tagIncest/TabooKeeping It in the Family

Keeping It in the Family


Lisa and I have known each other since high school but we didn't actually start dating until she graduated from college. Then we dated on and off for about five years before we both settled on each other and married in a pretty lavish wedding at her parent's beachfront property. While both of our families are pretty well off financially, Lisa decided to be a school teacher and I went on to work outside our families businesses.

Lisa has an older sister Lynn and a younger brother named Clark. While I grew up with an older brother myself, he was killed in an automobile accident when I was just twelve. My parents never really overcame their grief and it had a big impact on me as well. I loved my brother dearly and I guess that's why it seemed so foreign to me that Lisa and her two siblings seemed to be so distant with each other.

Clark is a nice enough man, but as soon as he was able, he left their home and moved away. Lisa doesn't say much about him other that he lives somewhere in Los Angeles. Lisa and Lynn too have a pretty cold relationship. Perhaps that comes from their parents, who might take care of their physical needs, but never seemed to show any of the kids' real affection. But I'm beginning to sound like a psychiatrist and I'm far from qualified at doing so.

While Lisa's parents have a difficult time showing love, they do believe strongly in family appearances and a few times a year at Thanksgiving, Christmas and at least once during the summer, typically around July 4th, we all get together at their home or beach property. While Clark never attends, Lynn and her husband always joined Lisa and I at their parent's home.

While Lisa's parents have hinted at grandkids, none of us have gone down that path yet and it may be longer for Lynn who divorced her husband after eight years of marriage.

Both girls are gorgeous brunettes although Lynn is taller and perhaps more striking physically. Actually, she is definitely more glamorous but seems to have an edge about herself. She has always reminded me of Catherine Zeta Jones, the actress from the Zorro movies. She's 5'7", a good five inches taller than my wife.

I have always had the impression that Lynn didn't like me very much. Not from the first time we met and has really only had the most superficial things to say to me. Then again, she doesn't treat me any differently than Lisa so I pretty much dismissed it. Things all started to change last Christmas though when Lisa's family invited us to their place for the week.

I'm in sales and things are fairly dead that time of year between the first week or two of December and the first week of January, so we normally head to their parents house back in our hometown. While Lynn still lives in the city, since she was going through a divorce she sold her house and moved back in with her parents for a while.

It was our third night there when we were invited to a Christmas party with some of our old high school friends. We were ready to get out of the house and Lisa asked Lynn if she would like to attend with us. Lynn seemed to ponder it for a while but the idea of staying in with her parents or going into the city herself didn't seemed appealing so she decided to join us.

The party was great and I saw a lot of my old friends but one in particular was a girl I dated in high school, Patricia, or Trish as we all called her. I struck up a conversation and though I went off talking with others I seemed to gravitate back toward her. She is a very pretty blonde with blue eyes that always disarmed me.

I guess we both had too much to drink because by the end of the night we were out on the back deck of the house. There was one of those outside gas heaters which kept us fairly warm but the next thing I know Trish is sharing how her marriage wasn't what it used to be. Her husband Carl, who himself was in the house sharing hunting stories with any guy that would listen, according to Trish, hardly ever touched her. When he did, it seemed to be for his pleasure only before he moved on to other things.

I'm not sure if it was the drinks, her story, the blue eyes or the love that was never quite extinguished but I soon found her in my arms as we kissed. Her plump lips were just as sweet and soft as I remembered as her tongue probed my mouth first. I felt her chest against me as my hand rubbed the contours of her back.

I know what we were doing was wrong and I should have never done anything like that but any resistance I had was broken down by the alcohol and Trish's warm touch as she wrapped her arms around my neck.

Both of us were startled by Lynn's voice, which sent shiver's down my back. I never heard the door open or feel her presence as she said in a very straightforward voice, "Lisa's looking for you. She wants to leave."

Both Trish and I looked at Lynn who seemed to give my former high school sweetheart a once over with her eyes before she turned and walked back inside.

"I'm sorry, so sorry. I got carried away. Are you going to be okay," Trish asked as she looked at me. My face still probably betraying both my shock and concern.

"Yea, don't worry about it," I said back as I took her hand. "Hey listen, if you and Carl, and its none of my business...but life's too short ...you know?"

