Keeping Faith


Author's note

This story is a sequel to my 'Cordelia's Rebound Girl' story and is also set during season 3 of Buffy when both the characters and actresses were over 18.


Buffy's POV

This is certainly weird.

Me walking to Faith's motel to pick her up for patrol.

Normally it's the other way around.

Normally she would be picking me up from my house.

A few times she's come to the school when it's finished and asked me if I wanted to start patrol early as if any vampires would be out in the later afternoon when the sun is still shining.

Mind you that isn't the only weird thing.

Another weird thing is that I have hardly seen Faith since the last time I came to her motel which was after the whole Gwendolyn Post incident.

I remember the conversation we had it started off with me asking her how she was and she told me she was as she put it "five by five" which I took as her way of telling me good. I then told her that Gwendolyn Post fooled all of us including Giles the reason I included him was because I know from personal experience it is very hard to fool him. However Faith didn't seem to care as she responded by saying that she should have learned that she can't trust people. I responded back by telling her that she could trust me.

Faith responded with a doubtful tone of voice I know she was referring to the fact that I had kept Angel a secret from her as well as Giles and the others I tried to explain to her that I didn't have a choice which is partly true and partly a lie.

If there is anybody I could have told it probably was her and yet at the same time the reason why I didn't was because I was worried how she would react I remember when I first met Kendra and I told her Angel was a good guy she didn't believe me she considered all Vampires to be bad.

I can only imagine how Faith would have responded if I had told her he was a vampire.

Then again maybe if I told her about our history mine and his before I told her that he was back..........ah well too late for maybe's now.

What's done is done just have to deal with the consequences.

I just hope the fact that I haven't seen Faith in a while isn't her trying to prove that she doesn't need anybody.

Ah well I guess I'll find out soon which number is her's.

I quickly remember the number go over to the steps to the second floor climb the steps and head for Faith's room passing room after room and as I get closer to the last room which is Faith's the moaning and groaning which I first started to hear when I reached the motel thanks to my slayer hearing is getting louder.

As I pass Faith's window I turn and look in and notice the her curtain's aren't drawn which causes me to stop I turn around and have a proper look inside and the sight which meets my eyes causes my entire body to freeze as I stand where I am and stare into Faith's room my focus locked on what is happening on her bed.

On the bed with their bodies facing me are two women both of whom are brunette's and they are........... both naked and........... and........... some people might call it making love others having sex.......... I think the best term I can use is "going at it" because that's what it looks like they are doing quite literally and yet at the same time not due to the fact that two women can't "go at it" because they don't have what you need in order to do that.

However these two girls are definitely going at it as far as kissing is at least that is what I think they are doing due to the fact I can't really tell because one of the woman's hair is hanging down and covering both their faces.

I turn my head in the direction of the door not because I am planning on interrupting them but simply to check if this is the right motel room.

"What's the door number of this room?"

I mentally ask myself as I look and notice the door number


"That's Faith's motel room number."

I mentally tell myself as I turn my attention back to the scene before me.

"That means that one of those girls is."

I can feel my mouth drop open and I don't know why but part of me begins to wonder two things.

1: Which one of the two girls is Faith?


2: Who is the other brunette?

I continue to watch not really sure why and both of my questions are soon answered as the brunette on top of the other brunette pulls back to reveal both her own face and her "lover's" at this point my brain freezes with only 5 words continually running through my head.

"It's Faith and Cordelia."

Neither of the two "lovers" have noticed me due to the fact they both seem far too interested in each other as well as the fact that Cordelia has her eyes closed and Faith is focusing her attention on Cordelia with her eyes open.

Faith moves down Cordelia's stunning looking body and takes one of her erect nipples into her mouth.

"Wait a minute. Did I just say that Cordelia has a stunning body?"

I mentally ask myself as my brain slowly comes out of it's frozen state.

