tagGroup SexKay Winds Down After Work Ch. 02

Kay Winds Down After Work Ch. 02


This is part 2 of Kay Winds Down After Work. Read part 1 for background on Kay and Mitch.

Thanks again to Gamergirl10 for doing the edit.

I look forward to your comments.


It was 9 am! I bolted straight up in bed. "My god, I've slept in." I thought. Realizing it is Sunday morning and I didn't have to work, I laid back down and stretched. Like everyone else does in the morning, I rubbed my eyes, ran my hands through my hair and did a little scratching. I rubbed under my boobs noticing that I was topless. Nothing new, I did have a couple of drinks last night. I probably just peeled off my top and bra and crawled into bed. I ran my hands down to my pubic area to give a little scratch as I felt a little tickle there. No panties. "Oh well, not that I do it often." I thought, but I have slept naked before. Trying to relieve the tickle I noticed something odd. "Where are my pubic hairs?" I lifted the blanket to have a look. Nothing, it's all gone. I ran my hand over pubic mound to feel the smoothness. "It actually feels pretty good," I thought. Running my hand farther down, I noticed that there is no hair anywhere down there. I rolled over on to my left side to look at my husband Mitch. He is lying there asleep. A quiet snore is emanating from his mouth. He is barely covered by the blanket. Just his lower half is covered. I don't have to look under the blanket to know he's naked. I peeked anyway. He's shaved too. No pubes anywhere. "What did we do?" I thought.

I slowly remember last night. "Did that really happen? It couldn't have. Did I really squirt?" I thought. I looked over at the laundry hamper and saw the towel on top. "Yes, I guess I did." Remembering the previous nights events, started to get me horny. I pulled back the covers from Mitch gently, so as not to wake him. I took his cock in my hand and gave it a few strokes. Mitch grumbled and groaned but didn't wake up. I felt his member start to harden. I stopped stroking and gave the head a little lick. By now, his cock was fully hard and he was not awake! I took the head in my mouth and ran my tongue all around it. At the same time, I was slowly stroking the full length. By this time, I could feel him starting to stir. He would be awake in moments.

I straddled him in a "69" position, my pussy inches from his face. I gave up being gentle now. His dick was getting worked over furiously. I wanted him awake and giving my pussy the attention it needed. Suddenly, I heard "Can this be my alarm clock every morning?" He then grabbed my ass by both cheeks and pulled them apart. His lips found my clit and sucked it into his mouth. I moaned on his dick which he loved. This made him moan into my pussy causing vibrations to stimulate it. I moaned louder and longer. I pushed my upper body off the bed. This forced my pussy into Mitch's face. His tongue was sliding in and out of me while his nose rubbed my asshole. I was in heaven. I pushed all the way up and straddled his face. He ran his tongue around my ass, occasionally pressing into the opening. I wanted to cum. I pinched and pulled my clit until it was fully engorged and started rubbing. Grinding my ass onto his tongue, I worked my clit like no tomorrow. I was moaning loud now. Mitch could tell I was about to cum and somehow reached up and grabbed my right tit. He pulled and twisted my nipple. This pushed me over the edge. "Fuck, I'm cumming!" I screamed. He shoved his tongue as far as he could into my ass. I came hard and kept cumming.

I had fallen forward into the "69" position again. My whole body was still convulsing and shaking from cumming so hard. I could feel his cock bouncing against my cheek. Having recovered enough, I started pulling on his cock while I sucked one of his balls into my mouth. He groaned with pleasure. I continued this for a while until I felt him easily slide two fingers all the way into my soaking cunt. As soon as he did this, I took his cock into my mouth. I swallowed as much of his beautiful cock as I could and then pulled out to the tip and back down again. His fingers found my g-spot and worked it hard. I couldn't stand it. I had to have him in me.

I straddled him with his cock pressing against my dripping pussy. Letting gravity do the work, I took his full length into me until his balls bounced up against my ass. I ground him slowly at first and slowly sped up. After a while I wanted to feel his full length sliding in and out of me. Using Mitch's hands for balance, I squatted over him and bottomed out his dick again. "Oh my god this feels good" I exclaimed. Mitch mumbled something. I presume an agreement with me. His upward thrusting increased, so I knew he was about to cum. "Fuck me! Babe, I'm gonna cum." He managed to say. Squeezing his hands, I increased my pace, barely staying on his cock on my up stroke. He came in me. He sprayed my insides with his juice, over and over again. Feeling him cum pushed me over the edge. I came too, spasm after spasm shook my body.

