tagIncest/TabooKeeping it in the Family Ch. 02

Keeping it in the Family Ch. 02


If you have not read Chapter 1, I do suggest you go back and do so for the sake of the narrative.


Jack laid on his aunt's chest for several minutes saying nothing. The tears kept coming and coming. Yes, he was embarrassed by the size of his cock and felt like a bumbling idiot, but that wasn't the source of his shame.

It was becoming increasingly clear to Jack, as the pain in the pit of his stomach grew, that this experienced had opened up into a dark place. He tried hard to push away the feelings and the images flashing through is mind, but he couldn't. Jack sobbed into Alicia's neck.

"Jack" Alicia whispered. "What's wrong baby?" She was starting to realize that perhaps there was more to this than Jack's fear of rejection.

He pulled his head from her warm face and looked at the pillow as he wiped his eyes dry. "Alicia," he said clearing his throat. "Maybe I should go." he said in his deepest voice, trying desperately to save face. He began gathering his clothes and feeling so vulnerable that all he wanted to do was run. Alicia handed him his boxer briefs and took his hand. She saw through the bravado.

"Jack, I really wish you'd stay and talk to me. You just gave me one of the most incredible orgasms I've ever experienced," she said with sincerity.

Jack stopped looking for his clothes and looked into Alicia's deep brown eyes. He somehow knew her words were genuine. A sensation of warmth came over his body. He simultaneously wanted to cry and make love to Alicia. He slowly lowered himself to the bed and laid next to her. Alicia moved ever so slightly closer to Jack, careful to respect his vulnerable state. She suspected she knew what this was all about.

"Jack, can I touch your stomach?" Jack nodded and stared into space. Alicia placed her hand flat on his rippling stomach. Her clit twitched with the memory of him inside her, but her brain attempted to override that urge.

During their many drunken chats, Jack had confided in her that he was a virgin. According to him, he had never even kissed a girl, but she began to wonder if there was more to his story.

"Jack, can I ask you a question," she said slowly.

"Okay," he said.

"Jack, you don't have to answer me if you don't want to, but have you ever been with anyone before?" Jack's face began to burn up and his thoughts raced. How should he answer that question? It seemed so complicated. Tears came to his eyes. He was experience so many different sensations that he just couldn't sort out. He wanted to just tell Alicia everything, to put it all on her, but he also yearned to be inside her again. Jack didn't understand these seemingly contradictory feelings.

Almost involuntarily, Jack started talking. "I'm confused and my mind is spinning. I don't understand what's happening with my body right now. There's so much, so much that has happened, so much. I'm sad, I'm angry, I'm I don't know what." Alicia knew what he was going to say.

"Jack, did something happen?"

"I, I, I've never told anyone. I can't..." he sputtered. But he wanted badly to tell her.

"Jack, you can tell me whatever you need to tell me, whenever you need to say it. I'm here listening if and when you're ready." Her words enveloped him and provided the warmth he so badly needed.

"It was a couple of years ago when it happened," he began. Alicia knew what was coming, but her stomach dropped anyway listening to his words. "It happened when we were alone together." He spoke slowly. She listened, looked in his eyes, and didn't say a word. Her hand began to wrap itself around his waist. She instinctively pulled him closer. The words just came spilling out.

"I shouldn't have done it. I shouldn't have let him." Alicia held Jack tight. He started talking faster. His voice shook. "One time, the night of my 18th birthday party, he came into my bedroom. He sat next to me on my bed and put my hand on his dick. He already had a boner." The anxiety was palpable. Jack spoke faster and faster.

"He made me touch it over his shorts. Rubbed my hand on it. All over it." Alicia squeezed him.

"Jack," she whispered. "It's okay. Relax your body, baby." He felt a small amount of tension fall out of his muscular shoulders.

"Then my mom knocked on my door and he quickly shoved me away. He put a pillow over his dick. She told Max his dad needed him at the farm. A calf was being born."

Max. The name shot through Alicia's body like a bolt of lightning.

Jack kept going, "He grabbed me by the throat and told me that he'd kill me if I ever told anyone."

"Did it ever happen again?" She asked neutrally. Jack's face turned red, he looked down, ashamed.

