tagRomanceKeeper Ch. 08

Keeper Ch. 08


January 2

~4:17 AM~

Blue didn't know what to say.

Well, that wasn't exactly true. She knew what she wanted to say, but leaping into John's arms and yelling out a heartfelt 'YES PLEASE!' would probably put her on John's Borderline Crazy, Run From This Woman As Fast As You Can list- (every man had a list like that, didn't they?)- and she really, really wanted him to stick around and follow up on what he had just said to her.

"I want you to come for me."

He'd said it in that slow, low, southern-tickled drawl of his, making Blue's breath stop somewhere between her lungs and her throat. And now he was watching her, his eyes narrowed as he read her expression... probably even reading her mind, oh lord... and his mouth formed such a sensuous smile that her tongue stuck to the roof of her mouth and she wouldn't have been able to form any words that made sense anyhow.

"You're blushing." He seemed so pleased by it that she didn't mind him seeing that tell-tale reaction. She minded it even less when he placed his palm on her chest, just below her neck. "Even here. It's sexy."

Blue swallowed, and his fingers traced her throat where they had felt the movement. Placing both hands curved around her neck, his fingers pushed into her hair at the back of her head and began rubbing in small, comforting circles.

"What..." Blue had to clear her throat against the rasp and begin again. "What do you want me to do?" she repeated her question from a few moments ago.

John leaned in and pressed his lips to the top of her head. "I just need you to relax, let me take care of you, and..." A puff of breath stirred her hair. "Talk to me a little." She felt his cheek rub down the side of her head, smoothing against her hair.

"Talk to you... about what?"

"Hmm." It was more of a vibration than anything, and Blue moved her head forward the fraction of an inch that it took to lay her forehead against his chest, wanting to feel the sound. "About yourself, baby. About yourself." The words rumbled quietly. When he tucked her hair behind her ear so he could brush his lips over the exposed shell, she shivered. "Tell me, Blue..." The whisper brought goosebumps. "Do you masturbate?"

Surprise stiffened her body. But what was even more surprising was how she answered him so readily. Breathlessly, yes. But honestly.

"Yes, I do." Blue nodded for good measure. All the same, she was glad her face was hidden against his chest. She snugged a little deeper, burrowing between the open edges of his flannel shirt to the worn-soft cotton of the tee underneath. Taking a deep breath in, she was instantly heady with the warm, unique smell of the man who was wearing the shirt so well.

John's breath rushed past her ear. "Good." he whispered. "When?" His fingers slid into her hair and pulled. Gently, but firmly enough to tilt her head back, giving him access to her neck. "What is your favorite time of day to do it, Blue? Morning?" Firm lips softened and brushed along her jaw. "Do you like to pleasure yourself in the middle of the day?" He paused his questioning to trail his tongue down her neck. "Or at night, maybe? When you're all warm in bed, just before you go to sleep?"

Blue gasped, as much from the eroticism in John's voice as the feel of his teeth nipping at the tendon at the side of her neck. "At night, mostly. Sometimes... sometimes in the evening... at sunset. I don't know... I just..."

"There's something about that time of day, when the sun is going down."

"Yes. But at night too. Usually."

"Lights on? Or off? Laying on the bed? Do you slide down under the covers?" He was back at her ear, his words humming through her.

"Um... lights off, usually. Under the blankets. I don't know, it makes me feel..." She was at a loss for words, and bumped her forehead to his chest, her olfactory senses needing another hit of musk and leather and John. "I guess, it makes me feel... hugged?" Blue laughed a little, resisting the urge to make fun of herself before he did.

He didn't poke fun at all, and the tension left her shoulders.

"While I'm gone-" A kiss to her shoulder, and then he was leaning away, watching his hands bring the long, heavy length of her hair around to the front to lay over her breasts. "I'm going to think about you. Your hair down. Lying in your bed at night. Touching yourself. Making yourself come." His eyes met hers as he took a step back.

Missing the warmth of his body, Blue looked down and realized she was still holding the ties of her open robe, her fingers trapping the length of fabric in a death grip. While she watched, his hands closed over hers and eased her fingers loose. The robe was already hanging off her shoulders, but he smoothed his hands down her arms, taking the robe down a little farther, to her elbows. Lower, more revealing, but not off.

