tagExhibitionist & VoyeurKay's Naked Car Ride

Kay's Naked Car Ride



A while back, Steve and I were able to get out of town on a Friday night, something that doesn't happen very often due to our marital situations. Steve was traveling on business and was already in the city where we were to meet. I left after work and made the hour and a half drive to meet him. We enjoy being away from our home town because we can relax and not worry about other people seeing us together. I was looking forward to meeting Steve at the hotel and having a glass of wine to help me unwind.

As I approached the freeway exit for the hotel, I called Steve on my cell phone and he directed me right to the parking lot. It was warm out and I was wearing a skirt and a short sleeved top. Steve came out to meet me as I pulled in and greeted me with a deep french kiss. It seemed both strange and wonderfully pleasant to have Steve kiss me in the open like that. Steve was wearing one of his dark blue dress shirts that I love so much. It brings out the blue in his mostly hazel eyes.


I arrived at the hotel about the same time Kay would be leaving for work. I had about an hour and a half to relax and wait for her call. Kay has trouble with directions and she always calls me as she gets close so I can direct her while she drives. I hoped that she was looking forward to the weekend as much as I was.

I had stopped to get a bottle of wine. After taking my tie and suit off and changing into blue jeans, I went to get some ice from the ice machine so the wine would be chilled. I was wearing a blue dress shirt that I knew Kay liked. Little did she know that before the evening was over, she would be wearing it. My plan was to spend a little time "out and about" after Kay had a couple of glasses of wine. My encouraging her to be a little risque in public places was a little game we played. The wine lowered her inhibitions and she usually responded well to my suggestions.

I greeted Kay in the parking lot with a french kiss. She is always a little nervous when I do this. Even though we were away from our home town, she still gets nervous that someone we know might spot us. I helped carry her bag and hanging clothes into the hotel. We were on the third floor and once we were in the elevator, I kissed her more passionately and cupped her breast in my hand after setting her bag down. We were still embracing as the elevator doors opened onto our floor.


As we entered the elevator, Steve dropped my bag on the floor and pulled me to him. His tongue penetrated my mouth and his now free hand gently squeezed one of my breasts. It felt wonderful. We were still kissing when the elevator door opened. Fortunately, no one was there. As I commented on that fact, Steve said, "Who cares if someone was there? We don't know anyone here and for someone to see us behaving like honymooners might brighten their day." Steve was always reminding me that "no one knows us here" so we can be more open about our feelings for one another.

When we got in the room, I could see that Steve had chilled a bottle of wine. The drive on the interstate on a Friday afternoon had been a little hectic and I was ready to relax. I kicked my shoes off, sat down on the sofa and Steve handed me a glass of Chardonay. He asked me how my drive was and I filled him in on the heavy traffic and my desire to get to the hotel. He leaned over and kissed me again with a long, lingering kiss that warmed me all the way through.

"So what did you have in mind for tonight?" I asked Steve. "Oh, you'll find out soon enough," he replied with a twinkle in his eye. "That makes me nervous," I said, knowing that he likes to push the envelope at times to heighten our eroticism. A part of me was nervous, but another part of me was excited. I had learned so much about my sexuality from Steve and he has never done or asked me to do anything harmful or dangerous.


Kay sat on the sofa while I got her a glass of wine. She was wearing a denim skirt and I was curious about whether she had removed her panties like I had asked her. I decided not to ask. I would find out shortly once we began some of our intimate activity.

I asked Kay how her drive was and she filled me in. When she asked about my plans for the evening, I put off my response. It was important that she have a couple of glasses of wine and get aroused before I suggested some fun activities. Kay is a little self conscious about her body although I find her to be very sensuous and sexy. She would need encouragement and some inhibition lowering alcohol to do what I planned to ask her to do.

Kay also has a strong desire to make sure she is clean "down there," so I suggested that we quickly hop in the shower to freshen up.


Steve asked if I wanted to take a shower to clean up a bit and I said that I did. I have this thing about wanting to be super clean. We also find that our showers together can be fun. Steve turned the water on and got the shower the right temperature. We then helped each other out of our clothes. Before we even got in the shower, Steve was gently squeezing one of my breasts and flicking his tongue across my nipple. I could feel my juices begin to flow just from that little bit of intimate contact.

