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Keeping It HOT


I thought it was going to be a quiet night, particularly after such a long week. We went out to a mellow dinner and then watched Bill Maher's show on HBO. I decided to make us each a Nutty Irishman (Bailey's, Frangelico and cream) to enjoy while we cuddled on the couch. It felt wonderful, but when my cock briefly twitched I tried to will it back down - maybe in the morning, I thought, but not tonight. We'd gone at it twice already this week, had a spectacular time on Wednesday night, and the last 2 days had been draining.

I'd been really thankful to have her emotional support - in additional to our quality sexual escapades - lately as things at work had been hectic. Well, hectic is understating things quite a bit - they'd been absolutely berserk.

I idly rubbed her back while we watched the show, laughed and briefly discussed the week. I gave her a kiss on the forehead, then a couple on her cheeks. We laughed and enjoyed the show.

As the show eneded and we quietly debated what to watch, settling on a DVD, I gradually slid my hand under her unbuttoned jeans, under her panties, and gave her right cheek a gentle but firm squeeze. I love the gradual rise and fall of her cheeks, then the rush of heat as I near the crease. It is relaxing, invigorating and arousing at the same time to glide over her gentle curves.

I felt her shift a little. I rested my hand on her ass, enjoying her warm, smooth yet supple skin. Every few minutes, I softly kissed her neck, cheek or ear.

When the show was over, she got up to the desktop and checked her email while I used the netbook to post something on Facebook about how great my fiance was. The wedding was still a couple of months away, but the preparations were beginning to wind down and we were both looking forward to the home stretch.

We had both been trying to shed a couple of pounds and were starting to get there. When I turned around, she was smiling at me, wearing only her bra and some striped pink Victoria's Secret panties. This wasn't unusual - it was still warm in Arizona and it didn't make sense to wear a lot in the evenings, so I assumed she was simply beginning to strip down to go to bed.

My choice of "strip down" wasn't an accident. She is successful professional with her own car, house and steady income, and deservedly proud of her independence. But as I've mentioned to her a couple of times, usually causing her to look sharply at me but then blush, she has the body of a stipper.

Even after her breast reduction (not to reduce once-augmented titties, but to reduce her natural size), her upper body is impressive from any angle. Her form narrows from there but she's not rail-thin like Kate Moss. Instead, she curves out again at her hips and, as I have mentioned before, she has the most delightful rear cleavage I have ever seen. Truly, a delightful and spectacular ass, one that has generated countless glances and erections. Particularly on my part!

I was lost in the moment. Abruptly, I realized I had been staring at her for more than just a glance. Almost apologetically, I quickly looked up to meet her eyes, and saw she was grinning. "Busted!" she said. I smiled: "It's... hard... not to look." She turned her delightul ass to me, and almost skipped down the hall. Then I heard, as the bedroom door opened "Well - get over here then."

I half-expected to find her on the bed with the sheet over her as I walked into the room. But, no. She was standing just beyond the doorway, with her top off, admiring herself in the mirror. "You look good, but you know you do," I said, gliding over to put my arms around her waist from behind, pulling her back against me. "Soon, you'll be my bride." I kissed the back of her neck, then the side, and felt her weight shift back against me as her butt pressed against my shorts.

I gently let her go as I pulled off my shirt. Still a couple of pounds to go, I thought to myself, but much, much better. She read my thought: "You should be looking at me, baby" and stepped over to me just as I slid my shorts off, and she appeared pleased at the outline of my gradually thickening cock. Her soft, wet lips lightly slid over mine, then pressed forward a little before sucking my lower lip in gradually, tantalizing me with a warm, wet, controlled kiss. "Um" was all I could get out and about all that was going through my suddenly electrified brain.

One hand went up her back and the other down, delightfully discovering she had entirely disrobed. I sensed a subtle yet growing fragrace that reminded me of a combination of cinnamon, ginger and some sort of not-quite-recognizable Indian spice. "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm" she groaned into my mouth.

Even though this lasted less than a minute, my cock was already almost painfully stretching my boxer briefs. It jabbed out into her belly a little. "What's this? Do I need to lecture him again? He has no manners!" She bent down, kissing down my chest and belly, while her hands pulled the briefs down the back of my ass. This had the result of revealing him like the stereotypical pole in a tent.

"Is he crying?" she said as she leaned forward. She looked up at me and subtly licked her lips. My knees almost gave away. "Let me wipe away those tears with my tongue."

She blew hot air onto him, through the briefs, as I whimpered out a "Baby, please..." "I won't make you, beg, baby" she almost whispered while revealing him the rest of the way. She lovingly bu firmly raised my fat dick slightly with her fingers while her tongue almost pulled the bulbous, mushrooming head into her mouth.

She started on the head and then worked slowly down, stopping to bob back up a couple of times. I rested my hands on her head and fought off pushing her head down at all - some small part of my brain realizing she didn't need any help from me for her technique. "Fuck, baby, I love when you suck my dick. Uh... I know you like it because when I touch you later... fuckkkkkk... you're going to be so wet. Yeah, get that cock." When of many blessings in life is that she really gets turned on when giving my oral pleasures, usually even more so when I talk to her while receiving her mouth's loving attention. She glanced up at that point, started to come all the way off, then reversed and bobbed down, getting towards the root, while simulaneously sucking a little harder. A winning strategy.

