tagIncest/TabooKeeping the Tradition Alive Vol. 01: Luke's House Pt. 04

Keeping the Tradition Alive Vol. 01: Luke's House Pt. 04


This story is written for the sole enjoyment of those who seek this kind of material. If you find matters of a sexually explicit nature offensive or if you are under the age of 18 you are not welcome to read this material. Minors should leave the site immediately.

This story is about heterosexual/homosexual incest, as well as non-incestuous sex between consenting adults. Some of the story is true, but names are changed to protect the innocent. There is an expansive back story to this tale that I cannot write about because the acts happened before the age of 18. There may be mentions of those times, but in keeping with the restrictions about erotica involving those under 18, I pick the story up when I was 20. I will make this statement. Many of the events you read about in these stories are true, however, I take literary license and expand a bit on the actual sex and story-line to make them more palatable and erotic to the reader.


Keeping the Tradition alive. Story One: Luke's House Part 4

I woke up to a gently shaking of my shoulders. The brothers had gotten up before daylight to get ready for their first hunt of the day. Dad was shaking me easily as to not startle me. "You kids had a hell of a night, last night," he commented. "I thought you would be crashed up in bed together."

"The evening was fun and really okay. I've made a wonderful new friend with Cassie," I said. I stopped for a moment and looked into my dad's face, "Dad, thank you for being you."

He looked at me strangely, "Thank you, son, but what brought that on?"

"I'll talk to you about it another time," I said sleepily. "I need to get Luke up and then I need to go check on Cassie."

"James stuck his head in there a few minutes said she looked like Sleeping Beauty." The look I had on my face must have been extremely concerning as Dad was shocked at my reaction. I, however, realized that he probably understood why because he quietly commented, "He just looked in on her making sure she was fine. He didn't stay."

"You know?" I asked surprised, suddenly concerned.

"What am I going to do, Ricky? James has always been that way. He was friskier than the rest of us, requiring all Raymond and I could give and more. I think he even snuck in and diddled his sister from time to time, but he's my brother and he is a product of his parents."

"Can't you reason with him?"

"Raymond and I, even your Aunt Martha has tried. We have warned him about the law and what they could do to him, but he insists he's got it under control."

"You should've seen how emotional Cassie was last night. She started talking about what James had done to them and the dam burst. Can't you and Uncle Raymond talk some sense into him. Cassie might still lie with him, but it would be because she wanted to, not because she was trying to protect her sisters."

"Cassie's sisters are involved? That lying sack of shit. He told Raymond and I Cassie had been the instigator of the whole thing years ago when she had gone to a family reunion and been fucked by Martha's boy. She came home hot to fuck, he said. He couldn't stop her, neither did he want to because it was such a turn on. We talked about this just last night... She really told you that?" Dad was suddenly very concerned and extremely angry.

"She said he trained her when she was younger and then trained each one of her sisters when they became legal. She started taking the blunt of it to protect her sisters. She says they have to get with him from time to time, even when she steps in the way." I noticed Dad's face. I haven't seen him this furious in a long time.

"What about their mother?" he asked. "Does she know?"

"I don't think so, but I'm not sure. Cassie seems to think she doesn't, but I don't if she knows or not."

"While we are hunting, I want you to call your cousins and get them to corroborate what Cassie told you. Ask Cassie to let you do it. It may cause some friction between you and Cassie, but this is a must do. Once we find out for sure, Raymond and I will take care of it from there."

Dad went back inside. The three brothers soon walked outside and headed to the truck. Raymond and Dad looked sullen and serious. Raymond always looked that way, but Dad was more like James in his moods and this mood was not typical. James was his normal jovial self and didn't seem to suspect that I had the conversation with Dad. Luke hadn't stirred, even when the brothers were clunking their boots on the planks of the front porch. I got up stiffly to check on Cassie. I haven't had reason to ever fall asleep in a porch chair before and I was suffering for it.

I went to the bedroom and Cassie wasn't there. I went toward the bathroom and heard the shower running. I knocked gently on the door. Cassie told me to come in. She waited for the brothers to leave before she got up to shower. I entered and sat on the toilet, lid down. I could see her unbelievable silhouette shadowed from the back light of the sun coming in through the windows.

"Cassie?" I spoke softly.

"What is it, Ricky?"

"We need to talk for a while when you finish," I replied.

"About what?"

"We'll talk later. Right now I'm enjoying your show."

She giggled, "You want to join me?"

"Just the invitation I was waiting for," I answered.

I opened the shower curtain and looked at Cassie quite differently than I had the night before. When I met her in the house, I wasn't sure. When we were on the porch, the light didn't play well across her face. When we fucked, and I said fucked, because that's the only description that could be used for what we'd done together, I was so into the feeling of what was going on, I didn't see the rest of the picture. When I was holding her while she was crying, I saw an insecure little girl who had been abused. Now, I looked at a twenty-four year old woman and she was exactly what I craved. Desirea, if I can't have you, Cassie is my girl.

