tagIncest/TabooKayla Goes Dancing

Kayla Goes Dancing


Later that night after Kayla had fully recovered from her day with Bobby she was getting ready for bed when the phone rang. Looking over at it she saw it was her husband. She decided to answer it, even though it was the last thing she wanted. He told her that he planned to be back by Sunday. Then he talked about work and how much he missed her. Kayla would have been touched except for the girlish giggle she heard in the background several times. That was when Kayla told him she was going out with some girlfriends tomorrow night, so she wouldn't be home. After she got off the phone with him she started thinking about what she would do tomorrow.

Kayla considered calling Bobby to come over, but she didn't want him to get the wrong idea. He was a sweet kid, but nothing could come out of their relationship. Kayla looked at herself as his teacher. She had feelings for him, but not the fall in love feelings that came so quickly to 18 year olds. As much as Kayla liked the looks she got from the guys at the gym she didn't want to get a reputation there, so that was out. Finally she decided that she would go dancing at one of the clubs in town where all the college kids go.

Kayla had another night filled with very vivid dreams of her with so many different people. There were the two college studs. The young cheerleader. Then there was Bobby and his aunt. When she woke up her hand was buried between her legs and she saw no need to stop because she was awake. Kayla just rolled over and kept rubbing her clit with her thumb and reached down with her left hand and slid first one, and then two fingers into her juicy pussy. Kayla kept fingering herself wondering why she was so damn horny. When her hips came off the bed and her entire body tensed up she didn't care. She just knew that she was tingling all over again as her first orgasm of the day washed over her.

When she finally crawled out of bed Kayla took one look in the mirror and decided it was time for a day at the salon. She got an appointment for a cut and to have her nails done. After showering she headed for the closet and looked through it for something to wear this morning, but also tonight. She couldn't find the perfect dress for tonight so she would go shopping after her salon visit. Now for this morning. She reached for the white sundress she wore when she met Bobby, but she wanted that to be Bobby's. She finally settled on a more subdued shirt dress, but once again she decided to go braless, but she added a pair of bright red panties underneath the dress.

After getting her hair and nails done she headed to the mall to find her a dress for tonight. The first place she stopped she found the perfect black lace dress. It hugged her body and was cut to show plenty of cleavage. Then she went off to find something to wear under it. She left the lingerie shop with a large bag, but she was thinking braless was the way to go tonight. Once in the car she started driving home when she noticed an adult bookstore. She slowed as she drove past it and the parking lot looked pretty empty so she circled back around and pulled in.

Kayla was surprised to see a woman in her 40's running the counter. Kayla explained that she was looking for some novelty gifts for a friend's party, and the lady showed her the toy section. While she was looking she saw several creepy looking guys lurking around. That was when Kayla thought to herself "who did you expect to see in a place like this?" Then she went about picking up a couple vibrators and some different lubes and was bending over looking at a toy when she felt someone brush against her ass. She was almost ready to turn around and go off on one of those guys when she looked behind her and saw a young man who was working in the store.

"I'm sorry ma'am. I didn't mean to bump into you. I was trying to get by you to clean the booths."


"Yes ma'am. The video booths in the back. You can watch different movies in the privacy of a small booth."

"Maybe I'll stop by when I have more time to check them out."

Kayla grabbed up her items and went to the counter to pay for them. After paying for them she hurried to her car and jumped in to drive home. On the drive home Kayla shook her head at the idea of going back to that place. The young man was interesting, but she felt like every guy there was about to rape her. No, she would keep to safer places to play.

Once home she looked at the clock and saw that it was only mid afternoon, and she was as horny as ever. Damn she needed a cock so bad right now. She took her bags and headed up the stairs unbuttoning her dress as she went. Once upstairs she dropped the dress on the floor and the panties joined them. As she climbed into her bed she started opening her toys. After putting batteries in them she took turns holding each one in her hands. She could see the pleasure they would bring, but they were still missing something.

