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Katy's Caribbean Adventure


This story is entirely fictional and is in no way connected with the subject. This story contains adult material and is only suitable for people over the age of 18. If you are under 18 please stop reading now. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living, dead, or undead, is purely coincidental. All characters portrayed in this story are over 18. Do not use this without my permission. (c) Copyright Viper_Noj 2002 onwards. Now, on with the story!

* * * * *

"Let you put your hands on me in my skintight jeans, be your teenage dream tonight..." Katy Perry sang, the final notes of the thumping song dying behind her as the lights went down, the crowd erupting at her thrilling performance of a string of hits like California girls and I kissed a girl, culminating in Teenage Dream.

She felt a rush through her as everyone went wild, tingling all over at the appreciation of her work, feeling the slightest embarrassment as it as well, unable to stop herself smiling widely as she took the applause, lowering her microphone and waving to the crowd of guests and crew watching her. Her performance had mixed her fantastic uplifting dance tunes and a few slower numbers and covers, including a tender piano-based cover of Joy Division's "Love will tear us apart", and so she was dressed more demurely; no rubber or latex dresses, she had a long flowing black gown on, which was partly sheer material and had a couple of large white flowers on an almost transparent over layer. It was a beautiful dress, made by a famous designer, and fitted her figure perfectly to accentuate her breasts, waist and hips, with a daring split up the side of it to reveal her sexy legs and let her move. Stepping down from the stage as people still clapped and cheered her, she was buzzed on the high of performing, feeling the energy of the room as people swamped her, all wanting to talk to her, touch her and get a few autographs.

After around twenty minutes in the gradually fading mob, Katy finally made her way to the bar, needing a drink now. She could feel the huge peak of a great performance fading away now, leaving behind it a bit of a come down, the moment having come and gone to leave her waiting for the next one. She was immediately served at the bar, with the bartender taking a less than discreet glance down her dress at her impressive boobs as she ordered herself a shot to go with a drink, downing it first as he mixed her other drink. She'd made it a double, and took a needed sip of it as she turned back to survey the room of mingling people, getting into the party mood and enjoying themselves. Standing back by the bar, she felt a little disconnected, and found herself getting through her drink pretty fast, feeling the ice slide back against her lips before she knew it.

A couple more people spoke to her and tried to engage her, but she just wasn't in the mood. She ordered herself another drink and gave a sigh. She'd come on this cruise to perform and then have fun, because she was feeling a bit lonely and worn down right now and figured a few days in the sun to relax would help. But now she felt like she'd created a pressure on herself to enjoy it, which only had the opposite effect, especially after her big moment had now passed. Walking through the people, all wrapped up in themselves, she thought deeply, knowing she shouldn't as it would only make her go round in circles with herself about her levels of happiness. She thought of her closing song and wondered where her teenage dream was. Katy decided she really couldn't hang around in a party right now, she wasn't in the mood, and dodged the crowds to find the exit, slipping out of the ballroom and then the ship all together, stepping out onto the deck.

She felt a light, chilly breeze caress her as it passed, making her shiver slightly at the sudden change, taking a drink as she walked along the deck, just the sound of the waves and her high heels in the crisp night. Looking up to the sky, she slowed as she stared in slight awe at the beautifully clear heavens, taking in all the stars, the bright moon and the enchanting depths of it, which got more powerful the longer she stared. Taking a breath of the fresh sea air, she sauntered along the side of the ship and out into the pool area, quiet and peaceful, immediately feeling better for having escaped the roar of a crowd. It was a little chilly under such a clear sky, but she wasn't cold, just able to feel the fresh air slide through her dress and over her soft skin a little, the gown blowing slightly at her feet. The breeze was stronger near the side of the ship as she leant on the railings, taking a long sip of her drink and letting out a slow breath, looking out at the bright moonlight catching the tips of waves on the dark, patient ocean as her mind ran with thoughts, contemplating so much...too much.

"Good evening," I said, breaking her train of thought and making her stand to turn from her gaze across the sea. She stood from her lean on the railings to turn to me, pushing her long hair back over her ear, giving a smile as she took me in.

