tagGroup SexKeeping Love Alive...

Keeping Love Alive...


Things had calmed down... almost to the point where life just felt... eh.

That's not us. I thought about how explosive things were. How adventurous we always were. How I have no idea how we got here... but I figured out a way to get out.

I started the day with such a deep kiss that I left you breathless. You asked me what that was about... I said nothing with that mischievous smile... you skeptically accept my answer. I remind you that we don't have the kids tonight... and you smile at me some more. I tell you to go with it today... just accept what I have to say. You look at me confused. But say yes.

We both leave for work... and I start the messages... I start telling you how badly I want you... how much I'm going to have you later... you answer me... but I know it's not enough.

I text you an address. And tell you to meet me there at exactly 330. You know it's the time of day that I'm down to fuck. I tell you that you don't need anything special and that there will be a key waiting on the front seat of my car. You look it up and realize it's a hotel... and I know how big your smile is at that.

The day drags on... and you feel every second of the day. Finally, it's 315 and you are ready to go. You get to the parking lot at 325... you see my car. You go get the key and see that there's a room number and a letter waiting for you.

"My love,

The adventure is never over... come find me... come join me... know that I'm always yours... even when for a moment you share me. Tell me what to do... tell me what you want.



You stop at "share me"... and you almost run to the room. Before you get the key in the lock... you hear more then one person in that room.

As you open the door... you see me laying on the bed... wearing lingerie that you have never seen before... there's a man waiting on the edge of the bed... shirtless with his jeans unbuttoned... you see the outline of his hard on... and you gasp with excitement.

Instantly you jump into commanding... telling me to turn over on my hands and knees... facing him. You tell him to stand with his dick directly in front of me... still wearing his jeans and just the outline in front of me. You close the gap between us and kiss me deeply... feeling the electric in the air.

You reach over and unzip his pants... realizing that he isn't wearing any boxers... nothing... so his dick almost pops out of his pants,, barely staying inside. You tell me to take his pants off... pull them down... and tell me that I'm not allowed to use my hands to touch him anymore. You want me to capture his dick in my mouth... licking and stroking up his shaft with my tongue... he moans... you kiss the back of my neck as I suck on his dick.

"Fuck" you say... and you pull my hair to thrust your tongue down my throat and then push me back to sucking his thick cock. You get behind me... you touch my pussy and see how wet I am for you... for this...you decide that touching isn't enough... you dive into my pussy... licking me from top to bottom... you love this angle of me... you can get in my pussy with your tongue... lick my ass with enthusiasm... you feel me moan and remind me to not stop. You slide a finger into my ass... and I buck back... leaving my mouth empty. You tell me that you won't tell me again... and to get back to work... I'm moaning at you fucking my ass... he's moaning at me sucking his dick...

You slide another finger in my ass and I gasp again, but around his dick... you praise me for doing as I'm told... suddenly you leave my ass... and I feel empty. Just as sudden... you slide a butt plug into my ass... and my entire body shudders. You come up and whisper in my ear that my ass is yours. And you are going to make me cum before you ever get into my pussy. You continue to lick around the plug... teasing my ass. You know how dangerously close I am... your tongue on my ass... your fingers teasing my clit and my mouth still working on his dick. You remind him that he can't cum even when I do.

You see my back arc... my moans getting louder... you tell me to stop sucking him and cum for you... I launch into a mind blowing orgasm... moaning and bucking and you see my cum hit the bed... you lick my pussy just to clean it. Just to taste me. You get up and kiss me... telling him to take your place. You tell me that he is going to fuck my pussy... with the plug in place... just as he is about to enter me... you tell me to get on my back with my head hanging off the bed.

You tell him to go inside my pussy one inch at a time... and then you place your pussy right over my face. I dive into you... seeing that your clit is throbbing for me... pulsing. I'm so focused on you that I don't notice that he's in until almost his entire thick cock is buried in me. You tell him to hold his position deep inside me until you tell him to move. You start to moan because I'm worshipping your pussy and your clit... eating you out like none other. You moan louder and tell him yes.

He moves slowly and I'm feeling the fullness of his dick and the plug rubbing on one another. I moan and gasp which causes me to suck your pussy even more. He begins to beg you for him to cum... and you tell him that he's going to cum down my throat... immediately before you do. I hear you say this and go even faster and try to slide my fingers in and you say no... that you want my tongue only. The tip is there. I'm about to cum and so are you. He says that he can't hold on much longer.

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