tagExhibitionist & VoyeurKayla's Diary Pt. 02

Kayla's Diary Pt. 02


Hi guys, it's me Kayla, again. Boy, did Jackson ever change my life - if you don't know who or what I am talking about, then you should go back and read part 1 of my diary. That night seems like so long ago, but has only been three months. A lot has happened in that twelve-week period and I'm sure it will continue as my life moves forward. This next story takes place four days after that darkened alcove experience with Jackson.

My best friend Lesley drove me to the airport and was going to stay with me until I boarded my flight to Seattle. When I got to the airport though, I found out that my flight was delayed by at least two hours. I groaned and told Lesley that she might as well go back to my place - she was going to be housesitting for me while I was away - and that I would see her when I got home in a week.

She asked if I was sure, because she would stick around if I wanted her too. I told her to go, that I would just hang out in the airport bar or something. Lesley said, okay, gave me a hug and a peck on the cheek and told me to have a fun week.

I made my way to the bar and ordered a rum and coke. I normally don't touch hard alcohol, but I also don't like flying. I needed something to calm my nerves and take my mind off the trip ahead.

I called my mom and stepdad to let them know about the delay, that was going to put me in - at earliest - eleven o'clock tonight. I told mom not to worry about picking me up, I'd catch a cab and yes, I had the key to the house they had sent me, so they didn't even need to wait up if they didn't want too.

I hung up as I finished my first drink and ordered a second, I began looking around the bar, seeing if I could find anybody interesting. I had been thinking about the night with Jackson, and of course, that was making me incredibly horny. My pussy was aching and I was sure it was leaking. If I reached down between my legs to check, I was pretty sure my panties would be soaked. Unfortunately, the bar was filled mostly with couples or others who were more interested in their phones and laptops then they were with their surroundings.

I don't normally smoke, but decided it was a good enough excuse to step outside and go for a little walk in the fresh air. I was informed by security that I would need to go back through the checkpoints when I come back in. I grumbled something about asshole terrorists ruining everything, but said okay and left the building.

I didn't have any cigarettes, but figured I could find someone who would give me one. I ended up around the side of the terminal and found an employee leaning against the wall taking a break. He was good looking, with long brown hair put up in a ponytail. Now, usually I have no interest in guys with ponytails, in my opinion, it doesn't really look good on them. This guy was able to pull it off though, or maybe it was just that I was horny and any man looked good to me at the moment.

I walked up to him, putting a bit of a sashay to my hips and asked if he had an extra smoke I could get off of him.

"Sure," he said, and reached for his pack. "Shit, this was the last one in the pack. I have another pack in my car, if you want, I can go get it." He offered.

"Do you have time?" I asked. "You're on break, right?"

"I'm on my lunch break, and I have another thirty-five minutes. So, I'll be back in a few, okay."

I nibbled my bottom lip as I thought about it for a few seconds. I was very horny and he was cute, a bit gangly and awkward looking, but still cute. He had thirty-five minutes before he had to get back to work. I checked my watch, I had an hour and twenty before I could board the plane. It wouldn't leave anytime for small talk, but after all, I wasn't looking for his life story, I was looking for his cock. I would just have to make my move quickly.

I made up my mind and asked, "You mind if I come with you?"

"Sure, come on," he said.

It took us five minutes to reach his car parked in the employee parking lot. There were empty vehicles parked all around and on either side of his shorter sedan were two larger pickups. I figured that would give us a bit of privacy at least. He opened his car door and leaned inside. I purposely came up behind him, so that when he stood and turned around, I could step right up close to him.

My right hand found his crotch, my tits smashed against his chest, my left hand went around his head... and before he could say a word my lips were on his and my tongue was darting into his mouth.

He was in shock for a couple of seconds before he started kissing me back. He placed both hands on my waist and lifted me off the ground. He was surprisingly strong for such a skinny guy. I was forced to release his jean covered cock and I brought my legs up around his hips as he turned us and propped my back against the car.

"I wish we had a room," he groaned into my neck then nibbled the flesh.

"You've got a car," I panted.

"If we get caught, I'm going to lose my job."

"Do you want to stop?" I asked.

"Fuck no!" He said emphatically. "If I lose my job... oh fucking well."

