tagMind ControlKeeping The Blondes Down Ch. 02

Keeping The Blondes Down Ch. 02


It was a good thing I was drunk, I don't think I would have been able to sleep waiting and wondering what videos would be in my inbox. The sunlight peeked through my blinds and I sat up immediately and grabbed my laptop. I opened the email account to find that there were 4 videos waiting for me. I decided that my computer screen wasn't suitable for viewing these mind control movies. I went to my living room and hooked my display to the big screen. With a cup of coffee and a joint at my side I was ready for viewing.

I downloaded all four, and noticed that the one from Shay was almost 45 minutes long. I started with the 3 shorter videos from Andy.

The first video from Andy started to play. The first 30 seconds was nothing but a floor and wall shot, while the operator was fumbling with the camera/phone. The bathroom décor was familiar. This first video was from one of the bathrooms at the wedding venue. My commands were working sooner than I thought. When the camera operator finally got the filming figured out. The scene displayed the camera operator's legs spread wide while sitting on the toilet. The top of Andy's blond hair was being held like a reign, while she ate feverishly at the pussy in front of her. This video had the shortest time duration out of the three. The camera operator began to scream and moan, then she dropped the phone, it landed face up on the floor and I caught a glimpse of the receiver's face, it was Shay, Matt's girlfriend. When the scene was quiet, Andy leaned over the still filming camera to shut it off. The picture of her with shiny girl cum all over her face almost made me shoot my first load of the day.

With a cup of coffee gone and my joint half smoked, I started the second of Andy's videos. This video had no lag time. The operator knew how to work the camera. From the first second, I could see Andy on her knees in some dirty bathroom stall. The camera operator was in more of a relaxed position than Shay was in the first video. This lady had her ass at the edge of the toilet bowl and both her feet on the handicap railing on each side of the toilet, giving me a great view of the pussy gobbling. The camera operator began to talk to Andy in a quaint Texas accent. "You straight women love this pussy! Don't feel bad girl; you're not the first 'straight' women to eat this pussy. Yeah that's it. What a good little whore." She grabbed Andy by the hair and ripped her up, "Tell me that my pussy is the best you've ever eaten."

With pussy juice smeared all over her face Andy cried, "I love eating your sweet pussy, it makes my cunt quiver." With that said, she buried her face between the country girl's thighs and proceeded to finish her job of making Texas cum. This next part surprised me.

"Here it comes sugar! The Texan began to pant heavy and more quickly. At the last moment, she ripped back on Andy's hair and held her inches from her pussy. Released with a high-pitched scream, Texas shot a large amount of thick women cum onto Andy's face and exposed cleavage. The video ended with Andy licking her face clean.

The third video from Andy was by far the best and longest. This video showed the same bathroom stall as the second video, but from a different angle, filmed by a third person. The scene showed Andy in the same position as before, but she has her face buried between a tan set of legs. The angle showed Andy from behind. It gave a horrible view of Andy devouring cunt, but a great view of her on all fours. After some moaning and groaning, the camera operator spoke. "I told you this bitch was good at eating pussy. She made me cum fast." It was Texas again. Texas began to narrate for the camera. "Let's see how much this girl like eating pussy". Coming into view was Texas's hand. She reached down and pulled the bottom of Andy's dress up and rolled it over her waist to hold it up. "Damn!, you have to see how wet this girl is, just from eating pussy." Texas zoomed in on the saturated gusset of Andy's small g-string. Even with the poor lighting of the bathroom, the light was shining from the wetness that has accumulated there.

Texas slowly stroked the wetness between Andy's thighs. Andy's head poked up from the tan thighs and started to moan. With a quick pull of Andy's hair the woman sitting on toilet yelled, "I'm not done with you yet." Texas released Andy's dress and decided to get a closer look at Andy's eating habits. As Texas zoomed in the tan legged-lady began to cry out in pleasure. "Yea that's it almost done bitch!" With a loud sigh the tan lady was done. Or I thought she was. "Make sure you get this on tape, she's going to love this." She once again grabbed Andy's hair and lifted her a couple of inches away from her pussy. "OPEN WIDE BITCH, YOU LOOK THIRSTY!" Yellow piss began to stream from her pussy. As the stream got stronger it began to hit Andy in the face and run down her chin, between her tits, and finally absorbing into her dress. As the tan lady's piss stream subsided, she finished by saying "You are right, she is a good pussy whore. Thanks bitch!" The video finished with Andy sitting on her knees, makeup smeared, hair knotted, and soaked in pussy juice and piss.

I couldn't handle it anymore; I shot my first load of the viewing day right into my coffee cup. I needed to regroup and get ready for Shay's ass fucking adventure. I went to the garage and rolled myself another joint to prepare for the next 45 minutes.

