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Kay & David


Kay looked anxiously at the empty desk and back up at the clock. Where was he? She grew panicky. What if he was absent today? Kay suddenly felt herself blinking back tears at the thought of not seeing him. She was surprised at her reaction and was about to reprimand herself when he silently strolled through the doorway. He slid into his seat quietly, folding his hands and looking out the window.

"David!" Ms. Halsey bellowed sharply. "You're late! Would you care to explain?"

Kay watched David's every move as he turned, narrowed his eyes at the instructor, and said in a very cold voice: "No, I would not."

Ms. Halsey wasn't taken aback by David's rudeness, she had come to expect it. But she was not about to let him get away with his remark. "I insist you share with the class why you're so special that you don't need to arrive on time."

David's only response was to lift his hand and present Ms. Halsey with his middle finger.

Ms. Halsey sighed in frustration and shook her head. "Detention David, after school, in room 105."

David just shrugged his shoulders and sat back in his chair. It's not like this was his first time getting detention, in fact, he had detention almost everyday. Room 105 was a home away from home for him.

Ms. Halsey turned her attention to the rest of the class. "Today we are going to watch an educational video about the cycles of life of an oak tree indigenous only to our home state of Wisconsin." She flicked out the lights, switched on the television, and clicked the VCR remote. The classroom filled with the bluish tint of the TV screen and Ms. Halsey went to her desk to grade papers.

Kay's eyes were not on the movie however. No, she had not taken her gaze off of David since he had entered the room. This is what Kay did everyday; she sat in the back of the class, away from the other students, so that she could study David unabashedly. As usual, David was looking out the window again. His long black hair was pulled back in a ponytail. The darkness of David's locks was brilliantly contrasted against the incredible paleness of his skin. His head was turned away from her, but Kay could just make out David's profile via the light coming through the window. His jaw line was well defined, his nose dignified, and his full lips were turned down slightly in his perpetual frown. Kay had to smile; he was just so damn cute. She let her eyes travel down the length of David's body. His overall frame was lean. The white, long sleeved button-down shirt he was wearing couldn't hide his muscular arms and stomach, and she knew that underneath those khaki pants was a pair of very toned legs. Kay had to smile once again as she marveled at how very different she and David were. Not only were their personalities like night and day, David being quite antisocial and Kay being a vivacious people person, but physically they were almost complete opposites. Her hair was long like David's, but wavy and the color of milk chocolate. She had a peaches and cream complexion and her flesh was soft and smooth. Kay was not muscular in the slightest. She had a very voluptuous body; a true hour glass figure with full breasts, a narrow waist, and a round behind. Today she accentuated her curves with a formfitting, low-cut pink sweater and tight denim skirt.

David suddenly shifted in his seat and his small silver belt buckle caught the sunlight and flashed in Kay's eyes. This succeeded in drawing her gaze to his crotch. By the gods, how many times had she wondered what his cock looked like? How many times had she fantasized about what it would feel like in her mouth? Oh, how she had dreamed of sucking his cock, to swirl her tongue over his erect and pulsating member until he could stand it no longer and came hot and hard down her throat. Kay licked her lips unconsciously at the thought of tasting his sweet cum. She absent-mindedly traced her finger along her chest, just above the plunging neckline of her sweater. She inhaled deeply and smiled at the delicious tickling sensation. Suddenly some random noise from the movie brought her back to reality. Kay shook her head as if to clear her naughty thoughts away and swept her gaze back up David's torso to catch one last glimpse of his face before resigning herself to watching the TV screen.

She was met with his piercing black eyes. Kay's breath caught in her throat. Damn it! She was so busted. She should have looked away immediately, but she couldn't. Something about those dark onyx pools literally held her captivated. She should have been embarrassed, but she wasn't. Somehow his gaze upon her was most comforting, almost familiar. They just looked at one another. It seemed to Kay that everything else in the room disappeared, and only she and David existed in that moment. Then his eyes dropped down and David openly surveyed her body. Kay squirmed slightly under his stare, but not out of discomfort, oh no, it was just that she felt herself getting wet and she involuntarily thrust her hips. David brought his eyes back up and his gaze stopped at her chest. Kay realized that her hand still rested atop the soft curve of her cleavage. She watched David as she lightly ran her fingers over the exposed flesh of her breast. Keeping her right hand on her bosom, Kay moved her left hand up and pulled her sweater down, revealing her milky shoulder and thin, white bra strap. Taking the strap between her fingers, Kay lifted it and let is snap against her skin.

