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Kay Returns


[This story includes oral, coitus, some anal play, domination and submission, a look at how one Dom began the training of his sub and a lesson on respect. While there is sex in the story it was not written as a stroke story. I am interested in your comments on this story. No animals or people were harmed in the creation of this tale. None of the people portrayed in the story represents a single individual, except one.]

"Mr. Peterson, there is a call for you on line two. She said to say it was your ex."

I frowned and answered the phone. We hadn't spoken in three years. Our divorce was final and as I remembered it her last words to me were that she hoped my balls fell off.

"Yes, Kay, just calling to see if my balls fell off yet?"

"I regret ever saying that. I know you hate me, but I need your help."

"I have never hated you. What kind of help?"

"Can I come talk to you face to face? I don't much like begging and begging over the phone is the worst."

"Yes, I can see you at ten. You remember how to get here?"

"Yes. I'll be there at ten."

I called Bob Williams as soon as I hung up the call from Kay. Bob is a great private investigator and a good friend. I asked him to check around and see what Kay was into that could have her need my help.

At ten minutes to ten my secretary buzzed and said, "Bob, on line three."

He told me she had been downsized out of her company three months ago and had not found any work since. Her leased apartment was behind the three months, her car was being repossessed this week, she had a bank loan that was also behind and her credit cards were all maxed out. I thanked him and hung up. This looked to be an interesting meeting.

At ten Carole buzzed again and said, "Your ten o'clock appointment is here."

"Show her in, please." I stayed behind my desk. The door to my office opened and Carole held it for Kay. She looked tired and great. She wore a charcoal suit that fit perfectly, three inch heels, the nylons that shine so much I always think they must have tiny glitter imbedded in them and she had just enough cleavage showing to have any heterosexual man wanting to see more. Carole closed the door with a concerned look on her face.

On my desk, facing me, was an 8X10 picture frame. On most executive desks it held a picture of their wives and kids. Mine held a picture I took of Kay when we were in Jamaica. She is standing next to a palm tree, with the ocean behind her, a sail boat in the distance and she is nude. It reminds me every day that she left me.

Kay sat in the guest chair and crossed her legs for me. She did it slowly. I watched and then said, "OK. You have forty minutes of my day, starting now. Why are you here?"

"I have no one else to turn to. My life has turned to shit and I can't see any way to survive if you won't help me."

"Ok. Tell me everything."

For twenty minutes she told me her sob story. It included lots of emotion and lots of tears. She included things Bob hadn't uncovered and all the facts he had uncovered. She was right, she would be broke and homeless in a week. She needed eighty thousand for the credit cards, eight thousand to bring her lease up to date, and about six thousand more to pay everyone else off.

"You want me to give you a hundred thousand dollars on the basis that we were once married?"

"I don't have anyone else to turn to." She used a tissue to catch the tears. Her voice was soft and scared.

"What do you have to offer me that would even remotely tempt me to spend that kind of money on you?"

She stood up and unbuttoned the jacket to her suit. She opened it and showed me she was wearing a tiny lace bra beneath it.

"I offer you what you wanted when we got divorced. Me."

"Sit down." She did. She did not rebutton the jacket. "Are you saying you are ready to accept being my slave, full time, for the rest of your life?"

"Yes." A long pause and then she said, "Master."

I stood and walked to the file cabinet in my office. In the back of the bottom drawer was a five year old envelope. It had been there since she walked out. It held the contract that she would have signed if she became my slave. It outlined what she would get at my death, and what rights she had while I lived. She would not sign it then.

I withdrew the document from the envelope and said, "Will you sign this now?"

"Yes." She had read it then. She thought she knew exactly what she would be agreeing to if she signed. I handed it to her and buzzed for Carole. When she came in I said, "Carole I want you to witness a signature. Please get Frank from next door to also be a witness."

A minute passed and Frank and Carole came into my office. I had them witness Kay signing the document and I had them hear her say that she signed of her own free will and without duress. They signed and then left.

After the door closed I spoke to Kay.