"Yes," he said hesitantly. "Maybe once a week. He used to come over and hang out while my parents went to the bar on Friday nights. One night as soon as my parents left he put a porn into the DVD player. We watched it on the couch. I had never seen something like that before and I got a boner. So did he. He grabbed my hand and made me rub him again. He took off his shorts and told me to jerk him off. I was afraid he'd hurt me, so I did it. I remember seeing his cum go all over his shorts. I'd think about those nights when I jerked off in the shower. I knew I shouldn't have, that it was wrong. I hated myself for it, but I couldn't help it. I felt so ashamed because I knew it was my fault."

Alicia couldn't say quiet anymore. "Jack, it wasn't your fault. It couldn't not have been. It wasn't consensual. You were afraid of him. It wasn't your fault."

Jack jumped on here last word "But, I'd get a boner every time it happened. I think I liked it...well, I sort of did, but didn't, you know? I told him I did because I sort of did..." Jack trailed off.

Out of the corner of her eye, Alicia saw the sheet above his cock start to rise. She knew this was becoming complicated.

He was horrified. "It's you Alicia, it's you I'm thinking about right now. Not him, not him," Jack asserted. The truth of the matter was that Jack believed it was in fact Alicia that turned him on in that moment. He wanted badly to be inside her, but recalling his time with Max always made him hard.

"I know Jack," she said. "I believe you." She actually did. She had to because it was starting to get really messy for her.

They laid together for an hour. Jack finally said, "Alicia, I've never done what we did today. It was only that stuff with him. I've never even watched porn except that one time." Alicia knew he was inexperienced but had no idea how naive he was.

She pushed Max hard from memory and she began recalling how Jack had felt inside her. Alicia leaned over and touched his lips with her own. She held his body tight and began to kiss him deeply. She grabbed the back of his head and pushed his head into hers. She sent a shiver down Jack's spine that went straight to his cock.

They were soon in a tight embrace, bodies entwined, Jack's dick growing between them and Alicia's cunt beginning to drip. She was still in control, as she had been before. Alicia wondered if she should hand herself over to him. Jack's vulnerability was pulsing, it was clear. Jack needed this, so she slowly turned on her back and let him take the lead.

With some difficulty, he slipped his strong bicep under hear head and sent his right hand quickly down her body, skipping right over her hardening nipples. He felt her wet thighs under his fingers, and fumbled up to her clit. He touched it and pulled his hand away. Alicia guided him slowly back to the opening of her pussy. She helped him slide two fingers inside her.

As he pushed his way in, she dug her nails into his back. She held his hand still for a moment and then let it go. He began moving his fingers in and out with little grace. Jack wished he had a free hand, because his dick was growing. It throbbed. He wanted desperately to fuck Alicia and almost involuntarily began faintly thrusting himself onto her leg. She whispered in his ear "Jack, do whatever you want to me."

In that moment, she realized her mistake. He quickly pulled his hand out, but became anxious with the liberty she had just given him. He could do anything, he thought? It wasn't that she was afraid of what he was going to do, but she understood that she may have tapped into a combination of his tremendous anxiety and naiveté.

"Jack," she looked straight into his eyes. "Do you want to fuck me?" - A suggestion that guided him back on course. Relieved, he climbed on top of her, roughly spread her legs, took his cock into his hand and watched himself slide into her. He lowered his body onto hers, and slowly thrust in and out. Jack picked up the pace as Alicia's breathing became louder and faster. He tried to watch her body and match his movements to her cues, but he was soon overtaken by such lust and power that he started to fuck her with much more force than he had planned.

Alicia screamed "YES, JACK, YES!!" He pumped harder and harder. Her headboard slammed into the wall with each thrust. He groaned and she dug her nails deeply into the skin on his back, pulled him toward her and bit his shoulder. Jack railed back, but reveled in the concoction of pain and pleasure.

The pain shooting through his body caused him to fuck Alicia's pussy with an even greater intensity. He grunted with every pump, and she moaned loudly, "YES! YES! JACK!" Alicia just wanted more and more. His girth stretched her cunt and she just wanted more and more of him. He pushed himself hard into her as her pussy began to shake.