"Evening," she replied, her eyes flicking up and down me. I was wearing my smart uniform, with a white shirt and cap, signifying my rank on board the ship, which Katy clearly seemed to have noticed. I was just out doing a walk around on deck to check things were as they should be, regulations met and so forth, as well as getting some fresh clean air on a lovely night under the galaxy.

"It's a bright moon, but I don't think you'll be getting a tan any time soon," I said light heartedly, making Katy giggle.

"No I don't think so, but it's lovely out here," she said, casting her eyes back to the night sky.

"It is indeed. Sorry Miss Perry, I never introduced myself; Alex Thompson," I said, extending my hand to her.

"Katy," she said, reaching out to take my hand with a smile, where I took a chance and pulled it towards me, leaning down to kiss her softly on the hand, which made her beam and shuffle slightly on her high heels.

"I caught your performance in there," I said, letting go of her hand, "quite a show. You sounded fantastic."

"Thanks, it went really well, and the crowd seemed to like it," she replied, seeming a little shy about it, taking a drink from her glass.

"Why wouldn't they? Not every day you get Katy Perry performing. And singing Joy Division at that, that was a great cover," I said, since I personally loved the song.

"I'm surprised anyone noticed, nobody else seemed to know what it was," she smiled, warming to my attention in her performance.

"Well I did, it's a classic song and you did a fantastic job with it," I said.

"Well thanks, at least someone liked it," she smiled, looking into my eyes.

"Do you mind if I join you?" I asked after a pregnant pause, indicating the railing generally with my hand.

"Um, sure," she answered, reciprocating the motion with her glass, a little surprised that an officer of the ship had asked to share a piece of his own railing with her. Stepping beside her, I leant on the railing and looked over, down at the sea as it crashed past our behemoth, driving the sea out of her way as she powered across it on the voyage south. Katy stood beside me, taking a long sip of her drink, gazing out at the dark water again, lost in her thoughts again momentarily.

"Are you ok?" I asked, noticing her mood, which was not the excited party kind of girl I'd have expected to find.

"I...yeah I'm fine, why?" she said, looking at me with her big eyes, lowering the glass from her ruby lips.

"You just seem a little...disconnected. And you're out here, on the deck all alone. I'd have expected you to be in with everyone else enjoying the party," I said, looking deep into her gorgeous eyes.

"I just needed a walk, some peace for a bit," she said, looking around at the strangeness of the empty pool and empty sea.

"It is a lovely night for a walk on deck," I conceded, since it truly was.

"What are you doing out here anyway, unless you followed me out?" Katy teased with a cocked eyebrow.

"I didn't follow you no, I've been back to the bridge since you finished performing. I'm out here just checking everything's as it should be, and like you taking a bit of fresh air from everything going on in there," I said, nodding my head back towards the facilities of the ship. She just gave a murmur of agreement, knowing what that felt like.

"And it's a good thing I did, as I find a beautiful woman alone, which isn't right at all," I smiled, giving her a cheeky wink. Katy couldn't help but smile and then shyly look down at her platforms.

"Thanks, you think so?" she asked, looking back up at me as if needing some sort of validation.

"Of course, look at you; you're gorgeous, beautiful dress, hair, you're like something out of a pin up calendar," I said, hoping she didn't take that the wrong way.

"Thank you, nobody's ever said quite that before," she giggled, looking back at the sea, giving a little shiver and feeling her nipples stiffen against the chill, and with the slight tingle of excitement in her body.

"You know, you just need to relax," I said as she finished her drink, standing the glass down on the deck.

"Do I?" she asked in a playfully inquisitive manner.

"Yeah, just let it flow. Relax, enjoy yourself, have fun, dance," I said, stepping back from the railings and then offering my hand to her. Her eyes widened and she laughed, looking around in case anyone was watching.

"You can't be serious," she said, smiling widely at me nonetheless.

"Come on, I'm sweeping you off your feet," I joked, gesturing her to approach with my fingers. With a laugh and a roll of her eyes she stepped forward and took my hand, where I immediately drew her back into a little more space at the edge of the pool area and then into my arm, sliding it boldly around the small of her back as I took her other hand. She didn't question it at all though, her arm sliding over my shoulders, looking into my eyes with a slight spark of the moment. Leading in a simple dance, I steeled my nerves and took charge, dancing with her smoothly across the moonlit deck, turning her a couple of times, just having fun with it, and a little bit of passion as I let my breath just flow over her neck as I pulled her in closer during a turn away.

