I sighed as I opened the door to the house I had left almost a year ago. My girlfriend at the time had wanted to travel to Europe, and I had gone with her somewhat reluctantly. I'd begun regretting it almost immediately. I had kept travelling with her in the hope that she'd want to return home eventually, but instead she'd grown tired of me and left me alone somewhere in France with barely enough money for a plane ticket home. So here I was, crawling back to my parents' house broke and dejected.

My parents had been happy enough to let me come back, they were mostly just glad I'd come to my senses and could now get a proper job or go back to school. I wasn't nearly as excited about that aspect of returning as they were.

I had purposely arrived mid-afternoon, while my parents were at work, to at least give myself a few hours before having to deal with them. In hindsight though, that may not have been the best idea. It meant having to deal with my sister alone, with no buffer zone of inquisitive and semi-helpful parents.

My younger sister Kaylee and I had been fairly close growing up and I knew her well enough to know that while our parents might be happy I was back, she'd still be pissed that I left. It had been a sudden decision for me and I'd left without even talking to her about it, leaving only a short note explaining where I'd gone. Hell, I'd even missed her eighteenth birthday while I was gone. We'd always made a point of spending birthdays together and I'd missed one of the most important ones to her. I knew I deserved any anger she might direct toward me, but I certainly wasn't looking forward to it.

"Kaylee, you home?" I called, finally entering the house. I half hoped she wasn't so I could put off the inevitable a little longer. Then I heard a door open upstairs and knew I had no such luck. She appeared at the top of the stairs, her dark hair spilling across her face as she stopped. She kept her hair around shoulder length, and it always seemed to be getting in her way. I'd never seen it bother her though, even if it would have driven me crazy.

"Oh, you're back," she said while pushing her hair back, sounding almost disgusted. I flinched at the tone of her voice, dreading what else she might say. Instead she just turned around and went back to her room, closing the door with a definite slam.

"Could have been worse," I muttered, attempting to reassure myself. In reality I probably would have preferred a little yelling, anything to take my mind off my own feeling of guilt.


Days passed and I hadn't had a chance to talk to my sister. She mostly stayed in her room, ignoring me when I tried knocking on her door. She did come out of her room for meals, but I didn't want to talk to her with our parents around. So I waited.

Finally one evening around midnight I left my room to watch a movie in the living room, figuring everyone else would be in bed. Hearing the TV from down the hall, I realized Kaylee must already be watching something. I wasn't particularly surprised, she'd gotten into the habit of staying up late watching movies after everyone else had gone to bed a few months before I'd left. Sometimes I had stayed up with her, but that left me tired and cranky the next day. She had never seemed to need as much sleep as I did. Our mother had initially tried to enforce an earlier bedtime, but had given up before too long. Kaylee almost always got her way when it came to our parents, something I had found rather irritating when we were younger.

Stepping into the living room, I smiled as I found my sister in the middle of a car chase from a movie I didn't immediately recognize. Our mutual love of action movies, both good and bad, had been one of the few interests we had shared growing up. One of the things I'd missed most while I was away was spending endless hours on rainy weekends sitting on the couch with my sister curled up next to me watching gunfights and explosions, and laughing at horrible dialogue and flimsy plots.

"Hey," I said sitting down on the other end of the couch.

"Hey," she said back, not taking her eyes off the movie.

"Look, I know I fucked up. I never should have left, and I definitely shouldn't have left without telling you. I'm sorry." I looked over at my sister, who finally looked back at me.

"Whatever, I guess your girlfriend was just more important to you than I was." Her tone was neutral, but I still flinched and looked away. The words were more than sufficient for me to see that my apology hadn't been accepted.

"Kay, it wasn't that she was more important, I only thought we'd be gone maybe a month, I never meant to be away so long. I thought I'd lose her if I didn't go with her." I looked back over to my sister. "Do you know what it's like thinking someone you love might leave and you'd never see them again?"

