Kayla and Their Friend Ch. 02


She was completely naked and apart from a 'landing strip' of hair above her vagina, she was also completely shaved. Due to her position, the bottom of her pussy lips were open and he could clearly make out every detail of her sex. Her obvious moistness indicated a state of high excitement.

Between her arms, two elongated hard nipples confirmed her randiness as they stuck out hard from two beautifully soft looking breasts which were topped by gentle pink areola.

At her side, the recently discarded black underwear leant a tone of complete reality to a perfect picture in which the rich tan of the remainder of her body highlighted her breasts and sex, so that nothing whatsoever of her intimacy had been spared from the camera lens.

Jake gasped.

He found himself incredibly aroused. It was one thing to send pictures of his naked wife over the internet to a stranger in another country - that was erotic in the extreme and quite often during sex with Kayla, he'd found himself spurred on by thinking of the detailed images he'd shared with Peter.

On the other hand, and although he knew Peter had said how very much he loved being able to ogle Kayla totally nude whenever he wanted, Jake was not prepared for the burst of uncontrollable excitement he felt when confronted with the actual vision of his wife so erotically exposed for the delectation of another man.

Now he knew exactly how excited Peter had been when Greg took out a photo of Peter's wife Mandy when they were urging her to do as striptease one afternoon (see 'How she Succumbed').

But he had no chance to discuss his reaction with Peter, for Kayla came into the room and sat down on the settee next to their guest - leaving Jake standing in the middle of the room with a glass of brandy in one hand and her nude photo behind his back in the other. He moved over to an armchair by the window and surreptitiously slipping the picture into his pants pocket, he managed to sit down without letting Kayla see either the photo, or the massive erection he'd developed.

"Well thanks for that food Peter, it was very good and the champagne beforehand really started the evening off well."

Kayla looked over at Peter as she spoke and settled back into the cushions. Jake noticed that the checked mini-skirt had ridden up sufficiently to disclose a sizeable area of beautifully proportioned thigh. He looked to Peter but he was gazing into Kayla's face and obviously hadn't noticed the exposure.

"My dear Kayla, it was entirely my pleasure and thank you so much for having me over."

As he was speaking, the phone rang and Jake reached over to the side table to answer it.

"Hello." He looked into space for half a minute or so, listening; and then,

"Can you hold a minute, we've got someone here for supper, so I'll take it into another room." Holding his hand over the mouthpiece he turned to his wife and Peter,

"Excuse me Peter, this is the call I was expecting and it'll take a little while. Kayla'll look after you while I deal with it."

He walked out of the room and pulled the door to behind him.

Over twenty minutes later he came back into the room and noticed that Peter was now further down the settee, closer to Kayla. His wife appeared slightly out of breath and a degree flushed.

Peter got up and thrust out his hand, looking positive and confident.

"I think I'd better get going Jake -- I've got quite a lot on tomorrow and I'm feeling a little bushed. But if it's all right with you, I'd like to meet up with you both tomorrow evening for a drink somewhere?"

As he took Peter's hand, Jake agreed to the suggestion and then, found himself changing the suggested arrangement.

"I'd really love to Peter; but I've got a team meeting at work tomorrow afternoon and I'm not going to be back until late evening. Tell you what though, why don't you meet up with Kayla and if I can get away earlier, I'll meet up with you both then. If not, I should be with you by about ten."

He had no meeting but neither Kayla or Peter would be aware of that and he hadn't yet worked out himself why he was being so evasive. Ignoring Kayla's slightly puzzled look, he looked enquiringly at Peter. His mind was in excited turmoil and he felt a strange anticipation at Peter's answer.

"Well that would be truly charming. I'd love to. Perhaps if I called around to pick you up about 6 o'clock Kayla? That way, you wouldn't have to go into a bar or wherever, on your own. Then, when Jake can make it, maybe we could all go on somewhere?"

Kayla looked at her smiling husband and seeing nothing but openness on his face, readily agreed.