I saw the smile on Trish's face, "Yea, I know. You happy?" she asked.

"Yea, yea I am," I shot back. And I was. I had driven off the path momentarily and my actions in the last hour were suspect but I was happy with my marriage. I had a wonderful wife, a good job, and a fantastic life. What I didn't count on was the road ahead.

Driving home Lisa sat up front with me and Lynn behind her in the backseat. "So where did you get off too? I couldn't find you anywhere," Lisa inquired breaking the silence.

"Just talking with friends outside...but I was headed in. I was ready to call it a night," I lied as I looked in the rear view mirror to catch Lynn's eyes staring right into mine. The glare seemed either one of contempt or resentment and I was very anxious wondering if she would say anything on the ride home about what she saw.

While she didn't like her sister, it was her sister and I always had the impression she liked me even less. Would she tell Lisa she had walked outside to see me in the arms of another woman? It was after all just a kiss and was going no further but it would be hard to explain and likely hurt Lisa.

Lisa knew Trish and remembered our relationship well. Trish was just a year younger and we dated in high school and were featured pretty prominently in my high school annual. Lisa was actually six years younger and was in junior high school when I was dating Trish, I'm not sure there was any jealousy there, but she certainly would be crushed to hear I was on the deck kissing an old high school flame.

I was relieved when we arrived home and Lynn headed straight upstairs as Lisa and I chatted with her parents about the evening before we all turned in. Lisa and her mother made plans to get up early and go Christmas shopping, so she dressed for bed, gave me a quick peck on the lips, said goodnight, and it was off to sleep.

When I awoke the next morning she was already gone as I made my way downstairs. Her dad was also gone, leaving just Lynn and I at the house. She was already downstairs having coffee and a bagel looking over the paper, when I trudged in and made myself a coffee.

I wondered if I should even bring up the events of the prior evening but I also didn't want to live in a state of panic with a cloud hanging over my head, "Lynn, about last night," I began as I saw her peering over the paper. "I had a few too many drinks and things got a little heated, and, well, nothing happened or was gonna' happen," I reasoned. "And, I'm sorry it did. I've never done that before and I hope, we can keep it between us. I mean even though nothing happened, Lisa would be hurt, and I'd appreciate it if we could just drop it."

I wasn't sure at all if that went down like I had planned. I had thought last night what I would say but at my moment of delivery I sort of stepped all over my words.

"So you're off fooling around on my sister and you want me to stay quiet about it?" she shot back setting the paper down on the table.

"I'm not fooling around," I countered defensively.

"Really?," Lynn smirked. "That looked pretty intense to me. If I hadn't announced myself, you would have probably taken her over the banister,"

"Please," I rebuffed indignantly. It was a kiss for God's sake. That's all. I'm just asking you not to make it any bigger than it was and if you would consider, I mean, not that it was going anywhere, but can you just keep it between us?" I asked.

"That I lie for you," she stated back.

"No, damnit, just don't say anything. Listen, I know we haven't always had the best relationship. I don't know why. I like you. I really do. I'm just asking for a favor. I made a mistake. That shouldn't have happened. Please don't say anything. It would hurt Lisa and if word got back to Carl some how, I'm not sure what he would do. Would you do that for me?" I pleaded.

"I'll think about it. Now can I finish this article?" she peered at me in a short tone.

I simply refilled my coffee and went back upstairs, took a long hot shower, and then headed for my bedroom to catch up on email.

I heard Lynn's door open and it sounded like she had gone down the hall for a shower and to dress as well. It was perhaps thirty minutes later that I looked up to see Lynn walk in our bedroom. She was wearing a white robe and her hair tied up in a bun. I suspected to keep it from getting wet in the shower.

"Okay, I thought about it. I'll keep your secret, I'll do something for you but you need to do something for me," she said as she walked in a little further.

I sat the laptop over on the bed listening for what it was I could do in return.

"It's been months, almost a year since anyone's even touched me. Rick had people following me for months before the divorce and I'm not much on the bar scene..."

I couldn't believe where I thought this was headed. "You're not suggesting," I paused looking at her. "your're not thinking you and me?"

"Well it wouldn't be the first time for you would it? I mean you were willing last night with your friend," she started back.

