tagGroup SexKavita In Lust Ch. 02

Kavita In Lust Ch. 02


The readers are encouraged to read Kavita in Lust to understand the background and characters in this story.


After coming home and ravaging her husband Raj, Kavita stayed up all night replaying the events with Arun in her head. The images of Arun's naked body, the feeling of being helpless to his lust, the unwelcome pleasure he gave her continued to send thrills through her body the whole night. For the next several days she continued to re-live those erotic moments until she couldn't take it any more. With each passing moment her desire and want for pleasure of that magnitude became a need and one day she found herself picking up the phone and contacting Arun at work. After exchanging pleasantries, she called him over to her place while Raj was out of town again under the pretence of wanting to chat. Arun accepted her invitation for the afternoon.

When Arun came over, Kavita opened the door and welcomed him in. At first glance, we noticed that even in her simple outfit of pants and top, Kavita looked stunning. He also noticed that she was avoiding eye contact. An interesting sign he thought to himself.

"Thanks for coming over" Kavita said.

"Always a pleasure to see you." Arun replied cordially.

They made their way to the couch and Kavita served him a cup of hot tea she had brewing. Both sat in silence for a while sipping their drink. Arun didn't say anything to break the silence and simply looked at Kavita. He knew what was on Kavita's mind; he was experienced with women enough to know that, but he didn't want to push her away when she was so close. Soon she kicked off her shoes and planted her bare feet on the coffee table. Arun did the same, but as he did Kavita noticed his eyes wandering up her bare legs to her canter pants, and white t-shirt. She had called him over for a purpose and rather than expressing her desire out loud, did what any normal yet outwardly conservative woman would do. Kavita hadn't worn a bra and knew that her dark nipples would be visible through the fabric of her white shirt as soon as she took off her open summer windbreaker. She waited for Arun to finish his tea then proceeded to do just that. The anticipation of the events to come had increased her arousal to the point that her nipples had hardened to tingly points, poking her thin fabric of her shirt.

That was all the invitation Arun needed. Before she knew it his lips had closed over hers and his tongue snaked its way into her mouth. She loved the feel of his soft kisses, but nothing compared to the urgency he was attacking her with now. She felt his hand on her thigh, kneading and stroking the flesh there, then traveling up across her hip, to her ribcage, until he was cupping her breast. His thumb began a slow dance across her nipple and even through the fabric jolts of electricity coursed through her body.

Kavita's breathing became heavier, shallower. Yes this is what she was craving. The roughness, the manly desires that Arun had for her had become her aphrodisiac. Immediately he was pulling her shirt over her head and pressing her onto her back. He ran his hands up her sides to her chest and before she knew it he had one hard nipple in his mouth while he pinched and pulled the other. His hands squeezed her firm breasts together and he used their closeness to ravish each nipple equally, nibbling, sucking and circling his tongue around them.

"Ohh!" Kavita gasped.

Kavita felt her pussy get hot and wet and the need for contact become overwhelming. She ground her pelvis against his stomach in frantic movements and couldn't stop the sighs escaping from her mouth.

"Get up," Arun said suddenly, in the tone reminiscent of their last time.


"Get up; I want you in the bedroom, naked, now!"

He grabbed her hand and pulled her to her feet, stopping long enough to explore her mouth with his tongue one more time before leading her to the bedroom.

"Those aren't the lips I want to taste right now," he said as he grasped the waist of her pants and panties and slid them to the ground in one move.

She stood there naked before him and as he knelt, he looked her up and down. Kavita closed her eyes just as she felt his tongue softly press against the front of her pussy. Automatically her thighs relaxed and opened, giving him better access to her folds. She looked down her body, past her heaving breasts and flat stomach to her trimmed pussy and the Arun's head pressed there.

Arun began a slow invasion of her pussy, spreading her lips apart, running his tongue along the sides, the top, and the bottom, working it into her hole; pulling up the hood of her engorged clit and exposing the throbbing button nestled there. Her legs began to shake as he ran circles around her clit and Kavita couldn't stop herself from falling back onto the bed. She immediately spread her legs wide, bringing her heels up to rest right at her ass and grasping her knees with her hands pulling them up and open as far as they could go. He scooted himself up to the side of the bed, her pussy lay there, completely open and sopping wet. She felt his fingers working her wetness around, slipping from her hole to her clit and back down again. He pressed one, then two fingers into her and she melted with the invasion. He hooked his fingers in a come hither motion and began rubbing her g-spot. While he tickled her insides he attacked her outsides once again. Kavita was already loosing herself in sexual splendor and couldn't stop herself from tugging at her own nipples, the intensity coursing through her was making her whole body quiver and she felt warmth spreading from her chest to her groin.