"I'll look forward to it Peter .... until six tomorrow then."

They walked over to the front door and after nodding amicably at Jake, Peter reached out to Kayla and swept her into a hug. Again they kissed on the cheeks and after another brief hug, their guest left the young couple.

"He's really nice, don't you think Kayla?" offered Jake as he closed the door.

"He certainly is darling. Quite the soul of old fashioned Brit charm I reckon. 'You sure you're OK with him picking me up here tomorrow?

"Why shouldn't I be .... or is there something you know and I don't?" He laughed nervously and smiled at her.

"No darling. I just thought you might be a little unsure of a relative stranger picking up your lusty young wife .... Come on Jake, let's leave the clearing up until tomorrow. I'm bushed and want our bed!"

Jake looked at her with surprise. She wouldn't normally leave things for the morning and as for that remark containing the words 'lusty young wife', well, what did she mean by that?

They turned the lights out and as they moved off to the bedroom, Jake was surprised to feel his wife reach down to his crotch and squeeze him gently. He realised she must feel he was a little hard. His earlier reaction to the photograph had combined with his coming back into the room and finding Kayla slightly breathless. His mind had been wandering and speculating on whether or not Peter may have actually made a pass at Kayla while he was on the phone.

"Ready for bed too then are we?" Kayla asked, nodding down at her hand with a naughty smile. "Something's really got you going tonight hasn't it .... or is that just the thought of going to bed with a young wife?"

"Yeah, I reckon going to bed with someone's young wife would be good right now." He couldn't help quipping in response. "But what's got you in the mood my darling little Kayla? Could it be our guest this evening? Just what were you both up to when I was on the phone? I haven't forgotten our discussion the other evening you know!"

"Oh that? Yes .... Well he is quite attractive you know and ......

She looked into her husband's eyes but offered no detail of what may have happened while he was out of the room; but just diverted the conversation,

"But then again, so are you my darling .... quite the sex God!"

They began to undress; and after each had visited the bathroom, they finished taking off the last of their clothes and slipped under the duvet to snuggle up naked together. For a while nothing was said and they absent-mindedly caressed each other's bodies with the familiarity of their relationship.

"What do you really think of Peter darling?" Jake looked down at his wife's face, circled by his naked arm.

"I find him quite attractive but I can't quite work out the charm bit. I think it's genuine but when he looks at me it's almost as if he knows something about me that I don't."

"How do you mean?"

It didn't sound to Jake as if anything had been said about the pictures he'd e-mailed to Peter but he couldn't be sure. Then again, he didn't think that Peter would have broken his confidence; but one never knew .......

"I don't know really. I just get the feeling he knows much more about me than a relative stranger normally would.

"I know it sounds ridiculous but it's almost as if he not only knows me but knows my body as well. It's the way he looks at me. He lets his eyes wander all over me and they seem to stop at my tits and at my crotch. In some people that would seem perverted and be a complete turn-off; but with him .... well, there's something much more to it and I find myself actually quite turned on for some reason - almost as if we're sharing a knowledge! Does that sound strange?"

Jake thought for a moment. Now would appear to be the perfect opportunity for him to come clean with what he'd done in showing photos of his nude wife to their friend. Dare he .... or would it be too dangerous, despite the fact the Kayla was obviously quite turned on by whatever had happened? But he bottled out and said nothing of it. Instead,

"You trying to tell me you fancy him or something then darling?" Jake held his breath in anticipation.

"Hey darling, I already told you the other night that he turned me on a bit, so yeah, I guess I must fancy him some!"

"Enough to want to screw him honey?" Again, Jake held his breath. He felt Kayla's hand take hold of his cock and realised they were both beginning to fantasise again.

"Wow, does that thought turn you on Jake honey - your cock's getting hard! I think it does, doesn't it Jakey baby .... yes it does, doesn't it!!"