I giggled at that. He opened the back door of his car and sat me down on the seat. He was about to climb in with me when I stopped him and told him to stand back up. There was a bit of confusion written on his face, until I reached for his zipper. I pulled it down and had to fumble a bit retrieving his cock from the fly of his boxer briefs. I decided right then and there that I didn't care that much for that type of underwear on a guy. I wanted the easier access of no underwear, or at least regular boxers with a more open fly.

Oh well, I managed to pull his still flaccid dick through, I gave the soft flesh a couple of strokes before putting it into my mouth. This was something else that I had neglected with my ex fiancé, Chris. In the five years that we had been together, I could count on one hand the number of times I had gone down on him. I almost started to feel sorry for Chris, but then recalled Jackson's words, that I didn't have the right teacher.

I put my ex out of my mind for the moment and concentrated instead on the dick in my mouth. It tasted and smelled good, a little musky from sweat and work, but it tasted like a man. It was highly erotic to feel it growing and swelling in my mouth. I twirled my tongue around the head even dipping into the tiny slit. He was almost completely hard now, the head of his cock hitting against the back of my throat. I tried to control my gag reflex, but I have to admit - and, hate to admit - that with my limited dick-sucking experience, I was unable to do so. I jerked my head back, coughing. Two lines of saliva trailed from the underside and head of his cock to my gasping lips. I used my hand to break the connection and spread the slippery saliva along his penis as I pumped him up and down.

His cock was seven inches long, not very thick but definitely enough to choke me. I needed to get some practice. It didn't seem like this guy had a big penis, it was a nice one, but it was more likely average in size. Of course, I don't have much to go on either - you might recall me telling Jackson before he fucked me on the street, that my ex was the only man I had ever been with - this was only my third cock. My ex had been rather large at eight inches, and very thick. And Jackson, well... I had never actually seen his penis, only felt it inside me. it had felt thick, thicker than the guy in front of me at least. It had sure filled my pussy nicely. Yes, I thought, I definitely needed to find someone I could practice on.

As I stroked his cock, I reached back into his briefs. I wanted his balls out, I wanted to fondle them, I wanted to suck on them.

I growled in frustration, looked up and said, "Pull them down."

"Don't forget, baby... I've only got about twenty minutes now," he stated. He looked around the parking lot quickly, then pulled his pants and underwear down enough to free his scrotum.

I lifted his cock out of the way, but kept stroking it as I greedily attacked his balls with my lips and tongue. His smell and taste was even muskier down here, it reminded me of something wild and untamed, giving me an almost feral feeling. I tried to recall if my ex had ever smelled or tasted like this? I don't think he did, in fact, I know he didn't. We always had sex at night after going to bed, and he always took a shower before coming to bed. All I know is that this man's aroma was driving me crazy.

I licked at his scrotum and back further, trailing a line of saliva from his taint to his balls. I popped one of his testicles into my mouth and rolled it around with my tongue, then I lavished the other one with the same treatment, before running my tongue the length of his shaft once more. I took half of his cock in my mouth, careful not to engage my gag reflex and started sucking and bobbing.

I must have been doing something right, he was moaning, "Oh, baby. Oh, baby," over and over again. At one point, he tried to ram his hard cock down my throat and I had to back off. It turned out that it was probably a good thing anyway as I looked at the time and realized we only had fifteen minutes. I had started this encounter with the intension of getting my pussy fucked, and I wasn't about to miss out.

I pushed my airport stud back a bit, then reached under my skirt and wiggled out of my soaked hot pink panties. I threw them over my shoulder into his back seat, then stood in front of him and closed the door behind me.

"But, I thought..." he started.

"Lift me up and pin me against the car." I interrupted. "Like you did before."

He got the idea, I could tell he was a bit nervous though. It was after all his employee parking lot, in broad daylight. If it had been the normal terminal parking lot with a lot of people coming and going, I probably wouldn't have been as brazen, but nobody was around, so I told him, "Do it!"

He gave a shrug and said, "You're a hot piece of ass, lady... what the fuck!" He put both hands around my waist, and lifted.

