tagInterracial LoveKeeping Up With the Joneses Ch. 04

Keeping Up With the Joneses Ch. 04


And I'm back. I hope you guys like this chapter. :)


I watched Dylan's mother peel an apple for me to eat. It had to be perfect and beautiful because according to Korean custom, pregnant women should eat beautiful and pure foods for a pure and healthy baby. She was getting to enjoy her heritage and I was learning a lot about her and my husband.

"When Dylan was young, I had to keep sharp things from him. He stabbed his father in the leg once. That man had blackened my eye so I couldn't take him to the Asian Festival in town and Dylan took a paring knife and *boop!* right in the leg. I was so shocked. I say, 'Honey! Honey! It was an accident!' We had to go to the hospital and everything. And while we wait, that little boy turns to me and says, 'I missed.' I missed!" She laughed hard. It was a beautiful sound. "7 years old, 'I missed', my god..."

I laughed with her. They both found this story funny now. I didn't blame them. They'd come out the victors and now they could laugh. He was six feet under.

Her name was Chin-Sun but had become fond of 'Cindy' as an Americanized version of her name. She explained it as, "I feel like Cinderella: cook, clean, suffer. You know, all the bad things, but now I'm a princess. I do what I want."

She gave me the perfectly white apple and I took a bite. "It's really good. Thank you, Eomeonim."

"You're such a good and nice girl. You make us happy. Dylan dated dumb girls before but he wants a family now so he found a perfect little lady." She smiled and turned to season some pork for dinner.

"Dumb girls?" My curiosity was peaked. I'd never thought of Dylan's life outside of work. He was out of my league in my head. Sure, I'd bought some gifts obviously meant for women but I never put much thought into it.

She nodded. "Dumb girls don't notice. Makes sense right?"

"It does." He was working today and I wondered about the girls before me.

She scooped up the meat into a bag and sealed it. "That can season while we're out. Go get pretty; I'm going to call my driver so I can have lunch with Crystal and shop. You and Dylan have lunch together. You used to be his secretary so you know how to do things if something comes up right?"

I nodded. "Yes mamn." Crystal was the woman that she'd had Dylan hire. She was a lovely older black woman who still seemed nervous in situations but had a kind soul.

Heading upstairs, I carried my apple with me as I headed to dress up. I tried to think as Dylan would. He wouldn't be able to resist sexual advances in the first place we'd had sex so it needed to be easy access. Still, it had to be loose to please his mother and Korean tradition. I chose a teal trapeze style chiffon dress that stopped at my knees. I put on nude (my color of nude) thigh-highs and sparkling heels.

I carefully did my makeup and hair. It made me a little doll-like and could smear but I couldn't resist the joy I'd get when I'd have to wipe Barbie pink lipstick off of his mouth. I did one last twirl in the mirror. I'd like to see him try and resist this.

The coup de grace was the pastel lingerie I wore underneath. It consisted of a peach thong and half bra, safely hidden under the layers of chiffon. I couldn't understand it but I wanted to be like cake for him: sweet, soft, and moist.

I headed down the stairs with a little bounce in my step. Cindy was already dressed and clapped her hands at my entrance. "That's exactly what I hoped for! Come on!"

We headed outside where the driver was waiting. He opened the door for us and I let her go first then I slipped in beside her. She had the driver turn on the radio and began to sing the lyrics off key to 80's R&B. I found her so amazing. I sang along with her the whole way.

The driver pulled into the parking garage under the building and helped us both out before driving off to park. We headed into the building and went straight for the elevators. Walking with her made me feel like we owned the place. I saw a lot of her in Dylan.

When we left the elevator and entered the double doors of the office, Crystal was typing at my old desk and my husband was sitting at the bistro with his tablet in front of his face, likely reading. Their eyes lifted and it was as if the world stopped. Cindy moved in front of me.

"Dylan..." He voice was sweet and playful and carried a bit of an accent from her homeland. "I've come all this way to see Crystal and take her shopping. You should give her the day off."

His eyes were locked on me. He raised an eyebrow in my direction but I just shrugged. He nodded somewhat. "As you want Mo Chin."

"And you should give her tomorrow off as well, paid. Make it a three day weekend. We should go to the spa."

I wasn't sure if being told what to do was something that Dylan enjoyed. His jaw tightened and he adjusted in his seat. "Mo Chin..."

"We can take Prissy with us today then," She turned and grabbed my wrist, heading back toward the door and the elevator. Crystal had already started packing up her stuff since her day was done.

Dylan stood in a rush of Armani suit and shook his head. "Fine. Tomorrow, paid. A three day weekend is fine."