His eyes quietly intense, he drank her in. Blue would have wished she had chosen to wear something sexy... if she even had something sexy, which she was sure she did not... but the appreciation in John's expression banished that bud of insecurity before it had time to bloom.

He licked his lips, a gesture that made her thighs tingle. He was focused on her breasts. She knew he could see clearly how her nipples had tightened, obvious through the snug, thin material of the white ribbed tank top she wore. He wet his lips again, and her nipples hardened even more in response. He shook his head and smiled, and she wondered what he was thinking, but then his eyes drifted down.

When his eyes stopped in the vicinity of her hips, he cocked his head. Blue read his mind.

"Boy shorts." she answered the unspoken question. She palmed the soft, stretchy cotton hugging her hips and thighs, her fingers fluttering over the leg-line. They're called 'boy shorts'." She shrugged. "They're comfortable. I like to wear them to sleep in." she explained further, needlessly, almost defensively.

"Is this what you usually wear to bed?" His eyes held a smile when Blue nodded. His hands covered hers where they lay over the front of her hips. John's fingers took over the territory where the hemline curved over her thighs. "I like it. It's sexy on you." he breathed, looking down at her through his lashes. "I'll remember this too, how you look right now."

He stepped closer to bring their bodies together once more, his hands sliding around and over her hips. Gripping the cheeks of her bottom, he pulled upward, crushing her stomach into the thick ridge his cock had become. A low growl rumbled from his chest, and his hands moved on as though he couldn't keep them still, couldn't decide where to stop and touch, and then he was kissing her, his mouth as hungry as his roving hands.

Standing up on her toes, she leaned in, throwing whatever little bit of prudish caution that came to mind to the wayside. The moment his tongue slipped past her lips, her hands found their way underneath his t-shirt. His lips formed to her mouth; her palms conformed to the curve of muscle alongside his spine. His tongue communicated with hers; her hands mapped the breadth of his back.

Blue felt as if she could spend hours just exploring the solid wonder of John's back, but when she felt his hands slide under the hem of her own shirt, rising up her ribcage until his thumbs brushed against the sides of her breasts, she knew there was so much more to come. Resting her hands at John's waist, she eased her body back, allowing room for him to continue further.

Ending the kiss, John raised his head to look down, his eyes flaring as he watched the movement of his hands under her shirt. Though his wrists bunched the material up, the snug top conformed to his fingers as he cupped Blue's breasts, causing an unexpectedly erotic image.

"I have a confession to make." John's voice was thick, husky. He was touching her breasts, pressing and palming, stroking and smoothing his fingers over and around, as if he was learning and memorizing the feel of them rather than attempting to excite her. Somehow just that thought itself excited her anyhow. The look on his face was enough incentive for Blue to raise the hem of the top, exposing the large, male hands that were nearly, but not quite, big enough to completely cover the round, womanly weight they were cradling. The warmth of his gaze turned to fire, rewarding her for the action.

"A confession?" Blue prodded, a flush of feminine pride rushing through her when he seemed to forget what he had been saying. Then his thumbs moved, circling her nipples, and she practically forgot what he had been saying too.

"Mmm... hell..."

John lifted her up, the way he'd done in the kitchen, except this time when he pressed his face to her chest there was no barrier of cloth between his mouth and her skin. His lips brushed over the tops of her breasts, as soft as the whisper of his breath against her skin. He nudged his nose into her cleavage for a moment, then raised his head. Blue set her hands on his shoulders and arched back. She would have laughed at the dazed look on his face, except the pure desire that went along with it had her stomach clenching, and the warm, silky dampness between her thighs increased.

John nodded, just a small movement of his head. "I've got a thing about your breasts. For these." He ducked his head and nuzzled. "Can't seem to stop thinking about them." A kiss from his lips pushed one side of a soft mound in slightly, and then his mouth wandered to the other one to test it in the same way. "Want them." he murmured distractedly. "Just a taste..."

His tongue, wet and warm, traced a curve just under her nipple. It was just as if he did as he'd said, taking 'just a taste'. But then one little taste turned into another. And then another. Blue made a tiny sigh of both desire and frustration, loving his mouth and the little licks and sips it was taking, but she wanted more. Lifting her shoulders, her arms wound around his head, doing what she could to maneuver herself so he would take the hint... and then her sigh turned into a gasp when his lips at last pursed over the waiting bud of her nipple and pulled it into the warmth of his mouth with a soft sucking action.

