tagNovels and NovellasKeeping Company Ch. 05: Revisited

Keeping Company Ch. 05: Revisited


My thanks to sexnovella for the editing of this chapter. Even after all this time many of you have mailed me and told me that this series felt unfinished. I'm sorry it's taken me this long to do just that with these last two chapters.


It was with some reluctance that Laurel got off my lap, we hadn't planned to do much more than slum it around the cabin until I reminded her that we needed supplies. A quick look in the kitchen got an agreement from her so she dressed and asked me to put her waist chain on. We both knew she was capable of doing it herself but the fact I was doing it meant more to her.

We hit the mall first for some more clothes and then got Laurel some new boots. She tried on a few hats and even got me to try one on as well, once we both realized that I looked like a dork in a cowboy hat I stopped looking. The food hall got us two carts full and some scratching of heads as to making everything fit into the car, we may need to get Laurel a pick-up of her own.

Laurel had dinner ready by the time Mandy turned up. I got washing up duty while both the girls went and had a talk and judging by the smiles on both there faces allot of air got cleared in that talk of theirs. Mandy still had to get back to the city she had a meeting early the next day but promised that she would come back the weekend.

Our time was broken down into Laurel going to the site for the animal hospital in the morning and a couple of trips into town to register her license and to a couple of the drugs companies both to introduce herself and also look at secure cabinets they had available to buy. I kept myself busy since all I had to do was open my laptop and I was once again at work, I had lunch ready for us for mid-day although Laurel insisted that she would make dinner.

It seemed that almost every other day we would get a phone call from one member of the Colson family inviting us to dinner, I'm sure if I dug deep enough I would find that someone made a roster as to who's turn it was to invite us next. Laurels acceptance back into her family was beginning and it was pleasing to see, the children always got to aunt Laurel first, wives soon realized that she wasn't some weirdo and soon her brothers and sister realized that the woman sat at the table was the girl they grew up with.

Tony was the only one that made the dinner conversation stop dead in its tracks when he asked Laurel when she planned on returning to church with them on Sunday's. Laurel didn't get a chance to answer, Heather stuck her elbow into her husbands side, for a big man he buckled real quick. The glare he got when he turned to his wife to ask her what she did that for made him take a step back and think on it.

The girls came up on mass for the weekend, no sooner were they in the door of the cabin than all of them got naked. Laurel blushed and smiled a tear welled up in her eye and she asked to be excused for a moment, being a tradition that ladies never go to the bathroom alone Amy got up and went with her. Both came back a few minutes later arm in arm, the temptation to ask what they had found out about Mike was close to overwhelming. The fact they had said nothing about him in front of Laurel was also not lost on me.

Laurel wanted to show the girls the site for the stable and barn, the humor of seeing a bunch of naked people troupe out of the cabin and stand in one corner of a field wasn't lost on me, yet the way Laurel explained everything to us left me certain that she held every one of us captive. Not one of us had a question for her when she had finished and more than once we nodded our heads at her attention to detail.

All that was left to do was to talk to Jonathan and arrange a weekend and the materials. Charlie phoned about an hour after our return from the field and asked to come to the cabin, we asked for an hour and he and Jonathan arrived two minutes after the hour. Mandy, Laurel, Amy and Jonathan went back out to the field, I watched from the porch as he took notes and talked to the girls. Carol-Ann made us all drinks and took theirs out to them.

"She looks happy now."

I smiled at what he was looking at. Laurel had taken charge of the barn and stable design and soon to be construction. She was in her element.

"She's on familiar ground Charlie. You will see it when she's at the site for the animal hospital building as well."

"I heard the rumors of what she was doing at college when mom and dad came back, I almost didn't recognize the woman who walked out of the airport terminal to me when I picked her up. I was afraid I had lost my baby sister."

His gaze never left his sister, for a big man like Charlie that must have come as a total shock to him.

"Jodie told us all that we were not to look up on the internet concerning what you do to women, she said that so much of it was not you. I couldn't help myself I had to know, my wife made me stop."

