Katy Had to Submit


Katy slowly rose on to her elbows, turned her head and looked at him.

'Come here,' he told her, she did. She wrapped herself in him. Katy had never been caught like this, it was utterly new to her, to be beaten and shown the error of her ways, made her realise that there was more to life than she had known.

'Suck me off Katy.' It wasn't a request, it was an order. She immediately slid down his body and swallowed his growing prick, Katy got between his knees and knelt before him, knelt before her man!

She went at her task like a new employee trying to please her boss. She sucked licked, nibbled and pulled at it with her mouth. It was now fully erect and alive. She sucked a hard nut into her mouth, whilst wanking him with a hand. Then she swapped it for the other one before making her attempt at making him cum, she succeeded.

His hips bucked, he never warned her he was going to cum, if she had tried to lift her mouth of him she would have failed, his hand on her head would keep her in place. But Katy had no intention of not taking it all, she swallowed the lot, gulping it down, and she sucked and sucked as his weapon deflated.

She lay now prone on her bed between his legs, she had done him, she was proud of herself, she had taken him now, he was hers right at this time.

Gently easing herself up to him, she crawled into his arms. He dropped a hand and caressed her buttocks. 'Oooh,' she moaned. 'Please Ricky, be gentle, please?' He was, he knew enough about women to treat them the way they wanted to be treated. But he also knew that for some, a good spanking brought them into line, and offer their lives to the man. He had guessed that Katy might be one of them, he was right!

'Ricky, will you leave Roy alone now? Please say you will, I'm begging you Ricky, please?'

'Just as long as you behave yourself, any more lip and I'll batter you Kate, understand?' His voice was powerful and strident.

She cowered before it, she would give Ricky anything he wanted if he would leave her son alone.

'I will, I won't back chat you anymore, I promise.' It was over, her capitulation was set.

Without further preamble, Ricky got up and went downstairs, she put on a house coat and followed. He was getting dressed.

'Where are you going?' She asked, he never answered. She was getting annoyed again. He shouldn't treat her like this, how dare he?

'Ricky?' she said.

'I have business to attend to,' was all he said.

He walked to the door with her in his wake.

He turned at the door, grabbed hold of her housecoat, leaned and told her.

'I'll be here at 9:30 tomorrow, be upstairs in bed waiting for me, I'm gonna fuck you all morning, none stop, okay?'

Then he left. Katy was fuming, she stamped her foot in frustration, she slapped her hand against the wall. Then she felt her pussy calling her.

She knew now what was happening, he seemed to know how to rile her, what her anger would do to her, her pussy was on fire. 'And that bastard knows what he's doing to me!' She yelled at herself in the hall mirror.

Katy dashed upstairs, got her vibrator out and fucked her self to an astronomical explosion. And what Ricky had done to her was the catalyst for it, she even thought of the spanking she had received. 'Oh God, how I could do with his cock in me right now,' she thought sadly, 'How I need it in me again.'

But her mind was troubling her too. How had this happened, why? She knew he was on 21 or so, and far too young for her, but he was so powerful and not just physically, he had a powerful mind, one that had beaten her into a cocked hat!

And the way he had so easily seduced her, using her own failings, her own feelings, he had used her anger, and made her totally vulnerable to his sexual advances, one's she had no way of resisting. He had used her body against her, and used her body for his pleasure. Although the pleasure he had given her after all this time of just having her vibrator, was monumental.

She resolved to go along with his demands, even if she didn't want to, she couldn't think of a get out to her and her son's problems. But her son was taking immediate steps to resolve it for himself. And Roy had no idea that his hated bully had seduced and taken his mother.

The following morning she saw her son off to school and readied herself for her lover, or was he her rapist? She couldn't make her mind up. But rapist or not, she knew she would go to him anytime he called her now.

She was laid on her bed waiting, she was wearing a soft sexy see through negligee, her hair was piled on her head and clipped into place, stockings, and suspenders, no thong.