"Look Lynn," I explained. "That wasn't going anywhere, and I haven't ever cheated on my wife...ever." I shot back.

There was part of me wondering if this was a test. Was she really just seeing if I would do that? Cheat on my wife. She couldn't be serious. Lynn had never even given me the time of day before in the seven years or so I had known her.

"I'm not asking for much, really. I don't want your love, no strings, no drama. Just sex. You take care of something I want, I'll take care of something you want," she answered.

"No, I'm not that way. You want to tell my wife I was talking to a high school girlfriend and things got out of hand go ahead. I'm not sure she'd believe you anyway. Fuck, I could deny it. Yea, you think she's going to believe a sister that can't stand her? You fucking do what you want," I retorted. I felt anger in my voice as she just looked back.

"And Carl, Trish's husband. He going to blow it off as well?" she smiled.

"You fucking wouldn't do that. Even you aren't that much of a bitch. What do you gain by that? What have you got against Trish?" I inquired,

"Nothing baby. I have nothing against Lisa or Trish. I don't want to tell them anything. You're missing the point here. I'm just saying I'll take care of you... if you take care of me," she responded as she moved over to the bed, her hand coming to rest on my bare foot.

Her touch was electric and warm.

"You don't even like me" I stated trying to get a handle on what was happening.

"I like you baby. I've always liked you. I like what I see. I just never liked your taste in women. I never understood what you saw in my droopy little sister." Lynn was now rubbing my foot in her hand, staring at me, her voice very sultry and sexy.

"Lisa's so... so vanilla baby. The first time I saw you, at the beach house, damn I thought you had one fine body. I thought then what a fucking waste on her. She doesn't know how to use it," Lynn ventured as her hand now trailed from my foot across my bare leg, her fingertips barely touching the skin.

"So you're blackmailing me unless I make love to you. Is that what I'm hearing... just so I have it straight," I countered.

"Blackmail? Who said anything about blackmail? I'm offering you a deal. I'll keep your secret ... and I'll keep our secret. No one has to know. I've seen the way you look at me too. I know you've had the same thoughts. Wondering what it would be like to fuck the sister. I've seen it in your eyes. You like what you see. You've always thought about it," Lynn teased as she continued to run her right hand along my leg as she took her left and untied the robe letting it open in the front.

At the same time she reached up and undid the bun in her hair letting it fall and cascade over her shoulders. Her brown hair was long and thick and it bounced as she walked.

The robe parted as she moved exposing her stomach, clinging to both breasts and hiding them but exposing her flat stomach, cute navel, and gorgeous shaved pussy. My eyes were drawn to a little diamond piercing in her belly button that glistened in the overhead light.

Her pussy was shaved bare, pretty bare lips that turned in. I was amazed that while sisters, Lynn and Lisa didn't look the same necessarily. While both brunettes, Lisa was a little thicker. Not plump by any means but her hips were much more full and her pussy lips flared at the top exposing her inner lips. Where Lynn's lips seemed to be a smooth mound folding in on itself. Lisa also kept a strip of hair just above the top of her hood, She said the shaved look made her feel like a little girl but there was no doubt her sister was all woman.

"You like what you see don't you baby? I'm not vanilla... not at all. I'll take you places you never been. You fuck her last night? When you guys went to bed, did you fuck my little sister?"

Almost in a trance I shook my head betraying our secrets. Lisa had a busy day and was getting up early to shop with her mom. I remembered she had slipped into her nightgown and kissed me goodnight as we both drifted off to sleep.

"No, I didn't think so. Would it surprise you to know I lay awake down the hall thinking about you? You probably don't know it but I was outside for a while watching you and Trish. I saw the way you ran your hand over her ass. I envisioned it was me you were holding, my lips you were kissing. I have a little friend that I keep in my drawer by the bed. Lisa have a little friend?"

I had to think for a second before I realized she must mean a vibrator. Again, I shook my head. Lisa wasn't into marital aids that I was aware.

"No, of course not. Well I lay on my bed last night, playing with myself. Playing with my nipples, fucking myself, imaging it was you," Lynn cooed as she finally made her way up to my shorts allowing her fingers to run across the fabric till it found the mound that had already begun to harden in my pants.

