The early summer night's air was heavy with humidity as she walked into the restaurant. She was greeted by the welcomed feeling of the cool conditioned air as she closed the etched-glass paneled door behind her. She turned and joined the queue waiting to be seated.

"Lamont, party of two," she said to the maitre-de. He looked at the reservation book, moving his pen down the list of names. He looked up and gave her a look of confusion.

"I'm sorry, but it seems you are already here," he said with some concern in his voice. "Let me check this out for you," he added before she could voice any opinion. The man, dressed in an exquisite Italian tuxedo, turned and walked into the dining room. Over the din of normal conversation, he asked a couple of busboys to accompany him, in case there were any problems. As he approached the table written in the book, he saw he would not have any trouble.

"Excuse me, sir, but there seems to be mistake with your reservations," he stated to the couple as they smiled and made small talk over some appetizers.

"Pardon me?" the man asked as he looked away from his blonde dinner guest. "I made these reservations myself weeks ago. I'm sure you are mistaken." He was beginning to show signs of agitation: he curtly threw his napkin onto the table, knocking over his water glass, the contents spilling onto his guest.

"Sir, no disrespect to you, but Miss Lamont has arrived," the maitre-de said, his hands in front of him, the two large busboys on either side. "As you may not be aware, Miss Lamont's father owns this establishment," the man said as a wry smile came to his face. He saw the color leave the man's face as the truth was known.

"I'm so sorry," the man offered as an apology but it was a little too late. His guest, a rather buxom woman in her early twenties, glared at him and a coldness was evident.

"Thank you for the fine evening," she said sarcastically, followed by a hard slap to the face. "Don't you ever call me again," she added as she stormed out of the dining room and past the queue.

"That was interesting," Miss Lamont said as the blonde angrily pushed open the doors and walked out. She smiled brightly as she saw the blonde's date, a man she recognized, being escorted out by the maitre-de and two burly busboys.

"Hello, dear," she said as the man walked past her. He stopped and was about to speak, but she interrupted him. "Seems you can't impress the secretaries with MY father's restaurant," she said, the venom of her words striking him directly. "And here is your stupid fucking ring back," she added as she pulled off a small carat diamond ring off her finger and threw it at her. Before he could bend over and get it, the busboys pushed him out the door, the maitre-de picked it up.

"Shall I throw it at him also?" he asked. Miss Lamont sighed heavily and nodded her head.

"No, wait," she said as she grabbed the maitre-de's arm. "Henri, give it to me. I'll use it somehow." He smiled widely and handed it over to her. "This will teach him," she whispered as she slipped the ring into her purse.

"Do you still want your table?" Henri asked, not feeling she might want to eat now that she found her life is now in shambles.

"Yes, maybe that's what I need, to be with others right now," she said, surprising him and the few customers privy to the conversations.

"Very well," the man said as he bowed quickly and headed out to the dining room. "Quickly, quickly, let's get this table ready," he commanded as three busboys came to his aid. They removed the tablecloth, utensils, and glasses from the previous occupants. As they did, Miss Lamont strolled in and sat at her table. The maitre-de, knowing her for several years, held the chair for her and gently guided it in.

"What may I get you?" Henri asked as he helped set the table.

"Yes, I would love a glass of Chablis, please," the woman asked as she was given a menu.

"Very well, Katy," the maitre-de let slip. They both smiled, knowing that it was Henri's custom to call her Miss Lamont in the dinning area, Katy behind the scenes. "I'll be right back." Henri bowed graciously and turned to walk to the bar to place Katy's drink order.

Katy looked over the menu, a menu she helped develop. Though she knew the specials and the other items, she still liked to look it over. When she had decided on a meal, she called over a waitress who took her order and smiled as she walked to the kitchen to place it. Katy smiled as she sipped on her water, knowing she had done something wonderful.

Katy Lamont was a successful restauranteur when she met Kevin Harrison on a hot, stormy night last June. He was handsome, intelligent, and someone she found quite amusing. After a brief but torrid relationship, in November he asked her to marry him. Though she was divorced and had been hurt by many men, she knew in her heart he was different.