She was just about to try one out when the phone rang. She answered it with a gruff "hello", and her husband laughed asking if he had woken her from a nap. They talked for several minutes as Kayla fondled her knew plastic toys. Then Marty got down to the reason for the call, he had left some important papers here and he called to let Kayla know that Jason, from the office was coming by to pick them up. Kayla rolled her eyes as Marty droned on. The last thing she wanted today was Marty's lecherous friend from the office coming by. Every chance Jason got he was hitting on some woman. Once off the phone with Marty Kayla went about getting dressed. She just slipped the same shirt dress on from earlier and decided to leave the panties off. Once Jason was gone she was going to try out her new toys.

Jason finally showed up, an hour later than he was suppose to be here. Kayla opened the door and Jason was his usual self, arrogant and obnoxious. Kayla took him to Marty's office and Jason started looking through all the drawers. That was when Jason came up with a pair of lacy blue panties. Then he made some wise ass remark that Kayla only half heard as she was still concentrating on the panties. Finally he found the papers and walked up to Kayla and stood in front of her, almost touching.

"Don't I get some sort of reward for finding your panties?"

Kayla looked at him with a look that could shoot daggers at him. "Sure Jason, let me call your wife and ask her what she thinks would be a good enough reward."

"Damn Kayla, I was only joking. You know better than to take me seriously."

After Jason left with his tail between his legs Kayla stood there with those damn blue panties in her hand. She was seething right now. If Jason wasn't such a prick he would be enjoying the fuck of his life right now. Instead she was going to find her a college stud and fuck him all night long.

After an afternoon spent thinking of ways to make her husband pay Kayla started getting dressed. She slipped her tight black dress on and was relieved to see that the lacy part of it didn't extend down to her nipples, although it did allow plenty of cleavage. She then went back and forth on whether to wear panties or not. Finally she chose a pair of tiny black panties that wouldn't get in the way if someone want to explore her on the dance floor. Looking in the mirror Kayla couldn't help but think back to her college days when her and her roommates use to experiment. Damn Jennifer knew exactly where to touch her.

With the memory of Jennifer firmly implanted in her mind Kayla went out the door to the club. As Kayla parked and got out of the car several young men stopped to look at her. Kayla smiled as she walked in. Once inside she looked around and headed for the bar. The club was only about half full but looking around she liked what she saw. There was a very nice mix of nice looking young men, and sexy young coeds. For the first time since college Kayla found herself thinking about another woman in a sexual way, other than in her dreams.

Kayla was looking around when an attractive blond came up to her and asked if she wanted to share a table. Kayla smiled and followed her to a table. She was a very cute girl and she was dressed in a sexy blue minidress that showed off her athletic legs. As they talked Kayla learned that her name was Samantha, but everyone called her Sam.

They talked for a little while longer and Sam looked at Kayla and asked if she wanted to dance? At first Kayla was reluctant, but with some persuasion she found herself heading to the dance floor with her hand firmly in Sam's. At first they just danced and didn't really touch, then Sam reached out and took Kayla's hand and pulled her closer. Though they still weren't touching this dance had taken on a decidedly different attitude than it had originally. Kayla could feel her nipples getting hard, and even her pussy getting moist. Both women had their arms around each other, yet their bodies weren't touching. This was one of the most erotic dances Kayla had ever experienced. When the dance ended Kayla found herself staring into Sam's eyes and watched in slow motion as Sam leaned in and gave her a soft kiss on the lips. Although it wasn't a full french kiss Sam did manage to slip her tongue between her lips and softly lick Kayla's lips.

They headed back to their table and ordered another drink. As they talked a young man came up and said hello to Sam. After introductions she learned that he was Sam's younger brother Ken. They talked for awhile and soon Kayla found herself on the floor with both Sam and Ken. During one intense song Kayla found herself sandwiched between brother and sister. He was in front of her and Sam was behind her and they were both grinding on her. They were in a dark corner of the dance floor and Kayla felt both of their hands on her. Sam's were sliding up her thighs and under the front of her dress while Kens were on her backside traveling up her dress that way. Ken leaned in and gave her a deep kiss. His tongue sliding into her mouth as Sam nibbled on her neck. Soon Sam's fingers slipped inside Kayla's panties and she moaned into Ken's mouth. When Ken broke his kiss with Kayla Sam slipped her finger inside Kayla. This brought another deep moan from Kayla's lips, but the next move made her entire body shake. Ken slipped his finger into Kaya's backside and then leaned over Kayla and gave his sister a deep open mouth kiss.

