tagGay MaleKeep Me Safe Ch. 02

Keep Me Safe Ch. 02


Miles sat alone at a table in the canteen nudging his food around the plate. It wasn't like he didn't like the food but he found himself not wanting to eat. Ryan had been really funny with him the last few days, hardly speaking to him. Even when he did speak his comments were sarcastic and in an acidic tone.

The more Miles thought about what he could have done to upset Ryan the more he came to the conclusion that it was because of Monday. He and Ryan had been fine up until then and the thought that such a small notion offended him was like stabbing Miles in the heart.

Over the past few weeks Miles had noticed certain things about Ryan. Miles had loved his best friend for years but he always kept it to himself, never letting on that he wish he and Ryan could be so much more than friends. He had never been able to tell if Ryan was interested but more recently Ryan would look at Miles in a certain way that made him melt. Touch him in ways that made him shiver and say things that made him groan.

Miles thought his dream might be coming true and had decided to tell Ryan today but now all hopes for that had turned to ash. His friend was disgusted with him and all those little gestures were just accidental.

Miles looked at the plate of food before him and gingerly took a bit of a lukewarm potato. It was still edible so he carried on eating his mistreated lunch. His thoughts disturbed by a group of guys talking behind him.

"I'm gonna talk to that kid, he seem pretty down." Said a deep voice.

"Dude do you know who that kid is?" Came a second.

"No but he's in my classes so he can't be that bad."

"Dave look, I know you like guys, oh don't give me that look we all can tell, but that's the Ice Prince. Your more likely to score with that big football guy than him!" The guys voice was half way between a whisper and a cry.

A tall dark haired guy slid into the seat in front of Miles. He swear he could actually here the guy friends wince.

"Hey little guy you looked a little down so I thought I could keep you company, my names David or Dave or Davey." The guy said smiling.

Miles swallowed the reset of the potato before he spoke. "I'm Miles or Miley or more recently The Ice Prince." Miles said the hurt in his tone making the other guy wince.

"Shit sorry about that. My friends can be ass holes some times." Again he smiled and it was enough to get a little smile from Miles.

"FUCK YOU DAVE, BETTER YET FUCK ICE PRINCE!" His friends shouted shattering the little piece of calm Miles was feeling. He grabbed his sketch pad and ran through the doors. Fighting the tears that were threatening to fall. Miles had no one at the moment. Ryan been disgusted with him and Amy and Chris out of town till tonight, he was alone.

Miles was half way to the little coffee shop by campus when a hand was placed firmly on his shoulder. Miles froze. "No, please no." Miles repeatedly whispered the tears that he fought back now running freely.

The hand spun Miles round. Not wishing to see the owner of the hands face. "Oh God. I'm so so sorry I didn't mean to, fuck." Miles was pulled into Dave's hug as he broke down. The initial fear was gone but that spark had opened the flood gates.

Miles didn't realise he was at the coffee shop till a glass of water and a large slab of hot fudge cake and ice cream was placed in front of him. "I'm sorry about my friends upsetting you like that." Dave said politely. "The really can be ass holes some times."

Miles took a small piece of the desert and swallowed it. The richness of it helping calm him down. "It wasn't just them. You shouldn't have touched me like that." Miles replied gently.

"They were fucking right. Sorry for disturbing you your highness." Dave began to get up.

"No it's not like that, I thought you were like the others!" Miles shouted before sinking back to his seat. He didn't realise he even stood up.

"What others?" Dave asked, one eyebrow raised in a questioning look.

"I was.." he didn't hear the rest of what Miles said.

Dave sat back down. "Sorry what?" he asked again a little annoyed at Miles' behaviour.

"I...I thought you were one of the others.. When you grabbed me I thought you were gonna try and rape me." Miles said in barely a whisper not raising his head from the food.

"That's not funny." Dave said seriously causing Miles to look up. Dave's face was a mask of disgust but when Miles' eyes met his it changed from realisation that Miles was deadly serious about what he just said. "Your not joking are you?" Dave said breathlessly. Miles shook his head in a negative. "What happened?"

"I've nearly been raped 3 times. The most recent two were guys from this college since the start of the year. The first was.. was by my dad when I was 14." Dave's mouth was open in shock at what Miles had just said. Miles went on to explain what happened and that each time Ryan and Chris had stopped it before Miles was taken.

"Your waiting for Ryan aren't you." It was a statement more than a question.

"Yeah, well no." Miles sighed. "I was till this week. It's complicated."

Dave looked at Miles confused. "What's complicated? What happened to make you stop waiting?"

"Bar that fact that he's now horrible to me and wont even look at me. I'm just gonna get hurt."

"How about we go out tonight?" Before Miles replied. "Not on a date, just to see a film. Yeah I know that sounds like a date but I mean as a friend trying to cheer up another friend kind of way and with no sexual contact or meaning behind it. I promise."

"Mm I guess that would be ok." Miles replied. He stood up "Nature calls." Miles said lightly blushing. As he walked away Dave watched the small boys perfect perky bum sway side to side. While Miles was gone he quickly sent a text to his friends. 'I'm having Ice Prince for desert tonight.' Various replies came back.


Ryan twirled Miles' keys in his fingers as he walked back to the room. He had said that he dropped his keys down the drain and asked if he could borrow Miles' so he could get another key cut. The real reason was so Ryan could have a key to Miles' box.

Ryan had been a bit harsh on Miles recently. Snapping at the beautiful boy or ignoring him all together. Part of him felt guilty for this but that flame of guilt was squashed by the need to find out what was in the other diary.

