tagIncest/TabooKaty Learns a Secret

Katy Learns a Secret


Teri and her friend Katy sat naked in front of Teri's computer, fingering their nineteen year old pussies as they scrolled through one pornographic photograph after another. They had spent the best part of the afternoon intermittently having sex and looking at all kinds of porn sites, naked women, men and women together, men and men together and now men on their own.

"Fucking hell," said Katy, as yet another young man appeared on the screen wearing nothing but a smile and sporting a very generous hard-on, "look at the cock on that."

"He sure has a big one," agreed Teri, hitting the zoom to get the lad's aroused prick into close-up, highlighting the thick veins that lined the shaft along with its rock solid hardness and bulging knobhead, "wouldn't mind feeling that in my pussy."

"Me neither," said Katy, glancing at the clock on the chest by Teri's bed, "I could look at pics like this all day but I'd better get dressed soon and get off home. My dad will be wanting his dinner."

"I don't know why you put up with slaving away for that old man of yours," retorted Teri, "surely he's old enough to get his own dinner?"

"Yeah," said Katy, "but things have been really difficult since mom died."

"Just don't do too much for him," said Teri, placing an added emphasis on the word "too", "else you could find yourself ending up a lackey."

"I won't do that," said Katy, "why do you think I come round here?"

"Not as often as I'd like," replied Teri, leaning forward and placing a hand on Katy's right tit, squeezing the erect nipple gently between her fingers. Then she leaned forward and began to lick and suck on Katy's tits, first the right and then the left before running her tongue along Katy's cleavage.

"Mmm," mumbled Teri as she luxuriated in the taste of Katy's majestic melons, "such lovely tits."

"All yours," Katy said, mumbling also, her voice scarcely louder than a whisper.

Katy smiled as Teri continued to suck her tits for several minutes and when Teri had, out of necessity, to come up for air, she drew Teri to her and kissed her full on the lips. Teri responded hungrily, both girls forgetting all about the naked hunky man with the big cock and the "come-and-suck-me" eyes still smiling out at them from the computer screen, as they snaked their tongues into each other's mouths.

"That was lovely," said Katy, when they eventually broke free and reaching down a hand to fondle her now sodden twat. "D'you want to give my pussy some attention," she went on, leering rather than grinning at Teri.

"Yeah," said Teri, smiling at Katy who was still busily playing with her dripping cunt with one hand while touching up her tits with the other. "Looks like your pussy could certainly do with some attention."

"Especially from you," said Katy, standing and moving over to the bed. "I can already feel another orgasm coming on."

Teri licked her lips at the bewitching sight of Katy's round naked ass swaying from side to side as she lifted herself onto Teri's bed and turned and laid down, her head up against the pillows. The pair of them had already climaxed together once that afternoon, a few hours earlier and then had sat down to their other love, working their way through all the porn that the internet had to offer and marvelling at just how much of it there was - and is.

Now, however, porn was placed on a backburner as Katy, who wasn't one for wasting time, immediately lifted her legs in the air and spread them as wide as was humanly possible to give Teri the best view of her exposed cunt. Teri was no time-waster neither and dropped to her knees quicker than the speed of sound, her tongue at the ready, saliva drooling from the ends of her mouth.

Teri gazed lovingly on Katy's blazing hot gash for a few moments and then sent her tongue spiralling towards the waiting cunt, running it up and down the wrinkled folds of pussy skin and lapping up the leaking juices onto her tongue. Teri absolutely adored licking Katy's cunt.

"Oooh!" squealed Katy as Teri's hot feminine tongue went to town on her pussy, "you lick so well. Don't stop."

Teri's eyes lightened up with excitement, Katy's words of praise turning her on even more as she stuck her tongue in deeper. With each flick, Katy's pussy became slicker and Teri was soon running rings around her best friend's engorged clit, her own clit throbbing as she increased the pressure.

"I'm gonna cum," said Katy, a few moments later and immediately gushed out a long hot fountain of pussy juice over Teri's face. "Aaaagh!" screamed Katy as the pleasures of orgasm once again racked her with stupendous joy while Teri lapped up Katy's outpourings as she furiously fingered her fanny, hurtling rapidly towards an orgasm of her own.

