tagExhibitionist & VoyeurKeeping an Eye on the Employees

Keeping an Eye on the Employees

bySean Renaud©

"You really think that he's gonna take the bait baby girl?" Jonathan Pierce grinned slightly. He lifted his mug up to the camera raising it as mock cheer and then took a long pull from before crinkling his nose slightly.

One the other end of the connection a busty red head sat. There wasn't anything particularly provocative about her grey jacket or the black blouse beneath it. If nature hadn't been so incredibly generous with her the outfit wouldn't even have turned heads.

Kelly's camera was positioned intentionally or not where it was more focused on her bust than her face. In fact if she was sitting at her desk and not kicking her feet up on it only her chin and chest were visible. "Yeah I think so Mr. Pierce." She steepled her fingers just beneath her chin. "He's been eye fucking me for a long time. He's kinda grimy though." Her painted red lips twisted into a mock pout when she said that. Jonathan knew that was her way of telling him that she found him exciting. Kelly just had the cutest way of describing the things that she wanted.

Mr. Pierce glanced up from his the stimulating view on his computer screen for a moment checking the time on the antique grandfather clock positioned right next to his door. It was an heirloom passed down through his family and if the stories could be believed it had originally come into the family as some kind of dowry from an Ottoman general. For some reason it always filled Jonathan with feelings of pride and power and he happily looked forward to someday passing it on to his own son or grandson but in the meanwhile he just enjoyed it. He could easily lose himself staring at the beautiful hand carved cabinet and might have if Kelly hadn't noisily cleared her throat to drag him back to reality.

"Sorry about that. It's almost time for your department to take a break isn't it?" Mr. Pierce shrank the window giving him the space to quickly look through his emails. "Is everything ready to go?"

Without even seeing Kelly's eyes Mr. Pierce knew that they were rolling towards the back of her pretty little head. She managed, barely, to stifle an exasperated sigh before she spoke, "Of course. Though who knows maybe he just won't take the bait." She shrugged. A slow frustrated creak announced that a door was being opened in Kelly's office and a red 'x' announced that he'd just been muted.

"Good morning Kelly, is there anything I can get you?" It was Mr. Pierce's turn to roll his eyes and he shook his head at the same time for good measure. The man speaking was Peter Schomer a long time cubicle slave stuck in what would be called a dead end job if he wasn't making a comfortable living for what most of the time amounted to playing on the internet. He had that self important impotent rage flavoring his voice. Like it somehow wasn't a good use of his time to be attending to his superior. Mr. Pierce had seen it far too often in this younger generation, somehow they thought that if it wasn't specifically written down in their job description it wasn't part of the job. When he'd been a younger man he'd considered himself lucky if he could find time between his duties to take out the trash, fetch coffee and pick up the dry cleaning of his betters. That was the reason why today he had an office with his name on it. The kids today wouldn't have been good enough to check the rat traps at the gas station he'd worked at as a young man.

Kelly slid her monitor just a few inches out of the way giving Mr. Pierce a full view of her face before she started speaking. "Yes you may Peter, just a cup of coffee." Even without being in the same room with her Mr. Pierce felt a slight tingle when Kelly used that overly saccharine tone. It seemed to just flow from her full plump lips and just smother anybody who heard it in a warmth. Peter had to put up with that tone of voice being directed at him several times a day every day and Mr. Pierce could still hear the man's voice quiver slightly when he confirmed her order. Even the way he closed the door sounded some how tamer after she'd spoken.

The door had barely closed and when Kelly start rifling quickly through the DVD case that she always kept in the top drawer of her desk for times when she needed a little. . . relaxation. Mr. Pierce had never met another woman in his entire life who had the same kind of drive that Kelly possessed. She seemed to have a difficult time going more than a day or so without being satisfied. At times she seemed a bit like an addict, hiding things in her car, her office, and even her purse because she had no way or knowing if or when she'd would have the need descend upon her and when it did she could barely get her mind to focus on anything else until it was sated.

The camera was positioned in a spot where he could see the titles of the DVDs as she flipped rapidly through the pages. "Holy shit." Thanks to being muted he didn't even have to whisper for fear of her hearing him. The collection was just one more thing that shocked him about the younger generation. When he'd been a youngster porn wasn't nearly as dirty as the filth she collected. They had at least attempted to tell a story. The idea that there would be porn with titles like 'Asseater Anonymous' and 'Cumfart Cocktails' was as frightening as it was thrilling. Jonathan Pierce let his mind wander for a moment to what porn would be like in another twenty years or so and shuddered.