I opened Shay's video. She followed every word of my instructions. When the video began, I could see her bath mat lined with many different objects. A few I could immediately identify: large tub of Vaseline, mostly empty wine bottle, and a beer bottle. The lighting at first was horrible. Shay flicked the light switch on and assumed her position in just her sopping wet translucent panties. As she got herself comfortable and into the right position, I glanced over at the rest of the objects on the mat. There was a hair brush with a smooth tapered handle, a carrot, and a cucumber. My cock snapped back to position at the sight before me. She slowly rolled her panties down her large round ass, just enough to reveal the sticky mess between her snatch and the gusset of her panties. She paused before rolling her small undergarment further down her milky thighs. The viscosity of her juices amazed me. Her cum seemed to ooze from her sopping wet pussy.

She didn't waste any time. She reached for the jar of Vaseline and scooped a three-finger handful out and smeared it all over her brown eye. She starts with her pointer finger and slowly circles her starfish. With one fast, assertive motion, her whole finger disappeared into her hungry ass. She slowly slides the grease-covered finger in and out of her tight virgin ass a few times and removes her finger. She grabs the carrot and smears it with another fistful of her chosen ass grease. Leaning now on her side-cocked head and shoulders, she reaches back with her right hand to locate and guide the tip of the carrot to her waiting asshole. With the tip of the orange vegetable piercing her asshole, she applies pressure and slides the 8" carrot almost all the way in on her first attempt. Dissatisfied with something, Shay rips the buried carrot from its dark hole and tosses it in the tub. She grabbed the hairbrush and without the use of Vaseline, she lined the tip of the handle up and pushed the slightly larger handle into her hungry ass. Again just after a few hard deep strokes, she rips it from her ass and tosses it in the tub. She grabs the beer bottle and puts a handful of lube all over the exterior. She re-positions herself facing the camera, squatting over the upright beer bottle. I can see her dripping pussy, her swollen lips, and her butterfly tattoo that seems to be flying out of her snatch. She positions the neck of the bottle at the opening of her sphincter, and began to lower herself onto the bottle. The bottle was a microbrew bottle; the neck was short and girthy. After some re-aligning, Shay managed to get the neck of the bottle into her stretching asshole. Although she could only get the neck in about 2" it was really stretching her wide open. She held the base of the brown glass dildo and rode the neck for a good five minutes, never once touching her dripping pussy.

Shay stood up and discarded the beer bottle into the trash and reached for the wine bottle. The bottle seemed to be a Chardonnay of some sort, with a long tapered handle, perfect for stretching. She assumed the same position as with the previous bottle and made quick work of getting the opening of the bottle lined up with the opening of her starving ass. With ease she slid a good 8" down the neck, stopping to softly run her fingers up along her swollen pussy lips until she found her rock solid clit. With her fingers covered in juices she made small fast circles around her clit, while she lowered herself further onto the wine bottle's neck. She must have had 9.5" or green glass in her rectum. The diameter of the bottle's neck was at least the size of a silver dollar. I would have loved to see the look on her face, but unfortunately the camera angle only showed Shay from the waste down. She stayed at this position on the pole for what seemed to be ages, rubbing furiously at her clit. Her cum, clear with almost a hint of white, was flowing from her pussy and forming a puddle on the floor beneath her. Her moans began to quicken and her screams got louder, but just before she came, she stopped her fingers and slid off of the bottle.

This was it, the grand finale. She grabbed the huge cucumber and began to roll it in the cum puddle on the floor. When it was lubed enough, she got into doggystyle position and backed up real close to the camera. Shay began to push the oversized object into her ass. I could see her arm straining to penetrate her sphincter, but her ass was resisting. With a loud yelp of pain, the cucumber broke through. Shay pushed the cucumber in about 6" and stood up, squeezing her butt cheeks to keep the monster lodged in her ass. With some whimpering, she re-adjusted the camera angle to look down into the tub, I could see the first discarded ass toys lying near the drain. Shay crawled into the tub and with one hand reaching behind her keeping the cucumber firmly in place; she wiggled up the wall, feet first. Pausing for a moment to get her balance, she used one hand on the edge of the tub for balance and used to other to push the vegetable further into her ass. She held this position for what seemed to be an eternity, and then a small trickle of yellow piss began to split her glistening lips. The piss turned from a trickle to a river. The piss river was splashing Shay directly on her small b cup tits. With some body contortions, the piss was hitting Shay's face and long blond hair. She opened her mouth and swallowed some salty nectar. I could see her elbow working back and forth, an obvious sign of her ramming that pickle in and out of her stretched asshole. When the piss stopped her hand that was being used for balance attacked her pussy. She quickly buried three fingers into her honeypot, all while ramming her ass with the large pickle. She began screaming, "OOOHHH, OOOO, YESSSSS, FUCK THAT PUSSY JACK!" With that command her pussy began squirting huge globs of girl cum all over her chest, since she was still up against the wall. When she came down from her orgasmic high, she rolled down the wall and shut the camera off.

With two more loads emptied into my coffee cup, I saved these videos in a secure, password-protected file on my hard drive. This blond bitches are mine forever now. Not too bad for the first field trial.

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