There was no time for Katy to relax and she quickly spun round from the bed as Teri, who was on the brink of orgasm, got to her feet. Katy gave Teri's shuddering cunt a quick lick to help her friend on her way. It didn't take much work from Katy as Teri groaned and came in squirts, Katy lapping the juice onto her tongue like a cat lapping up milk from a saucer.

"Boy, that was a good one," said Teri, as she fell on the bed as she descended from the mountainous heights of her latest orgasm, "pity we haven't got that hunk on the screen with us. I could just do with a nice big cock in my mouth right now."

"Aren't I good enough for you, then?" laughed Katy, likewise falling on the bed and folding herself into Teri's arms.

"Don't be daft," replied Teri as the two girls pressed their hard tits together and kissed again as they both basked in the afterglow of their orgasms. They lay there dozing in a state of semi-consciousness until Katy sat up with a start and glanced at the ticking alarm clock on Teri's bedside table.

"Oh, my word, I'd better get going," said Katy, "dad'll kill me if his dinner's not on the table in an hour or so."

"Forget about him," said Teri, "if he's that hungry he can get his own dinner. Stay and have a look at some more pics while I go and have a shower."

Despite herself, the lure of trawling through some more pornography was too much for Katy and as Teri sashayed from the room, Katy shifted her naked frame back to the computer screen, plumping her delicios ass on the chair.

"I can't stay for too long," she said, looking over her shoulder at Teri's retreating naked form, "but I must see a few more men."

"Be my guest," said Teri as she disappeared into the bathroom, closing the door behind her.

Katy clicked on the mouse, aware of the sounds from the shower unit coming from the bathroom next door as Teri soaped herself down. Katy's eyes were glued to the screen as another young man appeared, like all the others proudly displaying what nature had bestowed on him to every living person in the world.

"Fuck," said Katy, feeling horny again already, so soon after her latest orgasm, "that is so nice. Wouldn't mind bending over for that."

She clicked the mouse again and again, bringing up more men, all of them revelling in showing off their aroused pricks, tight sweaty-looking balls and divinely muscular asses along with the rest of their naked flesh. One thing was for sure, mused Katy, as she clicked happily away while waiting for her turn in the shower, there was no shortage of handsome sexy men prepared to reveal all to all and sundry - and thank fuck for that. Where they all came from and how they got into the wonderful world of porn Katy couldn't imagine but she was sure glad they did.

Katy clicked another couple of times and then stopped dead in her tracks as yet another naked man, again sporting a hard-on of true porn star quality, took the place of the last one. She couldn't believe what she was seeing, she'd always suspected that Carl had an enormous cock, every time she saw him she found it difficult to avert her eyes from the bulge in his pants, and here was the proof that she had been right all along.

Katy stared at the pornographic image again but there was no mistaking it. This was indeed Carl, in all his naked glory and not a care in the world who saw him as such.

"Oh, shit!" Katy cried out loud.

"What is it?" asked Teri, walking back into the bedroom and still drying her hair with a towel. Her naked body glistened like gloss after her shower.

Katy had been so shocked to see Carl on screen, his nineteen years old cock fully on the horn, that she hadn't heard the shower jets being turned off, nor Teri coming back into the room. She quickly grabbed the mouse to click onto another picture but it was too late, Teri was standing next to her and gazing down at Carl, smiling and licking her lips at the sight of his cock, photographed in mouth-watering close-up with his foreskin peeled back and his round pink knobhead smeared in a liberal supply of pre-cum.

"So now you know," said Teri.

"Why haven't you told me your brother does porn?" asked Katy.

"I wanted it to be a surprise," replied Teri, "I knew you'd come across his pictures sooner or later."

Katy would have liked to come across Carl in more ways than one and she gave a wry smile to her friend. "It was a surprise, all right," she replied.

"Not shocked, are you?" asked Teri.

"No," said Katy, her love of sex transcending her initial surprise, "I just didn't expect to see Carl on a porn site."

"He has got a big one, hasn't he?" said Teri, rhetorically and gazing with a smile of pride at her twin brother showing off his talents on the screen. "Sure is huge," agreed Katy, "lovely big balls, too."

"Yeah," said Teri, "they're enormous, the best balls in the world."

"If you don't mind my asking," she went on, "you don't seem particularly perturbed, if that's the word, that your own brother is happily exposing himself and displaying all that he has."