"As of this moment you are mine. You will do exactly as I direct, and you know that. Pay close attention. I will give you the key to my home. You will go to your apartment and I will have a crew meet you there. They will pack all your clothes and personal items. Then they will meet you at my home and they will put all of it in the empty bedroom. You may not unpack anything except the items that go in the bathroom. Put those items in the guest bathroom. Do not go in my bedroom. After the crew leaves take off all your clothes, shower and shave everything except your head. Put a towel on any seat you sit on. You will find steaks and potatoes in the refrigerator. Use them to make dinner for us so that it will be ready at seven. I will be home a little before seven. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Master."

I gave her the key from my desk drawer. She stood and walked towards the door.

"Button your jacket."

"Yes, Master."

I sent a crew to her apartment and gave the crew leader instructions about what he could take from the apartment and what he should leave behind. I called a friend and had her go to the apartment as well to toss everything that was a personal item that would not assist us in leasing the apartment. I also had her pay off the present lease.

At five-thirty Carole buzzed and said it was quitting time. I thanked her for the day and reminded her that I would be in at ten the next day. She left. I called my home. When the answering machine answered I waited as my own voice spoke and when it allowed me to speak I said, "Kay, pick up the phone."

A few seconds passed and she did pick up. "Yes, Master."

"Have the crew left?"

"Yes, Master."

"Are you naked?"

"Not yet. They just left."

"When you take your clothes off put them on top of one of the boxes in the bedroom. Do not masturbate."

"Yes, Master."

"Do you remember how to turn on the hot tub?"

"Yes, Master."

"At six, turn it on."

"Yes, Master."

I hung up. I drove home and saw Kay's car parked at the curb. I went inside and opened her purse, took her keys and moved her car into the garage next to mine. Back in the house I put her keys back in her purse. I heard her in the kitchen. Without speaking I went to the kitchen and watched her finishing dinner. The table was set for two and she looked wonderful standing in the kitchen naked.

I spoke softly, "Kay." She turned and looked at me. She had shaved and I loved how she looked.

"Are you wet?"

She nodded.

"Can dinner survive if you leave the kitchen for two minutes?"

"Yes, Master."

"Good. I would like you to help me undress."

She turned down the heat under the veggies and came to me. Her hands immediately went to the task and quickly I was naked. When she pulled down my boxers she looked at my erection but said nothing.

"Would you like to suck it?"

She looked up at me and finally answered, "No, but I will if it will please you, Master."

"Then do. Take as much of it in your mouth as you can."

Her eyes kept looking at me as she opened her mouth and took almost all of my cock in. When she pulled back the first time I said, "Thank you. That is enough for now. Let's have dinner."

She went back into the kitchen and served dinner. I turned up the thermostat so the house would warm up a little. Dinner was wonderful. I asked her about what she thought would happen now.

"I'll basically be here as your whore to use as you see fit."

"Do you think fucking you is worth a hundred thousand dollars?"

"Fucking me anytime for the next twenty years, maybe."

"No. I could rent an expensive pussy for a thousand a night and get a different woman each time. I can date beautiful women and fuck them for less than the thousand a night. What do you think makes you worth a hundred thousand dollars?"

"Pay back?"

"For what?"

"Divorcing you. Saying no to you when you wanted me to be your slave back then."

"No. The question stays open. When you think of a reason why I would think it is worth a hundred thousand dollars to me to have you back in my life as my willing slave, I want you to tell me. Will you do that?"

"Yes, Master."

"From now on you will be in charge of this house and my other house. You will keep them both stocked with food, wine and other beverages. Later this week we will make out a list of the foods I want kept at each house. There should be enough food that six people can have any meal we plan. Tomorrow you will take your car and have it cleaned and detailed. It must be cleaned every week from now on. Each evening I will select the clothing you will wear the next day. At home you will be naked unless I have instructed you otherwise. Is all this clear?"

"Yes, Master."

"It bothers you each time you say Master doesn't it?"

"Yes, Master."

"I will accept Honey or Nick in place of Master, when we are alone here at home. In a social situation I will be Nick. When I am in the office I am Mr. Peterson."

"Thank you, Nick."

We were finished eating. Kay cleaned up dinner and I went into the living room. When the noises stopped coming from the kitchen I asked, "Is the kitchen clean?"

"Yes, Nick."

"Please get your purse and bring it to me."

