tagLesbian SexKatya and Sara

Katya and Sara


"How do you say this word?" Katya asked her friend and tutor.

The attractive brunette moved in close to her friend of 6 months. She and the lovely Dane had become immediate friends when Katya had started working in the coffee shop Sara frequented. Katya was taking night classes to improve her English, yet she was still struggling with idiom. Sara herself spoke three languages, one of them being French, which Katya also spoke. They were able to communicate and the curvy brunette was able to help the slender, 5'9" blonde immigrant. They met for coffee every other day and discovered they had a lot in common. Both were divorced and their divorces had cost them a great deal.

"That word is degenerate," Sara explained to her friend.

"What does that mean -- degenerate?"

"Like your ex-husband," Sara laughed.

"Oh, it means like asshole pervert," Katya grinned and laughed along with her friend. Baron Frederick la Cour had seemed the very picture of debonair, suave and charming when Katya had first met him. Only a few years into the marriage did the then-25 year old blonde ex-model discover she had given up a life of pleasure, travel and fun to marry a man who was cruel, twisted and wished to use her for his own amusement. Katya was far from prudish, but her 25-years older husband viewed her as a possession. Free will was not to be tolerated. If he wanted her to have sex with several of his business associates and their wives, she would be expected to do just that. With the help of one of his kinder and more influential associates, Katya was able to leave Denmark and come to Canada. She liked the flavor of the country and when she settled in Toronto, she found work and with assistance, was able to take classes to improve her English. One of her customers at the coffee shop was a lawyer and he was helping her pro bono. Katya would have suspected he had a thing for her had the gentleman in question not been 65 years of age and a happily-married grandfather of 2.

Frederick's lawyers were almost as devious and underhanded as the man himself. It had been a blessing for her to meet Sara. When Gerard couldn't come to represent her, Sara would come to any court hearings or meetings to make sure Frederick's "pond of scumbags" as Katya called them, were not trying to pull any fast ones. The attractive ex-photographer could well have been a lawyer herself, not one thing slipped past her. Even Gerard commented on how agile Sara was and what meticulous notes she took.

"There's nothing wrong with a little perversion," Sara giggled, leaning in close to Katya. She smelled the Jasmine perfume Katya wore, which was her favorite. Katya was also wearing the lilac scarf Sara had given her for her birthday last week and a pair of 3-inch heels that made her so breathtaking and tall. She wanted Katya to pose for her someday and Katya had promised that she would when things were more tranquil. Sara intended to hold her to that promise. A woman like Katya could easily be a muse to a talented photographer and Sara Jordan was nothing if not talented. Although she had fallen on hard times, it was not her doing. She had put her trust and her love in a man that had deserved neither of those things.

Geoff Patterson had been a younger, very funny and hip young photographer's assistant who knew how to lay on the flattery -- with a trowel. He had told his boss that she was the best photographer he had ever seen and that her erotic photos could make her wealthy. That was true enough. Geoff had excellent contacts at several magazine and Internet publishers. Sara's workload doubled and she was able to take on her new assistant full-time. The 22-year old hunk was soon able to worm his way into her bedroom as well.

Geoff had one good point, he was a fucking machine. The sultry brunette had never found any man who could perform foreplay with the style that Geoff could and then get one of her patented, never-fail blowjobs and get off and THEN fuck her for a solid hour. She found herself smitten with the handsome, sandy-haired surfer dude. He was always praising his lady and telling her she was the best at everything she did. That probably should have been her first clue. There was never any doubt in her mind that he believed that and when he proposed marriage, the 4-years older Sara let herself be swayed. Sara had never been as successful as she was while working with her new husband. The work was coming in daily and so was the cash. She wasn't sure how to handle it all and when Geoff offered to help his new wife manage the business, she accepted.

