tagNonConsent/ReluctanceKatya's Confession Ch. 02

Katya's Confession Ch. 02


Katya arrived at the doctors office for her appointment with a sense of anticipation. While she had enjoyed her visit to the priest's quarters she had found herself daydreaming about the doctor's taste test and how it felt when he inserted his probe between her legs. She was dressed in her typical dark skirt and white blouse, but today she had decided to wear a coral pink bra under her blouse. It was made of a sheer mesh fabric and her nipples were clearly visible through the material. Wearing it made her feel special and she wanted the doctor to see it too. She hoped he would find it necessary to examine her breasts again and she wondered if today's treatment would be the same as last weeks.

She entered the office to find the doctor waiting there alone. "You look lovely today dear" he said admiringly and Katya felt a pleasing flush of satisfaction at the words. She stood up straight making her chest more prominent, hoping he would notice that the top buttons of her blouse were undone revealing a little of her bra. She noted with satisfaction that his eyes focused on her chest as he explained that it was easier to devote full attention to her treatment when he wasn't distracted by other patients. He showed her to an examination room telling her to make herself comfortable.

There were posters of male and female anatomy clearly showing the human genital area on the wall, and she found her gaze attracted to the male figure. She had seen pictures of the statue of David in art history class, but for some reason she found the posters curiously interesting. The male part, labeled "penis", hung down over a sack containing an egg-shaped object labeled "testicle". She had realized that the "penis" must be the probe that the doctor and the priest had used, but somehow the picture didn't seem to show the object she had felt pushing its way into the opening between her legs.

The doctor entered the room and stood behind her. Putting his hands on her shoulders he asked her how her week had been. Without thinking she found herself leaning back against him as she answered.

"I've had a little trouble sleeping sometimes..."

He didn't answer, his hands were rubbing her shoulders now, pulling her in closer. She sighed, enjoying the sensation as the hands made their way to her chest. Now they were cupping her breasts, massaging and searching for buttons to undo. Soon her blouse was open to her waist and the hands were caressing the material of her bra, rubbing her nipples and sending little jolts of electricity through her and down between her legs.

She moaned softly and murmured "It feels so nice when you examine my breasts, do you want me to undo my bra for you?"

"Not yet sweetie, but I need you to help prepare my probe today."

"Of course" she answered, a little puzzled "what should I do?"

He had her turn around and kneel down in front of him before instructing her to unzip his pants and pull out the probe from its resting place. Hesitantly she complied, pulling down the zipper and reaching inside she found a thick fleshy rod sticking through the slit in his boxers but confined within his pants. She wrapped her fingers around it, feeling its warmth and squeezing it gently. It pulsed in her grip, warm and alive.

"Is this it?" she asked, already sure of the answer.

"Yes, now pull it out."

It took both her hands to free it, and when it emerged it stuck straight out toward her rather than hanging down like it was shown in the picture or the statue she remembered. It had a fat reddish purple head with a small hole at the tip and the shaft was lined by veins and covered with soft hair at its base. As she gazed at it it pulsed again and a small drop of clear fluid formed at the hole in the end.

"I need you to lick it with your tongue now." came the instruction, and hypnotized by the sight Katya leaned forward and extended her tongue to lick the fat head. The drop of fluid rolled down onto her tongue and she tasted the clear fluid. "Mmmm that's it, now suck the tip into your mouth."

Katya parted her lips and with her fingers wrapped around the base guided the head to her open mouth. It was large enough that she had to open her mouth wide to accept it. As her lips closed around it she felt it pulse again and she could taste the clear fluid oozing onto her tongue. The doctor leaned forward, forcing the head farther into her mouth, and then back, withdrawing it till it nearly popped out from between her lips.

"That's it sweetie, suck on it" he said rocking back and forth, forcing the end of the thick shaft in and out. She found the sensation pleasant, and the taste somehow exciting. The doctor's hands were on her head now, holding it steady as he rocked back and forth. He stopped after a few minutes, allowing the head, shiny with her saliva and dripping little strings of fluid, to pop free of her lips. It seemed to have gotten larger and even longer, and now it was standing nearly straight up in front of her. She better understood the way it felt when the doctor had put it inside her. It was so large she wondered that it even fit into the slit between her legs.

