tagIncest/TabooKayla's Serenade

Kayla's Serenade


The breeze was a gentle lullaby sung upon a summer day. August was lounging doggily upon the lake, the rolling hills, the countryside. Ian gazed over his private domain. Years ago, fresh out of college and struggling to make his mark in music, he had written his one-hit wonder that climbed to number three on the charts, and overnight, a multi-millionaire was born.

120 acres in the Berkshires, a stunning and incomparably beautiful wife, a daughter who was spoiled and given all the benefits of wealth, cars, the finest dining...all were his. But, just as easily as they came, they were lost. Ten years had passed since his wife, to the delight of the paparazzi, was photographed naked on the private yacht of his record producer, after which a divorce quickly ensued. Financial settlements were made. Lawyers received their pound of flesh. His daughter was sent at the age of eight to a private boarding school in France. Three years later his ex-wife was found dead from an overdose of God-knows-what! Ian became a recluse in the Berkshires. A broken man's fucked-up life in a nutshell.

Ian had had ten years to sort things out, alone in his little ashram in the hills. Slowly he came to understand the life he had created for himself, and the life he had been handed by others. Sitting in his gazebo on the lake, he was contemplating the future. Not only his future, but the future of a daughter he barely knew...Kayla. He could only remember her as a little blond-haired girl, innocent and playful as the buttercups dancing in the wind across the meadows. He always smiled when he remembered her, he could not help himself. She was arriving on the train the next day, and his life would surely change in ways he could not fathom.

That night he climbed the spiral staircase to his private recording studio, a story above the rest of the house, overlooking the tops of the trees to the lake and hills beyond. He smiled as he booted up the computer, "This is your last time, Ian, at least for awhile. Kayla wouldn't approve with her boarding school ways, all prim and proper." He looked at himself in the mirror at the top of the stairs. T-shirt, briefs, house slippers, typical eveningwear at the O'Neal household. He smirked at his reflection, "Guess I'll be having to improve my wardrobe a bit too." The heat of a summer evening competed with the air-conditioned comfort of the studio as Ian kicked off his slippers and removed his briefs.

Plopping his naked behind down on the leather chair at his computer, he started browsing through sex videos, finding those that aroused him and made him forget how alone he was. Slowly his cock took on a mind of its own, rising with an undulating pulse that followed the action on screen. Taking his cock in hand, he began to stroke it, gently and lazily at first, then more swiftly and firmly as the stud in the video took on the beautiful ass of a blonde, begging to be stuffed and filled with his hot sperm. Ian and the video rose to a climax at the same time as the stud pulled his dick out of the girl's cunt and shot streams of hot cum over her back and bum.

This had been Ian's sex life for years now. As he lay there catching his breath, he looked down at the streams of jizz that had covered his t-shirt. He could smell the pungent aroma of sperm wafting up from his sodden garment, but oh, how he missed the aroma of the other half, the female scent that complemented the male.

He pulled the shirt off over his head and tossed it into the corner, his convenient way of cleaning up after the act. He looked around the studio at his musical instruments, untuned and unused for a while now. Inspiration was not something that had come easily to Ian these past few years. With a sigh he climbed back down the stairs and crawled into bed in his usual night-time wear...nothing.

Late August brought an unexpectedly cool morning, hinting of an early autumn perhaps, as Ian rose refreshed from a good night's rest. Showering and shaving, he wanted to look especially fine when he met his daughter for the first time in ten years. He inspected himself in the bathroom mirror. Forty-one years of age, no paunch, brown hair except for the few silvers around his temples. "Not bad!" he thought to himself, "You've held up pretty well, you old dog." Grinning, he dressed in his best summer ensemble, and then stepped out of the house into a fresh new day, a fresh new life, a fresh new beginning. As he put the key into the lock of his car, he took one last look at the old Ian in the window, "Don't screw it up this time," he told his reflection. Soon he was speeding down the road to the station.