Charlie laughed, a nervous laugh like he was a kid who had just been caught with his hand stuck in the cookie jar.

"My first thought was to come up here and shoot you before I took my sister back, my wife knows me too well and phoned Jodie for help. It was Jodie who sat me down and talked to me she told me about your wife and Mandy, she told me that she had seen both Mandy and my sister semi-naked a few days after I dropped her off here and the contrast between them were opposite ends of the scale."

The girls and Jonathan were on their way back to the cabin, still deep in conversation.

"My Father was right about you folks, I'm sorry that it's taken me so long to realize that. I've already seen the difference in her and it has only been a couple of weeks. The whole family knows that the man she was with at college treated her badly, we all know you won't and we see that in her eyes every day we see her."

Charlie looked at me, his hand outstretched. I took it and as we shook on it as he said. "Look after my baby sister for me please."

"She is no longer a baby Charlie but I understand what you mean. She loves you all and you can take that to the bank, Laurel is happy now and getting better by the day. All she asks from you all is understanding."

The rest of the girls came out of the cabin just as Laurel and the rest came up the steps. True to his word Charlie hugged and apoligiesed to each of the girls, when he got to Mandy he also said thank you. That got him an extra hug from Mandy and a 'your welcome' in return.


The barn and stable build was set for two weekends away, Jodie was constantly on the phone both with Laurel and the rest of the wives. The giant family table was moved onto the back lawn on the Friday afternoon, Laurel was with Mandy at Dr Hartmann's for a check up so they waited for the rest of the girls and came on mass. When Amy commented that she would have just got the caterers in both Jodie and Laurel looked at her like she was from Venus.

Mandy gave me a brief rundown on what the doctor had said and after a second and third test, the third at Laurels insistence, she was pronounce STD free. The only sword she felt that hung over her head was aids but the good doctor told her that they had done all the tests and although they would continue to do so when she came in for the tattoo removal sessions none so far had shown any signs.

Laurel's impatience did make me smile and I caught Mandy doing the same.

"Submissive or not I think she plans to attack you tonight."

"We have yet to discuss your roll in all this."

"Oh I plan to stand back and watch you drown."

Our laughing caused the girls to stop and look over for a moment before they themselves went back to talking. Judging by the look she was giving me I think it may have crossed her mind to do just that.

"You know what I mean."

She smiled and then came and hugged me before was both wandered out of the cabin and walked around the grounds.

"I thank you, slave thanks you too."

My own step faltered as I realized who was talking to me.

"Slave and I have talked a great deal over this situation, it is clear that Laurel has to be the priority in this. We have noticed her leanings towards being a bottom, since slave has always been slave her flexibility in all this has never been an issue to us. Slave has noticed that although you and the girls include me often I'm still left to regret my past."

Even as I went to protest Mandy waved it away, her need to continue to talk outweighed anything I might have said in my defense.

"Slave and I look on this as an opportunity, when Laurels leanings became apparent to us both we knew we had to change. Slave also took it as an opportunity to include me, we are willing to top in this relationship."

Even though she had stopped talking it was clear to both of us she wished to say more, yet Mandy seemed to be waiting for my input before she dare.

"When slave took control of your life you had no choice but to accept, slave was the more dominant of the two of you. You know of slaves boundaries with me, are you willing to accept them as well knowing I will punish both of you severely if either of you challenge me without good reason?"

This time Mandy stopped, her smile clear to see both on her lips and her eyes.

"I've had worse done to me in a normal relationship than you have ever done to her in a dominant one. I'm going to catch hell for this but she loves you you know, we both do. You can't hurt us because we give everything that we are to you and you can't harm yourself can you?"

We hugged for a moment and it was perhaps the closest I have ever felt with both slave and Mandy in all the years I have been with them. The door swung open and Amy stepped outside, she scanned the front of the cabin spotted us and the look on her face told us both she was out here for a reason. As Mandy and I parted Amy walked off the porch and joined us.

"Laurel is real sharp, she just asked Carol-Anne when are we having the vote."