I removed my clothing and joined her in the shower. Immediately, she began soaping me up using the sponge she had used on herself. The effect was immediate. My dick grew pretty much in her hands. "Someone's happy to see me this morning," she said as she leaned over and gave the head a kiss. I drew her up, and gently put my arms around her. My mouth got closer and she teasingly pulled away.

"Someone forgot to use mouthwash," she giggled. I reached out to the sink where the toothpaste was, opened it and put a big glob on my finger. I stuck it in my mouth, moved it around until I could feel the freshness of the toothpaste, and then I stuck the finger in her mouth.

"Better?" I asked. She began sucking my finger seductively and then she moaned. "You are so hot," I whispered. "I don't want to ever let you go."

She stopped momentarily and looked at me seriously. "You know we could never..."

"I know, but I can dream, can't I."

That must have done it for her, she wrapped herself around me and began kissing me passionately on the lips grinding hers against mine as if she would never be able to get enough. Her breasts pushed into my chest, all soapy and slippery, the slight friction bringing more heat between us. I separated and moved my lips to her neck, chin, and then her neck again. When I moved my mouth to her ear, I heard her gasp at the warmth of my breath. Her knees buckled a little when I put my tongue lovingly into it. Her moans became louder and deeper as I found her lips once again, opened my mouth and let my tongue play across her teeth.

I moved back to her neck, but instead of going back to her ear, I went lower catching the nipples one at a time between my teeth. I gently nibbled on the pencil thick nubs, lightly biting them, creating quakes within her system. I stood and then it was her turn. She mimicked what I had done to her. When her teeth brushed across my chest, I almost came. I had a lot of sex in my life, but there were only a few times a girl or boy for that matter had ever done what she was doing to me. I know she had me ready, so I pushed her back against the wall and lifted her right leg. My cock fit perfectly into her that way. I pushed gently, her sex yielded, and I began what was to be one of the best times of my sexual life. I felt like every man on earth at the same time. I was confident, shy, comforted, strong, weak, all the emotions one could describe went through me as I withdrew and pushed in. I had never been happier, crying at the pleasure, and working to give her the orgasm she would always remember.

At that moment, Cassie was my perfect partner. I think she felt it as well, as I could feel her little orgasms come and go, the larger working itself to it's climax. I felt her building, much like the previous evening, her insides spasming, her cunt clenching and releasing, then clenching again. The familiar feelings hit the base of my cock at the same time she shuddered into the beginning throes of her release. As my cum topped my dick and began shooting into her, I felt like I was falling off a cliff, freely without fear of danger, yet with all the adrenaline mainlining into my system.

As we began to subside, I lowered her to the floor of the shower, joined her and simply held her. That was the best sex I had ever had. I didn't feel like I had fucked her, I felt like I had made love to her in the tenderest of ways. At that moment, she was everything to me. I combed my fingers through her hair, brushed my fingers over her lips, and finally just looked at her amazing physique, marveling at the majesty of Cassie.

The mood was shattered by Luke, opening the door, and shouting "sorry, but I have to pee." I wondered why he didn't just piss outside. "Looks like you two are becoming an item. Well Harvey will be here in a little while and I won't feel like a third wheel."

"Nobody wants you to be a third wheel, Luke," Cassie giggled, "but we knew you were saving yourself for your suck buddy. If you want me again later tonight, you can have me, but you're going to have to work hard to do what Ricky just did. He rocked my world."

"It's his experience," Luke commented. "I better stick with guys until we see if our plan with Claire is going to work out. I felt awful guilty after we fucked last night."

"You didn't have a hard time falling asleep," I peeped up. "You were out before I was, laying on that swing."

"Cassie," I said fearing what was about to happen. "I mentioned to my dad what you told me last night." Her mood changed instantly, fear coursing through her eyes. "He's not going to tell him anything about what you told me until I have talked to your sisters and gotten them to corroborate your story. I believe, you, but James is his brother. He wants to be sure, before he and Raymond intervene."

"You told your Dad?" she asked. "They're brothers, they'll tell him and he'll beat me to an inch of my life. How could you? I told you that in confidence." She pulled away from me and moved to the other side of the shower.

"What's going on?" Luke pressed. "You were both lovey-dovey a minute ago and now she's mad at you."

"Shut up, Luke," we both yelled at the same time.

"Fuck," I swore. "I was only trying to help. You were so exposed emotionally last night."

"You made it worse, I promise."

"Dad won't say or do anything until he knows for sure."

"I hope not, but I don't want my sisters involved so they won't bear the brunt of his anger." Cassie had started crying again.