"Yes," she said, "I do." With that statement she got up off the couch and went back to her room. I sat on the couch staring at the TV and cursing myself silently for my choice of words.


The next day it was my turn to confine myself to my room, only going out for food when I felt sure nobody was around. I felt miserable. My sister, the only person I really cared about anymore, hated me. I didn't really blame her, but I'd hoped she could have forgiven me.

I was lying on my bed feeling sorry for myself when I heard the knock on my door. I ignored it and the knock that followed, but Kaylee opened the door anyway. I was glad I was facing away from the door, I didn't know if I could face her right now.

"Supper's ready," she said.

"M'not hungry," I mumbled.

"You're never 'not hungry'" she said taking a step toward me, "come on let's go before mom starts yelling for us."

"I'm not hungry," I repeated more emphatically.

"Are you alright?" she asked, sounding concerned now.

"Of course I'm not alright. My girlfriend left me, I'm broke, and you hate me. What exactly should I feel alright about?"

"I don't hate you" she said in a soft voice. I felt her sit down on the bed beside me, and I rolled onto my back to look at her. "I've been miserable while you've been gone. I've spent months being angry at you and worried about you... and sad." She was looking down at the floor now. Her hair had fallen across her face again and I reached up to brush it back, like I'd done countless times before. She looked back at me and smiled briefly. "I wasn't angry at you because I hate you, it was because I love you."

I started to respond, but she interrupted me. "I know you feel bad about it," she said, "you don't deserve how I've been acting toward you."

"Yes I do," I said, "it was the stupidest thing I've ever done. Hell, I probably deserve worse."

She looked very seriously at me for a second before leaning down and kissing me gently. It felt amazing, but at the same time it felt a little weird. It wasn't something she'd ever done before.

After a few seconds she straightened back up, looking happier than I'd seen her since I got back. "There, I forgive you. Now let's go eat."


I was feeling a lot better after our conversation, now that I knew my sister didn't actually hate me. I felt like doing things again. I'd started doing some work around the house; doing the dishes, mowing the lawn and some general yard work. I'd also started seriously looking for a job, although I was having some trouble with that one so far. Best of all, Kaylee and I had started watching movies together again. Since I didn't have to get up in the mornings, I could even keep up with her preferred schedule.

She'd been on a Jason Statham kick recently, in the past couple days we'd watched Crank and Death Race. Tonight, since it was Friday, we were watching all three Transporter movies. I never liked the second two as much as the first one, but she insisted we watch all three together and I went along with it. I would pretty much have agreed to anything now that we were getting along again.

We'd gotten through the first two already, with Kaylee curled up next to me like she always used to. After the kiss she'd given me though, I couldn't help but feel like it wasn't quite as innocent as it had seemed in the past. I kept getting distracted when she'd shift slightly or rest her head against my shoulder. I kept reminding myself to focus on the movie, but I wasn't having much success.

Kaylee decided she wanted to get ready for bed before we started the third movie, and I said that was fine with me. Assuming she would only be a few minutes, I waited for her on the couch staring at the DVD's menu screen, watching scenes loop in the background. Eventually though I grew impatient and headed to her room to see what was taking so long. Finding her door closed, I assumed she must still be changing and knocked a couple times just to let her know I was waiting.

"Come in," she said, so I opened the door and walked in.

"Hey, what's taking... so..." I trailed off. She was still wearing the skirt she'd been wearing earlier, but she was no longer wearing her shirt. Or any shirt, for that matter. She was sideways to me, and I could see the side of one of her breasts. It wasn't particularly large, but it was nicely shaped and was moving in very interesting ways as my sister dug through her shirt drawer.

"I can't find my Batman shirt," she explained, breaking me out of my trance. I had given her a Batman t-shirt for her birthday a couple years ago. It was too big for her, but she had loved it anyway and had taken to wearing it as a nightshirt. Her statement was enough to make me realize I'd been staring, and I forced myself to direct my gaze toward the other side of her room.

"You know, you could have just told me to wait a minute if you weren't done changing."