"Oh yes!" She moaned. "Take it, it's all yours, do what you want!"

Kavita's hips began to buck and wiggle, aching to fuck the fingers assaulting her and as she found her rhythm, Arun mirrored it on her clit, sucking it into his mouth and flicking it with his tongue in time with her thrusts.

She couldn't believe it was happening so fast, her body was boiling and her toes were on the verge of cramping. She arched her head up, she had to see this; she had to watch this gorgeous man get her off. That was all it took, when she saw her own puffy lips stretched around is mouth and he looked up at her with those eyes she was done. Kavita grabbed his head and rode his face with abandon, not caring if he could breath or even if she might be hurting him; she was cumming harder than she had in so long and she couldn't bear for it to stop. Arun never faltered for a moment, sucking and finger fucking her like no other. She could see her juices coating his face and the sight of it made it even better, her pussy contracted and released around his fingers, her legs clamped around his head.

Arun got up from between Kavita's legs and pulled her to him. Kavita leaned in all the way and kisses his pussy juice coated lips. He slipped his tongue into her mouth and she could still taste her on own juices mixed with his saliva. The combination accentuated her arousal and need for more.

"Now undo my belt and pants and take my cock out," Arun told her.

With fingers trembling in anticipation Kavita did as she was instructed. She pulled his pants and his briefs down and his semi hard cock gently sprang up. She instinctively leaned down to start sucking him and pump his semi-hard cock in her mouth.

"Not so fast." He said. "You are going to suck me as I tell you to."

Arun was going to make sure that Kavita didn't forget who was in charge here and smiled as he saw her confidence turned into hesitation. She looked down at his cock, the head moist with wetness, her hand wrapped around the base. All she could think of was sucking him, filling her mouth with his dick but waited for Arun's instructions.

"Lick my shaft first and then all over the head" He said in a gruff voice. "Do it nice and slow. Use the tip of your tongue. I was to see how talented you really are."

Kavita gently pulled back his skin and licked his shaft gently. The moment his cock touched her tongue she loved the way it tasted, her mouth watering. She felt him swell against her tongue. She licked up the shaft then rolled her tongue all over her bulbous head. She kissed the tip and gently sucked his pre-cum.

"Oh yea, that's the right way to do it." Arun moaned encouragingly, running his fingers through her hair.

"Now lick down one side and up the other," he said, watching her carefully to make sure she did just that, pushing her hair out of her face so he could see.

"Now take it all in." He said, his voice rough. "I want to see my whole cock disappear in your mouth!"

Arun ran his finger thought her hair and pulled her into his cock. While she slid him deeper and deeper he looked down her body, admiring the curve of her back and her ass in the air. Arun let out a groan as Kavita took his cock in all the way to the base.

Kavita felt his cock swell up more in her mouth. The smell of his cock arousing her even more. This was exactly what she needed, even though she didn't know it. She Her tongue licking the base of his cock, as it slid deeper and deeper. Fighting off the gag reflex when the head of his cock touched her throat, Kavita took a deep breath and inhaled his pubic smell. The musky sent aroused her so much she felt her pussy twitch and squeeze out her pussy juices down her leg. She loved every second of this; Feeling the veins of his shaft fill with blood in her mouth; his cock dribbing pre-cum down her throat. Arun was her kind of man!

"Now suck my cock fast and hard, let me see just how a cock hungry slut sucks cock," he told her.

Kavita wasted no time pumping and stroking him in her mouth, making him wet, moaning as she sucked. Her enthusiasm and arousal were evident with the slurping sounds her mouth and lips were making. She paused a moment to lick his balls before swallowing the whole cock again. She was becoming more and more intoxicated with the taste and smell of his body. She picked up speed, pumping his cock with her hand and sucking his cock at the same time. His cock felt rock hard and all she could think about was climbing on top of him and riding his hard dick to orgasm.

