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Keeping the Secret


My name is Joe and I am a lawyer. This story is true or at least it is true if the stories my wife has told are true. I have no reason to doubt her on these matters. This story is about my wife, Debbie, during the time period leading up to our marriage.

I was a partner at a highly successful law firm in a large city in the southern United States. I was 35 years old and divorced. I dated as much as my demanding career would permit. My relationships with women were shallow and usually very short. I was making a lot of money and having a lot of fun.

I met Debbie when she was seeking a job at our firm. She was a second year law student at the very top of her class at a prestigious law school. The top students at the top schools clerk for the larger law firms between their second and third years of law school. The clerkships were recruiting tools for the firm and were a great time for the clerks. Basically, the students were wined and dined for an entire summer in an effort by the firms to hire the top prospects.

I was one of the partners on the committee in charge of employment. That meant I was involved with the recruiting and helped make the decisions about who we hired. I was involved in the decision to offer Debbie a clerkship for the summer, but I really did not know her.

I first met Debbie at a golf retreat held for the clerks. I made up the teams, so maybe I had heard that she was good looking or I looked at her picture on her resume because she was on my team. I had the privilege of watching Debbie play golf for most of the day. What I really watched were her gorgeous tits in her t-shirt.

Debbie was about 5'7", 115 pounds and had nice, shoulder length, brown hair and brown eyes. She had a pretty face and a beautiful smile. She was around 25 years old. What I noticed right away was that Debbie had big, firm round tits on a very slender, fit frame. Her tits were firm, but they jiggled with her every move.

After the golf, a group was going water skiing. I encouraged Debbie to go skiing hoping to see her in a bathing suit. She was undecided about going on the boat, but went to change into her bathing suit. I was talking to one of the older female partners when Debbie walked up in a peach colored one-piece swimsuit. She looked spectacular.

Even in a one-piece swimsuit, she looked incredibly sexy. Huge amounts of cleavage were showing. You could also see a good deal of boob showing on the sides of the suit. She was skinny and you could not see an ounce of fat on her body. Her ass looked tiny and tight.

Debbie said to the female partner that she was not sure she wanted to go in her swimsuit on a boat filled with drunk guys. She was obviously very modest and self-conscious about her body. The older female partner laughed and said, "Debbie, if I looked like that in a swim suit, I would wear it everywhere."

Debbie went on the boat and she looked even better when her swim suit was wet. She tried to be modest, but those tits could not be contained. They bounced every time the boat hit the smallest of waves.

Every guy in the boat rather openly stared at her tits the entire time we were out. She acted like she didn't notice but it was obvious to me that everyone was checking her out. We had fun and I had a chance to get to know Debbie better while getting to stare at her boobs.

Over the summer, I became friends with Debbie and convinced her to come to work in my section of the firm. She was so smart and so attractive, she had a lot of options available to her.

After Debbie passed the bar exam, she came to work with me. She was living with a boyfriend and was planning to get married to the guy in about a year.

I immediately started to flirt with Debbie and we became closer friends. After a while, she started flirting back.

Debbie was very conservative. She told me that she came from a very conservative home and was raised a Southern Baptist. She said that her parents were very strict with her growing up. Her Dad was an assistant chief in the police department and her Mom was a housewife who was very active in their church. Her family was frugal and serious. Debbie was the first person in her family to go to college.

Debbie dressed very modestly and usually wore long dresses or suits with long skirts. She always looked nice and professional. There was no hint of cleavage and no short skirts. She often went to church with her parents on Sunday.

Debbie was brilliant. She also worked very hard. I could tell she was going to be a terrific lawyer.

I knew it was not smart to have a relationship with someone at work, but I could not control myself around her. Being the partner, I would look like the sexual predator if things went wrong and a lawsuit was filed. A partner dating an associate at our firm was not permitted. However, I decided I would risk the consequences that could arise if I could somehow convince her to date me.

After a few months of working together, Debbie and I stopped at a bar on our way back from a long meeting. We had a few drinks and were having fun. Without warning, I leaned over and kissed her. She kissed me back passionately. I loved it as we made out in the bar.