Kayla started to gently pump the shaft of his cock, pulling the foreskin back and over the top of his glans in the most exciting way. She looked thoughtful for a moment and then,

"Actually, Jake, he does turn me on too .... quite a lot actually. Do you mind?"

"You know I don't. What I said the other night still stands. I find it really sexy - you know, the thought of you being naked and played with by another guy, particularly Peter. I'd really love to see it!"

"Oh hell Jake, now you're getting me hot. Would you really like me to be naked with Peter and let him do things to me?"

Would you like him to see me like this for instance?" Kayla pulled the duvet down to expose her breasts and started to play with one of her nipples -- squeezing it really hard, while her other hand continued to stroke Jake's penis.

"Or maybe you'd like him to see this....!"

Kayla gripped the duvet and threw it below their feet, so that her legs and pubic mound were on open display. Moving her legs, she raised her knees and spread them wide apart so that the lips of her sex opened up with a slight popping sound. She looked down at herself and began to grip Jake's penis even harder until he felt he was building up for a climax.

"Would you like him to see right into me like this honey? I think you would, wouldn't you? I know I would, I'd bloody love it if Peter could see me like this .... oh my godfathers .... it'd be so horny being completely exposed to him and ready to be taken, I think I'd die!

"Oh Jake honey, fuck me .... please do it now .... please fuck me hard!"

Jake stayed where he was but moved his right hand down to play with her clitoris. He wanted to savour their conversation and see just how far she'd go with her fantasy.

"Would you like it if I were Peter right now?"

"Oh hell yes .... I think I'd love it. Please darling, fuck me .... oh please .... Now!"

"Can you imagine his fingers doing what I'm doing to you? Can you imagine him looking closely at all your nakedness while he does it .... Checking out every inch of you and feeding his fingers right up inside you like this ....!"

"Ahhhh, yes, yes .... hurry up .... Take your fingers out and put him in me .... quick, or I'm going to come .... Oh please Peter, do it now .... I need you in me .... oh please, I want you .... Please!"

Jake couldn't hold back any more and suddenly rolled over between Kayla's legs to plunge straight into her with one quick movement. He sank deeply into her sex and thrust forwards, holding himself rigid as he released himself into her body with an outflow of lust such as he'd never felt before. As he reached the peak, he felt Kayla's pussy tighten spasmodically around his penis as she began to come herself in loud panting bliss, milking him in her desire.

"Oh yes, yes, yes ..... harder ..... oh please push harder .... Oh my god that's fucking ... incredible ... oh Peter that's absolutely lovely .... you feel so fucking good .... ahhhh, unngg .... aaahhhhhh ...... oh that ..... that's just too fucking much .... that was .... Oh yes, that was fucking lovely!"

Jake rolled back onto his side of the bed and they both lay panting side by side, completely drained of any kind of energy; each revelling in their own thoughts of what had just happened and the way Kayla had kept repeating their new friend's name.

They'd been fantasising all right; but did Kayla know that Jake was increasingly turning his fantasy into a wish for it to happen in reality?

Kayla eventually sat up in bed and was about to go to the bathroom, when she noticed something had fallen from the pocket of Jake's jeans. Looking closer, she realised that it was a copy of one of the nude photos that Jake had taken of her some months before.

"Jake?" she turned to him with a puzzled look.

"What's that picture of me doing in your jeans - I thought you'd only got them all stored on our computer?"

Jake suddenly flushed up and completely taken by surprise, he tried to find an explanation ....

"Oh that. Well, it's one I particularly love and I like to have a copy on me so's I can look at you when I'm away."

He knew it sounded weak but it was the only thing he could think of.

"Jake ..... you're lying, aren't you. I can tell."

Kayla looked hard at him and as her face cleared, he realised she'd come to a decision on what it was really doing.

"I think," she emphasised the 'I' and continued her deliberation in silence for a few seconds before,

"I think you've showed it to someone else. You changed into clean jeans before Peter came around and I know it wasn't in the pocket then, so ........

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