Like Katya's husband, Geoff had a dark side. His involved gambling and the crazy, free-spending lifestyle that went with it. He had embezzled nearly $200,000 from their business accounts before Sara discovered the losses. She found out because the creditors came a-callin' and Geoff was long-gone by then. With some minor financial assistance from friends, she was able to stave off repossession of much of her equipment, but the damage was done. Even her divorce was granted with Geoff in absentia. To this very day, Sara didn't even know if Geoff Patterson had been his real name. She resumed working as Sara Jordan, but a lot of her contacts were no longer calling. She was angry, her work was as good as ever, but the scandal had caused her professional reputation to suffer. Every so often, she would allow herself to wallow in self-pity. She'd have a few too many drinks and cry. When Katya came along, those times lessened considerably and now her biggest indulgence when melancholy was a big hunk of cherry cheesecake AND ice cream on the side.

"Has Gerard made any progress with your landlords?" Sara asked as Katya brought them more coffee.

"No, I think it's a -- what is the expression? -- a lost cause," Katya sighed. She had found a lovely condo in Queen's Quay and lived there for a year until Frederick's attorney froze all of the few accounts she had been able to access. She had not yet been able to find a better job and truly wanted to become a Canadian and learn about the language and the people. She loved her customers at the coffee shop and the owners treated her as one of the family. She didn't want to have to move to a smaller, cheaper place. If she could have found work as a model, she would easily have been able to afford it, but again, Frederick had reached out. All her European contacts had dried up and she wasn't a known commodity in North America. Sara had offered to shoot a nice portfolio of her for free, but work would be a while in arriving.

"I have some good news, then," Sara smiled. "Gerard and some of his detective friends were able to find some of my missing money. Not a lot, only about $50 thousand, but it's enough for now. There are some lovely loft apartments for sale very near here and they're easily big enough for two. If I put down the down payment and we both share the costs, we should be able to afford it for a while, at least until we're both back on our feet. I know I can rebuild my career and it would be nice to have a friend to come home to. Plus, you make better coffee than I do," Sara chuckled. "Please accept -- or else I'll end up one of those dotty old women with 8 cats."

Katya didn't answer Sara; in fact, she looked away and stood up. Sara went to follow her and when Katya turned to face her, there were tears in her lovely, pale blue eyes. "After all I have been through, to find someone who has made me such a part of her life and is willing to help me achieve my dreams; I did not believe this would happen. Of course I accept. How could I not?" When she finished, she hugged Sara and both of them were crying.

They decided not to waste any time and went to look at one of the lofts the next day. It wasn't huge, but the view of Lake Ontario was beautiful and the price was actually a bit less than Sara had anticipated. There were three rooms and one of them offered so much light that Sara knew she would be able to use it as a studio. Another nice plus was their landlady was a recent divorcee who also turned out to be a very close friend of Gerard's. She promised them she would do anything she could to make this deal happen. The two best friends knew this place was for them and the papers were drawn up for them to sign after Gerard had looked them over.

"I'm going to be living with my best friend," Katya smiled. "Now it doesn't seem so frightful, being divorced and living in a new country."

"I don't know how you do it, you constantly amaze me," Sara told her as they went to the Olde Spaghetti Factory for lunch. "When I found out about Geoff, all I wanted to do for a while was curl up into a little ball and hide."

"Why are so many gorgeous people such swine?" Katya asked as their server approached. The girl was a lovely young thing of about 19 who frowned as she heard that. "We didn't mean you dear, we're talking about our exes," Katya laughed. The girl laughed as well and said she had one of those as well. She took their drink orders and left.

"That's not true, you're the sweetest person I know and you're stunning," Sara told her. "Once we're moved in and are all settled, I'm going to shoot your portfolio. If they aren't beating down the doors to use you, I don't know my job."

"I'll try to insist you take all of my photos, we'll be a team," Katya laughed. They clinked glasses when their server returned and sealed the deal.

With Gerard's assistance, they were approved and the loft was now theirs. The two friends moved in as fast as they were able. Both had some very willing, eager young men assisting them. Some from Sara's group and many of Katya's customers and friends from the coffee shop. When some of the other locals saw the two beauties that were moving in, they soon had a squadron of helpers.

"I love this place," Katya sighed. She looked out at the sun over the lake. "How beautiful it is. Do you know, this is the very first place that is actually mine? I moved from my parent's home to Frederick's. I was only leasing the condo with an option to buy. I'm going to love living here with my best friend. Who knows, I might even get a social life, if I ever stop working and studying," she laughed.

