tagIncest/TabooKeeping up with the Joneses Ch. 05

Keeping up with the Joneses Ch. 05


Author's note: The Jones family saga continues. There's some exhibitionism and hetero male butt-play at the beginning of this part - you have been warned. There's also plenty of the more standard taboo stuff later on. I hope people are enjoying this debauched tale as much as I like writing it. As always, constructive and/or positive feedback is what keeps me posting these naughty narratives. Thanks for the nice ratings and comments so far!


"Here we are," said Mia.

After a quick lunch at a small deli downtown, Mia had driven us over to the Mills, an upscale neighbourhood in the heart of town. Towering, ancient oak trees shaded rambling, red-brick Victorian mansions. Wrought iron gates and tall hedges and fences shielded lush gardens from the nearby urban bustle. As we pulled into one of the shaded driveways, I raised my eyebrow quizzically at Mia.

"Who's house is this?"

Mia flashed me a mischievous grin. "It's a shop. A friend of mine runs it."

My curiosity unsated, I climbed out of the car and followed Mrs Bragg up to the front door, where she rang the doorbell. We didn't have to wait long before the heavy, dark wooden door opened and we were greeted by a beautiful older woman with platinum blonde hair. She was wearing dark eyeliner and deep red lipstick that accentuated her aristocratic features well, but it was the red and black underbust corset that left her ample bosom exposed that captured my attention. A small cross of black tape barely concealed each of her nipples. I couldn't stop myself from staring.

"Mia! How good it is to see you!" exclaimed the lingerie clad woman, her accent distinctly francophone.

"Hi Elise," said Mia as the two embraced.

"And who is this handsome young man?" said Mia's friend once they'd separated.

I offered my hand as Mia introduced us. "This is my friend Alex - Alex, this is Madame Blanchard."

"Pleased to meet you, ma'am," I said, somehow meeting her friendly gaze as she delicately shook my hand.

"So polite! Please, call me Elise," said Madame Blanchard, smiling. "I like him, Mia. But I am sure you are not here to chat! Please, follow me - I have your delivery in the store."

Bewildered and aroused, I followed as Elise led Mia and me inside, my eyes travelling up the French woman's body, from her black stilettos, along her long, stocking clad legs to her rounded ass and the salacious thong she was sporting. I was so distracted that when Mia reached down to deliver a pinch to my butt, I almost yelped.

"Told you'd like it," she murmured.

The lobby of the mansion was elegantly decorated with dark wooden furniture and a luxurious red carpet. A large, ornate staircase dominated the hall we entered but Elise led us through a door to one side of the opulent foyer into another handsomely furnished room. Instead of ornate antiques and suits of armour, which would not have been out of place, the tables and counters in the large room were covered with various sex toys and scandalous articles of clothing. A few mannequins displayed picked selections of the raunchy garments and I couldn't help but notice the far end of the room had been given over to a selection of bondage toys, clothing and furniture including a few standing stocks and pillories.

Elise stopped before a counter that ran the length of the wall opposite the door through which we had entered. A cash register sat on one end of the oaken surface. Next to it was a large, open cardboard box.

"Let's take this back to fitting room," said Elise, picking the box up and leading us back through the shop to a door at the far end of the room. "Will Alex be joining us?"

Mia smiled at me and raised her eyebrows.

"Uh, sure," I mumbled, following the two women into a slightly smaller room, lined with mirrors and furnished with a few comfortable chairs and loveseats.

Madame Blanchard put the box down on a small table and retrieved a shiny black bodice from it. "Why don't we start with this, dear."

Still feeling rather befuddled, I sat down on a nearby loveseat and watched as Mia unabashedly lifted her dress up over her head. Seeing as she had decided to forgo wearing a bra that day, the undressing process did not take much time. Elise handed her the pvc bodice and took Mia's dress off her hands and hung it up on a clothing rack that stood nearby. As Mrs Bragg examined the bodice, Elise sat down next to me.

"I hope it is a good fit," said the blonde woman.

With the lingerie clad store keep sitting right next to me and Mia's toned, brown body on display before me, a warm flush of arousal to pulsed through my body. Thoroughly enjoying my current predicament, my cock began to steadily inflate with desire. I watched, mouth growing dry, as Mia squeezed her voluptuous form into the tight black top.