He helped her up asking her to unfasten her bra and lie down on the examination table. She sat on the table and swung her legs up into the stirrups and scooted her bottom down to the edge of the table as he had had her do the last week. This caused her skirt to ride up to her waist revealing her panties. She felt a naughty satisfaction in this, lying there in the doctors office with her blouse open, her bra undone and her underwear revealed for anyone to see.

The doctor's hands were already pulling her bra cups up over the mounds of her breasts. He began kneading the flesh and then placed his mouth over one of her nipples as the priest had done, sucking on it while a hand caressed the other. Her hand, draped over the edge of the table, came in contact with the head of the doctor's stiff penis. She sought out the thick shaft beneath and wrapped her fingers around it, squeezing it gently. She felt his fingers reaching between her legs, rubbing the wet spot that had formed on the crotch of her panties.

"Are you going to do the 'taste test' again today?" she asked hopefully. The doctor, removing his mouth from her nipple, nodded and smiled before kissing her wetly on the lips.

"Yes my dear, I thought you would like that" he answered.

The doctor removed her panties, knelt down at the foot of the table and lowered his head between her legs. She moaned with excitement as she felt his tongue began to explore her. She found the sensations and attention highly erotic, and combined with the anticipation of what was to come, the effect was intensified to an almost unbearable level. Within a few minutes she was writhing and moaning "Oh yes! oh god yes!" as an intense wave of feeling overwhelmed her. As the sensations subsided the doctor removed his mouth from her and she lifted her head to see him standing between her legs grasping the large erect organ he was preparing to insert. She spread her legs for him and was rewarded with the feeling of its fat head pushing its way into her.

"You like it, don't you sweetie?" he asked, withdrawing his tool before pushing back inside.

"Mmmmm YES, oh yes doctor, I have been dreaming about it all week!" Katya loved the fullness she felt with the doctor's hard penis all the way inside her. She loved the sensation of his insistent thrusting and began to anticipate the warm surge of his injection. His pace increased and she sensed that he was about to flood her. She felt his penis swell and he began grunting as his thrusting probe began to pulse and then spurt out its contents within her. She used her legs to pull him against her and keep his swollen probe buried between her thighs.

"Oh baby! oh god, you are sweet!" he said, gazing down at her smooth belly and full breasts as his penis pulsed and squeezed the last of his injection into her.

Katya was in heaven and found herself wishing that the doctor would somehow not be satisfied and repeat the whole procedure. However as she relaxed her legs the doctor's probe, no longer so thick and hard, slipped from her followed by a small flood of fluid. He cleaned her with a soft towel and helped her on with her panties as she fixed her bra and blouse. She mentioned again her trouble sleeping and he produced a long pink object from a drawer that looked similar in shape to his own probe. He showed her how to switch it on an massage herself with it telling her she could use it before bedtime to help her relax.

Thanking him Katya gave him a kiss and he squeezed her bottom and told her to come see him in a week.

That night as she was preparing for bed she thought about the pink probe the doctor had given her. Pulling it from her purse she examined it more carefully. It was about six inches long and had a swelling at the tip that was reminicient of the doctor's personal equipment. Sitting down on the bed she spread her legs and turning on the device put its gently vibrating tip against the crotch of her panties. The pleasing sensation reminded her of how the doctor's tongue felt when he tasted her there. She lay back on the bed, and sliding her panties down her thighs, she placed the tip against her naked flesh while she imagined that the doctor was kissing her there. She worked it back and forth along her slit, coating it with her gathering juices, before slowly pushing it into herself - imagining that it was the doctor between her legs, pushing his fat probe into her. She worked it in and out and then back and forth against the opening until that special sensation began to build. She pressed the vibrating head against herself as the feeling peaked, moaning softly and squeezing her legs together.

As the feeling between her legs ebbed she brought the device to her lips and sucked gently at it, tasting her own juices and thinking about how she had licked and sucked on the head of the doctor's stiff penis that afternoon. She wiped the probe and put it carefully in her dresser with her under things before climbing into bed. She fell asleep dreaming about sucking on the fat head of the doctor's penis before he pushed it between her legs.

