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Kay the Tease


Twenty-one year old Kay was a tease, and she knew it. She was very attractive, with fair skin, beautiful legs, five-foot-eight, blonde hair, blue eyes, cute feet, medium breasts and amazing facial features, she was the envy of every woman at the university and the object of every guys masturbatory fantasy.

She wasn't a virgin, however she wasn't a slut either, and didn't sleep around like most of the girls who lived on the university campus, which frustrated the popular guys who would otherwise have a chance at getting in her pants.

However she was about to be taught a lesson, and twenty-five year old Bret and his three friends were going to be the ones to do it.

Kay had relentlessly teased them on a daily basis, ever since she found out Bret was keen on her, as she was uninterested. She would stick her butt out at them every time she walked past, deliberately drop her notebook and let them glance down her shirt as she bent over to retrieve it, Bret had no misgivings about what they were going to do to her.

See her one fault was the fact that even though she hated Bret, she had once had a thing for his friend Nelson, who was a footballer. However he wasn't interested, having a hot cheerleader girlfriend who would give him anything he wanted sexually, so he had agreed to help Bret and the other two, (Jessie, a muscular black weightlifter, and Steve, a law student), teach her the lesson they knew she had coming.

It was Saturday night, and there was a huge party on campus to celebrate some damn thing, no one really knew what it was all about. Nelson had found Kay early, much to her surprise, and after some crafty flirting had managed to get her drinking, and now she was totally off her face, ready for part B of their evil plan.

Nelson coaxed Kay up to his room, where the other three waited, already naked and ready for their little slut for the night to arrive.

Nelson locked the door behind them, and Kay stared around in shock, "What the hell is going on?" she slurred, scarcely able to stand.

Nelson took her into his arms and kissed her hard on the lips, his hands finding her breasts already and stroking them through her blouse.

She kissed back, not fully aware of what was going on, and Bret moved over, taking her from Nelson and removing her blouse.

"Oh god, my little slut" he said, "You are so hot aren't you? We're going to have so much fun with you tonight"

Nelson knelt down and ripped off Kay's skirt, running his hands down her legs before removing her shoes one at a time. Kay had to hold onto Steve to keep her balance, who was now sucking on her neck, and she giggled in a drunken fit when Nelson starting kissing her painted toes.

"Dat tickles" she giggled. Nelson laughed at her, finding it funny she was amused at a time like this, when she was about to be taken by four able-bodied studs.

Bret tore off her bra, and her breasts sprang forth into view, and it didn't take long before he started to attack them with his mouth. Nelson pulled off her panties, and she lifted her foot to help him.

"My god you are hot" Nelson gasped as he saw her sweet pink pussy. He moved up and kissed her stomach, then stepped aside to give Jessie room.

Jessie came up behind her and grabbed her hips. She started to protest, however the alcohol got the better of her, and she allowed Jessie to slip his massive black cock into her pussy.

"Ahhhhhhhhh!!" she cried out in pain, and Jessie began grunting like a dog as he started to pound the little teases pussy, a trickle of blood dripping down her leg.

"Yeah!" Bret laughed, "Fuck her hard Jessie"

Meanwhile Steve sucked hard on her neck, making sure blood was bought to the surface for all to see in the morning, and Bret also got the idea, and started to do the same all over the girls body.

Blood and virginal juices were dripping down Kay's legs, and she cried out with every stroke of Jessie's cock in her cunt, stretching her to the limit, forcing her hips back onto him with every thrust forward.

She was tight, and to Jessie she felt very very tight as his thick cock stretched her pussy. She held onto her lower tummy as she felt his cock pounding inside of her, "FUCK ME!!" she screamed, "OHHHH FUCK!! DO IT TO ME!!"

She was lost to the booze, there was no way she would have ever taken a black man sober, and definitely no way she would have ever fucked more than one guy.

Jessie began to grunt more as her tight cunt make his balls swell with cum, and she cried out as she had her first, but not last, orgasm of the night. That was when he blew, the feeling of her cunt contracting around his dick was too much, and he burst his load into her pussy, his cum dripping out of her cunt and down her leg as he filled her to the brim with his fluids.

"There he goes!" Bret laughed, "Cum in that bitch Jessie, cum hard!"

Jessie let most of the cum pump into her cunt, and the others stepped aside to give him room as he withdrew and moved around to her front, "Suck it clean bitch" he ordered, and without hesitation she bent down and took his softening cock into her mouth.

Nelson took the opportunity, and moved up behind her. She glanced back at him, then stuck out her ass for him, which he gladly excepted by pushing his cock into her sloppy cunt. He could feel Jessie's cum inside of her as he penetrated her, and he started thrusting into her with all his might as she bobbled up and down, deep-throating Jessie's cock.

Jessie could feel his penis growing again, and soon he was up once more, this slut sucking him like a vacuum cleaner. She was unable to get his entire length into her mouth, but she managed most of it, and god could this girl suck cock. She would make the perfect slut, and wondered what it would take to get her to fuck like a slut when she wasn't drunk.

Nelson didn't last long, and soon spurts of his cum were shooting into her insides, mixing with her fluids and Jessie's sperm, creating a sloppy mess between her legs.

