tagRomanceKeeper Of Unlocked Desires Day 2

Keeper Of Unlocked Desires Day 2


To the keeper of my unlocked desires:

Day Two

As the sun rises above the crystal blue waters, I am awaken to the beautiful sound of the birds singing and a cool breeze gently blowing through our window. I quietly roll over towards you, I remain quiet trying not to wake you. As you lay there silent, . I think to myself that this is only a dream that I finally have you, and I am truly happen when I am with you and when I am in your arms. That single thought of us being together and in love, sends chills throughout my body.

I gently reach over to you and place my lips on your bare chest. The warmth of your body is so soft and feels so good. I move my hand to the satin sheets and slide it down exposing your flesh. I kiss you on your chest then onto your stomach. You are starting to wake up to the touch of my kisses. I look up at you and say, "good morning honey" and continue showering you with my devoted kisses. You give me a sweet smile and whisper softly "a great morning too".

I continue with my kisses as I slowly move down your silky body. I can see your cock start to swell more and more with every kiss. I kiss you down to your cock as my mouth seizes a hold of it with indecent enthusiasm, and my throat ripples as I attempt to swallow you all the way down. I move my entire body between your legs as you do when you lick me at times. I kiss your inner thighs - gently then bite them a little bit then back to kissing softly. You start to breath harder and I lick your cock up and down all sides. I move down to your balls and place one in my mouth while I move my slippery tongue all over it then the next.

You begin to breathe even harder which starts to excite me and I notice my own breathing start to become faster. As I start to run my tongue up your cock to the tip-I gently lick the tip and kiss the head of your cock so seductively, I hear you moan. My body moves to the motion of making love as I suck your cock. You are at your full erection now, and I can tell that you are ready to cum. As your cock is in my mouth, I move it in and out quickly using the motions of my hands to massage you each and every time that your cock slides out of my mouth.

I taste the salty but sweet pre-ejaculation and I can feel myself become instantly moist. Filled with lucious desires to have you fuck me. Luckily I hear you say "I want you, I want to fuck you right now right here". As I move up from between your legs and approach the pillows -you move up from behind me and grab me - bend me over the pillows - and run your tongue down the middle of my back. You lick me all the way down my ass and into my clit. You feel with your tongue to see if I am wet.

As you discover just how wet I am, you guide your cock into my pussy. Your movements are slow at first then you become faster and thrusting your cock into me harder. I begin to moan louder with each stroke, because you cock feels so good deep inside of me. Our breathing is both deep and passionate and we both fuck each other harder and harder. You grab hold of my ass cheeks and spread them even more so you can see exactly the way your cock moves in and out of my pussy hole. You then place your fingers on my clit as you continue fucking me.

I become wetter and wetter with every stroke and I am soooo close to climaxing that it hurts. You can feel my body start to tremble as you grab me and throw me on my back and spread my legs and go down on me. You taste my juices as I begin to massage your cock we come close to climaxing again as you climb on top of me and slide yourself in my pussy. It only takes a couple of hard strokes before we are both climaxing together.

This is the most beautiful and intimate feeling that any two people can feel at the same time. There is no other person that I would rather share this moment with than you. As we lay next to each other, we relax and hold one another and think about our life together and how happy we are in love.

We then get up to start our day, which has already gotten off to a wonderful start.

I love you my darling..always and forever


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