The next day Katya went again for confession. Again the priest urged her to describe her experience in detail. When she began to tell how she had unzipped the doctor's pants and sucked on the head of his erect penis she heard a low gasp from behind the partition. Remembering not to interrupt herself she continued with her story, only leaving out the part about the pink device the doctor had provided and what she had done with it. When she had finished, the priest, who had been breathing heavily it seemed, told her she would need to attend another cleansing session in his quarters. Katya promised to come the next evening, wondering if it would be the same as the previous time.

When she arrived the priest answered her knock as before and led her inside the candle-lit room. she sat down in the chair facing the alter without prompting and again the priest offered her a glass of wine. As she sipped from the glass he prepared the soft dark cloth to cover her eyes, tying it firmly behind her head. She heard him adjust the volume of the music and then felt his hands on her shoulders as his voice began to softly chant a Latin prayer. The wine seemed stronger than before and its warm glow spread out from her stomach as she finished the glass. His voice was still chanting, his fingers caressing her hair before descending to her chest to fondle her breasts. He was kissing her hair and neck now as her blouse was unbuttoned, and then his hands were kneading and massaging her breasts, rubbing her nipples. She sighed softly, pushing her chest into the caressing hands, and then he was pulling her forward, urging her onto her hands and knees on the soft carpet.

There was the sound of fumbling with a belt and zipper and then the voice was urging her to open her mouth like she had for the doctor, and something was pressing against her lips. As she parted her lips she recognized the feel of an erect penis pushing its way between them. "Suck child, that's it, suck on it with those pretty lips." Hands were on her on her head now, urging her to bob up and down while she sucked. Then there were hands on her bottom too, lifting her skirt and then kneading her panty covered bottom, moving down between her thighs and rubbing her crotch, seeking the opening between her legs. She began to struggle after the initial shock, wondering who else was in the room with the priest, but the two sets of hands held her firmly between them. Her panties were pulled down to her knees and a stiff penis was pushing its way between her legs, seeking entrance and then finding the opening, pushing its way inside while the hands on her head kept her mouth filled with the other penis. She tried to mumble something but her mouth was too full and now the penis between her legs had penetrated her and was thrusting and withdrawing, thrusting and withdrawing. Hands were grasping her swaying breasts, then grasping her bottom and working it back and forth along the penetrating shaft.

The penis in her mouth began to twitch, there was a groan and it began to spurt jets of warm liquid, quickly filling her mouth and causing her to gag. Her mouth popped off the twitching head and one jet sprayed onto her face before it could be guided back and pushed between her lips again. Hands were grasping hard at her breasts and the thrusting shaft between her legs began to spasm and jerk as it spurted its hot juices inside her as well. She moaned as liquid dribbled from her lips down the still pulsing penis being held between them. She sucked and swallowed as the penis between her legs finished depositing its load and was withdrawn. Hands were pulling up her panties now as the now limp shaft slipped from her lips.

She was helped back to the chair and the cloth removed from her eyes. The candle light seemed bright and she had a hard time focusing as she buttoned her blouse. She was alone in the room with the priest who helped her to the door when she had finished dressing, and she found herself outside in the darkening twilight, feeling lightheaded and slightly disheveled. She straightened her clothes, brushed the hair from her face, noticing that some of the spattered liquid had begun to dry there. She licked her lips, tasting wine mixed with the salty remains of the priests deposit, and walked down the steps. As she moved she felt the slippery wetness between her legs and more oozed out of her, soaking her panties.

Returning home she showered carefully and lay down on her bed. She felt the priest's sessions weren't helping as now her mind was filled with thoughts of the doctor's penis, how it felt in her mouth (how much larger it was than the priest's), how it tasted, how it felt inside her. She wondered what it would be like to have it twitching and spurting between her lips and wondered if the doctor would let her try. She found his gift in the drawer and lay down again and let its vibrating head massage her opening, pressing it against herself before thrusting it inside, imagining that it was the doctor, and soon she was moaning and squeezing her legs together as that special feeling washed over her.