He took his time, making sure his cock was done before he retreated to the bed on the far side of the room and curled up to sleep, starting to feel a little guilty about what they were doing to this girl.

Jessie was ready to cum again, and he pulled out of her mouth, Steve moving over to Kay and holding her head back ready for Jessie. Jessie jerked his cock a few times, letting his penis swell, ready to explode, before he unleashed it upon Kay, spraying her pretty face with his fluids.

Steve forced Kay's mouth open, and Jessie did his best to aim for her throat, but it was obvious he wasn't doing well, and her face was now dripping with the black mans seamen. Kay coughed as a spurt hit her windpipe, and shook her head in protest, however Steve held her firm until Jessie was done with her.

Kay looked a mess, her face and neck covered in cum, the fluids of two men mixed with a little blood seeping out of her ravaged cunt, and sweat covering her body.

"You turn Steve" Bret said as he stood there lightly jerking his cock at the sight of Kay getting what he thought she deserved.

Steve forced Kay onto her back, the carpet already wet from their love juices, and the other two moved over, each taking one of the girls ankles and forcing her legs wide apart for Steve.

Steve moved up, taking position between her legs, and gave her a kiss on her cum soaked lips before violently thrusting forward, berry his moderately sized cock in her.

She screamed in pain, but urged him on with a, "OHHHH FUCK IT YOU BASTARD!!"

"Yeah bitch" Steve said as he ravaged her body, "This is what little girls like you get for being a tease, ah ah ah, fuck that's good, take it baby"

Bret started to lick Kay's feet, and took each toe into his mouth in turn and sucked on it. Jessie kissed her ankles and watched Steve's cock disappear into the girl time and time again, each time he entered more fluid would spill out onto the floor, her legs, his balls, making a mess, filling the room with the smell of sex.

Bret started to bite Kay's toes, Jessie gave her more love bites, and Steve went for gold between her legs, invading her private spot over and over again, fast and hard, until after almost twenty minutes he couldn't take it anymore.

"God I'm gonna cum!" he gasped, "What should I do with it boys?"

"Cum on her tits" Bret ordered as if he was running the show.

Steve felt the first spurt exit his penis and hit the inside of her body, then the second before he managed to pull out, straddling her stomach and painting her tits with his sperm.

"Hell yeah!" Bret said, "Cum all over her!!"

Kay tried to suck Steve's cock, but Steven wouldn't let her, continuing to splash her breasts until his was done, kissing her soaked nipples before getting off to give Bret what he had been waiting for.

"Its my turn bitch!" Bret said evilly as he slid between her legs. By this time she could hardly feel him going in, but he did, his cock longer than the others with the exception of Jessie, and he immediately went into a hard and fast pace.

"It's a real mess in there isn't it baby" he said to her, "You've taken a beating tonight, you'll be pissing cum for a week, fucking slut"

He took her ankles into his hands and forced her legs over her head, allowing his penis further access into her womanhood. Her soaked tits wobbled back and forward with every pump, and he licked her feet again as he pounded her cunt for all it was worth.

She wasn't making as much noise as before; she was in a daze, her eyes distant, her breathing heavy, and her heart pounding.

"Jessie" Bret called, "Can you go again?"

"Yeah" he said stroking his cock, which was slick with his cum and her pussy juices, the man definitely had stamina.

"Take her ass" Bret said getting off the girl, and pulling her to her feet.

He held her as Jessie laid back, then he helped lower Kay onto the big mans penis, which stretched the girls ass to the limits, however slipped in fairly easily with the slickness of his organ.

Kay moaned a little, but said noting as he entered her. Bret spread the girls' legs again and mounted her, soon setting up a rhythm with Jessie, as they double fucked her, her body dripping with cum and sweat.

Jessie sucked on her already purpled neck and shoulders while his friend forced a kiss out of the tease, his tongue exploring the girls' mouth and letting his saliva dribble into her.

Steven stood by watching and jerking off violently, and moved over to her, ready to cum when the time came.

They screwed her for half an hour, and Bret knew she was going to be very saw and sorry in the morning, before Bret knew his explosion was inevitable. It happened, and happened hard, spurting inside of her with great force.

Kay's body reacted, and again she reached orgasm, her vision went fuzzy and she felt weak, and the next thing she knew the world went black.

Kay regained consciousness at around ten the next day to the horrid realization of what had happened the previous night. She looked around, she was alone, naked on the floor covered in cum, and a second later her body protested at her awakening.

She felt sick, her stomach and pussy were unbearably sore. She was covered in love bites, not to mention having the worst hangover she had ever experienced. Some of the seamen that covered her was still wet, and could feel her ravaged cunt leaking an excessive amount of fluid. She sat herself up, trying to get a hold of herself, and when she couldn't she burst into tears.

Kay left uni after that experience, and found a job in another part of the country, far away from the humiliating events of that horrid night.

However that night she was taken wasn't the end of her humiliation, as she found out she was pregnant. It could have been either one of the men who had ravaged her body that night, and she didn't know where to turn next.

The birth of her baby also saw no evidence to suggest who the father was, and she couldn't bring herself to track the men down and force a DNA test. She would never know who the father was, and one thing was sure, there was no way she was going to ever tease a man again.

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