I blink a few times not sure what shocks me more the fact that I have just complimented Cordelia on having a great body or the fact that my best friend's ex-girlfriend is "going at it" with my patrol partner.

"She has a pretty hot body as well."

My brain tells me.

I swallow hard as my eyes go from Cordy's body to Faith's what I can see of it anyway. Faith then moves from one nipple over to the other while Cordy runs her hands through Faith's hair.

Faith eventually goes lower down Cordelia's body until she reaches in between Cordelia's legs which are spread wide apart from Faith who sticks her tongue out and actually.......... I can't even say what she does due to the fact I am too stunned to even believe it however despite the fact I can't believe it Faith continues to do it and Cordelia arches her back in response to what Faith is doing.

I turn my attention from what Faith is doing and look at Cordelia's face it's then that I notice that Cordelia no longer has her eyes closed they're open and looking directly at me.


Cordelia says which causes me to turn my attention to Faith who lifts her head from between Cordy's legs and looks from Cordy up to me and smiles.

"Get out of there."

My brain screams at me and yet I am unable to move as I stare at Faith in shock and horror at having been caught.

Faith stands up off of the bed with her eyes still locked with mine and makes her way towards the door.

"Are you deaf?"

My brain mentally asks me as Faith continues towards the door.

"I said run!"

This time I listen to my brain as I turn and run all the way back the way I came down the steps and head home doing my best not to look back and simply hoping that Faith isn't following me.

It's only when I get to my front door that I finally stop running and look around behind me to make sure that Faith hasn't followed me and sure enough she hasn't.

"Taking into consideration the fact that both she and Cordelia was naked does that really surprise you."

My brain asks me.

However I ignore it due to the fact that both Cordelia and Faith caught me watching them.

"God what am I going to do?"

I ask myself aloud.

As I do my best to try and figure out what the heck I am going to do part of me still can't believe that what I just saw was real and yet there is no denying that what I just saw was real and it was really happening as I saw it.

"But I never thought Faith was a.........well I never thought she was like that."

I mentally say to myself..

"I mean we've talked about relationships and she has more times than I can count told me that I should find someone and screw them but I always thought she was talking about a guy not another woman.

I add looking around again just to make sure that Faith doesn't show up having gotten dressed and come after me.

"An as for Cordelia..........she can't be a..........I mean she's been with all those guys maybe not literally been but she's straight and she's been with Xander and he's as straight as they come so she can't be..........that way."

"Oh god what am I going to do?"

I mentally ask myself.

"How the hell am I ever going to be able to look Cordelia in the eye again after what I saw tonight and as for Faith.........I don't even want to go there as if things between us weren't bad after the whole Angel being alive and Gwendolyn Post incident but now..........oh boy now they are ten times worse."

I put my head in my hands and think about what I am going to do.


I say aloud to myself taking my head out of my hands.

"I'll go on patrol that will take my mind off of least for the time being and hopefully I won't run into Faith."

I then mentally tell myself trying to reassure myself that this is a good idea.

An so with my mind made up on the best way to deal with this situation which is not to until after patrol I head off for the first cemetery hoping and praying that I don't run into Faith or Cordelia until later..........a lot later.

Cordelia's POV

Oh my God, I think Faith is trying to kill me. Is it even possible to die from an orgasm overdose? I doubt it. If it was Faith would have killed me on the first night. That was.......... wow that was like a week ago. It feels like a lifetime.

Faith is still my rebound girl and the official reason I'm here is that I'm still trying to get over Xander, but the truth is he's been nothing but an afterthought to me since my first night with Faith and I'm strictly here for the mind numbing and possibly fatal pleasure given to me by the seemingly always horny slayer.

Since that first night we have fallen into a routine.

I show up at Faith's door, mumble something about still needing to get over Xander, she grins and lets me inside. Once inside I'm normally immediately attacked by a horny slayer. One time Faith offered me a drink before pouncing on me, which I declined because I've seen the contents of her fridge and, ewww.