Blue's toes curled and her legs bent at the knee, a reflex from the pull, lick, pull, release of the mouth at her breast. Each brief suckle had a line of communication that went straight to her clit, making the little bud between her thighs pulse in time to each pull of John's mouth. Pressing her thighs together convulsively, she hung on around John's neck, held in his strong arms up off the ground, against his body.

She arched her back, this time to get closer instead of to lean back. John met the challenge by latching his mouth even more firmly over the achingly hard nipple and drawing on it with a growing intensity that had Blue dropping her head back, a soft-pitched groan escaping her throat.

The world spun. Blue felt like she was falling and clutched in alarm at John's shoulders. When her eyes popped open she realized that he had just moved them to the sofa, and had dropped down onto it, taking her down with him. He sat slouched against the back, the hands that had been holding her up a moment before now gripping her thighs and guiding them apart until she straddled his lap.

Not missing a beat, he slid one hand up to cup the breast that had been neglected, his mouth honing in and latching onto the nipple. Blue wiggled reflexively, discovered how their position and her movement pressed her pussy against the really impressive ridge beneath the zipper of his jeans, and wiggled again with purpose.

Thrusting his hips upward, John groaned against her breast. Leaning his head back against the cushion, he gazed up at her. She felt his fingers twitch against the back of her thigh before he moved his hands to her waist.

"This isn't going to work."

She blinked, not certain she'd heard him right.

"God, what a picture you make right now." John said before she could process his first statement. His hips lifted, grinding between her spread legs, lifting her up along with him before he relaxed his hips back down. "Do you know how sexy you look right now?"

Blue shook her head, but the way he was looking at her, she felt sexy. She knew she probably looked disheveled... her hair down and probably a wild mess; the ancient bathrobe half hanging off; silly, fluffy orange socks covering her feet; wearing the 'boy shorts' underwear she habitually wore to bed; and her tank top pushed up over the top of her breasts, bunched under her armpits. If she thought about it, she would probably would be running off to hide. So she didn't think. She just felt.

"Well, then..." she breathed, surprised at the huskiness of her own voice. "What's not going to work?" Shifting her bottom, she rubbed herself teasingly against the rock hard, irrefutable evidence. "It certainly feels like everything is in working order."

Blue bit her bottom lip and willed herself not to blush. Had she really just said that?

Levering himself up from the slouch he was in, John pressed his mouth to hers, licking at the lip she had released from between her teeth and sucking it into his mouth for a moment before releasing it. Before she could recover, she found herself being lifted up, flipped around, and dropped back down before she could even draw a surprised breath.

John settled himself into a corner of the sofa, drawing her with him until she was sitting between his legs, her back against his chest. "That's just it." he said against her ear as he wrapped his arms around her. "It's working too well, and if I don't keep with the plan, I'm going to lose it. And I don't want to do that. This is for you, baby."


"You." he whispered. His hands covered her still exposed breasts, warming them from the cool air of the living room with the heat of his palms. "Okay... where were we?"

"Uh... I don't know... oh..." She couldn't think. Not when his fingers were circling, tickling, teasing her nipples the way they were. Especially not when he began to lightly pinch them between thumb and forefinger.

"Like that?" John murmured into her neck, and she knew he was looking over her shoulder and down her body to watch what he was doing to her.

"Yes. It's... it feels..."

"Tell me." His fingers tightened... twisted gently... pulled lightly... testing. When she arched her back and made a soft noise during a certain clever twisting-pulling motion, he continued with that. "You like this?" She nodded, closing her eyes. "Rest your head back, Sweet Baby. Uh-uh, relax." he added when she tensed slightly at the name.

Giving in, Blue lay her head back against his shoulder, breathing out on a sigh as his hands molded and smoothed over her breasts.

He grunted softly into her hair. "I got you with my whiskers." He brushed his fingers over several reddened spots marring the creamy skin surrounding her nipples. "Sorry."