The next day Katya called the doctor asking if he had time to see her as she had some questions about the device he had given her. He replied that she could come in at 4:30 if she wanted. This pleased her greatly and she spent the day daydreaming about her encounters with him and imagining what would happen that afternoon.

This time a nurse showed her to the examination room and told her the doctor would be in shortly. She sat in one of the chairs and found herself staring at the illustrations of male and female anatomy. As she stared at the male picture and its limp organ she smiled thinking that the doctor's equipment was much more impressive and that he should put his own picture there instead.

Finally he entered and asked her how she was doing. She noticed that there was a prominent bulge in his pants and the thought of what was making it excited her. She told him that she was sleeping better but that she felt she wasn't using the vibrating device correctly and asked him if he could show her again the best way to use it.

"Of course." he answered and stepped forward, but instead of handing it to him she reached out and put her hand on the bulge and began squeezing and rubbing it. It expanded rapidly with her touch and she began fumbling with his zipper in an attempt to free it from his trousers. It had gotten so large that she found it easier to unbuckle his belt and undo his pants at the waist than to pull it out through the zipper opening. As she pulled open his pants she could see the object of her searching fingers forming a large tent in his boxers. Reaching through the slit in the front she wrapped her fingers around the stiff object inside and squeezed it before working it back out through the slit. It was just as big as she remembered, its fat purple head with its little eye hole bobbed in front of her. She ran her hand further inside to feel the hairy sack containing his testicles before sliding it back up to the thick shaft. Holding it at the base she lowered her lips to the head, first licking it and then sucking it into her mouth.

The doctor sighed "Oh baby!" and put his hand on her head as she began a sucking, sliding motion with her mouth. She loved the feel of it against her tongue and the excitement of having it in her mouth was making her very wet between her legs. Instinctively she began to move her hand up and down along its length as she sucked on the end, sliding the loose sheath of skin back and forth along the shaft. The doctor had begun to breathe heavily as she sucked and gasped "You better stop soon baby."

Instead of heeding his advice she increased her pace, and soon she felt the shaft harden in her hand and begin to twitch. Although she knew what to expect this time the strength of the first surge still took her by surprise. The tip swelled in her mouth and the shaft twitched violently as hot liquid began to spurt out into her mouth with each pulse. She sucked and swallowed repeatedly, squeezing her legs together at the same time as a wave of euphoria swept over her. Despite her attempts to contain the surges the excess, mixed with her saliva, began to run down onto her encircling fingers.

"Jesus baby!!, oh god! oh GOD!!" the doctor groaned as his penis continued to pulse and squeeze out the last of his load into the girl's mouth.

Katya sucked the last drops of liquid from the still twitching head and let her lips slide off. "Ive been waiting to do that all day!" she said. "Did you like it?" she asked, knowing the answer already. "I did, I really did."

He nodded, and pulling her to her feet he had her sit on the table and then leaned her back while lifting her legs onto his shoulders. Taking the pink vibrator he switched it on and began rubbing it against the exposed crotch of her panties. The wet spot there grew even larger and she began moaning with desire. Setting the vibrator aside he worked her panties over her bottom and up her legs to expose her. He took up the device again and began rubbing it back and forth along her moist slit, coating it with her secretions and paying special attention to the sensitive area at the top. After lubricating the head he pushed it slowly inside her and then withdrew it, working it against her sensitive nub, and then pushing it hack into her. Katya moaned with pleasure as he continued to work it in and out, back and forth, until the intensity of feeling built up to a peak and made her cry out in pleasure. She heard him switch off and then felt him push his own probe into her.

"Oh yes! MMmmmm, it feels so good when you put your penis inside me. Do it till it squirts in there!" Katya moaned as she felt him fill her. He began thrusting and this time, with his pants and boxers in a heap around his ankles, she could feel his testicle sack slapping against her bottom with each thrust. His hands were on her breasts, kneading and rubbing them through her blouse, and then he was grunting and thrusting harder as his penis squirted its contents into her. "Oh yes, OH YES, Mmmmm...." Katya felt she was in heaven.

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