I slowly directed us to the edge of the bed. Before she ever gave me these sensational oral pleasures, she had promised when she did that she would make my knees weak. At the time, I thought she was saying this just as a seduction ploy. But, she'd meant it and I didn't want to collapse on the carpet. When I got to the edge of the bed, at first I sat there while she bobbed and I moaned incoherently. "I can't take it, let me lean back a little, it's so good... suck it, suck it, Sweet Thang, suck my cock, lap up those sweet tears" and so I leaned all the way back, lying down on the bed. This changed her angle considerably and I saw her shift up slightly, taking a more firm grip on the base with her hands and the shaft with her glistening, vacuuming lips.

She bobbed. I don't know how long it went on, but there were fast bobs and slow bobs, lots of slurping and then I felt a recognizable, better-than-anything tingling in my balls. Somehow her mouth was vibrating. I realized her efforts were about to be a little too productive. I shifted slightly onto my side and muttered "No, wait, baby, I want to fuck you so bad. You must be sopping wet by now. I want to taste you, too, I know how sweet your honey must be by now... Wait, wait..."

Just in time, she stopped. I could feel my heart pounding. She got up on the bed next to me, crawling onto her belly. She looked directly into my eyes, burning with passion. It was almost like a dare - so I took her up on it. Without saying a word, she pushed herself slightly up and her shoulders raised. Her blessed, magical booty came up next. It was like she was reading my mind. Unreal.

I moved behind her. For a moment, I considered tasting her delicious honey I knew was flowing freely. As I said before, she almost always got wet from sucking me and as her juices flowed and descended I've found that the hornier she is, the sweet and more delectable she tastes. But she pronounced "Fuck me, baby, give me that cock, give it to me... taste me another time, I just need to feel you inside me right now."

I pressed the head of my dick against her lips. She was so wet, I swear she dripped on me as I was coming up. I meant to just push the head in and feel around, evaluating her moisture gradually, moving into her 1/4 inch at a time (I love that slowly sinking feeling), when she almost abruptly slammed back into me, pushing my cock about 80% of the way into her pussy. I heard "Yeah, baby, give it to me, mmmmmmm, give... ME... THAT...... FUCKING STIFF COCK!!!!" come out of her beautiful, so talented mouth. Well, yes, ma'am. You have earned it. I heard the sound of a rush of air coming out of her mouth as I then hit bottom.

I'm pretty sure I grabbed her hips and squeezed her ass. I'm pretty sure at one point I dipped my hand around and pressed and swirled around her clit. I'm also pretty sure I completely lost my mind and track of time. I recallr glancing over at the clock and noticing that the numbers were blurry. Then, I saw that sexy picture I put of her on the nightstand, with her brilliant smile and gorgeous curls. Not helping, I thought. Gotta keep cool. Then I was lost again inside her. As much as I love her delicious and aggressive blowjobs, there is nothing on earth like the feeling of her sugar walls. Even at the end of a long week, having expended some considerable energy on her knees, having a bit of a buzz and getting fucked vigorously from behind, her magical pussy seemed to have special powers.

What brought me back, finally, was the greatly increased tightening. I came to, and saw that her head was pressing against the bed. I had one hand around her shoulder to keep her comfortable and the other one supporting her waist as I pulsated in and out of her beautiful, nearly gushing pussy. "Yes... more, yes... more... yes... uh.... more... uh... Let me, let me, let me... uh... cum, let me cummm." she was saying.

Her body started moving down on the bed, getting almost to the very edge, and lowered as well, pressing me to ram into her even harder and deeper. I was bending even more than usual at the waist and my cock my nearly corkscrewing into her. Her hips started to lower quickly, almost collapsing, and I helped guide her down. I looked at the side of her face, as she now pressed her head against the bed and let herself go for it.

The tip of her tongue, which had caused me such delights, was between her lips and it looked like she was sucking it harder than she sucked my dick. Her cheeks were entirely flushed. It looked a little like her eyelids were quivering. "Take my cock, take it, I am filling you up, I want you to - (big thrust) - feel this!"

Once her hips were down, both hands moved to her luscious ass cheeks. I said "I'm squeezing your ass baby, I can see you getting hot. I can see you're getting close, uh, your pussy is squeezing me so hard, it's so tight, it's so fucking wet... too... give it to me, now, baby. It's so good, your pussy is so good, my cock feels like it's 10 feet long and 2 feet wide. Uh, I'm going to wait, you're not going to suck the cum out of my cock, baby, nooooooo, I don't care how tight your sweet little pussy gets."

And, with that, she came with an eruption. One hand gripped the sheets, the other formed a fist and pounded it twice. She shouted something but I was lost to it. I could feel her pulsating around me, and some gentler aftershocks. Without warning, and while moving very slowly and deliberately, I shot into her as her ripples ceased. I stayed in her until I softened and then rolled off. I put my leg over her upper thigh and ass, curled my arm around her and we drifted off together.

The... best... fiance.... EVER!

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