"Yeah, I guess," she replied as she straightened up and turned toward me. Her movement drew my attention back toward her, but somehow I maintained eye contact this time.

We stood watching one another for a minute before she walked up to me and hugged me, wrapping her arms around my back. I returned her hug, and tried without success not to notice her breasts pressing into my chest or how nice her naked back felt under my hands. Despite my best efforts I felt myself getting hard. I didn't think Kaylee had noticed yet, but given how close she was to me that wouldn't last forever.

"I really did miss you, you know," she said. I appreciated the sentiment, but at the same time I was trying to figure out a way to break contact before she noticed my growing erection.

"Kaylee..." I started, not really certain what I wanted to say, just that I had to do something quickly. She looked up at me curiously. When I didn't immediately continue, she lowered her head back down and started softly kissing my upper chest through my shirt. "Kaylee..." I repeated, a whisper this time.

She ignored me and continued her gentle kisses as I felt her hands sliding down my back to the bottom of my shirt. Slowly she lifted my it up until it was just beneath my arms. She looked up at me and raised an eyebrow, issuing a silent challenge: she'd taken her top off, now it was my turn. I remained stationary for a few more seconds, then raised my arms helping her to remove my shirt. It joined other articles of clothing on the floor of her room before she was once again in my arms.

She felt even better against me now with nothing between us, nothing between her breasts and my skin. I rubbed her back with my hands, feeling the softness of her skin. She started rubbing her leg slightly against my erection. Only moments ago I'd been trying desperately to hide it from her, but now I just enjoyed the feeling. I tried to remind myself that this was my baby sister in my arms, but I was having more and more trouble caring about that.

I felt my sister starting to move downward and I removed my hands from her back, watching as she knelt down in front of me. She started undoing my belt and removing my pants while I ran a hand through her soft, silky hair. My heart was beating like crazy now. I didn't know exactly what she was planning to do, but I found myself desperately wanting whatever it was. Finally, as I stepped out of my underwear, I stood before my little sister fully naked. She was staring at my cock, now fully erect. She reached and brushed it gently with her fingertips, then looked up at me to see my reaction.

Not seeing any disapproval from me, her grip became firmer on my cock and she started stroking it up and down. I closed my eyes and let her rub me for a few minutes, enjoying the feeling of my baby sister's hand on me.

I opened my eyes when her hand stopped and was just in time to see the tip of my penis enter her mouth. I let out a soft groan as she started working me deeper into her mouth with quick, steady strokes. The blowjob itself was amazing. The fact that it was my baby sister giving me the blowjob just amplified the effect for me. Idly I wondered if her apparent skill meant she had done this before, and had to fight off a sudden surge of jealousy. I had no right to be jealous, regardless of whether she'd done this before or not.

I felt my cock hitting the back of her throat now and as I saw her look up at me lovingly, my beautiful little sister, I knew I was going to cum soon.

"Kay, I... I'm cumming," I managed to say, giving her a few seconds warning.

She kept going until the first spurt of cum hit her mouth, then she pulled back letting the cum hit her neck and breasts with the last shot landing on her stomach. It was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen, my baby sister kneeling in front of me with my cum splashed across her chest.

I knelt down on the floor in front of her, reaching for my discarded shirt and using it to gently wipe off the semen that had landed on her. She pushed my hand away before I was finished and wrapped her arms around my neck to kiss me. I returned her kiss, letting her exploring tongue enter my mouth. I could taste traces of myself on her tongue and lips from the blowjob she'd just given me.

Finally breaking the kiss when I ran out of air, I looked at her as we both gasped for breath. I knew what I wanted to do now. I stood up, pulling my sister with me, and led her to the bed. She sat down on it and leaned back while I reached for her skirt, wanting to remove it.

"Wait," she said, grabbing my hand before it got to her skirt. I looked at her, confused why she didn't want me to take her skirt off. "Faster this way," she said pulling her skirt up and revealing her naked pussy to me. I wondered, briefly, if she had been panty-less all evening. At this point it wouldn't have surprised me.

