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Katy Had to Submit


Roy Bailey was limping home, he had been attacked and beaten again by his tormentor, and he swore that when he got older, bigger and wiser, he would have his revenge, totally!

At 18 he was still too much of a boy, and not enough of a man, although he didn't regard Ricky Thomas who was almost 21 as much of a man either. To be able to defend himself, The bastard was much bigger and stronger than he was, and a whole lot nastier.

His rep was known far and wide. Roy's problems began when he refused to hand over some money, his friends with him at the time had told him to do as he was told. But he had refused, and ended up on his backside after a swinging punch landed fair and square on his forehead.

He had then handed it over, only to be now continually sought out for more. Today Ricky had seen him hiding, so he had nipped around and got him from the back, a well aimed kick to his thigh dropped him. Ricky was on him in a flash, knees either side of his chest, and painfully on his upper arms.

Ricky grabbed his nose and twisted it painfully, slapped his face and told him. 'Roy my friend, it's great to see and meet you again.'

'What have you got for me today?'

'There's some money in my left pocket,' he answered, he had kept some there for this very robbery, but he had more in his other. His mother had given him two £50 notes' to buy a new router, for his PC.

Ricky being the street wise jerk that he was sensed something, took the money from the left pocket, smiled at his hapless victim, and said, 'what you got in the other Roy?'

Roy couldn't help the look of horror that passed over his face; Ricky applied pressure to his upper arms. 'Please stop Ricky, you're hurting me,' tears sprang to his eyes.

'Oh dear, is my little baby crying? Awww.'

Reaching into his other pocket he pulled out a wallet. He looked at it, then at Roy. 'You holding out on me you scumbag!' his face closed in on Roy's.

Opening the wallet he pulled out the two fifty's, 'Oh my Roy, this is very nice of you, cheers mate,' he stuffed the notes into his shirt pocket, slapped Roy about the head and got off. 'You hold out on me again buddy, you and me gonna fall out big time!' He told him fiercely.

As he sauntered off, Roy's heart just about broke, he was so sad, he didn't deserve this, he thought to himself, and tears fell down his face. That's when his mother pulled up beside him, she had been looking for him, there was an offer on at another shop for the same item at half price, for the router they were after.

'What's the matter baby?' she asked fearfully, she had seen him limping along, the boy in the distance caught her attention.

She put her arms around him and comforted him like only a mother can.

'I'm alright mum, but I've lost the money, I'm so sorry,' he sobbed.

'Has that boy up there robbed you honey?' she sensed it as something to do with him.

'No mum, I've lost it.'

'Okay, where did you lose it, we'll look for it!'

'I don't know mum, just let's forget it and go home okay?' he was hoping against hope here. But his mother was made from sterner stuff!

She had seen him limping, and now he had 'lost' his money.

'Get in the car baby, we'll go home.' She told him.

As she drove past Ricky she stopped, got out, told her son to stay where he was. And went to confront his, in her opinion, attacker.

'You have attacked my son, and stole his money, hand it over or I'll call the police right now.'

Ricky looked at Roy's mother, and said, 'Lady, I don't know what you are talking about.'

'Yes you do, you liar!' She shouted at him.

Ricky wasn't used to this kind of abuse and didn't like it!

'Don't call me a fucking liar lady, I'll bounce you all over this fucking street!' he yelled at her.

Katy was taken aback, his response stunned her, she wasn't used to being talked to that way either. She regained her composure and rejoined her battle. 'Listen you horrible bastard, I'm ringing the police right now.' And she took out her phone.

Ricky snatched it out of her hand, 'you do that you leery cunt, and I'll batter Roy there for ever and a day! Get it!'

'Give me the money, and give it to me right now!' She demanded.

People were watching, not knowing what was going on, but he was street wise enough to know, gathering attention like this wasn't good. He took out the money and gave it to her.

'If I see you again bitch, we are gonna do battle, and I'll win, that's a promise, now fuck off you cunt!'

Katy was stunned and shocked by his ways, his words, and his obvious disregard for moral nature. She took the money and turned away. She didn't see him point at Roy, and then to himself. He was telling Roy he would get him, and get him good. The bully's smile made him cow in fear. His mother had no idea what she had just done.