"If I was a man with a cock as big as that, and an ass that is out-of-this-world as Carl has, I'd be only too proud for everyone in the world to see them," said Teri.

"Not everyone," laughed Katy, "I don't expect any of the world's Kings or Queens sit at a computer all day long downloading porn."

"I wouldn't be too sure about that," said Teri, "they've fuck all else to do."

"I've often wondered how these guys get into porn," said Katy, ignoring Teri's remark. "Who took the photos?"

"I did," said Teri, poker-faced.

"YOU?" exclaimed Katy, her eyes widening in disbelief.

"Mom, dad and I," said Teri, "during one of our family fuckfests."

"But that's ..." began Katy.

" ... incest," finished Teri, "yes, I know. Now you really are shocked."

"I don't know what to think," said Katy, "do you honestly mean to tell me that you and your brother have sex with your own parents?"

"Of course we do," said Teri, "and Carl and I fuck together too, usually with mom and dad fucking alongside us. Mom and I love sixty-nining and it dad and Carl like to fuck each other, too. There's nothing wrong in it at all, it's only the fools of this world who don't understand that it is simply one more expression of our love for each other."

"But I've heard terrible tales about abuse and all that," said Katy, regretting her remark as soon as it had escaped through her lips.

"Oh, Katy," said Teri, "you can be naive at times. Carl and I aren't being abused, that would be totally unacceptable."

"I'm pleased to hear that," said Katy.

"What you have to understand is that Carl and I are consenting adults," explained Teri. "That's why mom and dad wouldn't let us join in with them until we were both eighteen and then only if we wanted to. Had we not, then I can assure you mom and dad would never have laid a finger on us, nor we on them. It works both ways, you know."

"Obviously," said Katy.

"They are loving parents, not some sick sad-oh's," went on Teri. "Not that the idiots of this world would see it that way, they prefer to go for the stereotype, it gives them something to talk about in their dreary ghastly lives. Now, you'd better have a shower and, by the way, Katy, not a word of this to anybody."

"I won't say a word," said Katy, who was getting more excited by the second, "but if you're so happy with this lifestyle, why don't you want anyone, apart from me that is, to know?"

"Because as you guessed, it is incest," said Teri, "and as I have just explained, there are many people who don't see it as another form of love."

Katy was now thoroughly aroused by the idea of Teri having sex with her own family. There was no way she'd want to have sex with HER father but the idea that there must be hundreds, possibly thousands or even millions given the world's population, of other families like Teri's getting together for hot incestuous fuck sessions was something Katy had never thought about up till now and the whole perception of it was turning her on, rather than turning her completely off.

"We're very happy with our lifestyle," continued Teri, "it's just that the ignoramuses who think they have the right to control how we live would never understand about the life we enjoy. But we just stick two fingers up at them. And seeing as you like the pics of Carl so much, I can show you a few other sites where there are some pics of me, too."

"I'll have to look at those later," said Katy, glancing at the clock again. "You obviously don't mind who sees you."

"Certainly not," said Teri, "it's great fun to be photographed pornographically and then post them on a site for people to see. I get a real turn-on knowing millions of people across the world will be gawping at me and my juicy pussy and men tossing themselves off to my pictures. Carl feels the same, it's called exhibitionism, you should try it sometime."

"I'll pass on that for the moment," said Katy, "but I'd love to be a fly-on-the-wall at one of your family gangbangs," she went on, having forgotten all about getting home to get her own father's dinner ready.

"I'm sure mom, dad and Carl won't mind if you are more than just a fly-on-the-wall," said Teri, enfolding her arms around Katy's neck and reaching down to fondle again Katy's luscious tits.

Katy shuddered at Teri's touch and her mouth drooled at the mesmerising prospect of being invited to one of Teri's family parties. She had often dreamed of getting fucked by Carl and being bathed in his spunk and now it looked very likely as if that dream might come true.

"Carl always produces so much spunk," said Teri, as if reading Katy's thoughts. "You should have seen the lot he gave us last night, there was enough for mom and me in just one helping. We were smothered."

"What about your dad?" said Katy, her pussy tingling.

"Oh, he cums a lot, too," said Teri, showing not an iota of shame nor embarrassment, "in fact, it's been known for both Carl and dad to shoot their loads three times on occasions. Once we get going, we can keep going for hours."