Her little cunt looked so beautiful lying exposed before me. It was completely smooth, devoid of any hair whatsoever. I didn't know if she kept herself shaved all the time, or if she'd done it just for me. Either way I liked it.

Hesitantly I brought my hand to her pussy, barely touching the skin. I traced the contours of her body as my fingers circled my eventual target. When I felt her squirming under my touch I gave in and lowered my head to lick the length of her pussy lips. She settled down as she felt the long, smooth strokes of my tongue on her labia. After a few minutes I pulled my head back and spread her lips apart with my fingers. Locating her clit, I lowered my head and gave it a tentative lick. She let out a soft moan and I felt her hands on the back of my head holding me in position.

I continued licking her clit while I brought my right hand to her pussy and started slowly inserting a single finger. She was tight, but so wet that I had no trouble pushing into her. At least I had no trouble until my finger encountered a barrier inside her pussy. I stopped licking and frowned, that couldn't be right.

"Don't do it yet," Kaylee pleaded, her voice almost a whisper, "you don't know how hard it was saving it for you."

Not only did she still have her virginity, she was giving it to me. All traces of my earlier jealousy evaporated. Whatever she'd done with other guys, I could see now how much my sister loved me. Abandoning her pussy I joined her on the bed and kissed her passionately, my tongue invading her mouth this time. My cock was hard again and Kaylee was thrusting her hips against it, wanting me inside her. I wanted to oblige her, more than I'd ever wanted anything, but I didn't want to chance getting her pregnant.

"Come on, it'll be ok," she said, sensing my hesitation.

"I can't... what if..." I started.

"I need you so bad. Just do it," she pleaded.

What little resistance I had left abandoned me. I wanted her, she wanted me. We could deal with everything else later. She sighed happily as I gave in and pushed my way inside her opening. Just as with my finger minutes earlier she was incredibly tight around me, but I had little difficulty working my way deeper. I stopped briefly when I felt her hymen against the end of my penis.

"This is probably going to hurt," I warned her. She just nodded and closed her eyes.

I pushed forward again, as gently as I could, but I felt her tense up against me as I broke through. She didn't make a sound, and I stayed as still as I could until I felt her relax a little.

"Keep going," she whispered.

I started moving again, penetrating as deep into my sister as I could. I just barely felt the edge of her cervix as I bottomed out in her. It figured that we fit perfectly together. I started picking up speed, thrusting harder into my sister's cunt. She wrapped her legs around me and buried her face in my shoulder trying to muffle any sound that she made. The last thing we wanted was to wake up our parents now.

Her teeth sank into my shoulder and her whole body tensed up as her orgasm hit her. She was absolutely silent the whole time, but my shoulder was paying for it. Finally she released me as her entire body relaxed. I hoped she hadn't drawn blood.

"I'm sorry," she said, noticing the teeth marks she'd left. Delicately she kissed each tiny indentation on my skin. "Better?" she asked. Strangely it actually did seem to help with the pain.

Instead of answering her I pressed my mouth to hers just for a few seconds, just long enough to tell her I forgave her for the injury. I was already breathing too hard for a long kiss. I was getting close, thrusting with more urgency as I approached my second orgasm. Kaylee, sensing my increased movement, raised her mouth to my ear.

"Cum for me," she encouraged, "cum for your little sister. Cum inside her pussy. She wants it inside her so bad."

I couldn't have resisted her if I wanted to. She held me tight as I came, stroking my hair with one hand and whispering something I couldn't quite make out.

When I finally finished, I managed to roll off my sister before collapsing on her bed. She curled up beside me and rested her head on my shoulder, fortunately not the one she'd bitten earlier. I wrapped my arm around her and held her against me.

"I love you," she said.

"I love you too," I told her. I turned my head to face her "even if I do stupid shit sometimes, I'll always love my baby sister."

The last thing I remember before falling asleep is how she smiled when I said that.

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