tagErotic HorrorKDTH FM Ch. 03

KDTH FM Ch. 03


"Are you ready to continue, Kerry, my sweet?" The DJs voice was almost hypnotic and Kerry found herself relaxing as she sat on the edge of the bed wrapped only in a rough bath towel.

"I....guess so." Kerry said. She felt the now familiar pull as her mind picked up the playback of the night's events. She saw herself stand and back away from her sister's body, leaving her there on the kitchen floor. Blood made bright streaks as she wiped her hands absently on her blouse.

Quietly, Kerry slipped back down the hall toward Megan's bedroom and peeked in the door. Rob was sleeping soundly, one arm thrown above his head. She watched him breathing for a moment, his bare chest rising and falling in an even rhythm. The image of him and Megan played through her mind and she again felt that strange stirring of excitement. She'd let Rob into her bed a few times in their relationship, but only because she knew it was something he wanted. It was expected in a relationship. She'd never enjoyed it though, never felt the way she felt now.

There were scarves hanging from the corner of Megan's bed. Kerry had never really noticed them before. It wouldn't have occurred to her that they might serve a different function than simple decoration. Now she saw new possibilities in them. Moving very quietly she approached the head of the bed and reached for one of the scarves. Rob barely stirred as she tied the scarf firmly around his wrist and moved quickly around to the other side. It was a bit trickier to gently pull his wrist over to where it could be securely bound without waking him, but she managed.

His feet were easier to bind because his legs had splayed wide in his sleep. There would be some freedom of movement, but that didn't matter. He wouldn't have time to escape.

Kerry climbed up onto the bed and stood straddling Rob's chest looking down at him as he slept. It almost made her sad to have to wake him...almost. She let her knees buckle and dropped her slight weight onto his chest, gravity doing its job and making her feel much heavier than she really was. All the air went out of Rob's lungs with a whooshing sound and his body jerked as he woke.

"What the..." he rasped trying to suck air back into his lungs. Kerry squeezed her thighs against his rib cage to restrict their expansion. Rob blinked several times to clear his sleep blurred vision then focused on Kerry's face in alarm. "Ker...wha...what's going on?"

He could barely speak and for a moment Kerry almost relented and allowed him a lungful of air. Then her heart hardened as she thought to herself that Rob hadn't taken pity on her when he decided to screw her sister. She watched him with an almost clinical detachment as he drew in a few shallow breaths and then realized that he was also bound to the corners of the bed.

"Surprised to see me, darling?" Kerry murmured softly. She bounced her ass on his chest robbing him of his hard won oxygen. His face began to turn bright red. "Megan wasn't expecting me home so early either...or maybe she was. Who knows, maybe she wanted me to catch the two of you."

Rob gasped desperately a few times then focused on her blood stained blouse. His eyes widened with the first hint of fear.

"Kerry..." he wheezed. "Where's...Megan..."

"She's in the kitchen." Kerry answered watching his face. "She's a little indisposed right now, but I wouldn't worry about her if I were you."

Kerry knew she wasn't heavy enough to really do rob any damage by sitting on his chest. It was just the occasional bounce that forced the air from his lungs that kept him making those interesting sounds. He had begun to twist his arms testing the tightness of the knots holding him and Kerry was pleased to see that they were holding nicely.

"Kerry, I know you must be really angry right now." Rob rasped. "I never meant for this to happen, it didn't mean anything. You're the one I love."

Kerry tilted her head to the side a little and thought about what he'd said. Somehow it made it worse. She bounced especially hard on his chest drawing a loud grunt of pain from him.

"You love me, but you can have meaningless sex with my sister?" She bounced again. "I think I would have preferred you to say that you didn't love me anymore, you loved Megan. But no, you say you love me, but you fucked my sister."

"Kerry...please...just untie me and we can talk about this. All three of us."

"No, that's just not going to be possible." At Kerry's soft words Rob's eyes flicked to the blood stains on her clothing again.

"God, Kerry....what did you do?" He was really becoming afraid now.

"It was self defense..." Kerry leaned down and whispered near his ear. "She stabbed me in the back...and you...you cut out my heart."

The replay in Kerry's mind faded as she caught a glint of metal and heard Rob's voice rise in an almost girlish scream. Kerry's body jerked and she fell to her knees beside the bed. The sounds from the radio were so loud that she was sure anyone in the next room would soon be pounding on the adjoining wall.

