tagGroup SexKaye's Desires Ch. 01

Kaye's Desires Ch. 01


"Bill, what are we going to do with Kaye? She's only 18 and can't stay here by herself over the summer, and that's three months" Mary said. "I'd love to take her with us, but we're pushing it by me coming with you and your work to Europe. Do you know who could take her so we wouldn't worry?"

"About the only one I can think of is my cousin Sam and his girlfriend Janet. He's got some sort of kennel and stables that he takes in people's pets. I guess he's got one hell of a business that keeps him pretty busy. If we sent Kaye there, I'm sure him and his girlfriend would find something to keep her occupied."

"Well, at least there's a woman there. How long have they been together?" Mary asked. "I'd say about four years now. That's about how long I've last seen him and her. It may be time to call him up and ask him for that favor he owes me for getting him out of jail on that bar fight he got into. Even though the other guy started it, they took Sam in too."

"Ok. If you think this will be ok. I'm only agreeing with this because of such short notice. It just may do Kay some good to get out of this city and to be around some animals. She could take care of them, and they could take care of her the whole summer" Mary said.

"Fine. I'll go make the phone call and you give Kaye the good news. I know it won't be a problem and besides, he owes me."

David pulled out his cell phone, checked the number and pushed the call button. After a few minutes of laughing and kidding around, David dropped the big question and favor. The answer came quickly that was followed by lots of laughter and see you tomorrow afternoon.

Mary went upstairs to tell Kaye.

Kaye was in her room, looking out of the window to the neighbor's backyard. Mr. Hendrickson had just got done doing laps in his swimming pool and was laying down in the lounge chair. Water was dripping off him and his black Speedo trunks hung tightly to him and outlined his cock clearly. It was just enough to get her wet between her legs.

What she was really hoping for was to have Mrs. Hendrickson come out, lay down in between his open legs, pull his Speedos down and give him a slow and steady blowjob. Kaye was just starting lately to awaken sexually and this show with the Hendrickson's would usually happen late in the afternoon. Her parents weren't aware of this going on.

A soft knock at the door caused her to step away from the window and close the drapes. Kaye went to the door and opened it up.

"Hon, can I come in? I need to talk to you about something. It has to do with all three of us." They both walked over and sat on the bed. Your father has to go to Europe for work and I'll be going with him. We've made arrangements with your dad's cousin Sam and his girlfriend Janet for you to stay with them over the summer until we get back and you can start school again."

"But don't I have a say in this?" Kay asked.

"Not really hon. This sort of came down pretty quickly. Sam and his girlfriend have this kennel and stables for horses that we're sure will keep you busy. Spending the summer on a farm with all the animals would probably do you some good," Mary said.

They will be here anytime so you'll have to pack a few things right away."

"I'm going to have to tell the Henderson's that they will have to find another babysitter for the summer you know" Kaye said.

"I know" Mary said. Maybe you should go over there now and give them the bad news."

"I'll be back after a while then" Kaye said as she walked down the stairs and out the door.

Over the years, Kaye had developed an interesting relationship with the Henderson's.

Shirley Henderson was the first to touch her.

They both went to the mall shopping with Kaye needing a new bra. Shirley decided to get one too and she insisted they both get the same kind with matching panties. Black lace always turned Shirley on. She found her size and Kaye's. Shirley was going to play this out and hoped Kaye would go along. She was such a turn-on that now Shirley couldn't resist Kaye's body and this chance to show herself to her.

There was only one room available out of ten with a solid locking door for complete privacy. They both went in and started taking their clothes off. Both were nervous.

Shirley hadn't done anything like this for soo long.

She remembered when she was Kaye's age and her friend's mother seduced her, also inside a woman's changing room. Kaye had never done this at all, but was getting turned on at the thought of seeing a mature woman naked, alone with her in this room.

"I'm glad they had a room available. I just hate waiting" Shirley said. Kaye agreed with her as they both faced each other while removed their tops and hung them up. Each of their hands were slightly shaking and their breathing became labored. Kaye realized Shirley was watching her strip as Kaye was doing the same, in a teasing sort of way.

Piece by piece was removed until they were each facing one another in just their panties and bra.