From that first kiss, I was determined to have sex with her. She had a boyfriend with whom she lived, but I figured I could take his place if I was lucky. We soon had another passionate make-out session at another bar and I became convinced I would be fucking this smart, gorgeous woman soon without regard to the boyfriend.

Since her boyfriend expected Debbie home fairly soon after work, we had a hard time seeing each other in the evenings. So, I made arrangements for us to be out of the office on a Friday afternoon. We secretly went to my house. I was excited about my relationship with Debbie progressing and was keeping my fingers crossed that she would let me have sex with her.

Debbie seemed anxious to be alone with me too. At that point in my life, I usually fucked any woman I took out after a date or two. With the work related worries(sexual harassment claims, company policies, etc.) and Debbie's boyfriend, I had been secretly lusting after this woman for over a year. I was also falling in love with her.

We had a glass of wine and began to kiss. Before long, I was squeezing her boobs and she was rubbing my cock through my pants.

Debbie took off her blouse and then I watched her unhook her bra in the back and let those spectacular boobs out. They were as amazing as I had imagined. They were incredibly firm and round and beautiful.

I later learned that Debbie wore a D cup bra. She was busting out of the top of her bra the first day she took off her blouse. I was hoping that I would be fucking her slender body and watching those firm tits bounce in no time.

We went to my bed and I pulled off my clothes and was about to pull down Debbie's panties when Debbie told me to wait. I stopped. She said that we could not have intercourse.

I assumed that this was a boyfriend issue and said, "Debbie, you know we both want to do this and we are going to do this soon. We might as well do it now."

She replied, "I don't think it is going to happen any time soon. I am a virgin."

I thought she was kidding me. "Yeah, right. I have heard about two or three serious boyfriends you have had and you are living with a guy!"

"Yes," she said with a smile. "But, I have not had intercourse with any of them. I am a virgin."

"You mean to say a beautiful girl like you has not had sex with anyone?" I said in disbelief.

"I have not made love to any of those guys."

This was my worst nightmare at that moment and something I had not dealt with since high school. I asked, "Why haven't you had sex with your serious boyfriends?"

Debbie explained, "One of my older sisters got pregnant when she was in high school. My parents were so upset with her and it was such a bad situation for her, I swore that it would never happen to me. I was in junior high then and was just learning about sex. I decided right then that I was not going to have sex and take a risk of getting pregnant."

"You made this decision when you were in junior high and you are still following it?" I said.

"Yes," she said, "It has worked out just fine."

"Have you thought about birth control?

"Sure, but my approach worked just fine."

"Wow, those serious boyfriends of yours must have been crazy about you to go along with that for so long." I said.

Debbie said, "I guess they were, but they never really complained."

I was thinking that this girl with this perfect body that I was seeing for the first time must have driven her boyfriends crazy. Seeing this body and not being able to fuck her would be torture. I said, "Those guys must have been stronger than I am! I would go crazy!"

Debbie smiled again and said, "My boyfriends did not complain."

"How did you manage that?"

"I used my mouth."


"I used my mouth almost every day."

"You sucked their dicks?"


"Did you let them cum in your mouth?" I asked.

Debbie gave me a puzzled look and said, "I thought that was the whole idea."

I quickly agreed and said, "I guess you swallowed their cum?"

Debbie said, "Most of the time unless my boyfriend wanted to do something else."

I was so happy to hear that this beautiful and intelligent girl had sucked the cocks of her serious boyfriends. That meant there was hope for me. All I had to do now was to try to get to the level of a serious boyfriend. I thought I might be getting close.

I love blow jobs! I probably like blow jobs more than fucking. Particularly if it is a nice girl, I love to see a woman with her mouth full of my hard cock. It is intimate, sexy and awesome! For some reason, I am always amazed that a nice girl will suck a cock. It is the most exciting sex act to me.

I was trying to figure out where I stood on getting a blow job when Debbie said, "Would you like me to give you a blow job?"