Katy got in the car and set off, glancing at er son's tormentor, he gave her a sensual smile, and grabbed his crotch. Her pussy reacted, she had no inkling that the episode had turned her on, her pussy was on fire, and her nipples were rock hard.

On arriving home she attended to her son, then took a bath, in there she masturbated, and she couldn't get that bully's face off her mind, he had done this too her, and now her body was saying thank you!

Three days later Roy came in with a bruise over his eye, and his clothes were torn. Katy asked him, knowing what the answer would be. She lamented the fact that she was now separated, her soon to be ex was now overseas and of no help.

Katy was a lovely girl of 35 and a good mother, she loved her son totally. But she had never been able to understand what his father had seen in the bimbo he had run off with, and was soon to marry.

The truth if he had had the guts to tell her was that she was too good looking for his male ego to handle, too sexy, and, in his opinion, too demanding in bed. It had nearly always been her that initiated sex, she loved it, she wanted it, she got it. It had taken him years to get up the courage to leave her.

Katy would have died had she known all this. She was just about the nicest person you could meet, always helpful and kind, people just loved her. And lots of men, and some women would have loved to have loved her too!

She as cute as cute could be, deliciously sexy, small at 5ft 1" long beautiful thick auburn hair, it was chestnut, and parted in the middle. But Katy was woman through and through. She had had a couple of boyfriends, but none could step up to the plate.

'Okay Roy, tell me where he lives, I'm off round there right now.' She told him.

'I don't know where he lives mum honestly,' he said.

'Don't you lie to me Roy Bailey; I want to know, now!'

But Roy wasn't lying he really didn't know.

He finally convinced her it was the truth.

'Right,' she told herself, 'I'll do my own detective work, and find him myself.'

She got her car out and went and looked around the areas where she thought he might be. He had no luck at all, she was just about to return home when she spotted 2 men stood on the street. She pulled up and asked them if they knew Ricky Thomas.

'Who's askin?' one said.

'I need to see him.' She replied.

'Like I said lady, who's askin?'

My name is Katy Bailey, and I want to talk to him please.'

'Give me your number, I'll pass it on.'

'I'm not doing that,' she moaned.

'Okay, you can fuck off then and find him yoursen, an I know for a fact you won't, not unless he wants you to.'

Exasperated she gave the man her number, resolving to scarp it the moment her business was finished and buy a new one.

She headed home, and as she drew onto her drive, her phone rang, no number was shown, normally she would never answer that, but she thought it might be Ricky. It was.

'Hi baby?' she heard him ay, 'I hear you're looking for me, you need me sweet cheeks?'

'Need you? Me need you? You must be having a fucking laugh pussy boy!' she railed at him.

This enraged Ricky. 'You are going to be sorry one day you fuckin bitch slut, what do you want!'

'You leave my boy alone, or you will have a world of trouble at your door, you nasty shit!' she shouted into the phone.

Her pussy was leaking again, all this venom was heating her up, she was coming to the boil very quickly.

'Oh fuck, I'm gonna have a ball in the bath tonight,' she thought in between listening to him.

'Right, you an me gonna talk, you wanna meet me, or are you too scared to meet a real man, not some fuckin wimp like your son?'

'Tomorrow at 11 in the park, in town, I'll be there pussy!' she told him.

'You got it Katy, an make yourself look good, I don't want to be seen with some washed out fuckin tramp!'

Katy was furious, 'how dare he tell me to be dressed good, how dare he!'

She was just about to yell at him, when she realised the phone in her hand was dead.

'How dare he hang up on me, how dare he!' She was raging now, and her pussy was white hot.

She hurried into the house, Roy was in his bedroom, Katy hurried to hers. Her vibrator was in her howling pussy in seconds, she writhed about, and hit her buttons hard, once again Ricky's face was in hers, and she came like a train.

She made supper, watched a little TV and went to bed, she was determined to solve her son's problems one way or the other.

And her fury at him telling her to look good ate at her mind. 'I always, always always look good!' she told herself.

'Just you wait you big headed arrogant twat!' She threatened him in her mind.

In the morning she did breakfast, Roy left for school and Katy went to get ready. She rummaged about looking for something suitably suitable.

But her mind was playing tricks on her. It was pointing her in the direction of a short skirt, and a small snug fitting top, with thin straps over her shoulders. Katy never wore a bra in the summer months. They would prevent her getting then full tan on her slim shoulders. Some how she decided to wear them, Then her mind told her, 'if you are wearing those, you need stockings and high heels too, along with that miniscule thong.'