Seconds later she stood in front of me holding her purse out. Her feet were together. I took the purse and said, "When you stand you will stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Do you know why I want that?"

"Yes, Nick. I think so. You want me to always be aware that my pussy is available to you at all times. Standing with my feet apart gives you easy access to my pussy."

"Right. Are you wet?"

"I think so, Nick."

"Dip two fingers in and taste." I watched as she used her left hand, sliding the first two fingers into her slit and then placing them in her mouth.

"Yes, Nick, I am wet."

"Lay down here on your back and spread your legs, please."

She did as I asked and blushed in embarrassment. She didn't say anything.

I opened her purse and took out her wallet. I removed each credit card and stacked them on the arm of my chair. When they were all out of her wallet I asked, "Is this all of them?"

"Yes, Nick."

"Good. In the middle drawer of my desk is a pair of scissors. Please go get them for me and resume your position here." She was gone less than a minute.

"I want you to masturbate. While you masturbate I want you to tell me about the men you have fucked this year. I want details, Kay. I will ask questions and I want honest answers."

"Yes, Nick." Her hand went to her open pussy and began slowly stroking herself. I cut the first card in five pieces. "In January I was still dating Carl. We had been together almost six months. He is a banker and we got together every Friday night and Saturday night."

"What did he like doing to you?"

"He liked doggy sex the best. He also liked spanking me while he fucked me that way."

"What did you like best about him as a lover?"

"He always made sure I came, Nick."

"What was the worst thing about Carl?"

"He didn't always shave and I would get whisker burns almost every weekend. They hurt, Nick."

"Did he ask you to suck his cock?"

"Yes, Nick."

"Did you swallow?"

"Yes, Nick." She was still stroking herself, but faster now and I could hear the wet sounds she made.

"Did he wear a condom each time?"

"No. You know I can't get pregnant and after we had been together a few months he promised that ours was an exclusive relationship."

"Why did the relationship end?"

"One Friday night he didn't come over. I called his house and a woman answered. I found out he was fucking her and had decided he liked her more than me. We were done."

"When did it end?"

"March. Near the end of March."

"And then?"

"In April I met John. He took me out a few times and then we went on a three day cruise to Mexico. We shared a cabin and we spent a lot of time in the cabin."

"You fucked all the way to Mexico?"

"And all the way back! It was fun."

"Describe John."

"Easy. Every time I looked at him I thought I was looking at you."

"Nice. What did he like doing to you?"

"The man wanted to eat me for hours. His appetite for my juices was incredible!" Her fingers were plunging in and out of her channel as her thumb bumped her exposed clit. The orgasmic blush extended down her chest just past her nipples. I watched her hand for a few moments.

"What did you like to do to him?"

"I liked to tease him. Sometimes, when we went to dinner, I wouldn't wear underwear or a bra and I would give him peeks of my bits while we were in public."

"What did he do that you didn't like?"

"He pestered me every time we were together to let him fuck my ass."

"You know I am going to fuck your ass, don't you?"

"Yes, Nick. I thought about that when I was signing the papers in your office."

"How do you feel about that?"

"I think it is disgusting! Filthy! I don't know why men want that."

"When the time comes you will ask me to have you there. It isn't tonight. Tell me more about John."

"We moved in together in June. In July we had a party and during the party he had sex with his brother's wife. His brother watched and invited me to join in. I moved out the next day."

"Why didn't you join in?"

"He wanted me to eat his wife as my boyfriend was fucking her! I'm not a lesbian! He also wanted me to fuck him and suck my boyfriend! I don't do that."

"Correction. You haven't done that yet. You may do that, if I ask you."

"Yes, Nick." Her tone and body language told me she hated the idea and was saying "Yes" for now. I knew she was thinking about running away from me as soon as she knew she was out of debt. So far she was not a willing slave. She had signed the contract but didn't really understand it. She thought she did.

"Did he hurt you?"

"Emotionally, yes. Physically, no."

"Have you seen him since you moved out?"

"Yes. Twice. He was with his brother and another woman. He smiled at me and blew me a kiss. We didn't talk."

"Anyone else?"

"Yes. Three weeks ago I went out with two women from work and we went dancing and drinking. I went home with a stranger and we fucked."