Shirley made the first move. She reached around and unclasped her bra. Kaye followed her lead but couldn't unhook hers. Shirley let her bra fall down as her breasts stood out. Kaye just stared at her first close up look at full-grown mature breasts and dropped her jaw.

"It's always so nice to get that thing off," Shirley said as she rubbed and held up her breasts for her. Kaye was frozen with lust as her own pussy started to soak her panties.

"Do you need some help with that thing hon?" Shirley asked as she moved behind Kaye and just touched her pelvis up to Kaye's ass and rubbed lightly back and forth. Shirley moved her hands to Kaye's bra clasp and unhooked it. She let the straps go and pushed Kaye's bra down her arms to the floor. With that done, Shirley moved closer to Kaye and pushed her breasts into her back. Reaching around, Shirley cupped this young woman's breasts with both hands, rubbed them firmly and pulled Kaye back to her.

Kaye had never been this turned on before. Her breathing was getting harder now as she could feel Shirley's breath on her neck and her own wetness start to flow down her legs.

"I'm sure you feel better too not having that thing binding on you" Shirley said as she continued to squeeze Kaye's breasts.

She then felt that young ass of Kaye's pressing back to her and moving, back and forth.

"Let's just get our panties off and try on our new underwear" Shirley said as she stepped back from Kaye and slid her own panties down and off. Kneeling down and still behind Kaye, she reached up and started to pull Kaye's panties off.

Because Kaye was soo wet, her panties tried to stay put. Pulling them down further, Shirley smiled when she saw that Kaye's wetness had soaked her panties and had moved down her leg. She continued to pull Kaye's panties down and off.

Kaye was naked now, and flowing. Putting her hands up against the wall in front of her, Kaye held herself up so she wouldn't fall, and opened her legs for Shirley.

"There seems to be a slight problem here hon," Shirley said. "We can't put on clean dry panties with you being soo wet, can we?" Kaye could only stand there, trembling from the excitement, and opened her legs further for this mature woman.

"Don't worry baby, I'll take care of this" Shirley said as she brought her hand and mouth to Kaye's pussy. Opening her lips and pushing her tongue inside Kaye as much as she could, she tasted and swallowed all the young pussy honey she could get. Her fingers felt the folds of Kaye's cunt while Shirley masturbated herself with her other hand.

Kaye started shaking and began humping Shirley's tongue. She was sensing a huge feeling inside her pussy that was becoming uncontrollable, so Kaye let it go. Her first orgasm from a woman over-powered her as she let out a moan.

Shirley had heard of women squirters before, but this was the first time a woman ever squirted in her mouth. It was all she could do to keep up with this young woman by swallowing hard and fast.

Cleaning and tongue bathing her was a pleasure in itself. Kaye regained control and turned around to Shirley just as she was standing up. They brought their lips together and softly kissed while their hands felt the others breasts and pussy.

This was the first pussy that Kaye had felt. She had kept her pussy hair short, but Shirley had shaven hers smooth. Kaye started to explore this naked woman between her legs with her fingers as she felt Shirley's fingers press up and move inside her. Shirley's other hand had moved up and was squeezing her breast and she could taste her own honey on Shirley's tongue and lips.

Feeling Shirley's shaven pussy and her full breasts was turning Kaye on more and she just had to return the cunt-licking favor back to this woman.

Kaye broke off the kiss and slowly knelt down in front of Shirley and opened her legs. Shirley leaned back against the wall as Kaye brought her mouth and one hand to her sex.

Watching Shirley's bare pussy coming closer to her lips, Kaye brought her hand up between those legs as she stuck her tongue out and moved closer. A sweet honey taste greeted her as she started licking all around. Bringing her fingers up to Shirley's pussy, Kaye felt her opening up and easily slipped two fingers inside to soak them.

Feeling herself loosing control, Shirley brought her hands up to hold Kaye's head and started to fuck her face. She just knew she was flowing honey to Kaye's mouth, and was lapping it all up, turning her on more and more.

Kaye was swallowing all the honey from Shirley while finger fucking her. Deciding to explore a little more, Kaye took her pussy soaked fingers out of Shirley and started rubbing her tight ass hole.