Anyway, once we're naked Faith starts out slow, or at least slow by her standards, kissing me, licking and sucking my nipples, fingering me, eating me out and of course making me return the favour, and so on. This 'slow and gentle crap' as she so eloquently puts it goes on until we've each had a handful of orgasms and then she breaks out her toys and begins slowly cranking the intensity up until she's slam fucking me with one of her many dildos.

Faith has used all kinds of dildos on me, some I can name like the double dildo, the beads and of course the strap on, and some I can't even begin to describe.

Lately during this hard fucking stage she has started slapping my ass while fucking me, normally from behind and always when fucking my ass, which is at least three times every session. It's hard for me to believe I used to be a virgin back there only a week ago after all the anal sex I have been forced to endure over the past few days. Only a few minutes ago I was on my hands and knees enduring a particularly hard butt pounding, and the ass slapping only makes it worse.

Have you ever had your ass slapped by a slayer?

Well believe me it hurts like hell.

To make matters worse instead of letting me rest after she has practically ripped open and beaten my ass Faith simply flips me onto my back and restarts the whole session from practically stage one, kissing me first softly, and then roughly as she presses her naked body, which is for now at least free of her strap on, into mine, grinding against me, promising more fucking to come.

As a result of this my sore and beaten ass gets pressed back into the bed, causing pain to shoot through my body which is almost as bad as when Faith first starts sticking her strap on up my butt. It has got easier compared to the first couple of times but it still takes a lot of effort getting that dildo in my ass. Faith has been trying to get me to wear a butt plug during the day so I'm properly prepared for her whenever I go to see her. As perverted as it seems I'm this close to taking her up on her offer, if only to see if it would really relieve some of the pain. It's not like my ass and the rest of my body doesn't ache constantly throughout my day after a night with Faith but I'm still trying to avoid wearing a butt plug for her. I'm already practically her bitch as it is and I certainly don't want to reinforce that idea in any way shape or form.

I lose my train of thought when Faith pulls back from me, breaking the kiss we had been locked in for God knows how long, and moves down my body to take one of my nipples into her mouth causing me to moan despite how saw my throat is from screaming in pleasure.

It always amazes me that no matter how exhausted I am Faith can have me dripping wet and ready for more by simply sucking on my nipples. Her mouth is just pure heaven on my sensitive flesh, and it only gets better when she begins to move from one nipple to the other, her hands massaging the nipple her lips and tongue are worshipping and pushing it deeper into her mouth as her other hand gently caresses my other nipple, making me moan all the more for her.

Reaching down I run my fingers through her hair, hopefully encouraging her to move lower to my womanhood which, after taking everything her strap on has to give, could do with a nice soft tongue and mouth to massage the soreness away.

Faith gets the message loud and clear and starts kissing her way down my body until she's in between my legs for the, what is this, the fourth, the fifth time today, something like that, anyway, and, and I just lost my train of thought again as I feel Faith's tongue gently slide over my pussy lips before pushing deep inside me, my rebound girl wasting no time into 'getting down to some real serious rug munching' as she would say.

Moaning I push myself upwards into her mouth, my hands tangling further in her hair as my eyes flutter open to get a good look at her lapping away between my legs when suddenly something catches my attention out of the corner of my eye.

Oh my God, Faith forgot to close the blinds again.......... and there's someone watching us!

My mouth fell open in shock but I'm too horrified to even scream.

I hope and pray it is not someone I know as I desperately tried to focus on the persons face to see who it is.

When I see who it is one simple word falls out of my open mouth.


Of course hearing the name of her beloved fellow slayer caused Faith to lift her head up from between my legs and turn around to look at her.

For a few moments the two slayers just seem to stare at each other before Faith got up and began to make her way towards the door.

When Faith is almost at the door Buffy seems to wake up from some kind of trance, somehow looks even more horrified than me, turns around and runs out of my line of vision.

I quickly get up, gathering the sheets around myself and follow Faith towards the door.

