tagErotic HorrorKayla's Opportunity

Kayla's Opportunity


Kayla's urge was there, and her mind told her to keep it at just that: an urge. She was fooling herself though, of course she was. Once you have the urge, it's only the opportunity that keeps the urge at bay. And Kayla knew that if given the opportunity, she would act upon it. Your mind could protest all it wanted, but in the end, it would compromise...justify.

Kayla's opportunity came one week in November after meeting Colton, one of the maintenance workers from her apartment complex. Colton was twenty-two years old, had a gorgeous smile and a huge bulge in his jeans. The latter, Kayla noticed at once. (The eyes of men went to the tit, the eyes of women went to the penis, though not always at once as revealing as the tit) Colton had come late in the day to fix the kitchen sink, and he stayed to make small talk and stare at Kayla's cleavage, his gaze hardly nonchalant. Kayla didn't mind; she liked it. Colton apologized for arriving late to fix the sink. "This week has been a killer...been working close to eight, most nights. City inspection is coming up, management freaking out trying to catch up, all that good stuff."

Kayla had thought on her toes and dreamed up something else for him to fix—no emergency, just whenever he had time. Whenever he had time. "Nothing that couldn't wait until Friday," she had hinted, wondering if he would pick up on the brash advance. He did, and they talked about all kinds of things that night.

Friday came, and then the night. Robert was asleep in the bedroom again. What nerve she had to flirt with a man in their apartment, and then invite him back to...do what? What was her intention? But Robert wouldn't wake until ten at the earliest. Sick all his life, and now the last two weeks spent not doing jack except sleeping and loudly ordering food from his bed. Doctors didn't know because there was nothing to find. Kayla had diagnosed his behavior as layoff disease. Her husband had lost his job, that was his illness, and now he was trying to lose his wife.

Was he trying, or was that the justification part? It didn't matter, because the knock came at six-thirty, and Kayla invited him in. She wore a low cut black shirt that allowed her breasts to spill out. She also wore a jean skirt and no panties...just in case. They went to the kitchen again, this time to the oven, which Kayla had said had been "acting funny". There was no small talk on this night. No need, and no time. Every minute that passed meant Robert was more likely to wake. Kayla wondered if Colton would be here right now if he knew there was a husband in the other room, down the hall.

But she wouldn't tell him, because now he was unbuttoning his blue work shirt. Kayla moved in on this man, ten years her junior, and cupped the bulge in his jeans with her hand. It responded by growing larger. He abandoned the last few buttons on his shirt and put his hands over her chest, marveling at the soft enormity. Adrenaline surged in both of their bodies, and Kayla knew the wheels had been set in motion. Colton suddenly spun her around, and Kayla braced herself against the stove while he pulled her shirt up over her breasts and unfastened her bra, unleashing his huge affections. Colton took them in his hands again, massaging them as if he was trying to comprehend their size.

Kayla backed into Colton, and his hands move to pull up her skirt. He paused briefly, perhaps surprised by the missing panties, and then put a hand between her legs, drawing a sharp, surprised exclamation. Kayla remembered at once that she would have to be quiet, and hoped that Colton was not a noisemaker. But, oh, fuck! Did his fingers feel so good against her clit! She felt one slide in; she was instantly drenched and aching for more than just his fingers, of which a second now slipped inside. Colton withdrew, and Kayla heard the sound of a zipper and rustle of fabric. He was moving fast...maybe he knew his time was limited.

Kayla looked down, eyes closed, waiting for affair to officially begin, not caring. She just wanted his cock inside her; she would worry about "now what" after he had made her come and he had spent himself in her. But he didn't enter her, instead spinning her back around to face him. He took a step back, and now Kayla saw the size of his cock. It was ridiculously huge, easily approaching ten inches and thicker than any other she had ever encountered. She instantly wondered if it would fit.

"Suck my cock," Colton ordered. The order didn't come across as aggressive, but it excited Kayla, and she obeyed, kneeling and taking it in her warm mouth. Colton moaned at once, and Kayla managed halfway down, thinking that was as much as she could take. Colton put a hand on her head and pulled her forward, activating her gag reflex. He let go and she took a breath, looked in his eyes, then took his cock deeper the next time. She managed to get almost the whole thing into her throat by the time he was ready to fuck her.

Colton helped her into a sitting position on the counter top, then pushed her legs apart greedily. Kayla watched, with amazement and pleasure and fear as his cock penetrated her, slowly...slowly. She winced and drew in a breath as he went. "Oh, fuck," he whispered, reacting to the constriction. He groped her heavy breasts as he went, then he thrust in suddenly, all the way, causing Kayla to cry out. She didn't even think about Robert. She came instantly, and wondered if Colton knew. He was concentrating still on her chest, while thrusting in and out, both of them adjusting and moving from discomfort to pure pleasure.

Colton's pace quickened, and Kayla thought he was about to come; his cock seemed to grow even bigger inside of her, and she wasn't sure how much longer she could keep from screaming. It felt like he was splitting her open. It hurt, but it also felt better than any cock she had ever taken inside of her. They were both sweating, their breathing coming quickly. Kayla dug her nails into Colton's shoulders and put her head back against the cabinet. She grimaced as he pushed in harder still. She wanted more, she wanted his cock to grow bigger still, even if it meant never being able to walk straight again. Then, between quick breaths, Colton said "You can scream...he won't wake up."

Kayla looked at him, confused, but too close to another orgasm to care. She squeezed her legs against his hips as she released again with a concealed whimper.

In the other room, down the hall, Robert wasn't getting up no matter how loud anyone screamed. His eyes were open and so was his throat, torn out, open for business. Blood soaked his pillow and the top half of the sheets, turning them almost black.

Then Kayla did scream, not with pleasure or discomfort, but pure terror. Colton had pulled out his cock and was ejaculating against her stomach with a cry of satisfaction. His spurt was red and hot, and it burned Kayla's flesh. She tried to push Colton away, but her strength abandoned her when she saw his eyes, his face. His eyes were solid white, his mouth impossibly wide and grinning, jagged and broken teeth almost glinting. And in the middle of those shards, two long teeth seemed to grow downward. With impossible ease, he shoved her back and leaned down, sinking his two daggers into her left breast. Kayla's eyes were saucers and she screamed at the pain, veins bulging on her neck.

Then in an instant, it was better. It was over, like a shot in the doctor's office, all better now.

Kayla cradled Colton's head as he sucked her blood through her breast. She didn't care if he meant to suck every last drop. She had returned to the ecstasy.

She would worry about the "now what" later.

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