his length into me, to impale me on his hardness, to feel his shaft stretch me open. I wanted so badly to have him fuck me!

He needed no urging from me (not that he ever has, mind you!) as he plunged his full length deep into my pussy, his hands moving to the cheeks of my ass, his torso falling forward to roll my hips even higher. With a resounding SLAP, I felt and heard his hard abdomen hit the backs of my thighs, my pussy completely filled by him, his length buried in my vaginal canal, his balls slapping against the rosebud of my ass. The tops of my thighs flattened my breasts, as I took his full weight on my legs. I was being taken in a way I had never experienced, more fully than anything we had ever shared before.

Tucker withdrew his cock slowly, plunging it forward and pulling back to a timeless rhythm, each inward thrust seeming to go deeper and deeper. I felt the head of his cock bouncing on the ring of my cervix, and another climax started to build, as I was driven higher with each of his thrusts. I slide a hand between our bodies, finding my clit as it rode the top of his plunging rod, rolling over the sensitive tip. I started to cum, and felt the walls of my vaginal canal grip his cock, squeezing tight as I rolled my hips up and down to meet his thrusts. On and on he fucked into me, sending me over the edge again and catching me on the downward slide, only to start up all over once more!

I heard this continual groaning, interspaced with gasps and realized it was coming from me! I heard him say over and over, "I love you, Kattie, I love you", as he continued to pound his length into my willing, open pussy. I lost count of the number of times I came, but each climax was more intense than the last, each retreat from that magical height followed by an equally rapid accent back to its peak. My breath grew ragged and I thought I would faint from the sheer pleasure of being taken this way, totally and completely.

His hands moved from the cheeks of my ass as he levered forward, his deeply buried cock grinding against the ring of my cervix and I felt him stiffen, could almost feel the rush of his semen pulsing up from his balls, streaming down the length of him as his climax overwhelmed him. In a rush, the first pulse of his cum slammed into me, filling my womb, making my own final climax complete and overwhelming. His cum continued to pump into me, filling my vaginal canal, his cock clamped tightly by the walls of my cunt, holding him there, milking him, feeling the long hard length of him.

His climax slowed, the flow of his semen ending. He lay on top of me, our sweat mingling, our lips locked together much as our bodies were tightly locked, his cock still buried in my pussy, our arms and legs wrapped around each other. At last, he fell over on his side, pulling me with him, our bodies still joined down below. His hand reached our and stroked the tangle of my hair, his lips seeking mine, his breath soft against my skin.

"Well, honey. What did you think of that?" he asked.

What was I supposed to think? I had just been totally and completely fucked. My vaginal canal was still recovering it normal size, while pulses of after sex pleasure continued to surge through my belly. I couldn't catch my breath. My skin was flushed, my eyes glazed. I had climaxed so many times I was dizzy! The world seemed to be spinning around and his cock was still buried in me, although it was starting to soften. I felt his cum slipping out and dripping over my inner thigh as he slipped out of my thoroughly stretched pussy.

"When will you be ready to go again?" I coyly asked.

He threw back his head and started to chuckle. "Girl, I gave you my best shot and you want a repeat? Jesus, Kattie -- the tank is dry tonight! But wait 'till morning -- I have lots more tricks up my sleeve!"

"Tucker -- it's not your 'sleeve' I'm thinking about" I said, laughingly.

Well, that was the start of our married life. He was right about several things. He had lots more tricks (but then again, I had a few of my own!), he was ready to go again in the morning (and every morning of our honeymoon!) and the tank hasn't been dry too often since then.

I had anticipated something special from our wedding night. Not only did I get the best loving of my life (until that point, that is), but the physical love we shared that night made me realize that until this time and place, we had multiple sessions of sex. That night, we made love. And every time we make love, we grow closer and closer to being what we both hope to be -- two sides of a single entity, a married couple that lives to please the other.

I hope you enjoyed reading about this as much as I enjoyed experiencing it. Please comment to your hearts content.

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