The station was filled with people leaving and arriving, making the picture of busy ants about their business. Would he recognize her? His eyes kept roaming about the hubbub and press of humanity. Once in a while, he was distracted by a particularly feminine wave of the hips, or shapely ass. Being an ass man himself, he usually never let a pretty girl pass unnoticed. One girl in particular caught his attention as she walked past. As his eyes followed her butt down the walk, he was startled from his leering reverie by a strange voice, "Daddy? It's me. Kayla." He swung around to see the owner of the sweet voice and found himself staring at a young woman, glowing smile, bright eyes, and long flowing blond hair cascading over her shoulders in wispy curls. He gasped! It was like his wife of years past standing before him. But no...it was Kayla, grown up and a spitting image of her mother.

He stammered out a brisk, "K-Kayla, hello!" then both broke into hearty smiles and hugged in a long embrace. Minutes passed before they stood back and got a good look at each other. Ten years really changes a person, and both saw changes they expected to see but had to take in before they registered as real. "I can't believe it. My little Kayla has become a grown woman!"

"Yes, silly," she giggled, "but I am still, and always will be, your little girl. Remember that." Ian began to relax as the first few moments passed and all seemed comfortable and pleasant. As usual, his worries were all in his head.

Kayla had been a nervous wreck on the train, not knowing what to concentrate on or what she was going to say. She was glad her father was so relaxed and charming. He made her feel warm and welcome and she responded with a sense of calm and security, as though they had not spent the last ten years apart.

At home she was shown her room and unpacked, Ian fixed a midday repast, and both sat down to eat. "Any wine, honey? I usually have a glass with meals." She nodded to a nice chardonnay. Finally full and able to kick back, they went out to the gazebo on the lake with their wine. "It's so beautiful, Daddy! Just like I remembered. I could stay here forever." Ian smiled, "You're welcome to stay as long as you like, honey. It will be nice having a bit of femininity to warm the place up a bit. Beats my hermit ways."

"Well then," she laughed, "you'll be a hermit no longer, mon Pere." The clink of wineglasses sent a tinkling echo over the still water.

Days passed without incident as the two came to know each other better and grew more comfortable with their new circumstances. Ian had to get used to walking about the house fully clothed, though still sleeping in the nude. Kayla had to get used to making sure she had a towel wrapped around her as she went from the shower to her room, something that she hadn't worried about while living in a girl's school. Like her father, she slept also in the nude.

One morning Ian rose and went to the kitchen in his usual t-shirt and briefs and began to scramble some eggs for breakfast. Kayla arrived shortly thereafter unnoticed by her father and sat down musing upon the scene presented. With a smile she said, "Fixing me some too?"

Ian, suddenly waking from his morning grogginess, turned beet red and grabbed a dish towel to cover himself, making the scene only more comical. "I'm sorry, honey. I promise it won't happen again," he pleaded as he tried to find a decent way out of his predicament. When she finally stopped laughing, she suggested that she would be a sorry daughter indeed if her own father couldn't walk around the house in comfortable briefs. Not looking convinced, she told him he could put some shorts on and she could finish the eggs. During breakfast she assured him there was no harm in his "less-than-clothed" condition, that he shouldn't be ashamed, and that she had seen men totally unclothed on the nude beaches in France. "No big deal!" Before she washed the dishes, she gave him a hug and simply put the matter to rest by yanking his shorts down to his ankles and dispensing with them. "There, mon Pere, that's more comfortable," and that was the end of the matter. At least for the time being.

Three mornings later, Kayla decided fair was only fair, and put on a French negligee consisting of a pink silk bra with a flower print and silk thong to match. Over this she donned a lace camisole blouse that tied in the front. Looking in the mirror she exclaimed, "Well that's that," and walked into the kitchen and started fixing breakfast. Ian, by this time, had become used to parading around in his briefs, and came around the corner to this new situation unexpectedly. He stood quietly in the doorway to the kitchen taking it all in. The sight of his daughter brought home to him that she was not only grown up, but a mature and beautiful sexual creature. His eyes wandered up and down her physique, tracing the feminine lines so ably presented to him. She finally finished scrambling the eggs and turned around to see him standing there.

"Oh, you're up, Daddy," she smiled as her eyes were diverted downward to his much swollen briefs, then added, "In more ways than one."

Ian took a brief second to collect his thoughts. He didn't intend to become a laughingstock again, and nonchalantly began, "Kayla, we have to come to an understanding. We are two adults living in the same house. We can't spend our days hiding from each other and scurrying about covering ourselves up. It's a waste of time, and quite frankly, uncomfortable."