Obviously, I said, "Yes!"

Without further ado, Debbie got on her hands and knees on the bed, grabbed my cock and started kissing and licking it. I was already hard just from seeing Debbie without her blouse. I watched her as she slid my hard cock into her mouth and then saw her cheeks indent as she started to suck my cock. It was wonderful.

I couldn't believe how lucky I was to have this gorgeous girl sucking my cock. I was enjoying it so much I did not want it to end. I tried to prolong the pleasure, but she was so good at sucking dick, I don't think I lasted a long time. I remember watching her firm boobs bounce as she sucked. It was tremendous!

She was incredible at sucking cock. She seemed to put everything she had into the task. After a few minutes of this treatment, I told her I was cumming and then exploded in her mouth. Debbie swallowed.

I then pulled down her panties and began to lick her pussy. She seemed to love it and had a great orgasm in just a short amount of time. It was so cool to see her there naked as she came. I was as happy as I could possibly be.

Debbie told me all about giving blow jobs to her boyfriends. She said she would suck them most every time they were together. I had her tell me all about it. She was determined to keep her boyfriends sexually satisfied, so she spent a great deal of time sucking their dicks.

I loved to hear the stories of her bobbing away on their cocks. It seemed so naughty for such a conservative young girl. My cock would get hard every time she would tell me more details.

I had never really cared if a girl was a virgin and had not given it any thought in years. However, I started to like the idea. I was in love with Debbie and she seemed like an innocent sweet girl. I liked the entire concept.

I knew that she had given some serious boyfriends blow jobs, but I got to the point that I began to think that she had saved herself for me. I know it was mostly in my own head, but I really thought it was great.

Debbie soon got comfortable getting naked and having oral sex with me. We both liked it and I was thrilled when she would be adventurous or naughty with me. For example, she would sometimes ask me to cum on her breasts or her face. It was exciting and fun.

I have to admit that I put Debbie on a pedestal and came to think of her as a completely innocent, virginal woman who had saved herself for me. That was not really Debbie's doing. It was mine, but it was a pleasant fantasy that I enjoyed.

Debbie and I fell in love. She broke up with her boyfriend and we started dating exclusively. However, we kept the fact we were dating secret from everyone at work and most everyone else. The only people who knew we were dating were a group of Debbie's oldest friends who live in a town where they had all grown up. The town was a short distance outside the city where we lived and worked. Debbie's friends did not know anybody from our firm, did not work in the city and Debbie knew she could trust them to keep it quiet.

Debbie was adamant about keeping our relationship secret. She was probably not right about this, but she believed that if the firm found out we were dating, she would have to get a new job. I did not agree with her, but I could not get her to budge. She insisted on strict secrecy. She would get mad at me every time I suggested that we let anyone know.

In an effort to keep our secret, we constantly had to make up stories to our friends and co-workers about what we were doing or where we were going to hide our relationship. It was difficult to keep this secret, but we went to great lengths to do it.

The fact that everyone thought we were both single and not dating anyone made it even harder. People kept trying to set both of us up on dates and we had to make up excuses not to go. I finally made up an imaginary girlfriend out of town to have an excuse to say no to dates. Debbie told everyone she was still getting over her last relationship and wasn't ready to date (even though in reality she was the one who broke up with her last boyfriend).

A few months after we started exclusively dating, we were at a party out of town at the home of one of Debbie's old friends, Allison. Allison and Debbie were a part of a group of four girls who had been best friends since they were in junior high. They even went to the same college and were roommates for most of the time they were in college.

At the gathering, I was watching a football game with the husbands and boyfriends of the other girls and the girls were at the kitchen table laughing and drinking. After a lot of alcohol was consumed by all, I was coming to the kitchen for more beer when I overheard the girls talking about someone they called "Big Bad John." At the mention of the name, the girls all screamed and giggled uncontrollably. I was curious to hear the story and made a mental note to ask Debbie about it later.

On the long trip home after the party, I asked Debbie about Big Bad John. She laughed and said, "Allison made up that name in college. It refers to his penis size."

