tagLoving WivesKaty & The Shoe Salesman

Katy & The Shoe Salesman


After our experience with John and Pam, Katy and I both knew that our lives had changed. We talked about it, and both agreed that we wanted to pursue what is often called the "alternative lifestyle" of an open marriage. Since Katy had told me she had already flashed in public, I wanted her to tell me about it. If you have read our previous stories, then you know what happened at the shoe store already. She had given the salesman quite a show, but they were interrupted before they had gone very far. Well, when she told me, I got so turned on that I asked her if she would like to return to the shoe store for a second chance, and of course, she said yes.

We devised a plan that would have her going in alone to flirt again, and I would stay far enough away from the store that the guy wouldn't notice me. After they got going pretty well, Katy would distract him from looking at the entrance, and I would come in quietly. The rest I'll tell you as it happened.

Everything went well. We got to the mall, and Katy had on a short, black skirt with no panties and a sexy, low-cut blouse. I was trying my best to hold back my excitement. We had done this with our friends, but now I was going to see my wife turning on a complete stranger. Anyway, we got close to the store, and Katy went on by herself. I sat on a bench close enough to the store that I could see in, but would not be too conspicuous if the guy looked out.

Katy walked over to some shoes, and I saw a man walk up to her smiling. I knew this had to be the guy, and my mind started racing as well as my heartbeat. They chatted for a while, and walked away towards a row of chairs. Unfortunately, I no longer had a view of them, so I decided to try and reposition myself. I walked closer to the store, and noticed them towards the back, but pretty well out of view from outside the store. Katy had her back to the door, but she blocked his view of the entrance, so I walked in and went down an aisle outside of their view. I walked quietly, and slowly until I was close enough to hear them, but still not see them.

Katy was saying, "I'm glad I came back too. I hadn't quite finished trying on everything that I liked last time."

The guy replied, "I hope I can help more this time."

It was now that I decided to try to get a view of them without alerting him of my presence. Luckily Katy saw me first and she got up and started walking to the opposite wall from me. The salesman turned to follow, and she grabbed more shoes, and sat in a chair facing me. This way the salesman would have his back to me.

I didn't have the greatest view, but I could tell that Katy was giving him quite a show. I also noticed that his hands, as he was helping her try on shoes, crept up her legs quite a bit. Katy finally asked him if there were more shoes in the back, and he said disappointedly, "Well, since I'm the only one here right now I am unable to help you there."

I was displeased, but Katy quickly came back and said, "O.K. What time do you get off? I have a pair of shoes that I would like you to take a look at.

He caught the obvious offer, and said he would be leaving at 8. She said that she would be waiting outside the store if he was willing to go with her. He said he wouldn't miss it.

At this, I quickly left the store, and could only think of what would happen in just a few hours. I went back to my bench and soon, Katy came out and walked up to me. We went out to the car to discuss what we should do. Katy lifted her skirt, and put my finger on her pussy, and she was soaked. I fingered her, and it didn't take her a minute to have an orgasm right there in the parking lot.

Then she said, "Let's go get a room for tonight. I'll come back at 8 to pick him up, and you wait in the hotel lobby. When you see us come in, wait a few minutes then come to the room. You will have an extra key. It sounded good to me, so we arranged everything for the night. We just had one little surprise that the salesman wasn't expecting.

We were both excited, and 8 could not come around fast enough. Finally, it was time for her to go get him. I waited in the lobby, and before long, Katy was walking in with the salesman right behind her. He was looking very closely at her ass and legs as they walked passed me.

It wasn't easy to sit there for long, so I got up just after the elevator doors closed and hit the button myself. At our floor, I walked to our door and listened to see if I could tell what was going on. They were talking about what had happened at the shoe store, and I quickly put my key in and opened the door. The salesman turned, and was genuinely surprised. Katy turned and faked surprise.

I said, "Well, hello. Who is this?"

Katy looked at the salesman and said, "This is my husband, Jason." Then she looked at me and said, "This is Todd, honey. He is the gentleman that helped me with my shoes."

I held my hand out and said, "Nice to meet you Todd. I heard you really treated her well."

Todd looked very confused and nervous. He looked at Katy, then at me and said, "I guess so."

Katy saw that he didn't quite understand the situation and said, "Do you still want to help me?" She laid back on the bed, lifted her skirt slightly, and rubbed her foot on his leg.

Todd looked at me and saw me smiling, and then realized that I was fine with it. He said, "You guys scared the shit out of me." He asked me, "What exactly can I help her with?"

I just said, "Whatever she wants."

At this, Katy stood back up and began removing Todd's clothes. He still looked a bit apprehensive about me being there, but when Katy started to remove his pants he quickly loosened up. I walked behind Katy and started to remove her clothes as well. Todd looked at me and said, "Just to let you know, I'm straight."

I laughed and said, "Me too. We're both just here for her." He relaxed much more now.

When I finished removing Katy's clothes, Todd just looked at her and said, "God, I can't believe this." He then started to reach for Katy's tits, and I decided to sit and watch for a while. While Todd was playing with Katy she reached down and began to rub Todd's cock through his underwear. He moaned and leaned into her hand. Then she knelt, and pulled his underwear off revealing his cock.

She looked up and said, "Thanks for the help today." She then took his cock in her mouth all the way to the base. I had seen my wife suck our friend, and now I was seeing her suck a complete stranger's cock. I had to join in.

Katy was kneeling on the floor giving Todd a blowjob, so I asked her to get on her hands and knees on the bed to continue. They repositioned themselves and I entered Katy's pussy from behind. This was the first time I had fucked my wife while she was sucking another cock and it was amazing. Watching her head go back and forth, and his cock slide between her lips while I was inside her was the most remarkable thing I had ever seen or experienced. She had sucked me for a little while when John was fucking her, which was great, but this was unbelievable.

It didn't take long before Todd started to fuck Katy's mouth and begin to tense up. He yelled, "I'm going to cum!" and seconds later he was moaning and Katy was swallowing another man's cum besides mine for the second time since we were married. Soon after, I pulled out and shot my load all over her back.

Katy asked Todd to join her in the shower, which he did. I stood in the doorway and watched as he washed her, and she returned the favor. Then he turned her around and bent her over. He knelt behind her and buried his face in her pussy from behind as the water ran down their bodies. He continued to tongue her pussy for quite some time until she suddenly tensed up and started backing up into his face. She came hard, and I'm sure anyone in the hall or adjoining rooms got an earful.

When she finished, Todd stood up, and she began stroking his cock. Then she turned off the water and toweled him dry, as he did her. Then it was time to return to the bed. I watched as my wife laid back on the bed and opened her legs for this man that I had never seen before today. He entered her, and she moaned softly. He began to fuck her slowly, and then increased his intensity until they were fucking like wild animals. This time I decided not to join, but let them enjoy this.

Todd had decent staying power after his first orgasm and he fucked Katy for almost an hour in every position they could get into before he finally pulled out and came on her tits and stomach.

This time Todd was finished. He thanked Katy, and then thanked me. He asked if we would be by his store again, and we said probably. Then he left.

Katy was lying on the bed with fresh cum from another man covering her body, and I loved her completely. She looked at me and said, "Thank you." Then she said, "Next time we get another girl," which of course I didn't object to.

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