"You're such a good son. I'm leaving Prissy here to have lunch with you. She shouldn't be on her feet all day anyway. Come on Crystal." Cindy smiled and waited for Crystal, they high fived when close enough. As she was leaving, she tapped my shoulder and said at a level only I could here. "This is a lesson. If the baby is like him, you have to be willing to play games to get what you want, even if it's for him. Have a nice lunch; I'll see you two at home."

The two older women left humming El Debarge and I was left staring down a frustrated Dylan. He sighed and set down his tablet, walking up to me and stopping just short of running me over. We were nearly toe to toe and I had to look up into his eye or be stuck staring at his neck.

"I was just used as a bargaining chip, wasn't I?"

"Yes you were." His chest expanded the vest of the suit, making the buttons gleam as the light flowed over them in their movement.

They distracted me for a moment before my eyes shifted back up to his. "You don't like losing do you?"

"Never." His voice was like a blade but not high like steel. It was something dense and dark like carbon.

"Well, this isn't a loss. It's an exchange. I think it's a fair one, maybe even in your favor." I reached back and unzipped the dress. Thankfully the zipper was long or else all of this sexy talk would've been for naught as I tried to pull all of this fabric over my head. Thankfully it pooled around my feet with a little shimmy here and there. "Don't I look like a prize to you?"

He stepped back and let his eyes scan down my body. The green darkened with desire and I gasped and giggled as I was scooped off of my feet. "It was extremely in my favor. Are you my lunch, because I promise to eat you alive Pristine, every inch of this body."

I laughed and held to him, watching as we left for his office with the pool of teal chiffon lying in our absence. He sat me down on that ridiculously expensive sofa. Thankfully it was a buttery leather so I didn't have to worry about hard to explain stains.

He took a moment to sit back and stare at me, cocking his head to the side and licking his lips before shaking his head as his body shook with chuckles. "Prissy... Prissy... Prissy... you look so damn tasty."

It was the best compliment from the most gorgeous man I'd ever known. I hooked my thumbs into the sides of my thong and pulled it from me. The soft wet smack of the fabric leaving my soaked slit was met with a groan from my husband. I'd barely gotten them off of one foot before he eased me back and hooked his arms under my knees.

He didn't waste any time, latching onto the lips and letting his tongue run in torturous licks in between them. I gasped and cried out, fingers sinking into his lush hair as he continued. He was focused and direct with every strike of his tongue and every movement of his mouth. I wailed as he bit my clit and tugged backwards, eyes locked with mine as I came on his face.


My husband was in the zone now. He wanted my cream right from the source and shoved his tongue into the quivering and trembling walls mercilessly. The tip dragged along the sides until my pleasure boiled over into another climax. As I howled, I knew that my grip on his hair was going to give him good headache.

He pulled back only to pepper kisses over my slip. "My sweet Georgia Peach, who told you to be this yummy?"

"Oh my goodness, hush Dylan!" I flustered with arousal and embarrassment.

"Let me put my mouth to work then." He scooped me further forward and leaned my legs back, careful of our bundle.

"Oh mah Lord!" I gasped and froze as his tongue made a slow tickle around my bud then lifted up and across it. The sound I made next was more a mix of a groan and a grunt as his tongue flicked and pressed lewdly at me.

I released his hair to grip and smack at the leather sofa as I languished under his treatment. His tongue would bury itself and twist left to right before sliding out and tracing around clockwise then counterclockwise and then back in. Then he'd change it up and change it back. He kept me on my toes; there was no pattern I could really hold on to.

My body convulsed as I came again, eyes rolling back and nails digging into the leather. And once again, he wasn't satisfied until my pleasure came in pairs. He wrapped an arm around and began ruthlessly fluttering my clit with pinches as he buried his tongue deep, shaking his head side to side. I climaxed with a loud, chest hurting sob as I rode the relentless waves of pleasure.

He gave me gentle suckles and kisses along my thighs until my body calmed down. "Next you're going to ride me but we'll get food first. Anything you're craving?" I looked at him as if he was insane and just relaxed my head back to continue trying to catch my breath. He chuckled and rubbed our growing child. "Let's get you something traditional, huh?"

I got to lounge naked until some Korean food was delivered. He fed me delicious lettuce wraps filled with pork and rice. I ate happily and sucked his fingers, making him groan and smile.

"Now that it's cool enough..." He grinned wickedly. He took the soup and pulled a noodle free before laying it across my stomach. I shuddered at the warmth then squealed as he ate it off of me.


"What? You don't like kalguksu?" He didn't stop until the bowl was empty.

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