"Yes, God Yes," she screamed as he pulled out the diamond ring and placed it on her finger. Now, as she sat in the restaurant, and thought of that night, she has no regrets. She was on her own, she knew she needed no man to make her life complete. She was an independent woman, successful in her ventures, and confident in her attitude. She sat and smiled blankly as she thought of her life, what will come of it.

"Excuse me, Miss Lamont," a familiar voice said. It was Henri. "Here is your wine," he said with a smile as he placed the glass on a napkin. Katy smiled and thanked him. As he turned to walk back to his stand, Henri noticed Katy was in an upbeat mood. He thought it was unusual for her to be, since she just lost her fiancé, but he shook his head and walked without saying a word to her.

* * * * * * * * * *

She sat in her apartment, a single light on, and stared blankly at the opposite wall. The romance novel she was attempting to read slipped from her hand and fell to the floor. As the tears began to fall, the phone rang. Quickly, she collected her thoughts and answered.

"I'll be there in two minutes," the familiar female voice said. It was her best friend, Susan McNicoll.

"Why?" was all Katy could get out before Susan hung up the phone. It was usual for Susan to impulsively visit, but Katy did not want her here tonight. Though she knew she did the right thing by ending the engagement with Kevin Harrison, she still felt some remorse. After all, she did love him. She sighed heavily and began to pick up the clothes from the floor: she came home, stripped, and left the clothes where they fell.

She trudged her way to the bedroom, her arms full of clothing as the doorbell rang, followed by footsteps quickly running up the wooden staircase to the apartment door.

"Hi, hon," a cheerful Susan said as she walked in. In her arms were a bottle of wine, a grocery bag of fruits and cheeses, and a plastic bag holding two videotapes. She walked to the kitchen table and put the bags down.

"That was quick," Katy said as she came out of the bedroom, her robe half falling off. She was beautiful, a very beautiful woman with dirty blonde hair, eyes that sparkled blue, and skin that was as white as porcelain. She was a woman both men and women would stop to look at as she walked past. Susan smiled as she saw her friend attempt to hide what the silken robe could not.

"What? Why are you smiling?" Katy asked as she walked closer to her best friend. Susan moved her eyes down, focusing on what Katy's robe was not hiding: her chest. Katy looked at her friend's eyes, noticed where they were looking at, and blushed. She thought a moment, then smiled.

"Like what you see?" she said as she opened the robe wider and shook her body, causing her large breasts to jiggle. Susan laughed at her friend's actions.

"You are silly sometimes," Susan said as she walked over to Katy and kissed her on the cheek. "I heard what you did earlier, and came over to see how you are holding up," she added as she took her friend by the hand and led her to the couch.

"I'm fine," she told her best friend. This was no lie, she was fine. She didn't tell her friend she was tiring of him, tired of being neglected by the man that professed his undying love, professed his desire to spend the rest of his life with her. This was a great night for her.

"Are you sure?" Susan asked as she reached over and grabbed her friend's hand.

"Yes I am," Katy answered as she patted her friend's hand.

"Well, hon, let's go and make a dent in the wine anyway," Susan said as she stood up and walked back to the kitchen. She took some glasses from the cabinet and placed them on the table.

"Do you still use ice with your wine?" she asked.

"Yes," Katy answered. Susan shook her head, opened the freezer, and took out a few ice cubes. As the cubes landed on the bottom of the glass, the phone rang.

"Hello," Katy answered, the expression of wonder on her face. She was not expecting anyone to call. Then, as Susan delivered the wine, Katy made it clear she was not pleased with this call.

"Fuck you, asshole!" she screamed just before she threw the cordless phone across the room. She let out another scream before she looked at her friend.

"That man is a total ass hole," she told Susan as she took her glass of wine. She smiled at her friend and downed the contents of the glass quickly.

"I needed that," Katy told Susan. "That man is such a pain in the ass. I'm glad he gave me a reason to dump his ass," Katy added as she walked to her bedroom. "I need to get into something," she told her friend as she took off her robe and let it fall to the floor.

Susan looked at her friend's body and something stirred, something that she thought she had repressed for years. Since their college days, Susan found Katy attractive, sexually attractive. Perhaps she had the curves, or perhaps it was the large breasts. But whatever it was, Susan knew she wanted it, wanted them.

"No, wait," she told Katy before the Rubenesque friend walked into the bedroom. Katy Lamont stopped and turned to face Susan.