"Oooooo." She mouthed to David silently.

David made no response, but one glance at his crotch and Kay could see a bulge in his khakis. She then, at an incredibly slow pace, slid the bra strap down so that her shoulder was completely bare. She moved her hand back to her cleavage and cupped her left breast, squeezing it gently. By now, her right hand had begun to slink its way downward. It skimmed over her right breast, snaked down her stomach, and stopped right at the waistband of her skirt. Kay looked at David, seeking his eyes. He was still as stoic as ever. It didn't matter though, Kay was too turned on to stop now. She slipped her hand under her skirt and into her panties. She had just meant to play with her clit but she was so wet that her fingers slid right into her cunt. Kay bit her lip to keep from crying out and arched her back. She thrust in and out slowly, squeezing her left breast more firmly. She returned her gaze to David who watched her intently but displayed no emotion. Kay was just about to tug her sweater down further when the lights suddenly went on. Kay's hand flew out of her skirt and she pulled her sweater back up with lightning speed. She held her breath and waited to see if anyone had caught her indiscretion. But no, Ms. Halsey was writing their assignment on the board and blabbing on about the magnificence of the mighty oak. And none of the other students were glaring at her or giving her any looks so it appeared that Kay was in the clear.

Kay exhaled. "Thank goodness." She said to herself. She smiled, then stuck her fingers in her mouth and sucked the juices off of them. The bell rang and Kay turned to give David a "that was close" look, but his chair was empty.

"Damn it." She cursed under her breath and sighed in frustration. "What happened?" She thought, "Was he offended? He didn't look offended."

Kay shook her head and gathered her things. She left the class with a heavy heart, feeling utterly dejected. Not only was she concerned that she had upset David, but now she had to go around the rest of the day in sopping wet underwear.

By lunch time Kay was feeling much better. She was sitting in the cafeteria with her friends, laughing and joking. Kay was the kind of person who could kick it with anybody: the preppies, the stoners, the nerds, it didn't matter. She was comfortable around them all and they around her. Today she was at the preppy table, but her eyes kept stealing over to where David was sitting. He was alone as usual and not even eating. Instead he was reading a book. Kay squinted and tried to make out the title. Her eyes widened as she realized it was Machiavelli's "The Prince." She had tried to read that book many times before but could never get through it, it was way beyond her comprehension.

"Mmmmm," she said to herself, "he's smart." To Kay, intelligence was the ultimate turn on. Her panties, which had finally started to dry, became damp once again.

Just then Leo "The Rod" Rochester came down the aisle next to David's table. She could see that he was going to harass David in some way, probably by pouring milk on his book or something dumb like that.

"Damn it," Kay thought, "why is it the stupid forever annoy the keen? Ridiculous jealousy issues." Kay stood up, almost out of habit, to distract the boorish jock. She had lost count of the number of times she had done something to keep a brainless lout from bothering David.

"Hey Leo!" Kay called.

Leo was just getting his milk in hand to pour on David's book when Kay beckoned to him. He looked up and smiled at her, she forced a smile back.

"Yeah Sexy?" He asked in his slow, Southern drawl.

Kay thought she saw David's jaw clench at Leo's words, but she decided she must just be imagining things. "Leo, come on over here, I need...I need..." Kay looked around, desperate for an excuse to get Leo over to her table and away from David. Her eyes fell on a small jar of apple sauce. She picked it up and shook it in her hand. "I need a big, strong man like 'The Rod' to open this up for me. Would you be so kind?"

"Sure 'nough Darling." Leo walked past David, forgetting all about his plan to pester him, and made his way to the very alluring Kay. Of course he got all touchy-feely with her even though she pointedly tried to dissuade his busy hands, but such was the price of keeping David from having to deal with idiocy. At the thought of David, Kay's eyes drifted over to his table. But once again he was gone.

"DAMN IT!" Kay screamed in her mind. "Is the boy a descendent of Houdini or something?" She sighed and was again weighed down by a heavy heart.