Because she was still so annoyed at him telling her to look good, she didn't realise how sexy and alluring she was actually looking. She looked at herself, but didn't see the beautiful woman there, she only saw 'Katy!'

Her hair was washed and brushed, and even she could see how good that looked, she loved her hair, and the very envious stares she got from other women.

It was 10:30, 'time to go,' she thought.

She headed downstairs, decided not to wear her summer jacket because it was such a beautiful day, 'just like me?' she told herself in the hall mirror, despite her misgivings, she saw she looked hot, very hot!

She opened the door, and in walked Ricky Thomas.

Katy was paralysed with surprise.

'Wha, wha, wha, what are you doing here?' she asked nervously.

'I had a rethink babes, it wouldn't be right to be seen having an argument in a public place, so I decided we could settle our differences here, and become bosom buddies, what do you think?' he asked salaciously.

Katy squared her shoulders and told him to, 'get out, get out of my house right now!'

'Don't get all uppity Kate,' he said, 'I'm here to be friends, I'd like to get to know you better, there's no need for all this animosity, maybe you can talk me into not hurting wimpy boy again?'

Katy was completely unaware her pussy was heating up and her nipples were sprouting like acorns. Her rising anger was acting like an aphrodisiac!

'I won't tell you again you rotten bastard, out of my house!' she yelled at him.

'Now now Katy, don't get any more hot and bothered than you already are?' He told her.

'I am not hot and bothered, get out, now!'

'Yes you babe, calm down, look at your tits, your nipples are ready to pop out, look!'

She bent her head and looked; they were, he was right, she lifted her lovely dazed head, looked at him again, then dropped her gaze back onto her very protruding nipples. Ricky stepped forward, took both nipples in between fingers and squeezed them.

'Aaargh, what the, oh! Ooooh.'

'Get away from you fucking pervert!' she shouted, and stepped away from him.

He laughed. 'Me, a pervert?' and laughed again, 'you are the one that's all worked up Katy; I think you need a good cocking.'

He leaned forwards and rubbed her tits and nipples again. She almost fell down.

'Leave me alone, I want you to go, and go now.' She muttered, aghast at how her body was behaving, and for some reason she turned her back on him.

She pointed a finger at the door, telling him to go.

But Ricky sensed she was weak, weak enough to maybe give in if he tried it on with her. 'She is obviously aroused?' he thought.

Moving silently up behind her, he quickly circled her in his arms and found her nipples again.

Her body shuddered as if stopped in flight, he squeezed her nipples again, and this time twisted then between his fingers.

'Please?' she moaned, 'stop, I want you to leave right now,' her voice was a breathy and soft, she was already fighting a losing battle.

Her very own anger had brought her to this, what was her body playing at? She knew the signs, and she had never got the better of them, when they signalled to her, she always followed. Her arousal was near its peak, her sexual need was defeating her, if she had been here on her own, she would have been using her vibrator by now!

Ricky licked and kissed her neck through her hair, another squeeze and Katy was dropping her guard, her defeat was almost terminal.

Her strength to stop him or resist the mounting urges in her now fiery pussy, and him demolishing her nipples were too much.

'Please?' she moaned one final time, this was answered by the feel of his prick nestling into her rear crack.

He nuzzled through her hair and onto bare flesh; she was gone the second that happened.

'Oh,' she murmured, her needs were too much now.

'I'm going to fuck, and make love to you Katy, you know that don't you?' he asked her quietly.

'Humph,' was all she could utter. Her body was answering for her. 'Yes!' it bellowed.

He pulled her top up and off, her arms flopped about. He wasn't going to risk trying to get her upstairs, not just yet anyway, that would come soon enough he reasoned.

He sank teeth into her bare shoulders, kept up his devastating attack on her now super sensitive nipples, and pressed his fully erect prick into her arse. Her arms closed over his automatically, it was a signal that she had given up this fight. The fight she had had with her own body, it had reigned against her, and conspired with her seducer.

He didn't bother trying to unclip, and then get the zipper down on her skirt, he pushed his fingers into her waist band and yanked it wide open. She heard the ripping of material. Her pussy went haywire. Her tiny thong went the same way. No one had ever done this to her, ripped her clothes off, it was so stimulating to her pussy, she thought she heard it shout, 'Oh yes!'