Katy had practised posing, and decided that lying on her side, her head resting in a hand, up on her elbow, and shapely knee laid over her sleek leg. Her heart was pounding, 'what if he is late, what if he doesn't come?' She was tormenting herself.

Then she heard the door bang shut, he was here! He shot into the bedroom, took one look at her and smiled his delight. He tore his clothes off, his prick already rock hard.

'On your back Kate, I'm gonna fuck you good and hard.'

Her pussy ignited, she hated him so much, she wanted to kill him stone dead. But not until he had fucked the life out of her first! That very hatred was her sexual downfall.

He was on her and in her barely before she rolled onto her back. Ricky drove his prick in so hard, Katy lost her breath. She gasped for air as he pounded into her, her arms and legs crossed his back in surrender.

'Yes yes yes Ricky, oh Jesus, oh my god, oh no, Ooooh, oh you wonderful bastard. Argggh, Mmmm, Ow Ooooh, oh ow, ouch, yes yes Ricky, right there, hurt me baby, fuck me, harder harder harder.' She was almost delirious as he hammered her. She wasn't in his thoughts, his power over her was. He wanted nothing more than her total devotion to him, and he was determined to fuck it into her. Along with fear, fear was massive aphrodisiac, he knew that.

He was already fucking 3 other married women he had forcibly seduced and conquered. Now Katy would be his 4th, and to date, his best!

He came down to earth as she screamed out in orgasm, being fucked like this was something she, in all her sexual deeds in the past, had never been anywhere close to. He was a diamond, a hard fucking diamond, that's what he was, and his cock was the cutting edge, the drill that brought their oil to the surface.

Katy seemed to pass out or fall into some tranquil place he had sent her to. Ricky shot load after load into her, he filled her right up, it squished out of her pussy. 'She is one piece of fucking ass,' he said to himself, 'one fucking piece!'

'And talking of asses,' he told his prick, 'you're gonna have hers later, okay?'

He would, after he had trained her, hand her over to his boss for a night or so, it would get him right into his good books, his street cred would take right off.

He smiled at this as he fondled her soft receptive body. She mumbled at him. 'This boy is too much for me.' she said to herself. She had never had someone that just fucked her, she knew he had done that, the fact that he had blown her mind was of no consequence to him. He had given her what she so needed, but he had got what he wanted, in fact, she knew he had taken what he wanted. He had taken her, again!

But right now she didn't care, she, or rather her body, loved what he was doing to her and it. Her hand slipped onto his half hard cock, she wanted it up again, and soon. If Katy had known what his intentions were she would have left it well alone.

She had never been fucked in her unused virgin puckered little hole. Well that was about to change. She had always flatly refused to allow it, all her boyfriends, including her husband had tried, none succeeded.

But Ricky would, there was no way he wasn't going to take it. He didn't know she hadn't been fucked there, and he didn't care, it was just another way of breaking her, that's all.

As Katy worked at his prick, her heart lifted as she saw it rising to the task, the task that was going demolish her.

She bent her lovely head and tasted his and her cum, it tingled her pussy, she would have it back in her in a minute she told herself happily. She wouldn't have been happy had she known where it was going to go, right up her ring piece!

As his prick gained its full height under her ministrations, he rolled her onto her stomach; she went with it all the way. Ricky got over her, drove it into her still slick pussy to re lubricate it, their combined juices had run down her crack.

He pulled back, it slipped out, Katy moaned. Then pointing it at where he thought her hole was, he powered it in, it shot straight up her shit chute, all the way, no waiting, no half hearted, all the way!

Katy screamed out loud, her body rebelled, but he was on top of her, he was ready for her rejection, his weight was all on her. There was no where for her to go, she tried to twist round, get out from under him, useless. Ricky just kept his weight on her and held her down. Katy suffered terribly, but soon she was laid still under him. 'Please Ricky oh please stop, please don't it's hurting me Ricky?' Her sobbing and crying was intense.

'Shut the fuck up bitch, I'm fuckin you in your lovely arse, and you are gonna like it, so stop belly aching, or I'll slap you again!'