"I'd love to join you all," said Katy but then a doubt entered her mind. "But I'm not family so I'd be intruding."

"For crying out loud, Katy," said Teri, letting go of Katy's tits and pulling on her clothes, "you're almost part of the family now. Mom and dad think the world of you and you're always saying how much you'd love to fuck Carl. What's more, he's told me he'd love to fuck you, too."

"So you don't always keep it in the family, then?" giggled Katy.

"You can be our adopted sister," said Teri, "and we'll be your adopted family. We don't need any official documents for that, we'll treat you as part of the family whether the morons like it or not. With your love of sex, you'd fit in very well."

"I'm sure Carl's cock would fit in my pussy very well, too," said Katy, now laughing out loud, "and I'd love to see him and his dad fucking. I've never seen men doing it together before, except in porn. It would be great to see it in the flesh."

"Yeah, dad loves taking Carl's cock up his ass," replied Teri, "he always says that just knowing it's his own son's cock giving him so much love and pleasure adds enormously to the thrill. Especially when mom and I are watching."

"I bet it does," said Katy, now more excited than ever. "Does Carl take it up the ass too?"

"You bet he does," said Teri, "and not only from dad. Mom and I have a nice supply of strap-ons and we fuck dad and Carl with them all the time. They love it. One night last week, Carl was licking mum's pussy as he took it up the ass from dad while I was fucking dad with a strap-on."

"You've never fucked me with a strap-on," said Katy, trying to build in her mind a picture of the naked bodies of Teri's family writhing about together as they joined as one in a frenzied taboo orgy of hot passionate sex.

"That can be arranged if you join our club," replied Teri, struggling into her tight top that accentuated her boobs and pulled up a pair of equally tight shorts that did wonders for her ass. Then she reached for her mobile and handed it to Katy.

"Give your dad a ring," she said.

"Whatever for?" asked Katy, nonplussed, suddenly remembering that she was expected home.

"Tell him you won't be home for awhile," said Teri, "he can either wait for his dinner or get it himself."

"Oh, Teri, I'd love to but I ..."

"Are you going to surrender yourself to someone who's quite capable of looking after himself when you can stay here with us and have the time of your life?" interrupted Teri. "Come on, you know what the answer is."

"I'm not sure about this," said Katy, in the kind of voice which suggested the complete opposite. Indeed, her pussy was tingling again at the thought of staying on at Teri's and what her friend had said about her father was true, the old man was perfectly capable of cooking for himself and, if he couldn't be bothered, there were plenty of microwavable meals in the freezer he could choose.

"Very well, then," said Teri, starting to punch in Katy's home number, "I'll do it for you."

"No," said Katy, her decision made and an irrevocable one at that. She was not only desperate to get fucked by Carl but wouldn't object to being fucked by his handsome hunky father, too.

"I'll do it," said Katy, grabbing the phone from Teri.

"I thought it wouldn't take much to persuade you," said Teri, smiling. "When you've spoken to your dad, go and have a shower. Mom and dad and Carl will be home soon and I'm sure they'll be delighted to welcome you into our family sex club, especially as you're now my adopted sister."

"That sounds nice," said Katy, "not having any real brothers and sisters of my own, it'll be nice to be part of a proper family at last."

"Especially an incest family, eh?" laughed Teri, sitting down at the computer to scroll through more pictures of Carl, looking forward to watching her brother fucking their new sister, in mind if not name, while Katy had a shower, pleased that her powers of persuasion had worked. They usually did.

Katy went into the bathroom, taking the phone with her, thinking again that what Teri said was, indeed, absolutely right. Slave away for her father too long and she would be expected to do so for the rest of the old man's life. If she was going to break free from his overbearing clutches, then there was no time like the present. Not only that but being a rebel would, Katy decided, be enormous fun

She closed the bathroom door behind her and glanced in the mirror. "It's now or never," she said to her reflection which smiled back at her.

Then Katy sat on the toilet and had a quick piss, after which she dialled her home number to inform her father she would not be home for some time, maybe not even until tomorrow, remembering that Teri had said that once they got started, they could carry on for hours. As she waited for her father to pick up, Katy rubbed her pussy which was already burning up with passion again as her natural resilience took hold; she knew there would be plenty of objections from her father but she was determined not to give into him.

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