By the time all three of us had got back into the cabin, Laurel was on her knees facing the girls who were sat on the couch watching her. None wished to start a conversation until we had all came back in.

"Laurel stand."

Even I spotted the reluctance within her to obey. Mandy took one arm and I took the other and between us we walked Laurel out of the cabin and sat her on the chair on the porch. It was a conversation we all knew needed to be aired, the problem was it had also turned into one of those 'when is the right moment' conversations as well.

Laurel and Mandy sat holding hands as I talked about Beth and including her in our group only to find that the real reason for her agreeing was her fear that I would cut the funds we gave her off if she didn't. I spoke of the time we found out about the boyfriend from her past and bringing him down to join her, the finding of Ginny's original will and letter to me about the group.

Neither said a word as the confrontation with Beth in Amy's office and the later discussion with Beth at Mandy's apartment when she was told she would be staying the night only to have her boyfriend drive her there telling us she had other ideas on how she wished the conversation between us to go.

"Their was a vote that week between us and Beth was never invited to participate, we voted on if we should leave the numbers as they were. We had seen the train wreck that we caused by including Beth and realized that it was a lesson between us that should never be repeated."

Laurel sat for a moment her gaze drifted between the decking and Mandy for a few moments before her courage at the answer to her one question may become too unbearable to hear.

"Then I am lost. I am slave and you will forever be my master but this will never be the home I need unless you or my sister are by my side. I am nothing but a guest here."

Before I could answer Carol-Anne stepped onto the porch.

"I vote yes."

Wendy followed.

"I vote yes."

Amy took up her position next to Wendy.

"I vote yes."

Mandy watched all this with a smile and stood when it was her turn.

"We vote yes."

Every eye on the porch looked towards me and other than shrug my shoulders I said yes as well. The place erupted with giggling women and group hugs and I just stepped back and sat on the rail wondering if Laurel truly knew what she was letting herself in for.


The lumber came on trailers pulled by the ranches station wagons. The convoy of trucks and cars that followed pulled up alongside the cabin and children burst forth from them followed by the rest of Laurel's family. Jodie and Laurel seemed to take over from then on, the children were kept out of harms way and the wives rotated baby sitting duties between themselves.

Jonathan set out the marker post's for both the stable and barn, he confirmed it all with Laurel and once she gave her nod of approval her brothers went into action, sinking posts and cutting lumber to set lengths. Buckets of nails and screws appeared out of the back of one of the trucks and over the course of the morning a stable was born.

At one point I was politely told to keep out of the way so I kept everyone topped up with cold drinks while the girls were busy in the kitchen and getting the table stacked with enough food to feed an army. With all but the roof to go on Laurel shouted that it was time to eat, the guys wanted to finish the stable first but sometimes you have to regulate feeding time with children rather than the other way around.

All the running around in the field behind us made them all hungry so it was decided that the roof could wait. When I looked at the middle of the table it was full of bowls of potato salad, cold meats, rice, cut bread. The list just went on the further down the table you looked. Jonathan said prayers and I had to hold Mandy's leg to keep her sat down. Jodie noticed that she didn't join them in prayer but nodded her head in acknowledgment that she remained seated.

Once we had finished Amy admitted that she may have to ditch the caterer's idea in favor of the wives cooking from now on. The brothers were itching to get back to the stable roof and when Jonathan stood we all did, I continued my duties as refreshment bearer and when I went looking for Laurel I found her on top of the stable roof with a hammer in her hand. Even the rest of the girls stood and watched for a moment as she walked across the constructed parts and hopped over to the bits that still needed working on.

"I'm told when she was younger she could hold her own in a fight with Charlie and Tony, I suppose it's why Jonathan still shakes his head at what she is now. I grew up with Laurel at school and even there the boys knew not to cross her, not because of her brothers but because she was likely to drop you on your ass for upsetting her."

Jodie came and stood next to the girls and me as we watched Laurel for a moment before she continued.

"We knew she was never going to be a girlie girl, Heather nearly got her head handed to her when she suggested to Laurel that she try out for the cheerleader squad. I suppose it's why all of her brothers still find it hard to come to terms with when they think of her growing up and what she is now."