She could hear Shirley start moaning and opening up to her finger prodding, so she kept pushing her fingers up and inside until she was fucking her with them. This continued until all of this overtook Shirley and she came over and over.

After a good tongue bath, Kaye stood up and they each kissed again. Each could taste the others honey on their tongues. They stayed like that a few minutes until Shirley suggested they try on the matching bra and panties. They looked so good, Shirley decided to buy them each the black matching robe that went with it.

After dressing and gathering up their stuff, they left the private dressing room. As they passed one of the rooms, they both herd an "Oh god yes, please, oh god" from a woman inside.

Kaye turned to Shirley with a surprise look on her face. Shirley explained that the staff looks the other way for women who buy plenty of things here and to keep quiet about it. After all, Shirley told her, she too may want to bring a friend here sometime to shop, and play.

And then, there was Mr. Henderson.

Being their babysitter, Kaye would spend many nights there at their home watching the two year old. Yes, the terrible two's. It was enough to keep Kaye busy but after all, the Henderson's paid her well.

This one particular night, Kaye decided to explore the video selection after they both left for a party and wouldn't be back until late. After getting the baby to sleep, Kaye started her search. The Henderson's had a ton of movies. Some were kind of corny and others were just boring. Kaye kept looking at the entire selection until, she found them.

They were all the way in the back. Lots of them all stacked up. Kaye decided to pull them all out and look at them each. There were girl-girl, mature women and younger girls (like what Mrs. Henderson and her had done the week before), women being gangbanged and straight in and out.

There was one in particular that caught her eye. It was called cum all over me. A woman would be in the center of a room, and about twenty naked guys would come in and start masturbating all over her while she would give a blowjob to one guy at a time.

One cock after another would explode and send it's cum all over the woman's face and down her naked body while she kept up her blowjobs. The guy would just pull back from her mouth and shoot his cum on her lips and then she would lick her lips clean. Then, another guy would stick his cock in her mouth while the others kept exploding on her face.

It didn't take long before the woman would be glazed over with cum. After that, another woman would come in with twenty new guys to do the same thing. There were ten women and their men on that DVD.

Kaye just had to have this movie, but she didn't want to steal it. Instead, she decided to make a copy on their computer. It was easy and only took 20 minutes. Kaye used the time to check out some porn sites to get herself ready.

After visiting her favorite sites on the internet, and putting all the DVD's away, she checked on the baby, took the copy up to the spare bedroom the Henderson's let her sleep in and started watching the show.

She had seen porn before, but never like this. There was soo many cocks, and soo much cum. Each woman had been covered from head to toe before the men were done. Kaye would watch closely as each woman would take a mans cock in her mouth and start moving and sucking. Some of the woman would blow the men fast, some would use their hands, but all were naked and covered with cum. Some even loved cocks in their ass.

Kaye now had to have Shirley's dildo. Her pussy was in need of attention. She got up and checked on the baby again, then went to the master bedroom. Shirley had told her where to look, just in case she needed them. Sure enough, they were all there. Kaye grabbed the larger black vibrating one and headed back to the spare room.

The DVD was a four hour long special and Kaye guessed it was about half done with five of the ten women completed. She had started to shake again from being so excited. All this sex with these women giving out blowjobs, getting fucked in their pussies and ass, then having these men cum all over them just turned her on to no end.

Kaye stripped off her clothes and turned off the lights. She put a couple of towels under her ass since she knew she would be squirting tonight. She hit the remote and started watching the number six woman find her place in the room, kneel down and smiled really big to watch nothing but huge black men and their large cocks surround this mature white woman and her large hanging breasts.

One of the guys from behind her started pushing her forward until she was on her hands and knees. A guy in front of her stepped up and pushed his cock in her mouth, and started pumping. The woman's large full breasts started swaying back and forth. The guy behind her reached down and started pushing his fingers inside her and feeling her pussy.

When she was wet and sloshing, the guy moved up on his knees and stuck his long black cock all the way in. The woman let out a long moan while another guy moved up to her mouth as she switched from black cock to black cock, sucking and fucking them for all she could. While these black men were fucking her, they started calling her every cum slut pig cocksucking name while she did her best to take each monster cock deep inside.