"Your place or his?"

"Holiday Inn in Long Beach."

"One night stand?"

"Yes. I don't even know his name."

Her hand had stopped. The blush was going away.

"Is he the last?"


"You stopped masturbating. You know better." Her fingers resumed stroking her sex.

"I'm sorry."

"Yes, I'm sure. I want you to cum. I want you to cum in the next five minutes. If you do I will let you sleep with me tonight. If you don't you will sleep on the floor and you will not have an orgasm tonight." I looked at my watch and said, "The five minutes starts now."

Kay closed her eyes and used both hands at her pussy. One pumped fingers in and out of her opening and the other drew circles around her clit. I watched and when the five minutes were up she was close.

"Stop! Kay stop!" She didn't stop. Her fingers kept up their action. Her eyes opened and she said, "I'm so close! I must finish!"

I dropped to the floor next to her and slapped her belly hard with the flat of my hand. The sound and shock stopped her. I lifted her hands and she burst into tears.

"A slave obeys. What you want is no longer what is most important. You must learn that. It can be learned easily or painfully. It appears you have chosen painfully. Get up."

Holding her hands I helped her up. She resisted but half-heartedly. I led her to the bedroom and into the bathroom. I sat her on the toilet and said, "Between now and tomorrow morning this is your opportunity to pee in the toilet. Otherwise you will wet yourself and have a mess to clean up in the morning. It took her almost a minute to let go, but she did pee. I wiped her and took her back in the bedroom, where I spread a blanket on the floor. I had her lay on it. I gave her a pillow for under her head and then put a pair of cuffs for her wrists and cuffed her wrists to the bed frame. She watched with wide eyes but did not speak. I went to the other bedroom and came back with two more cuffs and a spreader bar. When attached she could move a little but she could not touch her pussy.

She looked up at me in fear. She was helpless and she knew it. In a nearby chest I found a ball gag and showed it to her.

"This is a ball gag. It doesn't make it hard to breathe but it does muffle any screams or crying. If you are quiet I will leave the ball gag here on the chest. If you are noisy I will put it on you. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Nick." There was anger and pleading in her voice. After I put the ball gag on the chest I pulled a chair near her and sat down.

"Do you think I am doing this because I enjoy it?"

"Yes! If you cared for me at all you would have let me cum!"

"I wanted you to cum. I also want you to learn obedience. When you learn obedience I promise the orgasms will be better than they have ever been. Would you like a blanket over you or are you comfortable as you are?"

"I am not comfortable! I'm tied to the bed and my legs are spread! How can I be comfortable?"

"I referred to temperature. You will find that obedience increases comfort as well."

I shut off the room light as I went out. I watched some television and near midnight I went in and went to bed. She did not wake me during the night. When the alarm woke me I shut it off and checked on her.

Kay looked up at me with swollen eyes. She had cried some during the night. I let her up, removed the cuffs and left them on the floor.

"Use the bathroom." In a flash she was inside and I heard her release her stream. When she flushed I said, "Start the shower." When the water was warm I took her in the shower and washed her. I asked if she would wash me and she did. I shaved. I touched her pussy and she was smooth. She said, "Laser treatments. I won't ever grow hair there."

"Good." We dried off and I sent her to make breakfast. I dressed for the day and went out to find that she had the table set and breakfast on the table.

"I feel badly about last night, Nick. I was crazy to cum!"

"No one has ever stopped you from having what you want when you want it. You were unwilling to have me take care of you. You believe you know better than me what is best for you. I was hoping you were ready to move farther but I must start your training at an even more elementary level. The things I was going to have you do today will need to happen another day. You are not ready for freedom of any kind yet."

We were finished eating. Kay cleaned up and put the dirty dishes in the dishwasher. I led her back into the bedroom and pointed to the blanket on the floor. She started to cry.

"I cannot leave you free in the house. You will dress and run away. I will need to spend time and money to get you back and then I will need to punish you. I have no interest in punishing you. You signed an agreement that the best lawyers in the country have looked at and agreed cannot be broken. You are mine. Today I want you here on the floor and thinking about being a willing slave. I don't want you masturbating so you get the cuffs and spreader bar."

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