Katy lay still and forced her voice to be quiet. As she lay there the tingling in her pussy seemed to migrate to her arse. Ricky felt her shift, he drew his prick back, and pushed back in, Katy howled softly, but she daren't call out.

Ricky began to slowly work his prick around, he was gentle now, he knew the way in and around woman's backside well.

Katy began to sense the change in her, the vast slab of flesh that was lodged in her was beginning to waken unknown feelings in her. As her submission to him continued, so did her arousal.

He had got her, he knew it, he smiled down at the top of her head. Then he began to fuck her, she moaned in pain but sublime arousal too, she had never been mastered like this, and she liked it. Ricky started to slowly power her up, he watched her hands grab at the sheets, her head moved from side to side.

Katy new her orgasm was on its unstoppable way, sometimes her orgasms scared her. Sometimes they were so powerful they hurt her in the most wonderful way. This was going to be one of those. And it was, her whole body collapsed inwardly, it imploded as it exploded, the painful terror as it shattered her body almost brought on her near to death, such was its all consuming hold on her.

Then Ricky unloaded, she felt her insides swell, she thought she might pop like a balloon. His sperm flooded into her bowels filling them, she thought she was going to shit all over, such was her feeling of fullness.

Ricky rolled off her, his now soft prick popped out, and cum oozed from her wide open shit gap. Katy couldn't stop the mournful moan leaking from her lips. She turned slightly towards him, tears in her eyes. But they weren't tears of pain now, they were tears of her submission.

She slid towards him, resting her head on his shoulder. She wondered where all this was going to lead, 'it can't go on,' she told herself. 'He is a fantastic lover, and so dominant, its too much, he is too much, but what can I do?'

The answer for the moment was nothing, he had taken her, he was owning her, she was his to do with as he wanted now it seemed.

'Suck my dick Katy, now,' he said, 'clean me up, I've got your cum, my cum and your shit all over me, clean it now!'

She looked it, then him stunned.

'I'm not going anywhere near that thing!' she said defiantly.

She suddenly found her head stuffed downwards, 'I told you to fucking suck me, and lick me clean, now fucking do it!' he roared.

His heavy flat hand found its soft supple target, several times. Her face was pushed hard down, her mouth opened under duress and in his cock went. It disgusted her, but she did what she was told to do, she wretched a couple of times, but the beating stopped. Her disgust waned and she bent to her job, somehow, all she wanted to do was please him, her young master was mastering her nicely.

She forgot about the smell and began tom work hard on his weapon, the feeling of the head of his cock in her mouth; the soft texture was turning her on again.

Ricky was sending a text on his phone above her bobbing head.

Dan come to this address right now. I have a wonderful woman who wants you to fuck her, she's a beaut! He sent it along with her address.

'On my way Ricky, be there in 30.' Was the reply.

'Out and in the shower, get yourself togged up Katy, we have business to attend to, be ready in 30 minutes, get to it!'

'What do you mean, business?'

He raised his hand menacingly, she hurried off.

He followed her in, she wanted to play, she received a slap instead.

Katy hurried then, she new he wasn't playing now. She got out, dried herself, her pussy and arse was clean now.

Ricky told her to show him some of her dresses, she wondered why, but did as he told her to do. 'This one,' he said.

It was a tiny black cocktail dress, at least 5" above her knees, and low cut straight across.

'Stocking and suspenders and heels Kate, no pants, no bra.' He said.

She did as she was told again, but was wondering what was going on.

'Ricky, what are you up to baby?' she asked him.

I have someone extremely important to me coming here Kate, and I want you to be nice to him, do you hear me?'

'Of course I will if it matters that much to you?'

'You had better be Kate, you won't like it if you're not!' He said this and raised his hand to her.

'Go upstairs and tidy round, and wait for me there okay?'

She looked him blankly, shrugged her shoulders and went, she limped a little, her backside was a bit sore.

She remade the bed, and waited, she heard a car draw up, and a man of about 40 or 50 got out. He was well dressed and she watched him approach her home.