I said, "Allison told you girls about the size of some guy's dick? She must have been pretty wild in college."

Debbie looked confused and said, "No. . . Alison didn't go out with John, I did."

"How did you know about his penis size?" I asked.

"I got a good look at it when I was sucking his penis at the end of our date. It was like trying to suck a fire hose."

"Hold it! You have told me about your boyfriends you sucked, but you never mentioned anyone named John."

"John was not a boyfriend. I just went on a date with him."

"And you sucked his dick?"


"And you told your friends about sucking his dick?"


"How come you only told me about your three steady boyfriends?" I asked.

"I am sorry," said Debbie. "I thought you only asked me about the steady boyfriends. I went out with a lot of guys in college and law school when I wasn't in a relationship."

My dick was hard thinking of my beautiful girl sucking this guy's big hard dick. So, I asked her, "How many times did you suck John's dick?"

"Just the one time. I did not really like him."

I was kind of lost. "Did you suck the dicks of other guys you didn't like?"

"Sure, I guess so," she said. "That happens when you are dating around."

"So, how many times have you given a guy a blow job," I asked with a hard dick. I love the idea that this innocent little virgin had let guys put their cocks in her mouth. I was a little bit afraid she wouldn't want to tell me to avoid the appearance that she had been a slut.

However, Debbie did not hesitate to tell me. "I thought I had told you about giving blow jobs. It was no big deal. I sucked the dick of every guy who took me out."

"Really? Every guy who took you out?"

"Yes, and a few more, I guess. I did a few guys I met at parties or something."

"How many guys took you out?" I asked.

"Wow, I am not sure. I don't want to sound like I am bragging or something, but I was pretty popular in college and law school."

I was thinking, "No shit! A beautiful girl who sucks dick on a first date is going to be asked out a lot." But I said, "About how many guys did you date?"

"Gosh, I don't know . . . . Maybe, 15 or 20 guys a year in college. I did not have as much time in law school. It was probably more like 5 to 10 a year in law school. I guess there were some other guys during summer internships and clerkships."

I was quickly doing the math and thinking that my girlfriend had swallowed a lot of dicks and a lot of cum in a relatively short period of time. I loved the thought of her being so nasty. I was picturing her with her mouth full of cock. I also loved the idea that she did not think it was a big deal that she had sucked so many cocks.

I thought that there were probably more, so I asked, "What about high school?

Debbie said, "I didn't get to start dating until I went to college."

Debbie then told me the story of her strict upbringing. She had mentioned that her parents were strict, but I had never heard the details. Her father was a very controlling guy who wanted to protect his three daughters. He did not allow them to date until they graduated from high school. He also did not let them work outside the home or attend social functions. Their activities were limited to church and school. They were not allowed to drive and did not have a driver's license until they were around 20 years old.

Debbie's older sisters rebelled. They were constantly sneaking out at night and getting into trouble. One ended up getting pregnant in high school and the other eloped with a bad guy. Neither girl went to college even though they were both very smart. Apparently, there was constant turmoil in the house as long as Debbie's sisters were around.

Debbie decided that her Dad just wanted the best for them and that she wouldn't fight his rules. She desperately wanted to go out with boys and go to social functions, but she managed to make it. She made great grades in school and earned some scholarships for college.

This was so different from my experience growing up that I had a hard time understanding it. I asked Debbie if she had any kind of contact with guys and she told me she had very little. She said a guy kissed her and squeezed her boobs through her blouse at a band practice and that another guy felt her up at a church function.

Debbie said that she decided that she was only going to have oral sex with guys until she got married so that she didn't have to worry about getting pregnant. She admitted to me that she had dreamed of having oral sex for years by the time she finally went off to college at one the big state schools.

Debbie was beside herself with excitement when she went to freshman orientation. Her girlfriends were there with her, but she was looking for a guy. Some guys introduced themselves and one nice guy asked her to go to dinner with him the first night. Debbie said yes and went on her first date.

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