Finally the end of the day came. Classes let out at 2:30 PM, but at 4:30 PM Kay was still on campus. She was in the Student Body office planning for the upcoming dance. The rest of the committee members had left already but Kay remained. She loved doing stuff like this, using her creativity to come up with themes and such. Besides, it was a great way to relieve her sexual frustration, at least until she got home and was able to masturbate. By the time Kay had finished up every detail it was 5:00 PM. She sighed with satisfaction, put all her materials away, and left the room. As she headed down the hall, she passed room 105. Her eyes lit up. She slowly approached the door, held her breath, and peered through the glass. The room was empty. Kay exhaled, overwhelmed with disappointment. She turned her head and looked down the long row of lockers. She automatically walked to David's and placed her hand on it. It comforted her somehow.

"Hey," She said to herself, "maybe if I write David a note, apologizing for offending him, then he won't be so upset and will stop pulling the disappearing act on me."

Kay got out a notepad and pen, she was going to start writing when her eyes fell on his lock. She placed the paper and pen under her arm and took the lock in her hands.

"Hmmmm." Kay thought, "I wonder what his combination could be." She glanced around to make sure nobody was coming even though she knew the campus was completely empty by now. She turned back to the lock. "Should I?" She asked herself. "I mean, I know it is a total invasion of privacy, but it's like a million to one shot I'd even guess one number correctly."

Kay cleared her thoughts and concentrated. She pondered what the combination could be and suddenly a string of numbers popped into her mind. 36-24-36: her exact measurements.

"Well," said Kay under her breath, "here goes nothing." She was just beginning to turn the knob when a hand closed down on hers, grasping it firmly. Kay's body was forcefully whirled around. Her pen and notepad flew from under her arm and clattered noisily to the floor. She looked up, and there was David, his eyes flashing. He grabbed her other hand and pushed her backward, pinning her against the locker.

"What the hell do you think you're doing!?" He growled.

Kay swallowed hard. What was she doing? Obviously screwing up her chances of being with the one guy she truly wanted to be with, that's what she was doing. Kay took a deep breath and said the one thing anyone would have said in her situation, the safety net of all responses.

"Nothing." She whispered.

David just exploded. "Oh nothing! NOTHING!" He crushed himself against her so that she was pushed into the locker even harder. He brought his face centimeters away from hers. Kay turned her head to the side, she couldn't look at him. "Really!?" David continued, "What do you call distracting that stupid jerk from messing with me today and all the other days before that. Is that nothing then?"

Kay's eyes widened. David knew that's what she'd been doing? She turned and looked at him, quirking her brow.

David nodded. "Oh yes Kay, I know. You think I didn't know?" His tone grew soft and serious. "Did you honestly think you could go on being so wonderful and sweet and nobody would notice? I noticed, from the first day I saw you, I knew you were the most amazing woman who had ever existed."

"Oh David...." Kay uttered quietly and smiled. But he brought her forward then and shoved her back into the locker even harder. Kay cried out in surprise and pain.

"But that doesn't give you the excuse to do what you did to me this morning Kay." David said angrily and ground his body against hers. "That doesn't give you the right to fucking taunt me and tease me like a little bitch."

Kay sucked in her breath at the feel of David's body pressing so hard against hers. "I'm sorry David," she whispered, "I can explain."

David's breath was hot on her ear and he nipped her lobe lightly. "Explain then."

"Well," Kay gasped as she felt David's hard-on jam into her thigh, "you were late this morning and I got all panicky you weren't going to be here today and I got all emotional. And then when you arrived I was so relieved and I was watching you and your belt buckle shined and you started looking at me and I got all hot and bothered and had to touch myself."

Kay knew she wasn't making an ounce of sense but it was difficult for her to concentrate with David's cock so near her cunt and yet not in it. David seemed to understand her perfectly. He shifted himself between her legs and began to rub against her crotch with his hard-on. Kay moaned softly and her breathing became labored.

David skimmed his tongue over Kay's ear. "Do you know why I was late this morning Kay?"

"Why?" Kay asked breathlessly and bit her lip to suppress a groan.