When Miles had asked Ryan to go to lunch with him Ryan had said no. The tone he said it in put an end to all questions. He didn't turn round to see the few tear that escaped Miles' eyes.

Ryan locked the door as soon as he got into the room and pulled out the large silver box that Miles kept hidden. He tested the copy key to make sure it worked and the a satisfying pop the latch opened. This time he went straight for the books.

Carefully recording how to undo the chain and ribbon, Ryan unwrapped the books. Flying to today's date Ryan found a few knew entries in the black book. Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday had been marked 4 times while today had only 2 marks against it both reading very early in the morning.

To Ryan's surprise when he opened the other diary for the first time he found at it was actually a personal diary. Everyday Miles had made an entry about something but he paid the no attention looking for the week Miles had made so many marks on. He found it.

Written in Miles almost gothic style handwriting was the first entry of the week.

'Ryan's gone away for the week. I'm gonna miss him.'

He skipped Tuesdays entry and went straight to Wednesdays and he found more than he bargained for.

'I made a new personal record today. With the help of that new toy I came 13 times and I'm not even sore. It would have been 14 but technically the 14th mark was on Thursday.

I wish it was Ryan and not a toy in me. I can always dream of love though right?'

Ryan repetitively read that entry certain that if he took his eyes away it would say something different. He counted all the tallies in the black diary and came to a total of 412. Miles had played with himself over 400 times since they moved here in mid September. His friend was a nymph.

Then the last line sunk in. Miles dreamt about Ryan, more importantly him and Ryan. Hope filled his heart but was soon replaced by anger. If Miles loved him so much like it was proclaimed a throughout his diary why had he let someone take those pictures of him. He suddenly doubted his friends virginity very very much.


Miles had spent the afternoon with Dave and was willing to except the guy was genuinely nice. Miles picked up instantly on the flirty behaviour that Dave constantly showed and tried not to do the same back. Miles didn't want a boyfriend at the moment. In truth he was still willing to wait for Ryan. Just a little longer he thought. It was only a month until Christmas and if he couldn't see any chance by then he would move out of the room he and Ryan shared for the start of the next semester.

If Ryan hated him the odds of his parents still allowing Miles to stay were slim. They were very nice people but if Miles was upsetting Ryan so much he wouldn't be able to stay. He wouldn't want to stay. Miles laughed in his head. The though of him upsetting Ryan was funny. If only Ryan knew the pain he was causing Miles right now.

"What's so funny?" Dave asked. Miles hadn't realised he had laughed out loud.

"Sorry, remembered something I was once told."

"Care to share?" Dave asked hopefully.

"Not yet." Miles smiled. Dam he thought, he was flirting back.

By the time they had got to the theatre it was dark. It was only 7.30pm and the theatre was only a half hour walk back to the campus.

"What do you want to see?" Dave asked. Tilting his head to look down on Miles. Miles liked taller guys but nearly everyone was taller than him.

"That one." Miles pointed to a Sci-Fi flick that had only came out the other day. He and Ryan had talked about going to see it together once he had finished his exam. Miles had been looking forward to it but once they had brought their tickets he suddenly felt guilty.

They stood in line for snacks which moving very quickly for once. Dave had a large diet coke while Miles had a bottle of water and the shared a bag of mix sweets.

About half way through the film Miles went to the bathroom to get something out of his eye. When he sat back down and took a sip of his drink he knew something was very very wrong. There was a horrible after taste to the water and a slight fizz. Miles knew the water was plain and still. At least it had been an hour ago. Miles stole a glance at Dave's jacket and he could see the tip of a silver packet glinting in the screen light.

'OH GOD!' His head screamed. The bastard had spiked his drink. Miles tried not to panic, he couldn't take a lot of medication as the effects on him were extreme at best. He once took a pain killer and spent half the day in bed. The worst part was it was a non-drowsy variety and whatever Dave had put in his drink would be powerful enough to make a normal person dopey. Even the little bit Miles had taken would be enough to put him dopey for a while.

"Err, I need to go the bathroom." Miles asked shyly pretending to sway a little as if the drugs were taking effect.

"Sure." Dave grinned as he moved so Miles could squeeze past. Bastard Miles thought. Once he was past the screen room doors he ran for the exit. Several people shouted at him as he weaved delicately between people and made for home. He could feel the drugs kicking in.


Miles was burning up as he reached the door to the room. Everything was slightly spinning and seemed very loud. The cold handle of the door stung his skin. His clothes made him itch and were all pulled where he had tried to stop the sensation.

When he opened the door Ryan was sitting across the room. Miles box laid out before him.

"I've been waiting." Ryan said darkly.

"Wh..what?" Miles voice was trembling.

" I FOUND YOUR FUCKING BOX! I KNOW WHAT YOUV'E BEEN DOING!" Ryan flew out of his chair shouting at Miles who was cowering up the door.

"Y...You what?" Miles was beginning to panic the world around him was crumbling and everything was really really sensitive.

"I know about your play record, I know about the other guys and I know that you cant possibly love ME!"

"WHAT O...OTHER G...GUY'S!" Miles was petrified he couldn't control his body and Ryan couldn't see it through his rage.


"TH...EY W...ERE TA....KEN BY A...AMY FOR Y....OU AND I'VE B...EEN DR...!" Miles didn't get to finish his sentence before his head hit the desk as his seizure took hold. Dark crimson blood stained his hair and the floor as his body spasmed uncontrollably.

Ryan starred in horror...

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