"It feels a little tight..." said Mia as she donned the skin tight bodice.

"Dear, it is a bodice, it is meant to be tight!" proclaimed Elise. "Can you still breathe alright?"

Mia took a few deep breaths, her confined tits heaving. "Yeah, I can breath ok."

"Good. Can you bend over?"

I watched as Mia bent over. Her breasts looked like they were struggling to escape the garment's tight grasp. Her cleavage looked eminently fuckable, squeezed together and presented as it was. My shaft throbbed hungrily.

"Uh huh," replied Mia, straightening her posture.

"Excellent!" announced Madame Blanchard. "Do you feel sexy?"

Mia bit her lip and flashed a coy look at me. "I dunno. Alex, do I look sexy?"

I swallowed. "You look amazing," I stated. It was the simple truth.

I felt Elise's hand on my thigh and wondered if she could feel the searing heat radiating through my shorts from my raging erection. I turned to meet the French woman's gaze. "You are not just being polite, yes?" she asked. "It is very important."

"Yes ma'am," I stammered. "I mean, no I'm not being polite, um, I mean, yes, she looks sexy!"

Elise laughed. "I think he likes it."

"This one might be too easy to please," said Mia, chuckling along with her friend at my hapless state.

The box apparently held quite a few items and I lost track of time as Mia and Elise went through them, making sure each one fit properly. By the time Mrs Bragg had tried the last one, my balls ached with need and I was hungrily looking forward to relieving the pent up tension. Nevertheless, I felt a small pang of disappointment as the show came to an end and Mia put her dress back on.

"Want anything for yourself?" Mia suddenly asked me as Elise led us back to the counter.

The question caught me by surprise. "Uh, I don't know. I've never tried anything like this stuff."

Madame Blanchard turned to look at me, a light dancing in her eyes. "Ooh! A first time!"

"Go on, pick something," said Mia, grinning. "My treat for being so helpful."

"I, uh, wouldn't know where to begin," I stammered lamely, looking around at the cornucopia of toys and clothes on display.

"Back to the fitting room!" announced Elise. "You must find your inner sexual creature!"

"Err..." I mumbled uselessly as Mia ushered me back into the room we had just left.

"Will you be needing my help?" queried the French shop owner as she opened the door for us once more.

"Do you want her in there with us?" asked Mia.

My mind raced and the memory of being naked and on display at Cat's photoshoot drifted to the surface. A strange, excited spark fluttered in my stomach, flaring rapidly until it all but drowned out my apprehension. "Uh, sure," I murmured. "That's ok."

Elise smiled reassuringly at me as she followed us into the fitting room and shut the door. I assumed the position near the small table Mia had so recently vacated while Elise came to stand beside me and Mrs Bragg sat down on the loveseat.

"Alright Alex, please undress," said Elise calmly.

Trying, and probably failing horrendously, to hide my nervousness, I took off my shoes before peeling off my shirt and undoing my shorts. Feeling like a lab specimen, I lowered my shorts to the floor. My turgid cock tented my boxers obscenely, but neither woman said anything - while Madame Blanchard helpfully took my clothes and placed them on the table, Mia simply smiled warmly at me and gave me an encouraging nod.

"Um, all the way?" I asked.

"Yes, please. I must see all of you for a proper fitting," said Elise. "There is no judgement here."

With a mouth stuffed full of cotton wool, I took off my boxers and placed them in Elise's offered hand. My bloated tool throbbed happily, finally free from its confines and proudly on display before the two beautiful women. I saw Mia lick her lips slowly and my ears managed to siphon enough blood from my groaning erection to flush with embarrassment while Elise stepped back and walked around me slowly, giving my nude form a calculating once over.

"Fantastique," she finally proclaimed. "You are excited by being on display like this, no? This is good. May I touch?"

I could only manage a nod.

The beautiful French woman reached out to tentatively touch my engorged penis. Her fingers felt deliciously cool as the caressed the length of my distended member. When she wrapped her hand around the throbbing organ it joyously squeezed a glistening clear bead of pre-cum from its cumslit. The examination only got more pleasurable as Madame Blanchard used her other hand to reach beneath the swollen slab of meat to gently cup my balls. She hefted them in her palm a few times.