"Cassie, no one will know but me, you and my dad. He just wants me to hear they are in trouble and need help. I hear them say it to me and all I have to do is nod to my dad. He'll take it from there."

"Why don't you all just leave us alone. I should never have opened up in that moment of weakness." Cassie was crying almost as much she had been the previous night.

"If you won't call them for me, I'll call them myself. Cassie, if your dad is abusing you and the other girls, that's not the same as you wanting to be with him, consenting for him to have sex with you." I was beside myself, although I understood in a way what she was going through. There was more than likely threats that had been thrown her way that were scarier than the truth. I reached over to comfort her. Cassie resisted at first, but soon gathered into my arms for consolation. I felt a little better about things when she relented. I think she knew I had fallen head over hills for her, but it was so new. She had never been able to trust anyone before.

"I'll call. Let me collect myself," she said.

"We walked nude to the room and put clothes on and then went to the phone that was in the living room. She dialed a number. "Janice?" she asked. "It's Cassie, is Marsha and Toni there with you? Good, would you get them, please?" Cassie waited for a couple of minutes as her sisters were brought together. "Gather round the phone, okay?"

"Our cousin Ricky, Uncle Tom's son is here with me. He wants to ask you a couple of questions. I want you to answer them truthfully. He knows about Daddy, girls and he wants to get the story straight. You tell him in your own words what is happening in our house, okay? He and his dad only want to help, but they need more than me telling what's been happening. You know I'll always try to protect you no matter what."

I could hear the girls getting upset on the other end of the phone. Toni was telling them not to say anything it would only make it worse. Marsha said that she was tired of Cassie having to intervene and Janice was crying hysterically, not wanting her father hurt no matter what he had forced them to do. I assured them that my Dad and Uncle Raymond would simple talk to their dad in a way he could understand. After calming them down some, they began to talk.

What they told us was actually worse than Cassie had thought. Sometimes he would walk in the house and pull one of them by the hair to an empty room and force the chosen one to give him a blowjob. Janice told of the time when she was on the other side of the kitchen counter when her mother was fixing supper and her dad walked behind her, pulled her skirt up, her panties down, and fucked while her mother was working. He then sat down and ate supper as if nothing had ever happened. Marsha relayed a story about a time when a friend was over and he fucked Marsha on her bed while the friend watched. He then pointed at the friend and told her that he would kill her if she said anything. Of course, that girl never came back over.

They all agreed their mother was the innocent in this. If she knew, she feared for her life, because if she said anything or even called the police or DHR, she would be dead before they got there or maimed for life. They said they were all "trained" when they turned eighteen, and Cassie was the first. They all agreed if Cassie had not teased her father away from them, it would have been so much worse.

They expressed their love for their sister for what she had sacrificed. Cassie was terribly upset. She had no idea it had gotten so bad. The girls asked me what I was doing it for and I told them for her sister, who I had come to admire, and them. One of them asked me if I was having sex with their sister and told them yes, but it was consensual. I also told them about Cassie's love for them and her sexual needs where they were concerned. They couldn't believe Cassie would share something they considered so intimate. Janice said something that really touched my heart.

"Cassie doesn't talk about things like that unless she really trusts someone. She must really trust you as you even got her to call us and let us talk. Please don't do anything to our Dad." I told them that I thought my Dad and Uncle Raymond would just read him the riot act and tell him if he ever hurt one of you again, they would go to the police themselves.

When we got off the phone, I held Cassie while she cried it out. Luke picked the phone up and called Claire to invite her out to the farm. "Another of my cousins showed up that I didn't expect. Her name is Cassie and I feel like a third wheel. Ricky and her have become inseparable. I want you to come out either tomorrow or Monday so that you can meet her. She's going to be here for a week or so."

"I don't think I will be able to, Luke," Claire said. "I don't have a ride or at least I don't think I do. Wait a minute and let me ask Rhonda. She just came in." Rhonda was Claire's older sister. A few minutes later, she came back on and told Luke that her sister would bring her out tomorrow. Rhonda wanted to meet me as she had heard so much about me.

About that time, the brothers came home to take their mid-morning break. Dad looked as if he were in better spirits. I found out why. They had the opportunity to kill around a dozen quail that morning. They would wait until early afternoon before they went back out. Dad motioned me to the side and asked me to tell him what I'd found out. When I told him the information I had learned, Dad looked into the distance and simply shook his head. They had all been guilty of incest through the years, but James had taken it to the extreme. He would decide with Raymond what to do. He thanked me for my dirty work, told me to have fun, but warned me about getting too friendly with cousins in front of non-relatives.

Tom winked at Ricky when he told him that he had a new "friend." "I know, we could hear it all last night."


In Part 5, Harvey visits the farm and Luke is introduced to the wilding way. Also Uncle James is confronted by the brothers.

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