Using superior strength he pushed her forward to her sofa, made her lay down, turned her so she was facing her attacker, and now her conqueror.

Then he kissed her, she tried vainly to avoid it, as if this would be some sort of defiance, but he won that battle too. He sucked a nipple into his mouth and Katy issued her first moan of arousal, and admitted her seduction. There was nothing her body could do now, she had given herself over to him, handed herself over on a plate. And Ricky had taken it from her.

Ricky looked down on his prize with immense satisfaction, he hadn't expected this, he had thought there would be a fight, he would have accepted a monetary offering. The fact that she was just about to surrender to him sexually charged his body with electricity.

He couldn't get his clothes off fast enough, for her to regain her senses now would be cheating himself. He got on the sofa, and in one impulsive thrust he buried his cock all the way into her. Its speed even made him gasp. Katy moaned loudly, her hips rose to meet her invader, to give back what she was receiving.

Ricky thumped his prick back and forth, Katy was incoherent in her sexual desperation, her needs to be fucked were paramount desire, nothing mattered more than having a prick securely lodged in her, it was all she wanted in life at this very moment in time.

Ricky gave no thought to her, he wasn't interested if she got hers or not, all he knew was, he had a beautiful woman under him, and he was fucking her, and he would fuck again too, any time he wanted to. If she refused he would just take her.

But Katy was ahead of him in the cumming stakes, an orgasm brutally ripped through her, it was wonderful. 'Oh Ricky, Ricky oh yes, yes, oh my god Ricky Ricky, Oh Mmmm, oh Oooooh!' She was holding him tight in her arms. She was loving him, giving him the love a woman who is and has been fucked as good as this, could only love him in return.

Katy was in the throes of the most powerful cum she could ever remember. Another, then another trolled through her sexy body. Ricky shot his load sending her into another one. Ricky's last jabbed thrust almost broke her in half, Katy loved it.

They lay together arms and legs tangled, he lifted a love worn weary head, looked at her and kissed her, Katy kissed him back.

After the long kiss ended, he gazed into her gorgeous hazel eyes, they looked a big as dinner plates, even Ricky had to admit to himself that, 'she truly is so beautiful and so fucking sexy.'

He rose from her, Katy watched as he rose, she had nothing to say now. He had completely seduced her, and aided to the nth degree by her treacherous body and her sexual needs.

He never spoke, he just bent at the waist and easily picked her up. She found her voice. 'What are you doing?'

'I'm taking you upstairs to bed, I need to fuck you again, and you need to cum some more. This way we'll both be happy,' he said, as he walked of the room with her in his arms. Katy regained her senses now, he was taking liberty's and she wasn't having that!

'Put me down, you are not taking me up stairs, and you are not going to fuck me again, that was the first and last time, put me down now!' She shouted in his face. This was all said as he reached the top step and carried on to her bedroom.

Before she could say much more he was climbing onto her bed, and his erection had returned. 'Now to give her a fucking that will teach her who's the boss around here.' He told himself.

Katy fought him now, she struggled to get away, she screamed, he slapped her face hard, it shook her rigid, no one had ever slapped her before, she was in new territory. But it had the desired effect, she didn't scream again. But she did continue to fight against him, he forced her onto her stomach. 'There's only one way to deal with this,' he said to her.

Grabbing her wrists and holding them in the small of her back, this effectively immobilised her. Katy kicked her feet, and shook her lovely head. But she was down now.

That's when the first blow fell, the flat of his hand cracked against an exposed buttock, before thundering down on the other. Katy screamed into her bed sheets. Now realising her predicament, she begged him to stop. 'Please Ricky don't, I'll do what you say, oh Ricky pleeeeease?' By this time another 4 or 5 blows had landed. Katy was beaten completely now. 'Ricky, I'm yours, please Ricky please?' she sobbed.

He stopped and let go of her wrists, they drifted to her thrashed and red raw buttocks.

Ricky lay at her side and gave her a few moments to recover. He was annoyed still. He hated it when any of his bitches reared up. This was a lesson he dished out routinely.

Katy was quietly sobbing next to him, he looked at the soft swell of her luscious body, her back moved as she sobbed and breathed, her arse rose wondrously from her lower back and dropped to her terrific pins.

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