"You have a marvellous penis, Alex," she remarked casually as she explored my hot column of cock flesh. "I shall be right back with some options."

"Looks like you're having fun," said Mia once Elise had left the room.

I gave her a mock grimace. "This is real torture."

With a cheeky smile, Mia quickly got off the small couch and walked over to me. "If it's a bit of torture you want, Elise's got some fairly kinky stuff out there."

"Uh, let's stay vanilla at the moment," I laughed. "This is plenty crazy as it isss..."

My words trailed off as Mia reached out to give my aching shaft a few practiced tugs. My blissed out member pulsed with pleasure under her touch. While she worked my cock, the gorgeous woman pressed herself against my side and leaned in to gently bite my earlobe.

"This is making me really hot," she whispered. "You would not believe how wet my pussy is for you right now."

I was about to respond when the door opened once more and Elise returned. Paying us no mind, the blonde placed a few boxes on the table. Mia gave my shaft a few more casual tugs and then stepped back.

"Alright," said Madame Blanchard, once Mia had released my throbbing erection. She held up a box that contained a shiny black cockring. "Have you ever tried one of these?"

"Uh, no ma'am."

"You will find it prolongs the pleasure of sex and makes your orgasm more intense," she explained. "Are you interested?"

I could only nod.

"Excellent. Based on your size, I think this is the best for a novice such as yourself, but we also have more advanced models that can vibrate and have a ring for your balls."

"Um, let's just try the standard one for now," I said, her frank tone and forthright explanations causing my arousal to intensify exponentially. My over-excited member throbbed happily, striving to grow to even more ridiculous proportions as it attempted to show off for the two women.

"Very well," said Elise as she removed the silicone ring from its package. "Would you like me to put it on you?"

Mia had a huge grin on her face, clearly amused by my awkward position. Summoning what bravado I could, I nodded to Elise. "Sure, thanks."

Madame Blanchard smiled at me and stretched the ring before moving it down to the base of my cock and releasing it. The veins on my tumescent schlong stood out like iron rebar on my flushed skin and another heavy drop of pre-cum formed at the head of my excited member. The cockring felt tight but comfortable.

"How does that feel, Alex?" asked Elise, giving my trussed up penis a few tugs.

"That feels really good," I breathed.

"Superbe," she declared happily. "Now, have you ever had anal play?"

"Uh, not with myself," I gasped. Madame Blanchard had not released my cock yet, and was still gently massaging it.

"Some find prostate stimulation to be very exciting. I have a few good beginners toys here - would you like to try?"

Trying to maintain my composure as the bodice-clad storekeep worked my raging hard-on, I looked past her to see that Mia had sat down on the loveseat once more, spreading her legs so that her dress hiked up to her hips, and was blatantly massaging her cunt under her thong.

"Sure, I'll try it," I replied breathlessly, head swimming in a lusty daze.

"Very good," said Elise. The skilled saleswoman released my abused dick and turned to the table to retrieve a latex glove. With practiced ease, she donned the rubber article and applied a healthy dollop of lube to her fingers from a bottle she had brought.

"I will need you to bend over and place your hands on the table, please," she announced, turning to face me. She was holding an anal plug in her ungloved hand - it was much smaller than the one I had helped insert into Mrs Bragg's asshole, but seemed dauntingly large to my eyes. Biting my bottom lip in anticipation, I assumed the position.

"Okay, Alex, I need you to relax," soothed Elise.

Words were all well and good, but when I felt the coolness of her lubed up latex finger at my sphincter, I couldn't help but tense up, despite the flame of excitement burning inside me. Elise's finger gently circled my wrinkled ring of muscle, smearing it with lube, before I felt her gently push against my asshole.

"Relax, Alex," she urged, leaning against me, her tits pressing against my bare back. My cock throbbed in pleasure at the contact and I suddenly felt my sphincter give way before the French woman's probing digit.

"Good boy," she encouraged, pushing her finger into me up to the second knuckle. I tensed as I felt her gently pump her finger in and out of my asshole. "Mia, I think he needs some help staying relaxed - would you, please?"