I stepped into the shower and Steve followed. Steve unwrapped the hotel soap and began lathering my body. He loves to use the "washing" as an excuse for the most intimate contact. After concentraing on my breasts for several seconds, he placed the little bar of soap at my pussy and began to rub. I instantly felt the rush of warmth spread through my body as he caressed my pussy lips and clit.


As I caressed Kay's wet body, I began to get very excited and my cock stiffened. Kay took a hold of it while I washed her pubic hair, pussy lips and her clit. She flinched when the little bar of soap slid across her clit.

I then turned her around and began to wash her back and ass. As I massaged her butt cheeks, I began running my soapy hand up and down her butt crack. Making sure that her anal opening was well lubricated with soap, I gently inserted a finger in Kay's back side. As long as I take my time and am sure to be gentle, Kay quite likes it when I probe her asshole.

I very carefully replaced my finger with my thumb and reaching my fingers underneath her, was able to finger her clit while burying my thumb in her asshole. I continued to rub her clit until her body shook violently while an orgasm overtook her.


When Steve is gentle, I really do like the feeling of having his finger or thumb in my back side. Because of our desire for cleanliness, the shower is a perfect place for this kind of play because we can clean up immediately.

When Steve put his thumb in my asshole and his finger on my clit, I had to really concentrate so that I wouldn't come too quickly. The warm feeling leading up to an orgasm consumed me. The more intense sensation on my clit was almost more than I could bear. With just a few short strokes of Steve's finger across my clit, a powerful orgasm cascaded through my body and I shook all over. My hips moved back and forth as wave after wave of pleasure overtook me. My natural moisture added significantly to the water cascading over my pussy.

I turned and faced Steve and started playing with his very stiff cock, but he said, "It's not my turn yet. Let's get dressed and go on an adventure." I somewhat nervously said, "Okay. I'll be interested to see what you have in mind." I wanted to have another glass of wine before we left.


As we got out of the shower, I handed Kay a towel and we took our time drying off, interrupting ourselves with intimate kisses. As we moved out of the bathroom into the hotel room, Kay said she wanted another glass of wine. I poured the wine into her glass and we just sat for a few moments in all our naked glory.

I then handed Kay my blue shirt and her skirt and said, "This is all you will need to wear for our little adventure." Kay responded, "But people will be able to tell I'm not wearing a bra." I said, "So. No one knows us here. Maybe someone will get a thrill from seeing your nipples hardened against the cloth." Kay said, "Okay, but you know this makes me nervous." "Adding to the eroticism of the evening, my dear," I replied.


When Steve handed me just his shirt and my skirt and told me that was all he wanted me to wear, I was initially very nervous. But finishing my second glass of wine, my inhibitions were dropping at a very rapid pace. I was amazed at how well Steve's shirt fit me, but it was a little snug around my boobs. The slightest bit of arousal would be VERY obvious.

We then headed out on our adventure, a trip to the local Wal-Mart. Instead of using the elevator, we walked the two flights of stairs down to the parking lot. At the first landing, Steve stopped me, raised my skirt and fingered my pussy. He commented about how wet I was already. I told him that the anticipation of our sexual playing was getting me excited. In typical fashion, he simply answered, "Good."

As we headed to the store, Steve got into a little bit of his "master" role. We occasionally play a mild version of "master/slave" where Steve orders me to do some things and I am to answer, "Yes, master" and do as he says. He has never asked me to do anything harmful and our trust level is very high. This particular evening, he told me to lift my skirt up around my hips so he could see my pussy as we drove. I gladly obeyed.


As we got to the parking lot of the store, I told Kay to stay seated until I came around to open the door for her. As I opened the door, I told her to keep her skirt raised as she got out of the car. I wanted to see her pussy in the well lit parking lot. She was very obedient and even spread her legs as she swung her legs around to get out of the car.

We then headed into the Wal-Mart and went on our short shopping excursion. We were on a mission to get three things...a cucumber, some KY Jelly and some condoms. Kay typically gets nervous when we shop for such items, but tonight her inhibitions were very low and she really got into the spirit of things.

The next adventure was the checkout. We purposely looked for a checkout lane with a teenage boy running the cash register. It was very obvious that Kay wasn't wearing a bra and we wanted to see what kind of reaction we would get both from Kay's lack of underwear and the items we were buying.