His cock erupted inside of her. "Give it to me! Give it, here," and Alicia pulled his hips up to her mouth. She pulled him down on her face. Alicia sucked him hard, milking the cum from his dick. She pulled it out and sucked until a yelp came across Jack's lips. With his balls firmly in her mouth, she shoved four of her own fingers inside herself and gave herself the best orgasm she, quite possibly, had ever had.

Jack left late in the morning the next day. He passed up coffee and cereal, his head still dizzy from the night before. At the door, they embraced in one more passionate kiss before he left. A thick blanket of snow had fallen that night. Jack started his rumbling truck and trudged through the snow to the barn. It took him not even 30 minutes to dig Alicia out. He shoveled the walk and porch and cleaned the snow from Alicia's new car.

Jack peeked his head through the door, "I'll be back later with my plow," and left without waiting for a response. Through the clanging of the dishes being put in the dishwasher Alicia caught his last words.

With the kitchen clean, Alicia climbed the stairs to her bathroom. She removed her sweaty and cum soaked clothes, turned on the shower and sat on the edge of the tub waiting for the hot water to emerge. Her face in her hands, Alicia began to cry. She tried to process what had happened that night, but just broke down instead. She thought about Jack sobbing, the way she comforted him with her soft words, and then the way he fucked her. His dick was short, that's for damn sure. But there was something about his deep and hard thrusts that sent a shiver up her spine.

She recalled sucking the cum from his cock and nearly biting on his ball sack. She recalled the orgasm she gave herself and the moment she debated about whether to give up the power that night.

That whole night made her think about power and control in a whole new way. In the past, it hadn't really been much of a thought. The men in her life were typically in control in the bedroom, the way men usually are. It felt different this time around. Alicia didn't know if it was the size of Jack's dick or his young age, but something changed inside of her. Maybe it's just where she was in her life, having her husband leave her for a waitress in town. But it was more than just taking control of her own body and what happened to it at all times; it was about playing with the control. Giving it and taking it, but on her terms. She was in full control of when she gave it up and when she exercised her own power.

Jack kicked the snow off his boots before climbing into his truck. He put his head down on the steering wheel and closed his eyes. His mind and body were exhausted. Well into the middle of the night, they weaved a web more complex than either of them had realized. He was utterly confused, but one thing was for sure; a great burden had been lifted from his shoulders. Alicia had taken much of his shame off of him last night, for which he was eternally grateful. He felt as though he could move beyond Max and found himself engaging in new fantasies that he had never before allowed himself to think about. He, in a sense, had been set free from the shackles of sexual inhibition. He was smarter than to believe that his feelings of inadequacy and shame were gone, but he saw the light at the end of that tunnel and knew Alicia would guide him through it. He needed her body and her mind.

Alicia climbed into the shower and let the hot water pelt her face. She soaped her body, rubbing every inch with her soft hands. She leaned against the shower wall, wondering what impact Jack unloading his burden would have on her. Could she hold all of that and continue to support him the way she knew he desired? Could she be his support and his lover through this?

She knew what he wanted and what he needed, but was it what she needed? She reasoned through it rationally, but finally concluded that there was no answer in reason. Alicia found strength in helping and supporting others. And she was finding strength in her newly discovered sexual power and prowess. She realized that not only would she derive strength from being Jack's sexual and emotional support system, but that it would awaken a kind of sexual desire that she had never experienced before. In short, his emotional and sexual need for her turned her on. She felt no shame for this.

Jack arrived home to an empty house. His parents had taken a long vacation and would be gone for two weeks. Jack stripped down to his boxer briefs and made himself breakfast. He sat, transfixed on the memories of the night before. His hand reached for his dick, and for the first time in many years the shame of touching himself had subsided substantially. He watched himself fuck Alicia, he saw the pleasure on her face. He remembered cumming hard into her and felt the warmth of her pulsing walls. Jack touched his back and recalled the forgotten scratches that emerged from the throes of passion. He came onto himself before he could finish his cereal.

It was dusk before Jack pulled his truck up to the edge of the driveway and attached his plow. He climbed in, with only the thought of plowing Alicia's driveway. His mind could, in that moment, process no more. He had hoped Alicia hadn't needed to leave her house, and instantly felt guilty about waiting so long. He just needed some time for his mind to focus on mundane tasks, like feeding the cows and fixing the barn door.

