tagGroup SexKeeping the Interest of My New FWB

Keeping the Interest of My New FWB



As soon as Mia gets outside a million thoughts start running through her head; part of her is shocked that she had the courage to just show up at Tom's place and do what she did. Another part of her is surprised that she did something so crazy....for all she knows the guy could be some weirdo who could have locked her up for a really long time in a room where no one will be able to find her. But mostly she is kicking herself for not sticking around to "play" a little longer.

The ride home seemed to take a lot longer than it took to get to Tom's place. The more she thinks about the adventure she had earlier in the evening, the more she thinks about finding a way to try to return to Tom's "playground" for more fun. Once she gets home Mia heads straight to bed, not that she is going to be to fall asleep right away. She isn't sure but Tom did seem to enjoy the blow job but he didn't really make much effort to touch her other than to move her head up and down to thrust his cock deeper and deeper down her throat. Mia hopes that the only reason why he didn't touch any other part of her was because he was kind of shocked that she showed up at his door and doesn't seem to hesitate before starting to suck his cock. Mia decides the only way she will be able to fall asleep is to masturbate, she reaches under her pillow for the vibrator that she has been using practically every night since she met Tom online. If she doesn't find the courage to return to Tom's she is going to have to go to get a lot more batteries.

As Mia drifts off to sleep she comes up with an idea as to how to return to Tom's place for more fun. A week after Mia's adventure at Tom's "playground", Tom hears a knock at his door. He thinks that it can't be Mia because she hasn't replied to any of his emails or IM's, it's like she has been avoiding talking to him. When Tom opens the door he is somewhat disappointed because it's not Mia, he was kind of looking forward to a repeat performance from her. Tom's disappointment does last long though because the woman standing in front of him although is not super attractive, the dress she is wearing doesn't leave much to the imagination. Her breasts look like they are about to pop out of the top of her dress and since she was turned slightly sideways when he opened the door he got a glimpse of the profile of her ass. He would really like to see a better view but he can't just ask her to turn around so he can get a better view of her ass. Just as Tom was about to ask how he could help her, the woman turns around like she is going to walk away. Tom can't take his eyes off her ass; the woman has 'junk in her trunk'. He must have said it out loud because the woman suddenly turns around to face him. Tom was so distracted by the "view" that he didn't see Mia walking up toward him.

Once Tom came back to his senses he suddenly realized that standing in front of him is Mia and the woman who knocked on his door. Mia then says that she is really embarrassed but she thinks she may have lost an earring when she came by last week. Tom said he hasn't come across an earring but she can come in to look for it. Mia introduces Tom to her friend Anastasia but she tells him that everyone calls her Stasia. Tom is hoping that her friend will also come in so he can get another look at that ass! Tom turns around to close the door and when he turns back around he can't believe his eyes. Right in front of him Mia and Stasia are making out. Tom just stands there and stares at the two women. Stasia starts unbuttoning Mia's shirt while Mia is massaging her breasts. Tom still is just staring at what is going on in front of him. Mia lets her shirt drop to the floor and then starts pulling Stasia's dress over her head.

Tom is really enjoying the "show". In no time Mia and Stasia are standing in the middle of his living room only in their bra and panties kissing, touching, and massaging each other's body. Mia turns Stasia so that Tom now has full view of Stasia's beautiful ass. Tom gets lost in thought about how he would really like to fuck Stasia from behind. Stasia drops her bra on the floor as Mia bends down to help her out of her panties. Tom does a double take because he just realized that Mia is completely naked. Both women kneel down without ever stopping touching, massaging, and kissing each other. Tom's cock is already rock hard and he really wants to join the fun but he gets the feeling that they are not interested in adding a third to the mix.

Mia lies on her back and as Stasia leans over Mia grabs her breasts and starts sucking on her right nipple. Stasia slides her hand between Mia's legs and starts finger fucking her, at the same time Mia is doing the same to Stasia. Stasia straddles Mia so that her pussy is only a tongue length away from Mia's face. The room is quiet except for the moans and slurping noises made by the two women as they enjoy eating each other out. After a few minutes Mia motions Tom over to knee in front of her so she can suck his cock. Mia blows Tom as Stasia has her face buried between her Mia's legs. Tom reaches out to touch Stasia's ass but Mia slaps it before his hand makes contact. Tom will have to be satisfied with just getting a blow job; it's not what he really wants but it's better than nothing.

All the moaning as slurping goes on for a while before Mia starts wiggling and moaning louder and louder, then suddenly Mia screams "Fuck" and stops wiggling. Stasia gets up and starts getting dressed. She walks over to where Tom is kneeling, his cock is no longer in Mia mouth and he is starting to lose his erection. Stasia reaches down and touches his cock, which immediately reacts to her touch. Tom becomes hard again as Stasia strokes his cock, she continues stroking until he cums. He tries to avoid shooting his cum onto Mia but a little lands on her left breast; Stasia leans over and licks it off. After a few more minutes Mia has recovered enough to get up and put her clothes back on. Both women leave Tom's apartment without saying anything to Tom. As the door closes behind them Tom can hear them giggling as they walk away.

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