We were not disappointed. What we guessed to be about a 17 year old boy was working the checkout lane we selected. At first, he couldn't keep his eyes off Kay's chest. Her nipples were hard and were creating significant bumps in the cloth of my shirt she was wearing. Then when he saw the items we were buying, he turned beet red. What a turn on. Kay couldn't stop smiling.


I almost laughed out loud when I saw how nervous our cashier was. Then Steve nudged me a bit and signaled for me to undo another button on my (his) shirt. I gave him a look as if to say, "no way" and he gave me the master's "evil eye", so I did as I was told. The result was that I revealed a significant portion of the top of my breasts. As our boy cashier waited on us, he literally stammered as he told us the price of our purchases. And he never made eye contact. He just stared at my boobs the whole time. It was very flattering.

As we left the store, Steve and I both started laughing out loud. Lord only knows what the other customers thought. As we got back in the car, Steve decided to shift gears into a bit of a dare game. He knows I'm a sucker for a dare, so he said, "I dare you to take off your skirt before we leave the parking lot." Since it was night time and I was down in the car, I felt it was pretty safe to be naked from the waist down, so with very little hesitation, I unzipped my skirt and pushed it down to the floor.

Steve said, "I'd love to see you play with yourself." So as we drove through a very well lit intersection, I started rubbing my hand on my pussy. It was VERY wet.


I decided to push the envelope with Kay a little bit. When I got to the first traffice light, instead of going straight which would have returned us to our hotel, I turned right to see where that street might lead us. Pretty soon, we were driving alongside what appeared to be a quiet residential neighborhood. I turned left down a sidestreet. We were in what appeared to be a nice, upper-middleclass neighborhood with streets that curved every which way. There were occasional street lamps, but it was pretty dark. I said to Kay, "Alright, Babe. Time to lose the shirt." With some disbelief, she replied, "What?" I said, "It's time for a naked drive and for you to use the cucumber like a dildo."

With some (but not much) reluctance, Kay unbuttoned my shirt shirt she was wearing and took it off. Now she was completely naked and reached into the shopping bag and took out the cucumber.


I'm not sure what it was, but being naked in that car really turned me on. I could just feel my pussy juices flowing. I took the cucumber and, spreading my legs, began to rub one end back and forth across my slit. My clit was just throbbing in anticipation of my touching it. I rubbed the end of the cucumber right on my clit and then slowly inserted it into my pussy. Steve was driving really slow so he could watch what I was doing and not run into anything. As I slid the cucumber in and out of my dripping wet pussy, I used the middle finger of my other hand to finger my clit.

Steve spoke up and said, "That's it, Baby. Let me hear those slurping sounds." And slurping sounds there were. I was dripping wet and the cucumber slid in and out without any effort at all.


As Kay used the cucumber as a dildo and fingered herself, she tilted her head back and moaned, "Oh God, that feels so good. I am so turned on!" I chimed in with, "You look so hot when you do that, Babe. Make yourself come."

The pace of Kay's fingering increased and I could tell from her breathing that an orgasm wasn't far away. Kay can be very quick to bring herself to climax and then she can come multiple times. As the pace of her fingering sped up even more, she began screaming, "Oh my God, I'm going to come!" And then from somewhere deep inside came a series of very loud screams as Kays hips started violently move up and down in the seat next to me. "Oh...oh...oh," she screamed. Then as quickly as the movements had started, they subsided as she came down from her earth shattering orgasm.


The orgasm I experienced was one of my most intense ever. As I came down from my high, a feeling of warmth passed through my entire body. I felt totally spent, but also completely relaxed. The fact that I was riding around a residential neighborhood totally naked didn't even phase me.

Steve asked if I was ready to head back to the hotel and I said, "Not quite yet. Let me calm down a bit before I get dressed." Steve responded, "Gladly. I love having you ride around naked in my car. That was an incredible turn on watching you just now." I replied, "Well it was obviously exciting for me. I just hope I haven't left too much of a wet spot here on the seat of your car."


After I drove around for a few minutes, Kay finally calmed down and put her clothes back on. This was just the start to an extremely erotic evening that resulted in some fantastic lovemaking. But I will always remember the incredible eroticism we experienced that evening while Kay was naked in my car.

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