"Yes?" she asked, the piercing blue eyes of her friend looking over the soft, smooth skin that ached, yes ached, to be touched, to be held.

"You don't need to change," Susan said, her voice barely above a whisper. Her heart was pounding, her breathing labored. And there was a stirring, a rush of wetness that Susan had not felt around her friend in a long time. "You look wonder right now," she added as she moved closer. Katy stood motionless, not sure how to take her friend's statement.

"You know I don't like to be naked," she said as her friend reached out and took her hand.

"Nonsense," Susan said. "If it would make you feel better, I could take off my clothes," she added as she released Katy's hand and began to unbutton her blouse. Again, Katy stood motionless, but this time she became excited. She wanted to see her best friend naked.

"Please do," she whispered. She could not believe she said that, she never had feelings like that before for her. Perhaps it was that Kevin hurt her, made men unattractive. Perhaps she just wanted to feel a new experience, an experience different from what her former lover could give.

Katy felt her mouth dry as she watched Susan slowly, playfully, remove her blouse and let it fall to the floor. Susan flipped her long, brown hair that had fallen into her face, covering her dark, exotic brown eyes. Katy's breathing became more labored as Susan put her hands behind her and unhooked her bra.

"You want to see?" Susan asked as she let the straps fall off her shoulders and held the bra in place. Katy was excited, she wanted to see her tall best friend naked. Though she was not a large woman, Susan's breasts were large, her double d cup breasts a gift from her mother. And her legs, athletic and long, caused many a man to lose concentration each time Susan wore shorts and a bathing suit. But Katy was too excited, she lost the ability to speak. All she could do was nod.

"Good," Susan said as an evil grin came to her face. She removed her hands from her bra and let it fall to the floor. Katy never removed her eyes from her friend's chest. When the breasts were naked, exposing large dark areolas and nipples, Katy took a small step forward.

"Take one," Susan said as she took a breast in her hand and moved it closer to Katy's downward moving mouth. As the hot breath reached her nipple, Susan moaned loudly. "Mmmm that feels so good," she said. Barely able to stand, Susan held onto her friend for balance.

"Let's move to the bedroom," Susan suggested as Katy sucked harder on her nipple. She stopped her action and looked deeply into Susan's eyes. A smile came to her face as she nodded. Katy turned quickly and walked to the room. Susan followed, removing her shoes, jeans, and panties as she approached the bedroom. Katy was waiting, the covers turned down and the light on low.

"This will be my first time with a woman," she cautiously told her friend, hoping Susan would be gentle.

"Baby, I'll be good to you," Susan said as a wide smile showed on her face. She climbed slowly onto the bed and took Katy into her arms. "You have no idea how long I've waited, I've wanted to do this," she said as she moved her lips to Katy's. Katy met the lips and pressed against them, opening her mouth slightly. Their tongues met as Susan moved a hand down the back and touched Katy's ass.

"Oh, oh," Katy cooed as Susan squeezed. Though Kevin squeezed it many times before, his hands were not as smooth as her friend's. He was too rough she thought to herself as she felt Susan's lips move to her neck. The hot breath, the soft lips caused Katy to moan loudly and fall back onto the bed. Susan took a brief moment to look at her friend and smile.

"You are so beautiful," she said as she moved some hair from Katy's face. "Your body is sensual, you have a wonderful attitude on life, and I love you," she said as she moved her hands down Katy's body. Katy closed her eyes and let the sensations run over her body. Soft hands, knowing hands, finding her large erect nipples and softly rubbing them before continuing their downward march. Over her belly, onto her hips Susan's hands went. Susan leaned down to her friend and kissed her lips once more.

"Allow me to show you my love for you," Susan said as she moved to between Katy's legs. She gently moved them apart as she got down on the bed, kissing her friend's thighs as she approached her wetness. Susan smiled as she saw the moisture glisten off of Katy's clean and smooth pussy. "I'm going to enjoy this," she mumbled to herself as she lowered her head and tasted her friend's hotness for the first time.

Instinctively, Katy placed her hands on Susan's head and arched her back, forcing more of her pussy into her friend's mouth. She called out for God as Susan's tongue made its first probing explorations. She forced herself to breath as the incredible sensation flowed over her body, causing her to almost lose her breath.