But Arun had other plans. He told her to stop and took out his cock and began slapping his hard cock all over her lips, rubbing it all over her face. She imagined how good it would feel to have his warm, creamy cum all over her face as she teased him, using her tongue, lips, and smooth cheeks.

"Now turn around and get on your hands and knees." Arun told her

Surprised at his command, Kavita looked into his eyes and reluctantly turned around. She looked back with lusty eyes and saw Arun standing with his hard dripping cock pointing to her ass.

"Push your ass back for me," he told her and when she didn't push it back far enough he slapped her ass hard.

"More," he said, "Spread your legs apart. I want to see your pussy from behind."

Kavita closed her eyes at the sting of the slap but loved being under Arun's control. She pulled her ass back as far as she could and spread her knees wider, opening her pussy, preparing herself mentally for the ravaging she was about to get.

"Just as lovely and sexy as I remember it" Arun said with a smile.

When Kavita was bent over, legs spread apart he teased her wet, swollen pussy with the head of his cock. When he pushed deep inside her she felt a rush of pleasure fill her. With every inch, she was taken back to the ravaging she had felt the first night. All her inhibitions had been torn apart. To the point where she wanted to be ravaged, no fucked by him again and again. He had completely own her that night and that's what she wanted again.

The heat of Kavita's pussy was driving Arun insane. He had loved fucking this woman then and today he was loving it more since today, even she wanted him even!

Kavita felt his whole cock enter her pussy and could feel his head pushing her cervix back. She felt his cock inch out slowly and then felt it ram back in hard.

"Aaahhhh" Kavita gasped with a mixture of the pain and pleasure.

Arun looked down at the sexy woman. He held her around her waist and rammed her again. He saw the ripples of her impact go through her sexy ass. He squeezed her ass again and gave it another slap as he rammed her hole to his delight. Pulling one leg on the bed, Arun planted his foot for support and picked up speed. He saw that Kavita pussy juices had formed a ring of white frothy cum at the base of his cock. The sight gave his arousal an even bigger boost and she started thrusting her even harder.

"Ohh ohh ohh" was all the sound Kavita would make at the onslaught.

Arun didn't slow down. He just kept fucking and pounding her, slapping her ass, holding her arm up over her head, forcing her to take all of his cock. Kavita could feel herself dripping all over his cock and balls, loving every second of it. He was riding her like a king and she was his conquest.

She used her free hand to brace herself against the bed, pushing back into the hard deep thrusts. She was getting closer, clinching the bed sheet in ecstasy and getting close to exploding. As he picked up speed of his ramming, her pussy began to spasm and she moaned out that she was cumming.

"That's it, cum for me," he said through gritted teeth as her fucked her harder than before. He was breathing heavily with the effort. He felt her pussy squeeze and milk his cock as her orgasm ripped through her and slowed down his thrusts as her body recovered from her heights of pleasure.

Arun was getting hotter and more turned on by Kavita by the second. As he looked down her spent body, his mind went into overdrive and decided that he was going to fuck the only hole still virgin to him. He dipped a finger into her wet pussy and then pressed it into her asshole up to the first knuckle. He felt her muscle tighten convulsively around his finger and relax, and then he pushed it in some more. Kavita started moaning louder and her moaning was music to him; his pussy juice covered cock was dripping a constant stream of precum in anticipation.

When his finger was all the way inside her asshole, he gently began to work it in and out. Watching his finger disappear into Kavita's heretofore off-limits asshole made him tremble with desire.

"You like my finger fucking your asshole?" He asked hoarsely.

Kavita closed her eyes, feeling his thick finger in her asshole, fucking it. She was surprised at how good it felt. Different from anything else. She was moaning softly almost constantly now and had to think to answer him.

"Yes" She whispered back fighting a sudden wave of embarrassment.

"Do you want me to stop?" Arun asked, pulling his finger out a little and then pushing it back into the forbidden orifice.

Kavita moaned, pushing her ass back towards his invading finger, wanting to feel more. "No, don't stop!" She whispered again.

Smiling, Arun said, "Good, I'm not stopping till I fill your tight luscious asshole with my cock! I'm going to stretch your asshole as I fuck it raw and make you beg for more."