Then I did something I never would have dreamed of. I grabbed his still partially hard cock and stuck in my mouth. I could taste our cum mixed together. I sucked all of the remaining juice out of Mitch's cock and also licked his balls clean. Having cleaned him fully, I jumped out of bed and trotted out of the bedroom, still naked, shouting "I'm making breakfast. Be downstairs in ten minutes."

Smelling the coffee, Mitch was downstairs five minutes later. He walked into the kitchen to find me wearing nothing but an apron. It was the kind that had the bikini body design on the front. He said "Normally I would say that I love looking at you in that apron, but the rear view is just awesome." He came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me in tight. His once again hard cock, pressed into my back.

"Now Hun, I'm cooking. We can't do anything until I'm finished." I said. He promptly walked over to the stove and removed the frying pan from the burner and turned it off. "The bacon can wait a few minutes." He replied with a grin. He grabbed me, pulled me close and kissed me hard. I pushed him back against the counter and dropped to my knees. I wasn't going to be gentle or loving this time. I wanted that cock in my mouth. I sucked in as much as I could and drew all the way back off him. This was repeated over and over. Just then, the phone rang. "You answer it." I said with a wink. "I can't talk with my mouth full."

Mitch answered it. I could only hear his side of the conversation. I was also concentrating on the cock in my mouth.


"Hi. Good morning."

"Nothing. Why?"

I increased the speed of my sucking and was playing with his balls.

"Uh su..su.. sure. If it's not to .. too much trouble. You had her all night." he said as he closed his eyes and leaned his head back.

"Uh, yeah I'm okay. Why do you ask?

I knew he was ready to cum. I decided to be a little bitch and see if I could make him cum while he was still on the phone. I got as much saliva on my finger as possible and slid it to his asshole. He seemed to spread his legs a little to allow me better access. I pushed it in up to the first knuckle and started to move out and in. I was still sucking him with a fury.

"W...w ..when are you leaving?"

I felt his balls tighten. I have him. I pushed my finger all the way in and increased my sucking. His knees buckled as he came. Trying to keep his balance, he reached back on the counter and knocked a coffee cup to the floor. He also dropped the phone to the counter.

"AHH SHIT!" he screamed as he unloaded into my waiting mouth.

He managed to pick up the phone and put it to his ear. He mouthed "bitch" to me and spoke. "Sorry. I knocked a cup to the floor and dropped the phone as I tried to catch it. Here, talk to Kay while I clean up the mess."

As he handed me the phone, he said "It's Jenny. She and Bob are taking Sienna to the zoo and they want to take Annie." Jenny and Bob are the kind neighbors who let our daughter Annie sleep over so we could have our wonderful alone time last night.

"Hey Jenny."

"Hi Kay. We are going to the zoo and then to my parents for dinner. We won't be home until about 8:30 or 9:00. That won't be too late will it? Good thing there's no school tomorrow huh?"

"No, that shouldn't be a problem." I said. "Are you sure you want to do this? You had her for dinner and all night."

"Oh yes, I'm sure. With Annie around, Sienna doesn't act up as much."

"That sounds great. We owe you big time. I tell you what. We'll start the payback tonight. Bring the kids here when you get home. We'll put them to bed and have a few drinks and jump in the hot tub." I smiled and winked at Mitch. I've caught him checking her out a few times. "I'll keep the kids for the day tomorrow."

"I'll pass it by Bob. I won't let him say no. I'll model my sexy new bikini for him. He'll agree to anything I want."

"I'm sure Mitch will like it too."

"Sorry, what was that?"

"I said I'll show Mitch mine too." I had to correct my little slip, but I am sure she knew what I really meant.

"Oh okay, we'll see you later."

"Bye Hun."

By the time I finished talking with Jenny, Mitch had cleaned up the broken cup, poured me a new coffee and had the bacon back on the stove.

"Since, I'm naked, I'll let you tend to the bacon." He said. "And what was that you said to Jenny about me?"

"I told her that you would probably enjoy seeing her in her new bikini almost as much as Bob."

"Hey, she's pretty hot. Not as much as you, but still hot."

I smiled and turned back to the stove to make sure the bacon didn't burn. I gave my ass a little shake and blew a kiss over my shoulder at him.