"Ooom," you might have said no but your cock says yes doesn't it?" she teased. "Yea, I thought about you sucking on my breasts, my nipples, as your hard cock explored my pussy. That's what I was thinking about last night...and this morning....and right now. I want you to fuck me. I want to feel your tongue on my pussy," Lynn urged.

Lynn's finger squeezed and massage the cock, growing in my shorts, as she moved closer now standing inches from me as her left hand trailed down to her pussy and deftly ran up and down her slit. My eyes were drawn to the soft contours of her cunt as she dipped a finger in, running it up the slit, stopping to tease the clit, peaking out as she slid the finger down and then into her warm hole.

Then she surprised me by removing the digit and placing her warm, wet fingers to my lips, coated in her savory pussy juices. She didn't wait for my acceptance as she pushed the finger between my lips as I sucked on her finger, her eyes closing as I sucked it clean.

If I had been resistant, even belligerent with her earlier, I was falling fast as I pulled her closer, my hand grasping her firm cheeks, encased in the satin robe she still wore.

"Taste me Bobby. Taste my juices. I want you to feel your tongue on my pussy. I want you to eat me," she cooed as she backed up from the bed, "Stand up," she commanded much more than asked as I rose from the bed that just a couple of hours earlier I shared with my wife.

I knew what I was doing was wrong but I knew she was serious when she said she would tell my wife and Carl about what she saw. What did she have to lose? Besides, this woman was stirring my blood and like she said, who would know?

As I stood before her, she smiled, knowing she was minutes away from her prize. No more pretense, no more resistance. "Remove your shirt," was the next request as I slipped it over my head. "Now the shorts." I started to lower the shorts before she encouraged me lower them both, the shorts and the briefs. I hesitated, looking into her eyes, before I slipped them off my hips and pushing them down my thighs. I stepped free leaving me nude before my sister in law.

Lynn looked on appreciatively as my cock stood at attention. I was already excited as it throbbed in anticipation as she let her own robe drop from her shoulders exposing her lovely breasts to me for the first time.

Lynn had been correct that I had always admired her lean, gorgeous body. Even when she was married, I'd steal glances and give her more than a once over. I just never knew she cared about mine as I looked at her. She told me later she was a 34C – 25 – 36 and there was no doubt she worked hard to keep her body toned.

Lynn made the first move as she stepped into me. Her breasts, capped off by two erect nipples, pushed into my chest as she kissed me for the first time. Her lips were different from Lisa's, perhaps firmer and certainly more deliberate as she explored my mouth with her tongue. Her arms wrapped around my back and dropped to squeeze my ass as I felt my dick sandwiched between our warm bodies.

I wanted her. I wanted to take her. I loved making love to my wife, that is when we did so, but at this moment I wanted to fuck her sister. I wanted her in the worst way as she kissed me passionately, with a hunger that seemed to have been pent up as she sucked on my tongue, sliding her lips over mine, grasping and pulling on my hard cock.

"Eat me Bobby, lick me," she encouraged as she placed her hands on my shoulders and guided me to my knees. I didn't need to be coached as I slid down easily staring at the beautiful price before me. I couldn't get over how Lynn and Lisa's pussies looked so different. But I didn't waste time as I kissed her folds softly before running my tongue down her moist slit.

Lynn was already wet and I tasted her sweet juice as I stopped to run my tongue at the top of her hood, sucking on her little digit there that I teased and toyed with drawing sighs and groans. My tongue shifted downwards as I pushed it in her hole as far as I could. My face pushing hard against her pussy as she spread her legs giving me free access to her juicy pussy and ass.

I glanced up to see Lynn playing with her own nipples, pinching, pulling at the little nubs, as her eyes closed in ecstasy.

"Oh, that feels so fucking good. You don't know how long I thought about this. Lick me baby, suck on my clit....oh yes, there, there!" she almost shouted as I worked the clit with my tongue and gently nibbled it with my teeth.

I loved her taste, sweet, wet, coating my face as she bucked against me. I felt her legs shaking as I rubbed the back of her ass. Her ass was round, firm, and gorgeous as I parted her cheeks with my hands allowing my two thumbs to play with her rosebud drawing groans from her.

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