Letting her out to full arms length, she smiled as she pulled on me to spin us around playfully, before I drew her back, letting her wrap herself up in her own arm as she wound her way back to me. With my other hand on her hip, I leant her back over both our arms towards the deck, Katy looking at me for a moment before going with it with a bite of her lip, letting her head dangle towards the ground, her long dark hair flowing gracefully down to just touch it as I got a great view of her arched body and large, full breasts rocking upwards on her chest. To my surprise Katy lifted her leg, sliding her knee up the side of my hip, the long split up her glamorous dress allowing her gorgeous pin to be revealed in the moonlight, sending a rush through me. Easing her back up, I turned her away to unravel herself from her arm, then pulled her fluidly back towards me, my arm slipping around her waist as if it belonged there, my other hand sliding into hers as she came close. She looked deeply into my eyes, and I just felt it; that spark, that moment.

Kissing her firmly, my heart pumping hard in my chest as I pressed my lips to her full pout, I pulled her a little closer with my arm. I was into it now, so there was no point holding back, just letting my tongue probe forward softly, where I was surprised and delighted to feel Katy's ready to meet it, sliding slightly into my mouth as she returned my kiss pushing to me slightly as we made out under the stars, her hand squeezing mine in the heat of the kiss. Katy came to her senses a little and pulled away from me, breaking the kiss and looking into my eyes. I wondered if she would shove me away and storm off at my audacity, the moment stretching on forever as I awaited her move.

** Katy was a little taken aback by the kiss, even though she'd responded and kissed him back. She paused, her mind turning it over for a second as she thought about it; Katy knew it was sudden, but he was handsome, in a uniform, which she couldn't deny she liked, and seemed quite the romantic. And she could do with some happiness right now, and this was certainly making her bubble up inside with excitement. Going for it, Katy leaned back in to kiss him again, more passionately this time, opening her mouth to let her tongue slide more deeply into his mouth than before. **

Feeling Katy kiss me again was a wonderful moment, knowing my move hadn't been in vain, or to the detriment of my reputation. I greeted her tongue with a gentle caress of my own, coaxing it into my mouth and then sucking on it lightly as I pulled her closer to me, Katy sighing through her nose as she melted into the moment, my hand releasing hers to slip down round her curvy hip and onto her firm ass, making her arch her back a little in response, pushing her bum into my hand as I gave squeeze, accentuating her arch with my other arm as we kissed passionately in the moonlight on the deserted decks. With my hand still on her arse, I drew my other one upwards, trailing my fingertips up the curve of her spine to the zip of her gown, and without a pause in our kissing I drew it slowly down towards her bum, freeing the delicate dress from her body and revealing the sexy curve of her naked back, and strap of her black bra.

Katy dropped her arms from him as he released her momentarily to let the posh dress slide down to the deck, revealing her gorgeous body, clad in a sexy sheer ribbed black bra that supported her magnificent double-Ds perfectly and matching panties, she looked stunning in the moonlit glimpse he was offered before she kissed him again, his hands now sliding onto her warm, naked body, sliding down over her enticing lingerie to feel her panties were quite tight up her bum, offering plenty of smooth, toned arse to stroke and squeeze as she pressed herself to him, letting him feel her impressive chest against his. Her hands slid up to my chest, pushing over it and then finding the buttons easily, popping them undone swiftly down the length of my body and pushing her hands into it onto my skin, making me shiver slightly as she caressed me. We continued to kiss as I shrugged my shirt off, dropping it aside onto the deck as Katy pulled in close to me, an arm around my waist as her other hand went to my hip.