David began to rub against her harder. "Because I had a dream about you last night and even when my blasted alarm went off this morning, it wasn't enough to tear me from the haven of your arms. So when I finally did waken, I had barely enough time to make it to class. But even then, I couldn't go yet, I had to, you hear me, I had to jerk myself off while thinking of you. That's why I was late Kay, because of you."

Kay couldn't hold back her moan upon hearing that and her juices saturated her panties. The thought of David masturbating while he thought of her got her so hot.

"And then," David slid his tongue from Kay's right ear, all the way across her jaw line, to her left ear, which he sucked on gently, "and then after class this morning, after you touched yourself in front of me and got me so hard, you know what I had to do?"

"What David, what?" Kay asked anxiously. "Tell me."

"I had to go to the restroom and jerk myself off again." David released one of Kay's hands, reached down and pushed her skirt up over her hips, then he imprisoned her hand once more and thrust his hard-on against Kay's panty-clad cunt. "And do you know where I was right now Kay? Where I went after detention?"

"Oh where David, where?" Kay said, her voice raspy with desire.

David thrust against her again. "I was in the restroom," he thrust again, "thinking of you," he thrust again, "and jerking off. You made me come three times today Baby." With that David leaned against Kay fully and began to vigorously rub his hard cock on her wet cunt. Only the stiff material of David's khakis and the thin, wet cotton of Kay's underwear were keeping them separated. The magnetic electricity between his dick and her pussy was almost overwhelming.

Kay would have said something but she couldn't due to the involuntary moans ushering forth from her lips.

David continued to speak. "And you know what else Baby? When that stupid jock called you 'Sexy' and 'Darling,' I wanted to fucking kill him Kay." David kissed her neck and lightly bit her shoulder.

"Ooooooooooooooooh David." Kay cried out and her eyes fluttered shut in pleasure. His lips and teeth felt so good against her skin and his words just sent her over the edge. Kay couldn't explain why David's statement allured her rather then appalled her. Was it his jealousy that got her going or the fact that he felt so passionately about her? Perhaps it was a little bit of both.

"Oh, does that turn you on Baby?" David asked as he thrust against her like a man possessed, "Does it turn you on to hear how I wanted to rip his fucking throat out when he talked to you like that and how I had to leave the cafeteria when he started to touch you or else I would have ripped his throat out? No one should call you 'Sexy' or 'Darling' but me, no one should ever touch you but me. You're mine Kay, you're my Baby."

Kay had never been so wet in all her life. David's forcefulness, his violence, got her so hot. She'd never felt like this before. It seemed as if every fiber of her being were on fire and the heat was all concentrated in her cunt. If Kay was already on the verge of orgasm just from David dry-humping her, she couldn't imagine the ecstasy she'd feel when they fucked. And by the gods, they were going to fuck, right here, right now. She was going to make damn sure of that.

"Mmmmmm, David," Kay said in between gasps, "I've made you come three times today but I want to make you come again."

David looked her in the eyes, which were hazy with passion. Without a word he released her wrists and Kay instantly slid down and knelt before him. Now it was David's turn to moan. He leaned against the locker for support and groaned as she played with him through his pants. The front of his khakis were covered in her juices and like a hungry cat, Kay licked and sucked at the material. She even lightly bit at his cock, using just the right amount of pressure for it to be intensely pleasurable. Just when David thought he wasn't going to be able to stand anymore, Kay deftly undid his belt, unzipped his fly, and dropped his pants to his ankles. David's white shirt lay atop his black silk boxers, keeping the outline of his cock from view. Kay hurriedly pushed the shirt up and David reached down and held it for Kay, his fingers brushing over hers as he took the material in his hand. Immediately Kay's face was in his crotch. She nuzzled his cock through his boxers, rubbing her cheek against it and playfully nosing it around.

David sucked in his breath. "Oh gods Kay, oh gods..."

Kay smiled. She loved David's forcefulness, but she also liked having him at her mercy as well. She decided she had tortured him long enough. Kay hooked her fingers over the waistband of David's boxers and tugged them down. His erect member jutted out at her and she quickly took it in her mouth.

David grunted and threw his head back. Kay couldn't tell what she found hotter, the noises David was making or the feel of his cock in her mouth. She swirled her tongue around the head and began to jerk him off him off slowly.

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