"A social life? What is this of which you speak? Oh yes, the thing I had before I married the surfer-swine," she chuckled. "We'll have to work out a code if we bring a guy home -- hang a tie on the door or something," she teased Katya.

"What if we bring home a girl?" Katya winked. "Panties or bra on the doorknob?"

Sara blinked for a second. In all the months of their friendship, it had never even occurred to her that Katya might be bi-sexual, although she knew a lot had gone on during her marriage. Some of the models she had photographed had made passes, although Sara had never succumbed to them. Oh well, if Katya liked women, that was just ducky with her. Anything her friend wanted and that would make her happy was fine. So why was she feeling odd about it? There had to be a reason, she just had no idea what was bugging her. She let it go and started moving some of the furniture around. She was having professional movers handle her equipment in a few days and she would supervise. She didn't want anyone but insured professionals handling her stuff because she could not afford to start over again.

Over the next few weeks, the roommates and friends settled in. To Sara's surprise. Katya's mind for business far exceeded her own. When Sara was negotiating with new clients, Katya would listen in. Several old clients were returning as well and trying to negotiate lower fees with the lovely photographer. Katya saw it all and wasn't impressed. If she would frown, Sara would excuse herself and let Katya explain herself. "You're underselling yourself," she told Sara. "If they're coming back to you, it's because they haven't found anyone as good. Make them pay for screwing you over. Raise your rates. A few of them might not like it, but the ones who really want your work will pay."

Darned if Katya wasn't right. Sara raised her prices a fair bit and decided to let her friend handle her business affairs. She cut Katya in for 25% of the business, over her girlfriend's strident objections. "You're earning it," she told the blonde. "You're dealing with them on the phone and saving me all this time and aggravation. I can book more models and work on the layouts in the time you're saving me." As it was a very nice supplement to the money she made at the coffee shop and also money that Frederick couldn't take from her, Katya wisely stopped objecting.

"When are we shooting your portfolio?" Sara asked her one evening as they sat down to dinner. "I've got a few clients who would likely love your look, if you don't mind doing some nudes."

"I didn't want to bother you with that, I was in no hurry," Katya smiled as she ladled out goulash from their Crockpot. "You've been so busy."

"Thanks to you," Sara smiled as she poured their wine. "Let's do it this week and believe me, you're going to save me time. I have a bikini shoot and a lingerie shoot I need to do. You'd be perfect for both and I can take lots of shots and bill the client. It's a win-win for all."

"You really are my best friend in the whole world," Katya smiled. "How can I ever thank you for all you've done for me?"

"We're doing for each other, isn't that the point of friendship?" Sara told her. "Besides, whatever you earn goes into paying the bills around here. When can we shoot the pictures?"

"Friday night," Katya answered. "I don't do the Friday night shift this week and we can work from the middle of the afternoon straight through, as long as it takes."

"I've got some samples of lingerie and bikinis from the client. There's also a nice little perk -- we get to keep it all," Sara told her friend.

"A smart girl never turns down free lingerie," Katya laughed. "I'm looking forward to this but the week is going to crawl by now."

It did seem to crawl by for the pretty blonde and every evening, she and Sara talked through what they wanted to accomplish. It was a treat for Sara to work with a model with past experience, she knew the shoot would go much better and they could accomplish so much more. She finished all of her assignments that week early so that she could have all of Friday morning to set up and prepare. She sensed that this would be as important to Katya as it was to her. The photos she planned to take were going to showcase her friend and hopefully make them a nice sum of cash. Things had gone so much better for the pair of them since meeting months ago.

Katya arrived home and Sara noticed instantly. Her friend had gone to a professional stylist and had her hair trimmed and her makeup done. It had likely cost her a goodly sum of money and it proved to Sara that Katya was taking this seriously. She had instinctively known that she would. "You look amazing," she smiled as she hugged her flat mate. "I know these pictures will be sexy as all get out!"