While a part of her brain picked up on and was heartened by the promise of a 'next time', she raised her hand to lay her palm along his jaw, turning her head to press her lips to the stubble on his face. "You don't have to. Actually... I like the way it feels." She rubbed her hand against the scratchy beginnings of a beard, remembering how it had begun to make an appearance by the late evening before. "I liked it, lightly, on my... skin." she said simply.

She could feel his cheek crease with a smile.

"All right. Duly noted. Let's find out what else you like." His hands left her breast to smooth down her ribcage and over her belly, stopping here and there to track a curve, to circle and dip into the tiny indentation of her navel. His fingertips came to rest over the waistband of her underwear. She tingled when he angled his head to whisper into her ear, waiting in anticipation for his next words. When he spoke, the tingle intensified and flowed to every erogenous zone.

"When you masturbate, do you take your panties off?" John's fingertips slipped underneath the waistband they had been tracing.

"Usually." She hesitated, gathering herself to elaborate the way she knew he was hoping for. "Most of the time I take them off, and... lay under the covers. But sometimes, if I don't really think about it, if I'm only using my fingers, then I'll just leave them on... and..." Blue stopped, both because of the intake of John's breath and because of one of his hands inching further and encountering silky curls.

"And..." he cleared his throat. "If you only use your fingers? Blue, honey, are you saying you have toys to play with?" The tips of his fingers played through the hair covering her, advancing downward with maddening slowness.

Her cheeks blazed hotly, but she was beginning to love the way he caused it.

"Not every time, but once in a while... I have a vibrator thing, it's my favorite... it's, um, shaped like an egg." She could feel him waiting, and didn't disappoint him. Covering his hand with her own through the fabric of her panties, she traced the ridges of his knuckles and fingers. "I turn it on, and..."

"Tell me."

"I use it... you know... on the outside first, over my lips and... then my clitoris..."

Though her thighs were pressed together, he managed to insinuate his hand downward, until he was cupping her, trapping the damp heat.

"Tell me..."

"Then I push it inside, and let it vibrate inside me." She felt his fingers press inward, not trespassing between the closed lips of her labia, but the pressure so exciting nonetheless. His fingers pressed and released, pressed and released in a massaging motion, rewarding her when she continued. "And with the vibrator in me, I circle my fingers on my clit..."

"Until you come."


"Someday I want to watch you."

A pressure from his fingers, and release. Press and release. Press and release.


"Hmmm?" Blue hummed on a breath through her nose. John's massaging hand had stilled, though continued cradling her pussy. His left hand had found it's way further and was burrowing between her thighs.

"Do you do it with your legs closed like this?"

She caught a thread of amusement in his voice.

"No." She held her breath.

"Well, then, how about-" The fingers tunneled further. "You spread your legs for me-" His arms tightened around her. "And I'll make it good for you." His lips found a sensitive spot where neck met shoulder. "C'mon, baby. Do it the way you like. Open for me?"

If his words, or the softly burrowing hand between her two thighs didn't convince her, the middle finger that somehow found enough room to move in the tight confines between her closely pressed legs and under her panties would certainly have been enough. The finger wiggled ever so slightly, the tip finding it's way between the closed lips of her pussy, just enough to tease.

Blue's legs moved apart. John's satisfied rumble of "That's my girl." encouraged further separation. Fingers stroked soft lips, and then first one, then two slid between the lips to become covered in the slick evidence of arousal.

Surprised that she could feel his heart beating so strongly against her back, Blue raised her hips against his hand. He murmured his approval. She could feel his cock at the base of her spine, a hard bar of iron. Wiggling her bottom, she was satisfied to hear him emit a low grunt. And then a finger found her clit and she jerked upward again with a gasp of her own.

"How far?" The finger dipped to tease at the entrance of her vagina, circled maddeningly at the opening, then drew the gathered cream upwards to spread it around the hard little nub.

"What?" Her clit throbbed in impatient ecstasy. He was making it difficult to think.

"How far do you spread your legs, when you play with yourself? Just enough, like this?" John's left hand rubbed gently over her now exposed inner thigh. "Or..." Maneuvering his legs along the length of the sofa, he hooked his feet around the inside of her ankles, and she found herself being spread further apart, his knees guiding hers until she felt the inner muscles of her thighs stretching with a delicious burn.

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