Kayla raised an eyebrow, wondering where his line of reasoning was going to go, fully realizing that he was desperately trying to worm his way out of another compromising situation. "Go on then. What are you proposing?" she asked, trying not to look amused.

"All I'm saying is we shouldn't be embarrassed every time we walk in on each other. I mean it's bound to happen. Let's not sweat it." Finally she could hold back no longer and began to laugh. "Father dear," she giggled, having fun at his expense, "I think the only one sweating here is you." Her eyes returned to his crotch and she made no secret about what she was referring to. "I am happy to walk around the house butt naked, but if you're going to get a boner every time you see me, that might be a little uncomfortable for the both of us."

Ian sank into a kitchen chair, coloring slightly, "Well, you have a point there, but look at it this way. It's just an act of nature. It will come and go, rise and fall...like the tides, like the seasons. It's not like I'm going to seduce my own daughter! Besides, when I look at you that way, I just can't help it."

This was just too good for Kayla to pass up, "And exactly what way are you looking at me, Daddy?"

Ian realized at this point he had to change tack, as he was obviously only digging himself in deeper and deeper. He drew in a long breath and decided the truth was now his only choice, "Come now. Look at yourself. Young, beautiful, fit..."

"And? ..." she was mercilessly driving him to say it.

"Okay, okay ... sexy!" and there it was. He had said it, and said it to his own daughter. He had looked at her as an object of lust, and it both disturbed and embarrassed him. "I'm sorry, honey, I've spoken out of line and I apologize."

"Don't," she replied, deciding his discomfort had been carried too far, and reassuringly, "As you said, it's just an act of nature. Expected under the circumstances. Don't worry. I agree to your proposal." With that she took the plate of scrambled eggs, of which she had eaten half during his proposal, and put it on the table. Kissing her father's head, she smiled and said, "Je t'aime, mon Pere," and left the room.

Late summer drifted into early fall. Tensions relaxed somewhat after the "skimpy clothing proposition" was made. Kayla began to clean and run the household more. She felt it was the least she could do as she didn't have employment and her father was independently wealthy. This freed up time for Ian to work more in his music studio, but inspiration was still in short supply. One day she was picking up clothes around the house and found a t-shirt wadded up in the corner of the studio. It had been laying there awhile as it had a thin layer of dust on it. She picked it up and shook the dust off and draped it over her arm. Noticing some odd stains on the front, she held it up to the light to see.

It didn't take an Einstein to realize what she was looking at. She thought of her father up in his studio overlooking the beautiful landscape of the Berkshires, lonely and masturbating. She would have to spend more time with him, taking his mind off his isolation up here in the hills. That night she fixed a homemade dinner with wine and set up a table in the cool evening breeze under the gazebo overlooking the lake. As accepted in the proposition she dressed comfortably, and a bit provocatively, in a white, sheer silk blouse, no bra, and a pair of navy blue panties. Just because there was no danger of seduction, didn't mean she couldn't give him a show.

Ian had gone into town to buy some new strings for one of his guitars and on his return was surprised to see the spread under the gazebo. Kayla had put a lot of effort into the meal and he would make sure to be extra appreciative. He sat down by the lake and breathed in the early autumn smell of leaves and cedar scented breezes presaging the colder weather to come. Then he spied his daughter walking from the house with a tray full of appetizers.

Ian could only stare, mesmerized by his little girl's beauty and grace. She lowered her eyes demurely as she walked gracefully across the lawn like she had been taught in finishing school. The panties shimmered an iridescent midnight blue beneath the non-concealing blouse, and as the cool breezes ruffled the sheer fabric above, her nipples stood erect and hard for her father to contemplate...and contemplate he did! As per their agreement, nothing was said, and a pleasurable night of French wine and cuisine, accompanied by laughter and conversation permeated the evening. Early on, Ian had to quickly adjust his penis while Kayla's back was turned, as it was growing uncomfortable hemmed up in his pants. Once it was erect and pointing upwards, the discomfort disappeared. Finally, with the meal finished and the night coming on, she asked him to slow dance to some music she had piped from the house. At first he was reluctant, but she insisted. On coming together in a waltz embrace, she felt his hardness against her stomach. She felt complimented that she could elicit this reaction from her own father. She smiled, almost purring, and whispered softly into his ear, "Act of nature..." and nestled her face into his shoulder. A perfect night, she thought to herself.