His finger fucked her asshole a few more times. Then he pulled all the way out. Wetting another finger, he prepared to push two fingers into Kavita's asshole. He watched the tight bud twitching, clenching in front of him.

Kavita groaned, feeling Arun rubbing his fingertips in her warming asshole. Then she felt him put his fingers against her asshole, pushing. She knew he was using more than one finger and felt frightened. But as she felt both fingers slip into her asshole, there was only a discomfort from the invasion not the pain she was expecting. Unconsciously, wiggling her ass, she helped him push them all the way deep inside.

Breathing heavy, Arun licked dry lips and said; "You like this don't you? You like my fingers in your ass." He heard her moan and didn't really expect an answer. Gently, he massaged the inside of her hot ass tunnel, rubbing the walls and stretching them. He felt her tight sphincter relaxing little by little until he could pump his two thick fingers in and out of her ass without any problem. He kept finger fucking his wife's friend's ass and with the other hand, he began to rub her pussy. Her clit was swollen, ripe as a berry, and he stroked, patted and rubbed it until he heard Kavita's telltale signs of cumming. Having her asshole and pussy stimulated at the same time was a complete new experience for Kavita and the intensity of the pleasure brought her to her orgasm faster than she anticipated. Biting her lips, she shuddered again as the waves rippled up and down her spine. Once again, her warm pussy juice coated Arun's fingers and trickled down her thighs.

Whimpering softly, Kavita lay spent. Arun slowly pulled his fingers out of her and licked her pussy and asshole. She was so compliant and relaxed now that he knew she was ready. Kneeling behind his fuck, her tight sexy ass just begging to be fucked, he gripped both her ass cheeks and spread them apart. He positioned the head of his cock right at the entrance to her tight, virgin asshole.

The head of his cock pressed against the puckered outside of her asshole. He felt her tense up but kept pressing harder until the tip of his glistening cock was inside her. Groaning, Arun concentrated on his cock head invading Kavita's virgin asshole. He had lubed her up pretty well, but his cock was now dry, and the friction of him forcing his way into that tight orifice was maddening. His precum coated the tip a little and he was able to push inside Kavita's butt. Watching the tip of his cock disappear into her asshole was a sight that made his cock swell even more.

Kavita all but screamed when the head pushed unceremoniously into her most private hole. Her shoulders immediately fell to the bed and her face buried in the pillow that she had laid down. She moaned into it loudly enough that Arun could tell it wasn't a moan of pleasure, but he still held her ass firmly in the air. Kavita screamed silently into the pillow, her entire body tense and rigid beyond belief. Arun stopped for a second in amazement, and then withdrew almost his entire length. She seemed to relax, and the relief in her body became clear until he pushed himself firmly back into place, not a hard shove, but a steady advance. When Kavita looked up this time, Arun saw her beautiful eyes were full of tears and her cute round innocent face was cringing in pain.

Kavita was shaking her head now. Finally finding her voice and much too loudly she said between gasping breaths, "STOP, stop, stop, stop, it burns... I can't do this."

After that final push Arun began to pull back out as she was saying that. Arun became somewhat angry, as she felt so incredibly good, he pushed in again and she tried to pull away. "I can't! Stop please. I can't do this."

Arun wasn't about to stop, so he just kept still allowing Kavita more time to relax. Then he decided on an idea and slowly pulled out. After commanding her to not move, Arun returned a moment later with an ice cube. He slowly rubbed the ice on the new red rim of her asshole, gently cooling it. The coldness felt amazing to Kavita after the terrible burn of a few moments ago.

"Thank you," she mumbled.

Arun replied by sliding his finger into her asshole again while still rubbing the ice on numb hole. He slipped his second finger and eased her asshole open. Sensing she was ready for the real thing again, he pulled his fingers in and rubbed his still hard cock on her ice cold hole.

Kavita felt her lover's big cock ready to fuck her asshole. She concentrated for a moment but didn't feel any pain as he entered her asshole a little. Once again, she was surprised at how good it felt this time. The pain had turned into threads of pleasure. All of a sudden, she wanted him to fuck her ass hard. She wanted his big cock inside her tight asshole, stretching her, filling her. She felt ready to explode just thinking about it. She had this incredible urge to push her bottom back, impaling herself with her lover's cock.

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