After breakfast, we went upstairs and shared a shower. In the shower, I suggested we go to the beach. "We have the afternoon to ourselves, it could be fun." Mitch agreed. We dried ourselves and got our beach gear together. We were on the way by noon and in the beach parking lot before 12:30.

We took the path to our favourite secluded spot amongst the dunes. I was carrying our beach bag and Mitch was carrying our cooler full of food and drinks. The path wound through the dunes and small groups of trees. Our favourite spot was about a ¼ mile from the parking lot. Along the path, we passed a sign that had been erected since our last visit. It read "ATTENTION: This portion of beach has been re-zoned as clothing optional. Adults only."

"It's a good thing we're alone today. Next time we bring Annie, we'll have to find a new spot." Mitch said.

I nodded. "Let's enjoy today though. It could be fun."

We'd been to the Caribbean quite a few times, so topless wasn't new to me. I'd partaken more than once on our holidays. I immediately removed my bikini top and tucked it in my bag. Mitch looked at me with that grin he has when dirty thoughts were going through his mind. "Beautiful." Was all he said.

As we came upon a part of the path that curved around a cluster trees, we heard a woman moaning. The moans were coming from the centre of the trees. We looked at each other and without saying a word, agreed to check it out. We quietly dropped our gear and snuck into the trees. In a clearing in the middle, we could see a couple lying on a blanket. She was on her back and he had his face buried between her legs. Apart from porn, I hadn't watched anybody have sex.

From what I could see, they appeared to be in their early forties and in good shape. She was slim and had shoulder length red hair. Her face was pretty with lots of freckles. She was well tanned for a redhead, as most seemed to be paler and more often burned than tanned. It was obvious she came here a lot as her tits were tanned too. They were about a C-cup with pink nipples. From what I could see, he was well built with dark hair that had gray flecks through it.

He appeared to be doing a pretty good job of working her clit. Judging by her moans and gyrations, she agreed. It was incredibly hot. He worked a finger into her which caused her to thrust her hips up. It was really getting her going (and me for that matter). It looked like the guy was giving her g-spot a good workout.

Mitch was behind me as we were crouched behind some bushes watching the show. I suddenly felt his hands on my nipples. He pinched and pulled them just how I liked it. He slid one hand down the front of my bikini and started playing with my clit. I gasped a little and quickly covered my mouth with my hand. The guy's back was to us and didn't appear to notice my gasp. I looked at her to see if she noticed. She had on sunglasses, so reading her eyes wasn't possible. The corner of her mouth appeared to curl up a bit, but that could be from the pleasure she was receiving. She was moaning louder and bucking faster now. It wouldn't be long before she came.

Meanwhile, Mitch's fingers had worked their way inside me. His palm seemed to be rubbing my clit while his fingers probed me. I was as wet as the lake this beach was on. Just then, the woman grunted "Holy fuck. Don't stop, I'm cumming." Her hips bucked up and down. "Ahhhhhhhhhhh" she moaned and collapsed on the blanket. He crawled up beside her and started to stroke nipples. We crouched down behind the bushes. Now that they weren't pre-occupied, we could be easily spotted. Mitch whispered "We'll wait until they leave before we do." I nodded in agreement.

We heard some rustling and figured they were gathering their stuff to get going. Instead, we heard her say "Someone is ready for some more action."

"Damn right baby." He replied.

"Lay down sweetie, I'll take care of you."

We heard him moan now. We got back to our previous viewing position and saw him on his back with his right side to us. She was on her knees to his left, somewhat facing us and his dick was buried fully in her mouth. She backed her mouth off him. I was expecting to see the head after she pulled back four inches or so, but she kept pulling back. Finally, his entire cock came into view. He had to be about seven inches and she swallowed the whole thing!

"I love it when you take it all in babe." He managed to say.

"You know what you'd like better?" She asked.


"If that guy in the bushes with his wife, would let her come over here and help me blow you." She pulled off her sunglasses and looked me in the eyes. "What do you say honey, can you give me a hand? Or in this case, a mouth?" His head turned quickly to us. He didn't know we were there. He saw our heads above the bushes and smiled.

I froze. My mouth hung open, unable to form words. All I managed was "Uhh ...uhh.. umm."

Then Mitch said something I thought I would never hear. "I've always wanted to fuck you while you were sucking off another guy. You did say let's have fun today. This sounds like fun. I can tell you are thinking about. Just do it babe."