She moved to kiss down my neck, something I loved, just lightly grazing me with her teeth as her hand slipped across to my belt, undoing it as she nervously scanned the deck with her eyes, her heart pumping in her chest at the thought of being caught like this. Single handedly she quickly had my trousers undone and pushed them down, where I pulled away from her and took control, quickly getting them and my shoes off as Katy stepped out of the expensive dress puddled around her feet, leaving her in just her sexy black lingerie and platform heels, like something out of a photoshoot. With a knock of her heels on the deck she stepped close to me again, kissing me as her arm slid around my back, her other hand sliding over my chest. She liked my buff shape evidently, making me glad I worked out as I enjoyed the delicious, exhilarating sensation of Katy's warm body pressed to mine, my hand slipping down the curve of her back and silky panties to her tight bum, giving a good squeeze as I reached up with the other to pull my fingers through her luxurious dark hair. I could just hold her all night, but she had other plans, and put them into action by kicking her sexy shoes away, dropping down away from me with a smile.

"If you want me, you have to catch me," she teased stepping backwards and then scampering away, looking back at me as she playfully jogged away around the pool. I took a moment to just take in the delicious sight of Katy Perry running in the moonlight, her incredible chest bouncing in her overflowing bra, tight bum pushing out as she ran. With a smile I gave chase to her, making her squeal as she looked back to see me in pursuit, chasing her round the corner of the pool in the fresh night air. I could easily catch up to her but I let her keep ahead, enjoying the view of her in the night as she ran in her sexy underwear, which I was looking forward to getting off her. Catching up to her, I made a mischievous attempt to catch her, letting my hands glide over her hips momentarily as she giggled, and then followed up by giving her bum a pinch, making her squeal and speed away from me a little.

"Can't catch me!" she teased, feeling wonderfully free as she danced across the chilly desk of the cruise ship with me hunting her down. I made another cheeky grab for her, letting my hands pull round her slender waist and snag in the back of her knickers, pinging the elastic onto her body as she tried to get away. But now I was intent on catching her; I'd had enough of watching her bounce along in front of me, the moonlight on her pale skin and tight body, and I wanted it for myself. Easily powering up close to her, I grabbed her in my arms and pulled her into the air as she gave a squeal, giggling and kicking her sexy legs as I easily swung her round, standing her back down on her feet but not letting her escape, taking the chance to give her booty another good squeeze as she pushed onto her tiptoes to kiss me softly, taking her time about it.

"You didn't think it'd be as easy as that did you?" she purred, sliding down and stepping away from me, padding carefully back towards the pool with a naughty smile. Giving a sensual beckoning of her fingers she got to the edge, and then carefully stepped down into the water, inhaling at the chill of it on her skin as it lapped around her calf muscles. She was standing in the shallow area that surrounded the deeper centre of the pool, and then started to walk back again, tempting me to the water. I stepped in, around ten feet away from her now, enjoying the lovely sight of Katy Perry enticing me to come and get her, clad in only her underwear in a moonlit swimming pool. She was so busy looking at me that she didn't keep track of where she was, and before I could warn her she took a step backwards into the deep, dark centre of the pool. Giving a surprised scream she fell into the water, tumbling into and disappearing under the water.

I couldn't help but laugh as I walked towards the edge as Katy surfaced, taking a breath and laughing at the same time, reaching up to sweep her long, soaked hair back over her head and looking up at me grinning. She swam to the edge of the precipice as I reached down to offer her my hands, aiming to lift her back out and get a good look at her soaking wet body, but as she took my hands she pushed her feet against the tiled wall, and with a yank toppled me over into the water. Knowing she had me, I jumped to throw myself over her, splashing into the water as I heard her laughing; a lovely sound. Surfacing near her, she met me with a smile, already reaching out for me, sliding her arms around my neck as mine pulled around her back, drawing her to me once more in the warm water, noticing it steaming from the surface in the crisp light.

We kissed again, more hungrily this time, eager for each other, our tongues wrestling with one another's fervently as I pulled her hard against me, feeling her fantastic tits pressed to me as she grabbed my shoulders, pulling her fingernails down my back. Sucking on her tongue as my hand found her bra strap, Katy just enjoyed it and then bit mine in return as I unclipped the clasp expertly, freeing her juicy rack from the sexy lingerie, pulling away from her and drawing the straps down her arms, which she obediently held out for me to reveal her. I pulled the black lacy garment from her and threw it towards the shallows as I took in my first view of her fantastic breasts, so full and firm, looking very inviting for my hands, an invitation I didn't ignore as I slid back towards her, immediately squeezing her chest, feeling her stiff nipples pressing into my palms as she hooked her legs into mine.

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