Kayla was turned on beyond belief as brother and sister made out while they fingered her holes. When they broke their kiss Kayla looked at both of them and said. "Let's go back to my place." Neither one needed to say anything but as a way of saying yes Sam slipped another finger inside Kayla before sliding them out and sucking them both clean. Kayla did let out a soft yelp when Ken slid his finger out of her ass, but she knew that that hole would be filled again, and soon. As they left the club Sam said "we could go to our place. It is just down the road and I have some fun toys." Still in a daze Kayla agreed. They all got into her car and headed off to their apartment.

Kayla was pleasantly surprised to find that their apartment wasn't the usual college dump but a very nice townhouse. Once inside the door Sam took Kayla by the hand and showed her around. Not surprisingly the tour ended in the bedroom. There was a huge king sized bed that took up most of the room. Soon Sam had turned Kayla around and her arms were wrapped around Kayla as she pulled her in for another kiss. This one was far more aggressive than the one she gave her on the dance floor. This was full open mouth and full tongue. Their bodies were pressed together as they kissed. Kayla felt a pair of hands on the back of her dress and her dress being pulled upward. Sam stepped away as Kayla raised her arms and her dress was pulled over her head. It didn't take Sam long to join her as she shed her dress too.

As she looked at Sam Kayla felt her panties being pulled down and turned around to see Ken behind her as he pushed them down to the floor.Then he stepped around Kayla and did the same to his sister Sam. Kayla was mesmerized as she watched brother and sister together. Once both women were naked Sam reached out and hooked her thumbs inside Ken's waistband and nodded for Kayla to do the same. Kayla reached out and did the same and together they pulled his underwear down to his ankles. Kayla was so into the idea of her being with a brother and sister that she didn't even notice the size of Ken's cock. It was at least eight inches long, but the impressive thing was it was as thick as her wrist. This had Kayla rethinking letting him have her ass.

Sam took Kayla's hand and the both crawled onto the bed. They were followed by Ken as he got on the other side of Kayla. Now that she was naked and in the middle of this brother and sister act, Kayla felt like she was about to be devoured. Sam leaned over first and gave her a long soft sensuous kiss. Then Ken followed his sister's lead. This became a pattern as Ken always followed Sam's lead. When Sam began sucking and softly biting on Kayla's nipple Ken did the same to the other nipple. Kayla was tingling as brother and sister used their mouths on her body. There were subtle differences between the two of them. Sam's touch was softer, more feminine. While Ken's touch was the aggressive touch of a young man. No matter the differences, right now Kayla was riding a river of pleasure. As they both moved down her body they managed to share several deep kisses, and knowing they were related, this turned Kayla on even more.

When they moved between her legs they both held one leg in their hands and eased her legs apart. Once she was spread eagle before them they began by kissing and nibble along the inside of her thighs, from the knee up to her dripping wet pussy. Kayla kept looking down as they both neared her sex at the same time. She was expecting Sam to take the lead, but was shocked when Sam started licking the top part of her pussy around the clit, and Ken lifted her backside off the bed and started licking from her asshole to the opening of her pussy. This brought a high pitched groan from Kayla.

"Oh fuck yeah. That feels so damn good." Kayla moaned as brother and sister worked on her. Kayla knew that this would be a night of one orgasm chasing another. Then Ken started flicking his tongue at her sphincter, trying to get inside. Just then Sam started sucking on her clit ever so softly. When Ken buried his face between her butt cheeks kayla felt his tongue break through and she just grabbed a handful of sheets in each fist. Kayla didn't think she could last much longer and when Sam slipped her finger inside Kayla's pussy while she sucked on her clit she went off. Her moans and groans went from soft to loud. Her entire body started to shake as she came all over their faces. Kayla felt her hips pushing up to meet Sam's mouth and Ken driving his tongue deeper into her ass.

Kayla thought it was over when Sam moved up to her to share a kiss and let Kayla lick her pussy juices off her face, but Ken kept tongue fucking her ass. "Oh fuck that feels so good. Nobody has ever done that to me." Sam just kissed her again and traveled back down her body. Once down there she pulled Ken up and as he knee walked between Kayla's open thighs Sam reached out and took her brother's hard cock into her hands. Kayla watched as Sam pulled her brother's cock closer until she was able to reach it with her mouth and started sucking it. Kayla just watched as she sucked her brother's cock until it was completely hard and then she positioned it so that he could slide into Kayla's pussy.