I thought about what to say, it was clear to me that if I didn't say something Mandy was going to.

"Tell me Jodie, if I walked over to Heather and asked for details about what she and Tony get up to in the bedroom would she tell me?"

Jodie clearly stiffened, anger rose in her and quickly subsided when she pulled in air and shook her head. I pointed towards Laurel as she launched herself over a gap in the roof to catch a board that Charlie had thrown up to her.

"That's Laurel, that's the sister they have and never lost. That's the friend you had in school and is now your sister-in-law, her one mistake was the man she ended up with in college. She has rectified that mistake Jodie and each day back on the ranch brings the friend you knew back to you, don't judge what she does in the bedroom Jodie after all she never judges you for what you do."

Perhaps I may have been a little harsh, the fact that Jodie went crimson and walked off may have attested to that but I'm sure Mandy's answer would have made for a more interesting conversation if I had allowed it.

While Laurel and Tony finished off the stable roof the rest of the brothers sank the posts for the barn and screwed supports to the posts. Not much else could be done today, the barn would be up tomorrow and the finishing touches would be added over the rest of the week so that Toby could join Laurel by the end of the week. We thanked everyone as they left and some very exhausted women went into the cabin to shower.

I watched Laurel as she stood looking at the stable, her hands on her hips. She must have heard me approach her because she turned and smiled.

"You were in your comfort zone today, that's how you should always be. Join the girls in the shower we could all do with an early night. Follow Carol-Anne's lead and dress how she dresses for the evening I will be in shortly."

Laurel nodded and left, I thought I was alone in my thoughts until I felt Mandy next to me.

"Come home when you can. Your mind is screaming for release I can feel it from here."

She heard me sigh and clung to my arm.

"Lets not fool ourselves, if you can feel it then so can Laurel. When is her first treatment for that damn tattoo?"

"Wednesday next week and then its weekly after that."

"Ok I will bottom Laurel then and it will be time to let you two play as well. If things go well then we can re-visit what we do to her. I'm loathed to bring too many toys here and rub the girl's noses in what we are doing."

Mandy giggled, she had the cutest giggle and I often found myself telling her a joke or two just to hear it. The warmth it gave me in the pit of my stomach always seems to swim to my heart and hold itself there for the evening.

"At various times the girls have found out first hand what we do although the rubbing noses thing may be interesting."

I slapped her ass and she turned to head back into the cabin, the swing of her hips told me so much more. It seemed that t-shirts were the dress code for the evening, the flashes of ass and pussy as the girls wandered around the cabin let alone the swing of tits within the confines of said shirts as they wandered the room left me with a permanent hard on.

Carol-Anne caught me by surprise, I turned and there she was, the most beautiful smile from her and then she was gone. When I followed her head as she sank to her knees my shorts followed her hands to the floor. When I looked over to the rest of the girls Wendy was already pulling off her shirt and walking towards me.

"Your looking after Laurel is admirable but our promise to Ginny outranks that."

With those words out of the way she pushed me backwards and I fell onto the couch. Wendy followed me down and was already sat astride me before I could utter a word. Her hands went around my head and her nipple was now poised on my lips, a soft warmth enveloped my cock as I sucked on Wendy's nipple.

Her slow moan meant I was doing all the right things, when my arms came around her and held her close to me her moan got a little louder. The tongue work on my cock was rather masterful as well, whoever it was worked on me for only a few moments before the mouth left me, it was but a second before I heard Laurels voice whisper into Wendy's ear.

"His as hard as I can get him, it's your turn now."

Wendy shuddered and gulped, a hand went around my hardness before she lowered herself onto me. As hand met with pussy the hand disappeared and I sank deep into Wendy.

"Ok. Now I have your full attention this is what's going to happen, your going to stop being so damn considerate and release what you have stored up in you into parts of me and if you think this is rape then the lawyer over there with Carol-Anne's tongue buried deep in her pussy will attest that this is all consensual."

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