tagIncest/TabooKeeping it in the Family

Keeping it in the Family


When my mom divorced my father it was a bit of a shock but we were left without having any money worries as mom got a good pay off from him. My foolish father thought he could have his cake and eat it and got caught red handed fucking his secretary over his desk at work by mom. Yeah he tried as best as he could to squirm his way out of it but being caught with his dick in another woman he was busted good and proper and so a divorce was inevitable.

Mom didn't let that get her down like most women would have. She kept herself busy in the gym and jogging which kept her hot body in great condition as did the swimming she did at least once a week. My mom Sarah is now 38 years old and is 6 foot tall with long red hair and as I said a very hot body on her. One bored afternoon I rummaged through her laundry basket and found out that her boobs were 38d and that I also liked the taste of her from her panties. She has emerald green eyes and a great ass with lovely long shapely legs too. My older sister Katy is 20 years old with long dark hair and she too is hot to trot with 36c boobs and long legs like mom. I have always tried catching both of them in a state of undress but just never been lucky enough to do so.

Mom's older sister Julie is 44 years old and has deep blue eyes and long blonde hair. Her boobs are also 38d the same as my moms. Now my aunt Julie has 2 beautiful identical twin daughters aged 19, their names are Beth and Lauren. Both of them are as hot as their mom and have given me many nights of fantasy and jerking off material. I have always tried to catch them all showing the flesh but have always been in the wrong place at the wrong time. I would sneak peeks at them all when given the chance whether it was when they were dressing or undressing or even by the pool in their tiny bikinis like all horny 18 year olds do when they got curious about the female of the species.

During the summer months when we were all out by the pool topping the tans up I would find myself gazing at their gorgeous bodies especially since there tiny bikinis left nothing to the imagination. My sister and cousins always knew when I was eyeing them up and would always put a bit of a show on for me and get me all flustered. So much so I would have to keep taking dips in the pool to hide my embarrassment.

As for me well my name is Martin and I am a horny 18 year old who always has sex on the brain like every other red blooded teenager. I have short red hair and stand at 6 foot 2 and I am well built. I would never miss a chance to catch my sister out coming out of the bathroom with just a towel around her or passing by her bedroom trying to catch her in her bra and panties or even less. Yes I was a bit of a pervert when it came to spying on my family trying to catch a bare boob or pussy or even a bare ass that I could jerk off to.

It was the weekend and usually I would be out with my best friend John getting into trouble and chatting up girls. John however had gone on a family holiday with his parents for the next couple of weeks so I was left with nothing to do. I didn't really have many friends but John and I had known each other since kindergarten and we were always getting into trouble and both our mom's would treat us the same way. But for now I was home and bored while he was off to somewhere hot and sunny so it was a case of finding something to do on my own. Mom had noticed how bored I was becoming as the week went on and tried to get me interested in doing things around the house but I just tended stayed in my room on my computer looking at porn sites.

"Martin come down here I want to talk to you." Mom shouted up the stairs at me.

"Hey can you go and rent a couple of movies for tonight seeing we are both going to be home and maybe get a pizza when you are out as well?" Mom asked me when I came downstairs and joined her in the kitchen.

"OK I guess I can do that, what kind of movies do you want me to get?" I asked her.

"I will let you decide on that and any kind of pizza will do too." She replied giving me some cash.

"OK mom I'll be back soon." I replied.

Fifteen minutes later I was back home again with the movies in one hand and the pizza in the other. I put them all on the kitchen table and went to find mom.

"Mom pizza's here." I shouted from the bottom of the stairs but heard nothing back.

I called out again but there was still no answer so I went upstairs to see if mom was there and see if she was ok. As I got to the top of the stairs I saw that the bathroom light was on as the door had been left cracked open. So I took the chance to peek through the door as it was cracked open just enough for me to see inside the bathroom. There sitting on the side of the tub shaving her legs was mom. She was completely naked and I stood there with my eyes almost popping out of my head and my cock now almost ripping through my pants. I couldn't believe my luck, here was mom sitting there stark naked as the day she was born while shaving her legs. I knew it was wrong of me spying on her like this but I just couldn't help myself. As mom's legs parted a little as she shaved her shins I noticed that she had already shaved her pussy too.

As I stood there watching I unzipped my pants and let them pool at my feet as I took my now hard throbbing cock in hand. As I watched mom sitting there with her legs parted and her bald pussy staring back at me I began to jerk off. I so wanted to just reach out and touch her naked body as I stroked my cock getting into a nice rhythm. Mom finished shaving her legs and turned sideways facing the shower wall and the water cascaded over her legs and up to her pussy. I could see her arm moving and then realised that mom was touching herself right there in front of me. She let out a soft moan as she inserted a finger or two inside herself. I opened the door just a little bit more so I could get a better view of her.

I wanted to just burst in and have her take my cock in her hand and jerk me off or putting my hard on in her mouth and sucking me off. I wanted to cum in her mouth, over her beautiful face and over her lovely big boobs. I was getting way to close to cumming but I just couldn't stop jerking off while watching my naked mom. She turned to face me and again her bare pussy and boobs were right in front of me. It was just too much for me now and before I could stop myself I felt my cum shoot from my spurting cock and watched in horror as if flew half way across the bathroom to land on her freshly shave legs and onto the tiled floor in front of her. Mom shot a look at the bathroom door and caught me with my spurting cock in my hand.

I stood there rooted to the spot my legs ignoring my pleas to flee the scene of my crime. As mom looked at me with shock on her face my feet managed to move and darted to my bedroom slamming my door shut and locking it. Mom was right on my heels and was knocking on my bedroom door telling me to unlock it as we had to talk about what just happened.

"Martin we need to talk honey I'm not mad at you I promise now unlock the door and let me in." She pleaded.

"I'm sorry mom I didn't mean to do that I just couldn't help myself as I watch you." Was all I could say through a locked door.

"I'm not mad at you Martin, now open the door and let's talk about what happened." Mom replied.

A couple of seconds later I decided to unlock my bedroom door. What was mom gonna do or say to me I wondered after being caught not only spying on her but jerking off while watching her and having the audacity to cum and having it landing on her legs. Mom opened my bedroom door and came over to the bed and sat down beside me in only her towel as she asked me to look her in the eye. As I started to look up from the floor I gazed up her feet and legs and noticed in horror that there was still some cum on her leg. Eventually I looked her in the eye and waited for what was coming my way.

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