Just to prove that she could make anything into a show Kelly took her time before settling theatrically on a movie called 'Cum in my Gape' starring Jada Fire. The DVD cover was completely obscene showing a black woman spreading her buttocks open while semen oozed out of what looked to be a freshly fucked pink rectum. Kelly brought it up along side her face looked at it in mock shock then turned towards the camera eyes wide and mouth agape. She looked like she could hardly believe she was going to put that disgusting DVD into her computer and when she did another gasp came to mind. It was already cued up to the same point in the movie that was captured on it's cover.

"Gotta run. I'll be back in a few minutes!" She blew a kiss and then vanished from the camera.

Jonathan walked to the door briefly opening it up and sticking his head out. "Mary, hold my calls until I come out." His blonde secretary didn't even turn to face him. She acknowledged him with just the slightest of nods and her hand darting over push a button on her phone console before she returned her attention to whatever she'd been working on.

By the time Jonathan locked the door and returned to his desk he could hear Peter moving around though he couldn't see him though. There was no way of knowing for sure how long it would take for the show to start so Mr. Pierce took his time pulling off his coat and trousers and settling back into the throne like chair he spent most of his day seated in.

"Oh my God." Jonathan had been so absorbed in he hadn't noticed Peter move around behind the desk and set down Kelly's mug. Mr. Pierce made a quick mental note to chide the young woman on what was and wasn't appropriate paraphernalia to have around the office. A mug with the words 'I'm a pornstar' framed by two bright red mud flap girls wasn't the sort of thing someone should be walking around the office with and honestly she should have known better.

Jonathan had never taken the time out of his day to really observe Peter before. He'd seen the man in passing in the halls, at the water cooler, at the monthly division meetings and even at the occasional company outing but those at the most extreme had amounted to a handshake. Now that there was time to examine the man it was easy to see why Kelly was so interested in him.

Peter was a handsome man in an almost rugged way. He actually looked a sort of out of place in a suit. He kept his hair short, almost military style only a little thicker than the shadow of stubble framing his square jaw. The man had broad shoulders that looked a little off in a suit and while he'd obviously lost a few steps since graduation it was easy to imagine him in his prime.

Jonathan's attention moved quickly to his buzzing phone where a text was waiting for him. Kelly wanted to know if he'd found the video yet. Jonathan informed her that he had and set his phone aside.

"What are you looking at?" If Peter hadn't sat there and been in on her planning for this exact scenario to happen he would have believed that she was genuinely horrified when she walked into the room. He wished the camera had been in a position where he could see her face. He could see Peter perfectly though and he had a genuinely sinister look on his face. The way Peter looked reminded Mr. Pierce of the villain Loki from the Thor and Avenger's movies. "I can explain!" It didn't seem at all possible but the grin on his face grew even darker.

Mr. Pierce watched Peter uncoil like an enormous serpent. "Oh? You can explain?" He took his eyes off her and turned his attention towards the computer screen. Jonathan had to remind himself that Peter wasn't actually looking at him even though they seemed to be eye to eye. "I'm sure you have a very good reason why you're watching Cum in my Gape starring Jada Fire." His eyes cut from the screen to where Kelly must have been standing.

"I-i-i." She stammered like a she'd been caught by her father with one hand in the cookie jar. "Don't tell daddy." The way she said that sounded so scared, so innocent that the two men listening to her shared a shiver. Peter however did one more thing and reached for his phone bringing it up to his ear and started punching the keys. Mr. Pierce felt his pulse race and his eyes nervously darted over to the his own phone. "NO!" Kelly gasped. She was mostly off screen but the way Peter suddenly twisted around and the appearance of her red hair barely visible over the desktop gave him a clue what was going on. Mr. Pierce knew the puppy dog stare she was giving him from the floor. There weren't a lot of men who could resist the way she was looking up at Peter right now. He'd seen those big eyes threatening to well up with tears too many times to count and could recall the way her lower lip trembled when she was on the verge of tears. "I'll do whatever you want, anything just don't tell my dad!"

"You'll do anything?" Mr. Pierce watched Peter's smile broaden. He could almost see the light bulb clicking on over his head as fantasy started crystallizing into reality. Peter still sensed he was on a bit of thin eyes and it was obvious from the way he spoke, "well you can start by explaining to me why you were watching porn at work."

"My boyfriend broke up with me and I've just been really really horny lately." Peter's eyes went from her head to something closer to his naval when she spoke.

"And this is the kind of porn that turns you on?" Kelly's head bobbed in response. "And you really don't want me to tell your dad?" The woman shook her head silently. "Okay but I'll have to be convinced."

"Just tell me what I need to do to convince you Peter. I'm sure we can work something out." The scared girl routine was quickly fading replaced the sultry slut. He wanted her to strip for him. "Can I get some music?"