"Oh my fucking God, baby," Katy screamed as Susan's tongue moved fast in and out, flicking the clit on the odd inward strikes. Kevin could never perform oral this good she thought to herself as she felt the beginning of the orgasm. "Faster, faster," she gasped as she pushed her hips forward. "I'm about to fucking cum," she screamed. "I need to cum."

Usually her orgasms began slowly, gaining intensity as time went on. Not this time, it was quick and it was intense. Katy pulled Susan closer into her pussy as the waves of passion flowed over her. She wanted the feeling to never end, it was the most glorious sensation in her life.

"Oh my God, Susan. I love you," Katy screamed as the second orgasm began. She squirmed as Susan's lips never left her pussy. Susan sucked her clit as the second orgasm began. A third and fourth followed closely, she couldn't tell exactly if they were separate or just the same.

"I told you I loved you," Susan commented as she finally released her mouth from her friend's pussy and looked up. She saw Katy spent, sweat soaking her hair, her face wet. Katy tried to raise herself but couldn't, the orgasms took most of her energy. Susan moved to Katy's side and kissed her cheek before taking Katy in her arms and holding her.

"I guess you do love me," Katy whispered as snuggled against her best friend, her new lover. Susan smiled as she pulled Katy closer. She gently kissed Katy's neck before the two began to doze off.


Katy sat on the edge of the bed as Susan slept. It was early and the soft predawn light was filling the bedroom in a grayish white appearance. She was stunned about the previous night's passion, but had no regrets. She smiled as she felt her lover turn toward her.

"You okay, sweetheart?" Susan whispered softly as her senses tried to awake from a night's slumber.

"Yes, just woke up," Katy answered as she reached over and gently rubbed Susan's leg. It was something Katy loved to do, touch her lovers as they awoke in her bed. Susan reached her hand out to Katy and touched a thigh.

"Okay baby. I hope there are no regrets," Susan added as she slid and sat.

"None at all, lover," Katy answered as she turned to better Susan. For an awkward moment, the two women sat and stared at each other, no words being exchanged before Susan broke the silence.

"I should go," she said as she slid out of the bed. "I bet my husband is worried sick about me," she added, the sarcasm flowing. Katy chuckled as she watched her best friend struggle to find her clothing. "Think he'd mind if I came home without any clothes on?" she joked. Katy laughed and nodded.

"He might love it," Katy giggled out. "Especially when you tell him where it is," she added as Susan found all her clothes and walked out to the couch. Katy followed and sat on the other end of the couch.

"Oh, he'd enjoy it," Susan laughed as she put on her panties. She went without her bra and just slipped on her blouse. As her best friend slipped on her pants, Katy smiled, thinking of what Susan's husband would think, what he would do, if he watched the two women have sex.

Katy just smiled at her friend as she thought of the previous night's events. Though it was her first time experiencing it, she loved having another woman touching her, being between her thighs. And she could not wait to reciprocate: she wants to taste a woman.

"I'm going," Susan said as she stood. Her words shook Katy back into reality, away from her fantasy of licking, touching, tonguing Susan.

"Bye dear," she answered as she stood to hug her best friend, her newest lover, goodbye.

"Think we are beyond just hugs," Susan said as she reached behind Katy's head and pulled her voluptuous woman down onto her warm lips. The action caught Katy by surprise but when she realized what was happening, she returned Susan's actions with passionate kisses of her own.

"We best stop," Katy said as she backed away from her friend. "If we keep this up, you'll never want to leave," she added as a wry smile came to her face. Susan smiled and agreed.

"You're right, love," she said as she reached down and took her purse. "I'll call you later," she said as the two walked to the apartment door. "I hope we can do this again, and soon," she said as Katy opened the door. For a brief, silent moment, Katy stared into her best friend's eyes. She never before realized how beautiful, how sexy they were.

"You know we will," Katy said as she gave her friend a peck on the lips before watching Susan turn and walk down the stairs. Katy stayed a moment, hanging on the door, thinking of how she could have Susan back and show how much she not only valued her friendship but loved the woman. She closed the door and walked to her couch, smiling as she flopped onto the furniture and let out a sigh.

Katy Lamont had a new lover, one more caring, one that loved her more, than her former fiancé.

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