"I couldn't....I didn't..." Kerry felt sick to her stomach and the room swam before her eyes.

"Kerry, my love, you could and you did." The DJ said merrily, "You've even got a lovely little souvenir in your handbag. Go ahead...take a look..."

Kerry glanced fearfully at the table where her bag lay, its sides bulged suspiciously. Her stomach clenched and she crawled back to the bathroom retching into the toilet bowl over and over until there was nothing left. She could hear the audience laughing. They didn't sound so supportive and friendly now.

"Come back Kerry, you don't have to look if you're not strong enough." The DJ called to her, and she hated the tone of disappointment in his voice. She staggered back to the bed but couldn't bring herself to even look in the direction of her bag. The DJ's voice softened and the cheers of the radio audience drifted away. It was just the two of them now. "Listen to me, sweetheart. You don't have much time. They're looking for you now and it won't be long before they find you."

Kerry knew he meant the police and she began to cry quietly.

"People won't understand, Kerry. They won't care how much you were hurting, how unfair those three had been to you. They're going to want to punish you." The DJ's voice was all around her now, a physical presence. She could feel him caressing her cheek, brushing back her damp hair. "I understand you though, and I can help you...I can take all the pain and fear away. Just give yourself to me and I'll make it all better."

Kerry felt herself falling slowly back onto the bed. The caress of his voice brushed down her neck and across her bare shoulders. She felt the towel loosen and fall away from her body and for once she didn't feel ashamed of her nakedness. The soft light of the bedside lamp created shadows on the curves of her body and the DJ's voice traced each one.

"You've always belonged to me, Kerry." He said in a low murmur. "I've waited so long for you to come to me."

Kerry felt the coolness of his voice thrum over each nipple and they stood up hard and aching. Her skin was so warm, but wherever his voice roamed she cooled. He circled her wrists, pinning her arms at her sides, but she was beyond struggle. She welcomed the gentle vibrations of his voice touching her, bringing her a pleasure she had never known before.

"Mine..." He said in a soft growl and his voice pressed her thighs apart. "So beautiful..."

Kerry gasped weakly as she felt him enter her, the chill of his voice thrusting deep into her heated core. Her cunt spasmed drawing him deeper and deeper until he filled her completely. Her back arched up from the bed and a long moan of pleasure escaped her lips as she finally realized what all the fuss had been about. Her body settled back onto the bed there was silence in the room. There was no sound from the clock radio on the bedside table. The red digital numbers flickered and changed....12:00....1:00....2:00....


"You got a time of death?" A man with a badge said as he watched the black bag being zipped shut. The coroner pulled the latex gloves from his hands with a snap and tossed them away.

"Approximately midnight, give or take." He shrugged and closed his bag. "It looks like a pretty straight forward case. Empty bottles of pills, looks like anti-depressants and sleeping pills, and a half empty bottle of vodka.....my first guess is suicide. But we'll know for sure once we do an autopsy. What do we know about her?"

"Victim is Kerry Sumner, 28 years old." The Detective consulted a notepad in his hand. "She lives with her sister, a Megan Sumner, over on Third Street. There's also a boyfriend, Robert Mason. The sister called in yesterday evening after the victim arrived home from work very upset and started talking about how she'd killed her supervisor. We called and the man is very much alive, but I don't think he's telling us everything. The sister says Miss Sumner has been under a psychiatrist's care since they were kids. She suffered from paranoid delusions occasionally, but had been doing really well over the last year or so."

The detective watched for a moment as an officer bagged up the woman's clothes that had been folded neatly on a nearby chair.

"Unfortunately, whatever had upset her at work was compounded by finding her sister and boyfriend all cozy in bed together. Imagine that upsetting her. I spoke to the sister and the boyfriend. They were both really concerned for the victim's safety." The detective made a disgusted sound and consulted the little notepad in his hand. "We were able to trace her through her credit card when she rented the room. We just weren't fast enough."

The two men watched as the black body bag was loaded on a gurney and wheeled out of the room.

"There was one thing that struck me kind of odd." The coroner said thoughtfully. The detective turned to him curiously. "Her facial expression."

"What about it?"

"She just looked so...satisfied."

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