Faith being, well Faith, hasn't bothered to put anything on and happily opens the door completely nude, stepped out and watches something with amusement.

Cautiously poking my head outside I get a good view of what she is watching, that being the sight of a blonde dot running away from us as fast as her legs could carry her.

Fuck. This could be a problem.


I spent most of the night obsessing what being caught having sex with another girl could mean for my social life and turning down Faith's advances, which wasn't easy. That girl just doesn't seem to take no for an answer. Eventually I was forced to give in and, well, let's just say I was lucky to make it out alive.

But for once I had a really good reason to leave Faith's bed.

Because in between the moment I saw Buffy and the fifth butt fucking my sore ass had to take, damn Faith, I made up my mind, I need to stop Buffy from telling anyone about what she saw by any means necessary and I need to do it before school starts.

So, once I had finally escaped from Faith's grasp and left the dark slayer snoring in her hotel room, I made my way over to the Summers household at the first night of dawn.

When ever I go to Faith's I always take my car so I can make a quick getaway when necessary and I have never been more grateful of my Daddy's birthday gift than I have been today.

The car ride over was uneventful. Obviously I had picked the perfect time for a drive. Right before any humans wake up, and right after the vampires and demons go to sleep.

The only problem I had was the one I normally have after seeing Faith, sitting down. Resting my weight on my bottom after a session with Faith is normally a bad idea but Buffy has left me with no choice. I guess I can take comfort in the fact that sitting isn't so bad considering my whole body is aching after what Faith did to me last night.

It's not that I'm not normally in bad shape after seeing Faith but after the Buffy incident she got particularly rough with me. If I ask I know she'd blame it on the fact that I denied her my 'hot ass' for so long but I know better.

I'm not an idiot. I know that Faith has a thing for her fellow slayer and seeing her turned Faith's already supercharged libido into overdrive. Too bad for Faith that if Buffy ever worked out Faith's true feelings for her she'd probably throw up at the mere thought of being with another girl. Hell, I'm surprised that stuck up little bitch didn't do just that when she saw me and Faith last night.

Buffy totally comes off as someone who would be disgusted at that sort of thing, and she has a big mouth, and her friends hate me, and this is exactly why I need to get to her before she gets the chance to open her big mouth.

Finally arriving at the Summers household after what feels like an eternity I turned to look at the clock on the dashboard and am amazed to find that it's barely 7 o'clock yet. I must have been driving pretty fast.

I consider just ringing the doorbell and demanding to speak to Buffy in private, but she's probably still fast asleep in big, ugly flannel pajamas, and I don't want to piss her off, not when I need a favour from her.

I thought long and hard last night, at least when I was given the opportunity, and I came to the conclusion that the only way I could convince Buffy to keep her mouth shut was, to be nice to her.

I can't threaten her, she's not afraid of me and there's nothing physically I could do to her. I can't discredit her at school and/or spread nasty rumours about her because that would only make her spread my little secret and while it would be her word against mine I really don't want to come to that. And I can't bribe her, she's far too much of a goodie two shoes to accept something like that. Which means all I'm left with is to convince her nicely not to ruin my reputation.

It may sound tricky, but I'm not too worried. I can be very persuasive, and from the look on her face last night I'm betting despite her big mouth this is not something she'll exactly want to be talking about. All she needs is one person she can complain how wrong it is to and then she'll probably blanket out of her mind. Now all I need to do is make sure that the one person she blabbers to is me and not Willow or Xander.

A week ago I would have loved Xander to know I've already moved on because I know it would have hurt him, and it still would, but the difference is now I don't care about hurting Xander. I don't care about Xander period. All I care about now is keeping my normal school life as 'Queen C' while still secretly having amazing 'rebound' sex with my 'rebound' girl.

The next hour and a half is the longest hour and a half of my life.

My mind races as I think what I'm going to say to Buffy.

Occasionally I glance over to her house to see if anyone is up.

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