I managed to mumble "Okay, let's do it." We got off our knees and went around the bushes and into the clearing. Mitch had grabbed our belongings and put them down when we got past the bushes.

I heard the guy say "Wow you are hot." I turned to him and noticed he was staring at my tits. I forgot I was topless.

"Thanks." I replied. "You're not so bad yourself." As my eyes travelled to his cock, which his wife was slowly stroking up and down. I got down on my knees on his right side and said "My name is..." She cut me off by putting a finger to my mouth and then leaned in and kissed me. I'd never kissed another woman sexually before! Her hand went to the back of my head and her tongue circled mine. I could taste her husband's cock in her mouth. Her other hand grabbed mine and guided it to his cock. Together we slowly jerked him off. He collapsed back on to the blanket and groaned with pleasure. She broke our kiss and took her husband's extremely hard member in her mouth. I was stroking him while she was sucking. I could feel myself getting wet.

I had momentarily forgotten about Mitch, but remembered he was there when I felt him slide my bikini bottoms down my legs. My new friend removed her mouth and pulled my face down beside hers. She took his cock from my hand and pointed the head at me. I took the head in my mouth and then swallowed as much of him as I could. I started to bob up and down while she stroked what I couldn't get in my mouth. Mitch had started to slide a finger up and down my slit, pausing at my clit to rub it.

The redhead started sucking her man's left nut. I followed her lead and took the other in my mouth while her hand joined mine on his dick. Just then, I felt Mitch's tongue on my asshole. A long low moan escaped my mouth. He continued to rub my clit. I looked back over my shoulder at him. He saw me turn so he stopped and made eye contact with me. He mouthed the words "you okay?" to me. I answered by pushing my ass back at him and ground it into his chin. Then took the cock I was holding and swallowed as much as I could. He got his answer and got up behind me and shoved his cock all the way in my pussy until his balls bounced against my clit. A louder moan escaped me.

Red stopped sucking her hubby's balls and started licking his shaft from the base up. I was sucking just the head as I couldn't do much with Mitch slamming me from behind. Her lips met mine at the head. Our tongues circled the head and entered each other's mouths. We could tell that her husband was about to cum. He had grabbed both of us by our hair and held our heads there while he fucked our mouths.

"I'm cumming. Mmmmmmmmm." He almost yelled. We held our mouths over his dick as she jerked him. He exploded into them. Stream after stream shot up at us. His cum got all over our faces and dripped down his cock to is belly. I took his cock in my mouth and cleaned him off while his wife cleaned of his belly and lower shaft. Once he was clean, she leaned in and licked the cum off my face. I returned the favour.

I hadn't noticed Mitch had stopped fucking me until I heard him say "that was probably the hottest thing I've ever seen." He had moved around to get a better look at what Red and I were doing. I needed to cum too and could tell Mitch hadn't yet. I pushed him to his back and mounted him. I took his full length into me. I had ridden him for a while when I felt a hand on my ass. I knew it wasn't Mitch's because his were busy with my tits. I looked back to see Red there. Her finger slid right up my ass. That felt so good. I continued to pound on him. With her finger still up my ass, she whispered in my ear. "Turn around so your ass is on his stomach." I obeyed immediately. I restarted the ride facing the other way. Red kissed me again. Her tongue intertwined with mine. I felt her hands on my tits, twisting my hard nipples. One hand slid down and started to play with my clit. She broke our kiss and began to suck my nipple.

Her husband, now recovered, started sucking the other nipple. Red moved down my belly to my clit and sucked it in her mouth. She was playing with Mitch's balls while working my clit. "Oh god, I'm about to cum." I said. With that, I exploded on Mitch's cock. Twice in as many days, I squirted. I looked down and saw Red's face covered with my juices. She was licking it off Mitch's balls as he continued to pound into me. Exhausted, I fell back onto Mitch. His cock popped out of me. Red wasted no time in switching from his balls to his cock. She took his full length down her throat and bobbed up and down. Mitch lasted about thirty seconds and came himself. Red swallowed most of it, but some dribbled out onto her lips. She crawled up on top of us and kissed me again. I cleaned Mitch's cum from her lips.

She broke our kiss and with a smile said "Hi I'm Donna and this is my husband Steve. It's a pleasure to meet you."

"I'm Kay and my husband is Mitch. And the pleasure is mutual. Literally." I replied and held out my hand to shake. We all laughed and shook hands. "No need to worry about first impressions huh?"

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