At the same time, I pulled my skirt up over my hips and wrapped my legs around him. I could feel the steal of his car against my bare ass as he backed me against the solid surface. I reached down between us and grabbed his stiff prick, then guided the head to the entrance of my slick pussy. From there, I let gravity take over and I slid my cunt onto his pulsing cock.

I let out a moan as I felt him fill me, then leaned forward, arms wrapped around his neck, I put my lips next to his ear and whispered, "Fast and hard, lover. Don't be gentle."

Apparently, he didn't need to be told twice - I liked that in a guy - he put his hands under my ass and bent his knees a bit for better leverage. He brought his cock out about halfway then rammed back into my grasping cunt. My ass slammed against his door window with enough force that I was surprised it didn't shatter with the impact.

I moaned and grunted with each powerful thrust, my hips played their part by slamming and grinding my dripping pussy on his rock-hard shaft with every downward motion. Fuck! He felt good, my pussy was on fire, and every time I grinded against him, I mashed my clit into his pelvis.

It didn't take me long and I was cumming, my hips thrashed, my pussy pulsed, my orgasm gushed from my overheated sex and coated his balls and thighs. I had to bite down on his shoulder to keep from screaming out. Oh, I wasn't completely quiet though, not by a long shot, I'm sure my grunting and panting could be heard from a good thirty or forty feet away. Fortunately, there was still nobody around.

I knew that we were running out of time, this guy had some stamina. He had been pounding away at my hot little cunt for close to ten minutes now. So, I started rhythmically clenching and unclenching my pussy muscles around his hard pounding shaft. With my pussy milking his cock and me telling him repeatedly, "Cum for me, baby." It didn't take him much longer, in fact, I almost got the impression that he was waiting for my permission.

"Where do you want it, baby?" he asked between clenched teeth.

"In me..." I panted. "Put it in my cunt!"

He growled low and deep at that, and with two or three more powerful thrusts, he buried himself to the hilt, his tightly drawn up ball sac slapped against my butt crack. His penis jerked once, twice, - honestly, I lost track - but each jerk of his dick sent spurts of hot creamy cum into my quivering pussy.

His arms and legs were shaking as he set me back on my feet, which were none too steady themselves. My forehead rested against his chest as we calmed ourselves. It took a few minutes. "I think you're going to be late," I giggled.

"Well worth it," he said. "Well worth it."

He pulled up his pants and underwear and we started back toward the terminal. The employee parking area was still empty, but on the way back, I did catch a glimpse of a few cameras here and there. I couldn't help but wonder if our little sexual escapade had been captured on film. Somehow, that thought made the whole experience hotter for me - damn! I had changed a lot in such a brief time. I did hope the guy didn't get fired over it though, he had been a hell of a good fuck and seemed like a decent enough guy.

We smoked a cigarette on the way back and went our separate ways at the same place we had met. Back through security, I had planned to visit the ladies room to freshen up my disheveled appearance. The only problem though was that my plane was boarding. While I was out in the parking lot getting laid, the delay had become less. I had to hurry to my boarding gate or I was going to miss my flight.

I got to my seat and squeezed in front of a good-looking guy in his mid-thirties. If I hadn't just had the life pounded out of my pussy, I might have come on to him. Oh, who am I kidding? I thought. I was raring to go again, already. The only thing that stopped me was the wedding band on his finger. As I sat there, I could feel my pussy leaking when I looked down, I saw a thin trail of cum that was quickly drying on my inner thigh and down to the side of my knee. I reached between my legs expecting to find a mixture of his and her cum soaking my panties.

"Oh shit," I groaned. I was going to have seriously consider buying stock in an underwear company if I kept leaving my panties behind. Or better yet, I was just going to have to stop wearing panties altogether.

Thirty-something was looking at me - or more precisely where I had my hand - so I decided, what the hell. I couldn't help having a little bit of fun with him. Looking straight at him, I brought two cum smeared fingers out from under my skirt, brought them to my lips and sucked them clean. "Mmmmm..." I moaned. With the shudder that coursed through him, I knew without a doubt that, married or not I could've had him. But, he was married, and I wasn't ready to go down that road... not yet anyway.

Without breaking eye contact, I said in a low seductive voice, "You know, he got my favorite pair of panties, and I didn't even get the name of the guy I just fucked."

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