Alicia was in the barn when Jack pulled up with his plow. He hopped out of the truck and followed in her tracks to the goats.

"Good thing you put them in last night. You'd have some real pissed off goats this morning if you hadn't."

Alicia smiled, thrilled to see Jack in his work attire. That always turned her on. She smacked his ass, "No thanks to you anyway,"

"Hey, what did I do?"

"You distracted me for a good an' long while you little shit," she said with a smirk.

"Did I? I can't recall." He grabbed her by the coat and pulled her close. "You..." He said trailing off. She reached up and kissed his quivering lips. His 19 year old bravado was convincing, but she knew the boy inside him was still terrified.

"Okay," she said after a deep but short kiss. "Get your ass over here and help me feed these things."

"Yes ma'am," he shot back with only a twinge of sarcasm. They finished the chores just before dark and hurried inside through the whipping wind. They walked into a warm kitchen filled with the smell of a delicious pot roast.

"Oh, smells great. Did you save any for me? Need any help?"

"As a matter of fact, yes. How about those dishes?" They stood silent for a moment, with only the clanging of dishes and the rattling of the oven shelves ringing through the air. Alicia glanced over at Jack and noticed the way his soft penis bulged through his loose sweatpants. The way it poked out gave the illusion of a sizable package.

"Okay, done baby. What next?"

"Dinner. Here take these," she said to her strapping 19 year old nephew.

Jack held the warm plates on both hands, gently setting them on the table. They chatted about the barn roof and other side jobs Jack had lined up. He leaned back in his chair and looked carefully at her face. She smiled a comforting, soft smile.

"You know," she said, placing her fork on her plate, "You made me feel incredible last night Jack. Honestly, I felt things I have yet to experience in my 38 years on this earth. You know, you are an amazing lover, " she threw across the table at him.

"Really? Cuz I thought I fumbled my way through that mess disastrously."

"Well, you sort of did." Somehow this didn't feel like an insult coming from her. "Come on Jack, no matter what you're still 19 and that was still your first time. What did you expect? But that wasn't the part that mattered. It was you and the way you opened your heart and your body to vulnerability. It was the way you entered me with concern for how I was feeling. It was the way you tried to read every one of my cues, and then it was the way you ditched that idea and let your body fall into the rhythm that our bodies made together. That is what gave me the best orgasm I ever had".

She supposed that it was not the time to tell him that she in fact gave herself the best orgasm she had ever had. That didn't matter anyway, because it was his balls she was sucking when it happened. Nonetheless, the truth was the truth, and white lies are still lies.

"I don't know what to say Alicia. I had so many feelings all at once, I can't..." He started to tear up. "I'm sorry. This is stupid."

She took his hand, "Jack, it's not stupid. It's the way you feel, and that's never stupid." A tear streamed down his face. Neither of them could process any more. They were done. "Okay," said Alicia. "All I want to feel right now is your body. No more thinking".

"Agreed," he said, relieved. "No more thinking."

Alicia wasted no time dropping to her knees right there at the table. She decided she would do what her body wanted. Slow and sweet was no longer the goal. She pulled down his sweatpants to reveal the same cock from last night. For some reason, she still expected something huge. But it didn't matter. Her body surged with desire as she plunged onto his half erect 3-inch dick. It again fit so perfectly into her mouth that she gulped up his balls too. He threw his head back against the chair and looked up at the ceiling. She sucked and licked with intense lust. She felt the veins pop. Alicia rocked back and forth - up and down the dick of this young man.

She felt her nephew's tip swell and grabbed his ass to pull him toward her. She knew he was about to come. She stopped suddenly.

"Come here." She grabbed his hand quickly as he shook off his pants and pulled his boxer briefs up. Alicia ran with him up to the bathroom and removed his clothing. She turned the water on in the shower and shoved his naked body in. Jack had no idea what was happening. She positioned herself in the corner and put one leg up on the tub.

"Fuck me," she said with a lust in her voice he had never heard before. He pushed into his aunt with force and fucked her wet pussy hard as the water poured down on them. He screamed. She moaned. He forced himself hard into her and blew his load in about 30 seconds. She had already cum.

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