tagIncest/TabooKayla's Slumber

Kayla's Slumber


Shawn and Kayla were typical brother and sister. They had their bad days where they would argue and they had other days when they would enjoy each other's company. Shawn noticed that his relationship had deterred recently over the past year, as Kayla was certainly growing up and her social life was becoming quite advanced. She would go out partying regularly with her friends and even began wearing skimpy outfits... not like he was complaining. Kayla was a nice looking girl. By her eighteenth birthday, he noticed she had grown into a very physically attractive girl. She had shoulder length brown hair, which she wore curly some days and straight others. She was slender and had nice perky tits, some days he could see her nipples hardened through her nightie and found him quite turned on.

She had long legs, which she had always shown off, and a nice round ass, which he had always fantasized about grabbing. Shawn, himself was a good-looking person. Two years older than his sister, he was in and out of relationships but nothing too serious. He noticed more and more lately his sister at school, touching and kissing boys in the hallways or near her locker. He wasn't sure why, but always found this quite arousing for him- sometimes he caught himself watching as her hand found it's way higher and higher up her partner's leg. One time, he was not sure, but thought he caught his sister watching him through the corner of her eye as she fondled a football player in a dark corner of the change room. Shrugging it off, he continued to be subtle about his growing interest in his sister.

One night at dinner, Shawn found himself staring at the cleavage revealed in his sister's low cut top. Catching himself, he felt embarrassed and hoped no one had seen his display of curiosity. After the table had been cleared and coffee was being poured, Shawn gasped as his sister's foot reached up from under the table and landed on his lap. Making eye contact with the beautiful girl, she teased him with her eyes. Kayla grabbed a carrot in the center of the table and remained normal looking as her foot began to climb closer and closer to Shawn's hardening cock. Putting the carrot to her mouth, Shawn's eyes locked on her mouth as she slid the veggie between her lips and sexily pulled it in and out, making soft sucking noises as she continued to massage his now fully lengthened member. Shawn did not know what to think of this, but felt disappointed as she pulled her foot away and mentioned to her parents that she was going to have her friend Katie over for the evening to help her study for her upcoming math exam. Her parents nodded agreeing, and mentioned to Kayla not to stay up all night.

Katie arrived around 7:00 pm, and the girls hurried up to Kayla's bedroom. Shawn still felt dazed about what had happened at dinner and wondered if it had all been in his head. It was Friday night, and every Friday Kayla and Shawn's mother and father went out for the night to play pool with a few of their friends. Since Shawn had no plans for the evening, he went to his room and laid on his bed, turning on the television. After a few hours of watching not-so-good TV, Shawn felt a bit thirsty and headed to the kitchen for a glass of juice. Passing Kayla's bedroom, he heard some strange noises, which intrigued him to go closer to the door. It was open a crack, so Shawn pressed his ear to the opening in order to listen in on what the girls were up to. "Kayla you are a pretty good kisser, I love that I have a friend like you to practice this stuff on. You're so lucky that you are pretty, and actually get to fool around with guys; I've never even kissed anyone- except you."

"Oh, Katie. You are beautiful; you just have not found your sexual confidence yet. I can help you with that, you know."


Shawn could not believe what he was hearing. He always thought that Katie was amazingly good looking and felt very turned on by what he was hearing come from his sister's bedroom. Could they really be kissing in there? He was very curious, and wanted to see for himself. Pushing the door open a little further, he pushed his head through the door and had a perfect view of the two girls on the edge of Kayla's bed.

"Well, have you ever wanted to have your pussy licked?" Kayla asked. Shawn could not believe how direct and dirty his sister was talking to her friend. He became instantly hard and found it difficult not to massage his needful cock.

"Oh my goodness, Kayla. I do not know. I have seen it on television and it does get me very aroused. Why do you ask?"

"I think it would help your sexual confidence if you were more experienced. I think you should have your pussy eaten. It's most wonderful."

"How am I supposed to find someone to eat me out when I can't even find a boy who will kiss me?" Katie questioned.

"I'll eat your pussy for you. It will be great, just lay back and you won't need to do a thing."

Shawn almost exploded in his pants at the thought of his sister engaged in girl on girl action. He had never thought of his sister as bisexual but it made him very excited to think that she was. The door creaked as his hand reached for his growing cock, but neither Katie nor Kayla seemed to notice that he was there.

Kayla mounted Katie and brushed her blonde hair off her face. The two began passionately kissing, and looked very turned on as they did so. Shawn loved the sight of their tongues swishing in and out of each other's mouths. Kayla began reaching down Katie's body, and unbuttoned her shirt, revealing her black bra and very developed chest. Katie's breathing became heavier as she realized what was being done to her. Shawn was now fully erected and he could no longer keep his cock in his pants as it pushed against his jeans. Slowly unzipping his pants, Shawn revealed his cock and slowly pulled up and down his shaft. His eyes closed with pleasure and he intensively watched the girls. Kayla licked up and down Katie's body. First kissing her neck, then her throat, and around her chest. She licked up and down Katie's stomach, until finally unhooking her bra. Shawn stared at Katie's round tits, amazed at how hard her nipples had become. He enjoyed the sight and began stroking his dick faster and harder as his sister started sucking Katie's nipples and shoving as much of her tits as possible inside her hungry mouth. Katie seemed to enjoy this act even more than Shawn did, as she squirmed around on the edge of the bed, and gently began to push Kayla's head lower down her body.

"I need it. I want it now, Kayla."

Kayla smiled as she unbuttoned Katie's black jeans and pulled them down to her ankles, finally allowing them to slip to the ground beneath her. Katie lies naked, only covered by her matching black lace thong. Kayla pulled Katie and sat her up, as she straddled her from behind and began aggressively kissing her neck. Kayla tugged her hair a bit, as she moved her free hand down the front of Katie's body, and gently ticked the front of her black thong with her index finger.

"You're moist, Katie. You're ready now."

Katie did not say anything, but let out an excited squeal as Kayla's hand entered the front of her panties, and dipped between the lips of her wet pussy. Katie's legs spread, allowing Kayla full access to her dripping cunt. She slid her finger in and out, repeatedly, and Katie's anticipating screams and moans almost pushed Shawn over the edge as he quickly pumped his cock. Before she knew what was happening, Kayla pulled her finger from Katie's pussy and pushed her back onto the bed. Pulling down her thong with both hands, she furiously spread Katie's legs apart and buried her face in her clit. Katie's screams echoed throughout the house, and Shawn began to wonder if they knew he was here. After what seemed like a lifetime, Katie let out a loud moan and her body flung and thrust wildly as she had a deep and intense orgasm. Out of breath, the two girls lay in silence... Shawn came along with Katie and his cum squirted into his boxers as he let out a sigh of release. The two girls looked over at the door, revealing Kayla's brother shoved into the corner, watching their every move.

"I'm so sorry Kayla... I didn't mean-..."

"Don't worry, Shawn. It is no big deal... Maybe- you can help us out." Kayla said, as she motioned for Shawn to sit in the middle of the two girls on the bed.


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