Sam gave her brother's cock a couple strokes and then she lined it up with Kayla's pussy. Ken slowly pushed his cock inside Kayla and Kayla let out a low moan as it felt like a tree trunk going in. Sam started working on Kayla's clit as her brother inched deeper inside her. Finally with Ken halfway inside Kayla Sam edged up Kayla's body leaving a trail of soft kisses as she went. Once she was up at Kayla's head she gave her a deep demanding kiss. Her tongue invading Kayla's mouth. Kayla returned the kiss as best she could. Sam then eased further up kayla's body and straddled her. As Kayla looked down instead of seeing Ken fucking her she saw Sam's shaved pussy.

Kayla moved on instinct and reached behind Sam and with her hands on Sam's ass she pulled her pussy towards her. Kayla tilted her head up and took a tentative lap of it with her tongue. Then as she got closer the strokes from her tongue became more assertive. Finally Sam's pussy was right on Kayla's mouth and she was lapping away with her tongue. All of her experiences with Jennifer in college came back in a flash. Kayla's strokes became more confident, as she reached places that Jennifer use to like to be touched, and Sam as well, judging by her moans.

Sam was sliding her pussy back and forth across Kayla's face as Ken was fucking Kayla with his large cock. Kayla wrapped her legs around Ken and pulled Sam's pussy against her mouth as she sought out Sam's clit. Once she found it she wrapped her lips around it and started sucking. Her tongue dancing across it and driving Sam crazy. Sam now had a firm hold on the headboard as she was about to cum all over Kayla's face. Meanwhile Ken was getting closer and closer to filling up Kayla's pussy with his cum. With one final deep thrust Kyla felt Ken's cock pumping his young cum inside her, and right then Sam's legs tightened around her head and she started to sum on her face. The entire room was filled with moans and groans from all three.

As they all came down from their orgasms Sam slowly slid off Kayla's face and Ken slowly withdrew his cock from her pussy. Sam laid down beside Kayla and started kissing and licking her juices from Kayla's face, and incredibly Ken moved down and started licking and sucking her pussy which was still full of his cum. This triggered another orgasm as Ken latched his mouth onto Kayla's pussy and started sucking on her gaping pussy and pulling his cum out of her. She could feel his tongue sliding deep within her pussy as he tried to get every drop out. Kayla couldn't do anything but thrash about on the bed as she was eaten out by the man who just filled her up, and his sister cleaned her face of her own cum.

Sam finally quit her soft sensuous attack on Kayla and looked down at her brother, his face between Kayla's spread open thighs. Then Sam moved down to join her brother and she pulled him off Kayla's pussy and she gave him a deep kiss. It was like she wanted some of the cum and juice Ken had in his mouth. Kayla looked down her body and as perverted a scene as it was, she was still turned on beyond belief. She watched as Sam took the time to lick and suck all the juices off Ken's face, and once that was done she took his place between Kayla's thighs. Soon Kayla was enjoying Sam's tongue as she went about cleaning up any cum her brother missed.

Kayla was feeling almost left out when Ken presented her with something that hadn't been cleaned, his cock. Kayla quickly took it in her fingers and brought it to her mouth. She slowly sucked it between her lips letting her tongue wash over it so she could savor their combined juices. Sam was now really using her tongue as she was sliding her tongue as far as she could go inside Kayla's pussy. Meanwhile Ken was beginning to harden inside Kayla's mouth. Soon Ken was rock hard once again and Kayla was softly sucking on him. Sam looked up and came up beside Kayla and leaned over taking her brother's cock into her mouth. She sucked on him for a short time before passing him back to Kayla. They kept this up for a little while longer before Sam said "I think he wants that pussy again."

Kayla looked at Sam and then Ken and nodded okay. She spread her legs wider expecting him to move back down there again. Instead Sam said "lets do it doggy style this time." Then she reached out and helped Kayla get into position, but before Ken could enter her Sam slithered underneath Kayla. Now the two women were in a 69 position with Kayla on top. Kayla smiled as she looked down at Sam's shaved pussy and bent down to start licking her.

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