tagRomanceKeeper Of Unlocked Desires Day 4

Keeper Of Unlocked Desires Day 4


To the keeper of my unlocked desires:

Day four

As we travel to the mountains of Lake Tahoe - - we enjoy the drive listening to music and humming along to the songs. We are both caught in our own daydreams or fantasies as we stare out the windows as the trees pass by. It is a beautiful day out and the suns rays are shining down through the open sunroof in the car.

You reach over and place you hand on my leg and slowly slide you hand up my skirt and tightly hold on to my inner thigh. I grab your hand with mine and place it between my legs onto my g-strings. I slide over my panties and place you hand on my warm and moist inner lips as you begin to massage me.

I lay back and relax, as the sun shines onto my face, enjoying the pleasure that I am receiving. I look over to you and see that you are aroused by giving me pleasure, and you look at me with a deep unknown desire as if you can feel my pleasure. I sit up and bend down to your lap, unbuttoning your pants and take out your thick pulsating cock. I begin to lick the tip of it only to tease you. I then move up and kiss your mouth trying to distract your driving.

Then I go back down to the pleasure zone and begin to suck you hard and soft and hard again. I stroke your cock with every movement of entering into my wet mouth. I lick every inch of your cock as your cock is deep into my mouth. Your driving is becoming erratic and you find a turnout to stop at.

You park the car and tell me to get out and follow you. We both get out and you grab my hand and pull me along with you. I look around to see where we are or where we are going. In front of us there is a walking bridge which goes across the river below. We can hear the wind gently blowing through the trees and the sound of the river rushing downstream. It seems as if we are the only ones out here - - no one is watching and no one is listening Its only us and us alone. We have this beautiful place all to ourselves.

You take off and head down towards the stream . . . I follow behind you. You stop when you come to a large smooth boulder. When I catch up to you, I stand in front of you facing you. You slide both your hands up my legs and gently slide off my panties. You then put your head up my skirt and start to lick my clit - - as I become wetter and wetter, I want you inside me sooo bad. I look down at you as you slowly lay on your back . . . I bend down over you with my skirt on and my panties off still, I am facing you feet and I unbutton your pants with my teeth. I move down your boxers and gently put your cock in my mouth.

As we are in the 69 position, we are licking and sucking each other- - giving and taking this euphoric pleasure together. You gently flip us over and you get on top of me and guide your throbbing cock into my steaming hot pussy hole and move into me with sweeping motions. As the movements become faster, I hear something in the bushes, we both look over only to find two fishermen wading through the water nearby. They see us but don't say a word just stop and watch us make love. I then whisper to you, "lets really give them a show".

You get up off of me and lay on your back, then I get on top of you facing the men and insert your cock deep inside my pussy. I bounce up and down on your cock as I rub my breasts and lick my lips. I throw my head back and start to rub my breasts harder and pinch my nipples. As I ride you, you put your fingers on my clit and begin to massage me as I fuck your cock. The men are now sitting down on the rocks a little ways down from us with a very good view of our passion. I see one man unzip his cock and start to stroke it as he watches me fuck you. I lick my lips and move up and down on your cock faster and faster.

You feel so good inside me, I love it when I can take all of you. I let out several erotic moans and I hear you moaning too, and then I feel you cum. It shoots way deep into my pussy and hits just the right spot and I begin to cum. As I am climaxing the one man is jacking off to our passion and he squirts his load down into the water.

We kiss and get up and slowly get dressed. We walk past the men, and you say to them,"did you enjoy the show boys?". They were both a little dumb founded and said stuttering" you caught us of guard, but well worth the surprise". I passed the man who had just got off on us and handed him my panties and said" here's a souvenir for you honey, hope you liked it", and kissed him on the cheek and took off to our car.

This is dedicated to the never-ending excitement that we encounter every time we are together, the true reason why we are so passionate and in love.


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