Before bed they cleaned up the table and washed dishes, Kayla humming and bouncing around the kitchen, and Ian staring most of the evening at her nipples and bottom. She kissed him goodnight and went to bed. He went up to his studio and booted up the computer. Having been erect and horny since dinner had been served, he could never have slept without relieving his tensions. Several free sites portrayed their wares before his eyes, but he was particularly taken by a teenage beauty bearing many similar traits to his daughter, nice full bosom, petite stature, tight curvy bottom, and long, flowing blond hair that cascaded down her back.

It was one of those romantic videos with a lot of cuddling and kissing, but slowly, her clothes removed and flawless skin revealed, the action grew more and more heated. His penis, already hard from dinner, was straining against the steady stroking of his hand. And then he heard the quiet footfalls on the stair.

Ian was not the only person in the house to be influenced sexually by the evening's events. Kayla had an internal fire burning. She was not put off by her father's erect condition that evening. As a matter of fact, she found it quite stimulating and, during the slow dancing, had been aroused by his hardness. As she melted in his arms, his cock had commenced a slow, gentle contact with her tummy, and the effect had caused her panties to moisten over the crotch. By the time the dance was finished, and they had looked into each other's eyes in the silvery full moonlight, not only were her panties soaked, but her juices were dribbling down her thighs. Needless to say, she found she was unable to sleep, and found herself silently making her way to his studio.

When he heard her footfall, he had to make a quick decision to either cover himself and make the best of the situation, or go on with his fantasy. He decided to continue simply because he had to be himself and not live a life hiding his desires and accumulated tensions from someone who lived so closely to his situation. If she were to be upset about it, she had the freedom to leave the room. He would not force anything upon her.

When Kayla reached the top of the stairs, the site awaiting her was expected and appreciated. She would not interrupt his well-deserved reverie. In fact, seeing him stroking himself to a sex video set her juices flowing again. She couldn't take her eyes off his cock which was beginning to jerk and tighten even more. It was so long and straight, she could not help but admire the fine specimen of manhood displayed by her own father. In fact, she held a guilty pride in surveying it, from the tip of the head from which pre-cum juices were dribbling and aiding the lubrication of the shaft, to his balls which were pendulating with every thrust.

Ian, aware that his daughter was eyeing him closely, and Kayla, not thinking he knew she was there, made for an interesting combination. She began running her thin fingers down her belly, into the top of her soaked panties, and to the warm, wet curls between her legs. As he grew nearer to orgasm he began to eye the computer action more intently and to forget the extra presence in the room. Rising to a climax, a low elongated groan came involuntarily from deep inside, "Kaaaaaaay-laaaaaa!"

Thick long ropes of creamy sperm ejected from the tip of his cock like a volcanic explosion! It was amazing to observe, but Kayla was visibly shaken by the name he had attached to his sexual fantasy. She turned and hurried quietly down the spiraling staircase, jumping into her bed and pulling the covers over her as if hiding.

Ian, on the other hand, shaken from the forces he had unleashed, took a few minutes to recover before realizing his utterance had revealed his true longing for his daughter. He spun around to make sure she was still there so he could apologize, but she had disappeared. "Well what is spoken can never be unspoken," he muttered to himself as he descended the stairs to comfort his daughter below, but when he peaked in the door of her bedroom, he saw that she had completely covered her naked and shaken body and was pretending to sleep. He went to bed also, but was unable to sleep for a long time, worrying what tomorrow may bring.

The morning quiet about the house could be cut with a knife. Neither Kayla, nor Ian, was quite sure how to broach the topic of all that had occurred the night before. Kayla wanted so much to apologize for being such a tease by wearing the outfit she had so totally flaunted before him. Ian wanted to explain his actions and utterances while masturbating before a screen displaying a girl so similar to his daughter. The disconcerting and incestuous overtones of the whole evening kept them from breaking the ice. Kayla walked down the driveway to pick up the morning paper and sat down at the kitchen table to peruse the apartment rental ads.

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