Mr. Pierce couldn't hear the music but had a good idea the kind of slow beat it had just from the rhythmic sway of her hips. Kelly had been dancing her entire life and it was obvious the moment she started to move. She could easily have made her living as a stripper if she'd chosen. If Peter was at all a typical male she'd probably pull in more money as a stripper than she did in middle management. He could take his eyes off her. Unfortunately for Mr. Pierce she'd stepped out of frame. She was gone until her ass came back just barely missing the face of her mark. Kelly unzipped her skirt letting it drop to her feet. Then with the grace granted by four years of ballet, two of gymnastics and two of college cheerleader she raised her right leg with the skirt dangling from her foot and dumped it on Peter's lap lighting his eyes up like a Christmas Tree. Kelly rested one of her feet on the armrest bringing her navel level with his face. Mr. Pierce had no idea where Kelly had learned belly dancing rolls she was performing. She practically ripped her coat open almost hitting the monitor when she flung it away.

"You like that don't you?" Kelly purred. At the same time she turned towards the camera and placed her hands over Peter's guiding them over her smooth creamy flesh. She started by cupping her breasts, squeezing them together with a smile meant for Mr. Pierce. "Good." She whispered as the clasp for her bra came undone and dropped away. Kelly leaned forward towards the camera cupping her breasts with Peter's hands, squeezing them together before leaning back into Peter's lap and guiding on of his hands down past her naval and out of sight. "Is this really all you want?"

Peter responded to her by slamming his lips to hers with a rough kiss that made Kelly recoil before she returned it. Before their lips parted Peter brought his hand back into view and brought his now glistening fingers up to Kelly's lips. She broke away from kiss and sucked his fingers into her mouth with a noisy slurp. When she pulled away from him a thin strand of saliva connected her lips and his fingers for several seconds before breaking away and landing on her chin. "Well I better get started. I don't have you all day." Kelly slipped out of the camera's view while she spoke.

It was impossible to see what Kelly was doing but there were enough clues for Jonathan to piece it together with ease. The act she was performing was keeping her from talking and seemed to produce a rather loud slurping noise along with occasional grunts and groans. More telling was the expression on Peter's face and the way his arms kept tensing up. Even through his coat it was plain to see him twitching from whatever the young redhead was up to. "Stop, I'll cum!" Peter gasped. At the same time his back arched thrusting his hips forward bringing the top of Kelly's head into frame. She didn't seem to care. At the very least she wasn't stopping. The chair Peter was sitting in was creaking and rocking back and forth and then a triumphant Kelly emerged from behind the desk gulping something down.

Peter closed his eyes for a moment and reached down when he was interrupted by Kelly putting her foot on the chair and leaning forward so her forehead was pressed to his. "Who said you were done Peter. You're not done until I say you're done. Of course you could call my Daddy and tell him you couldn't satisfy his little girl?" She turned just slightly towards the camera revealing a smile every bit as voracious as the one Peter had earlier. Peter suddenly looked like the cornered mouse, even the mealy mouthed excuse he tried to give sounded more like a squeaking rodent than a man. "I'm still horny and you're not going to say no because if you do I'll scream rape and who exactly do think my Daddy is going to believe? You when you tell him. . .oh wait the truth is that you raped me isn't it? You came in here and forced me to have sex because if I didn't you'd tell my Daddy and I'd be out of a job. So even if he believes you you're still a very bad man."

Peter looked like he was trying to sink through the chair and into the floor. "So what do I have to do?"

Kelly pushed her monitor all the way to the edge of the desk. She looked over her shoulder at Peter. "You can fuck my ass." She turned back towards the camera. "Or I can tell my daddy."

"If that's really what you want boss." A hint of the previous glimmer entered his eyes and he snatched up a fistful of Kelly's hair wrenching the rest of her body into place. The way she was positioned the only thing Mr. Pierce could see was the fusion of pleasure and pain washing over Kelly's face as Peter took her from behind. He could hear thuds, see the table shaking and monitor was wobbling a bit. It almost fell over backward before Kelly caught it and then she simply collapsed. A goofy grin twisted her lips. "Oh lookie lookie." Mr. Pierce heard Peter slump back into the chair. "Well that's good Kelly. I don't think I'll have to tell your daddy what a little slut you are."

The red 'x' in the screen corner vanished and Jonathan Pierce grinned.

"Oh I already know Kelly's a slut." Mr. Pierce watched with a certain satisfaction as Peter attempted to do a back flip and hide behind the chair he was in. Failing at that he nearly broke his neck barely preventing the chair from toppling with him in it. "Kelly I want to see you in my office, Peter take the rest of the day off." Mr. Pierce didn't wait for either of them to attempt to respond.

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