Katya went to change behind a screen while Sara set up the last few lights. When Katya emerged, Sara gasped. This vision wasn't her roommate, she was a Venus, an Aphrodite, a radiant beauty. In a black negligee with bedroom slippers to match, Katya was alluring and sensual. She had seen her friend in next-to nothing before, but the Katya in front of her stunned. She composed herself and started to snap pictures. The next set were of Katya in a sheer white teddy and they were equally stunning. A pink teddy followed, then mauve, then thongs and bras and kinky high heels and body stockings. All of them looked good on Katya. The leggy blonde simply could not take a bad picture. The bikini shots were equally astounding, it was almost as if Katya was elevated to new heights by the camera lens. Her body was lean and supple and Sara couldn't believe how incredible she was. She knew from her experience that she could sell her clients on Katya and on these pictures. No one with eyes would be able to resist Katya and the sensuality she was projecting.

It was almost 9 PM when they finished. They ordered pizza and ate. Katya kept wanting to see the photos. "Give me a few minutes," Sara told her before bringing the pictures up on her computer. Katya gasped when she saw them.

"I never would have thought I could look that good," she smiled, tears misting the corners of her eyes. "How can I ever thank you?" She hugged Sara and then gave her a kiss. "I owe you so much Sara, I love you!"

Just the way she said it, Sara knew that Katya did not mean just as a friend. It had been an open declaration of love. She blinked and Katya thought she had done something wrong and started to pull away. Sara didn't let her. Her brown eyes met Katya's blue eyes and she said as calm as all that "I love you, too."

They threw their arms around each other and hugged, neither saying a word. It would have ruined the moment. Both knew that this had been building for a long time. Two friends had fallen deeply in love. Katya had known first, but Sara knew that she herself had to grow into her feelings and be comfortable with them. She was sure she had known on some visceral level when they moved in together. It was why she had reacted at Katya's comment about another girl -- she had been jealous! She brought her face to Katya's and they kissed sweetly, again in silence.

"You see the real me," Katya breathed as their kiss ended. "I can be myself around you and trust in you."

"Always," Sara smiled and squeezed her girlfriend's hand. "You can put your life in my hands and know that I will always cherish you."

"I feel the same," Katya said. "It doesn't hurt that my girlfriend is HOT, though," she teased.

"Hot? Really?"

Katya looked at the woman she loved as if she had something foolish. "You don't know how hot you are?" She walked Sara over to the full-length mirror in the corner of the studio. "Look at you, my darling. Tall, gorgeous wavy brown hair, great boobs, flat stomach, your half-Thai heritage makes you look exotic and you have legs almost as long as mine. I always wondered why you didn't model yourself," she said to Sara and then hugged her from behind.

"No one ever asked me to," Sara said as her girlfriend continued to embrace her. She looked at herself again and then saw that Katya was speaking the truth. She had always known that she was attractive, yet now Katya's words made her see herself in a different light. She was beautiful. She felt alive and filled with passion as Katya led her from the studio and into her own bedroom.

The two of them kissed as they sidled over to the bed. Katya started to undress her and explored Sara's body with sweet, gentle kisses and caresses. They could have gone on forever, as far as Sara was concerned. She loved the softness of Katya's mouth on her own skin and kept gasping as her lover kissed her flesh and undressed her. The blonde Dane continued to explore her flesh as she removed articles of clothing and placed them neatly on the floor beside her bed. Sara could only see love and admiration in her lover's eyes as she touched her. It seemed as if all of the time they had been together had been leading up to this moment. The lingerie-clad blonde got Sara on her back on the bed and stretched her out. She removed Sara's pretty pink skirt, thong and shoes and moved up with a naughty grin. Sara knew she was going to do it -- Katya was going to eat Sara's pussy and make love to her. She wanted that so very much that she could barely speak. She nodded her consent.

Katya sensed that Sara wasn't the kind of woman you muddled around with. She went for it full force and began really licking her girlfriend's pussy. All out had been the way to go. The curvy brunette felt as if she was experiencing the best moments of her life as Katya licked her. Katya was really deep in there, her tongue snaking along the groove. Sara allowed herself free rein to scream out loud and to express her feelings. She wanted Katya to hear just how much pleasure she was bringing her. Every word she mumbled through clenched teeth, every sexy epithet was music to Katya's ears. Sara was experiencing pleasure at her hands and mouth. Her lover was cumming because she was making her cum and nothing was better than that.

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