The dildo Kaye found was also big and black as she started pumping the vibrating monster in and out of her pussy. Wave after wave of orgasms came and made Kaye's body shake uncontrollably. She was way too turned on to stop. Her pussy had developed a deep hunger now that could only be satisfied with more attention.

Shirley had way too much to drink and all but passed out at the party. They had been there a couple of hours and it was time to go home. Mr. Henderson was not too pleased about all of this. After his workout in the pool, he wanted some attention himself. His balls were throbbing and he needed some release, but it wouldn't be from her tonight.

After driving home with his drunk and passed out wife, he had to resort to his fireman's carry, and take her upstairs to bed. David pulled the blanket and sheets to the bed down with one hand, sat his wife on the edge, took off all her clothes, laid her down and covered her up and turned the lights off. Leave it to her to start snoring. Real nice hon.

David first checked on the baby, then moved downstairs and mixed himself a drink, then another. He was feeling better now.

He wondered how Kaye was sleeping in the spare room. He sat his drink down and moved down the hall to notice the door was open and the light from the TV was showing. He expected her to be asleep.

When he peaked in, he thought he was in a dream. Kaye was on the bed, on her back with her legs wide, eyes shut tight, moaning and pumping a huge black dildo in and out of her now shaven pussy.

David's cock jumped up and was instantly hard. He looked at the TV and saw the DVD movie that was playing. He remembered this one from a long time ago, but thought it had been thrown out. That's why, he thought, Kaye was fucking herself silly.

Kaye was in her own world now. She didn't need to watch the DVD anymore. She was pretending that she was now the center of attention of unlimited black cocks. Kaye imagined sucking for cum, fucking for cum and being covered with all the white goo these studs were aiming on her. She could almost feel the hot sperm hitting her flesh from head to toe as she was on all fours, like a dog, sucking and fucking and swallowing.

She didn't know Mr. Henderson was standing over her.

David's cock was actually hurting from swelling so hard. As carried away as she was, he didn't think she would come out of this trance she was in. He just had to have some release, even just to jack off. So he slowly took off all his clothes and sat them by the door.

He turned around naked with his throbbing balls and swollen cock, and walked back to Kaye just in time to watch her squirt all over her hand and the dildo she was fucking herself with. David had also heard of squirters, but had never seen a woman do it like Kaye was doing now. He stepped closer to Kaye as she kept moaning.

David couldn't believe he was watching Kaye do this. This was such a turn on, he just had to close his eyes and burn this memory in his brain so he could memorize all this.

Kaye was imagining sucking on cock after cock and having each one dump its load inside her throat. The sounds of each woman screaming at the studs to fuck her pussy and ass kept her wanting a real cock. She took the dildo out of her pussy and placed it to her lips and started sucking. Her own honey tasted so much like Shirley's, that she started to deep throat this dildo as her hands fucked her pussy.

David took another look at Kaye on the bed. Now she was finger fucking herself and deep throating that black dildo. He stepped closer to her and again closed his eyes to burn this memory in his brain.

Kaye was out of control, as this was the most turned on she had ever been. This DVD had worked it's magic on her. She just had to have some cock and wondered how she could get Mr. Henderson to fuck her when they got home. She didn't have to wait.

After Kaye took the dildo out of her mouth and sat it down, she looked up to see Mr. Henderson masturbating himself over her. She watched in amazement as his cock was huge and his balls were swinging back and forth.

All these times looking at this cock in his Speedos, wondering what it really looked like. It was big, swollen and shaved. A bare cock for her own shaved twat she thought as she moved up to sit in front of him on the edge of the bed. Her mouth was level with his cock head as she leaned forward and opened her mouth.

Kaye brought her arms up. She quickly moved David's arm and hand away from his cock, took his fuck stick deep in her mouth, then brought both hands around to his ass cheeks to hold him there. Kaye finally had him, and was now going to suck him hard.

Shock and fear spread through David. He opened his eyes to see Kaye taking all of him in her mouth and down her throat. He tried to move away, but her hands dug her fingernails in his cheeks and he was trapped. David looked back down at Kaye as she was looking up at him, and smiling.

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