She heard the door open and close, then muffled voices. Then her bedroom door opened. The man walked in, he was alone.

He smiled at her and said.

'Ricky tells me you are the best fuck he has ever had, I'm here to find out if that's true or not?'

'What!' Was all she could say.

'Get your kit off babe, I don't have all day, if you are as good as he says, I'll take you on.'

Katy was enraged, she shot to the door, he stopped her. 'He told me you were a feisty bitch,' and laughed.

'Let me go you bastard!' She shouted.

He pulled her back to the bed, got her on it and started kissing her, her fury rose and rose. She struggled insanely, but she was too weak, her fuckings from Ricky had seen to that. As she lost more and more, so her anger grew. 'That Ricky is in deep trouble, he is going to be sorry about this!' she said to herself, as her dress was ripped away.

He sank a finger into her hot pussy, as soon as it entered she knew, she was in heat again! She was turned on, not by the man who had her, but by her anger. She was naked now and he was taking no notice of her antics. A stout nipple was in his mouth and his fingers were sliding about in her well fucked and abused pussy.

Katy hated herself with a vengeance, she was going under again, and nothing, nothing would save her. The man got quickly undressed; he was a large man, bigger than Ricky, and when she saw it, a bigger tool too!

He climbed on the bed to a now submissive Katy, she had given in, again! She reached for his thick heavy prick and her pussy launched itself into fuck mode. The sublime beauty slid under him and pulled him on her. His prick forged its way into her, it pushed everything away as it found new territory. Katy gasped and came as the ridged tool scraped and scratched its way in her finding new places.

'Oh oh oh.' She moaned, the man fucked her strongly, gently, but powerfully, he was different to Ricky, he was considerate to her, he was making sure she got from this as much as she could get. Katy loved being fucked like this, even if it was an unknown stranger.

She came in a torrent, everything was at odds with what she had undergone with Ricky this morning, now she was here being forced fucked but loving it, by a stranger, but he was nice too, she could tell! Her orgasms matched his as he came in her very stretched pussy.

He held his big body above hers, looked at her in a funny way, then he kissed her. 'Names Jerry by the way?' and he smiled a lovely toothy smile.

'Katy,' she responded

'Pleased to meet you.' he grinned.

'I don't quite know how to answer that Jerry?' she said softly.

'Do you want him to go away?' he asked her.

'Do you mean, now, or forever?' she asked hopefully.

'Forever.' He said.

'Forever,' Katy answered.

'He's gone!'

Behind him, Ricky had just opened the door to watch. What he saw was Kate's arms, legs, and a bit of her hair, with his boss still on top of her. They were talking, he knew he had fucked her, but had expected him to get up and leave, and see him later.

He was suddenly worried, he could take her from him if he wanted, and there would be zip he could do if he did. You didn't mess with Jerry.

He knew something was wrong when he saw him kiss her, and she definitely responded to it. He left and walked downstairs to await his boss.

Jerry came down alone.

'Ricky you have done well here son, real well, I'm pleased with you.

'Now, I want you to go, and never come back, and leave her and her son alone, know what I'm saying here Ricky?'

'Yes sir, I understand completely.' He replied. Jerry gave him the look that scared the shit out of others, it wasn't lost on Ricky.

'Im gone sir, gone for good, that's a cert!'

He left. Katy came down, and went to him.

'Thank you Jerry, you have no idea what this means to me and my son,' she whispered tearfully.

'I think I do Katy, I know what some of my boys can be like, I try to control them, but sometimes?'

He told her he was leaving. Katy said in a none committal way, 'Will I see you again?'

He took her number, 'I'll call you, but you can call me too Katy.'

She never did, and he didn't call her, it was over. But her son had known of Ricky's dealings with his mother, and he has seen marks on her. He knew what she was going through for his sake.

Then 7 months after that her young and now powerful son, through weight training and martial arts lessons, battered Ricky to the ground, beat him badly, and broke his leg. Revenge was sweet.

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Loved the story right uptil the end, then you ruined it by adding the last paragraph. Should have just left it the part where jerry left the house

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