I looked to the side to see Mia get up off the couch and saunter over to me, smiling seductively. With her eyes twinkling, she dropped to the ground and crawled between me and the table. I groaned loudly as I felt her warm, wet mouth engulf my urgently aroused fuckstick. At the same time as my cock was devoured by Mrs Bragg's wonderful orifice, Elise slipped another finger into my asshole. I barely noticed.

The sensations were mind-blowing. Mia slathered spit over my turgid member as she sucked it, running her tongue tantalizingly along the engorged flesh from the cockring at its base to the swollen, sensitive tip. Behind me, Elise steadily worked my ass with her fingers, the new, strange sensation eliciting a perverse thrill within me. My hips bucked involuntarily.

"Uh, you're, uh, gonna make me cum," I groaned helplessly.

At my strained utterance, Mrs Bragg stopped sliding her lips up and down my shaft and climbed out from under me, leaving my steel hard erection bobbing beneath me, coated with her spit. Elise, too, ceased her ministrations, and I felt strangely empty as she removed her fingers from my ass. The empty sensation did not last long - a moment later I felt the blunt pressure of the anal plug against my loosened sphincter.

"Okay, dear, this will feel intense," warned Madame Blanchard. "You may find yourself cumming. That is perfectly normal."

I could only nod dumbly, but Mia interjected quickly - "Do you mind if we...?"

"Of course I do not mind!" replied Elise. "Please, enjoy yourselves!"

I was about to ask what was going on when Mia clarified by hurriedly stripping off her dress and thong before getting down on her hands and knees beside me, presenting her pussy. I looked over my shoulder at Elise, who gave me a bright smile and a nod.

"You will like this, I think!" she said.

My mind reeled at what was happening. I was about to mount Mrs Bragg while a woman I'd only just met put my first butt plug in me. My single-minded dick was willing to take over in my moment of astonishment, however, and a moment later I found myself kneeling behind Mia, slowly feeding my lusty fuck-meat into the velvety, warm, wet embrace of her pussy.

"That is good, but you must pick yourself up and lean forward," directed Elise as she observed our coupling. "Bend over her, please."

Keeping my dick inside Mia's wonderful cunt, I picked myself up to my feet so that I was squatting over Mrs Bragg's upraised haunches. I then leaned forward, placing my hands on the ground beside hers, my stomach against her asscheeks and my chest pressed to her back, until I was mounting her like a dog with my own ass in the air.

"Like this?" I asked, looking back at Elise. Part of my brain was letting me know I should have been embarrassed to be watched while I was fucking Mia, but those subconscious objections were smothered by an inferno of lust and excitement burning within me. Being casually observed while committing such a debauched act appealed to a carnal, base instinct inside me that I didn't know I had and I pumped my hips even as I looked back at Elise.

"Very good, Alex," commended the blonde woman as she watched me mate with Mrs Bragg. "Fuck her slowly now and I will insert the plug."

I slowed my pace, gently pushing against the cushion of Mia's ample buttocks, pausing only briefly as I felt the tip of Elise's anal plug against my lubed asshole. Making good use of my steady, slow thrusting movements, Elise gradually eased the silicone toy into my butt. I'd never felt anything like it - bigger than her fingers, my ass stretched to accommodate it until, with a tangible pop, the obscene object slid home to seat itself fully in my ass, nestling against my prostate. The result was immediate: my cock spasmed in Mia's pussy. Ropes of cum spurted from it to pour into the exquisite sheath it was entombed within. I could feel Mia clenching her twat around my ejaculating tool as I inseminated her, but everything else was lost in a haze of sublime pleasure. My orgasm seemed to go on forever. My hips bucked uncontrollably. I grunted and growled like a beast.

When the world swam back into focus, I was still bent over Mia's back, balls deep in her cunt. I picked myself up, running my hands along her back until I found her ass. Gripping her brown cheeks firmly, I looked down to see a sloppy mess of my seed oozing from around where my cock was stretching her pussy-lips. I could still feel the bulk of the buttplug in my ass and my shaft was evidently still engorged, seated snugly in Mrs Bragg's jizz-filled pussy.

"How was that, Alex?" said Madame Blanchard from behind me.

"That was amazing!" I groaned.

Elise smiled back at me. "Wonderful!" she exclaimed. "You are a very open, sexual person! It is good you are finding out more about yourself. Please, go ahead and finish up. I will get you some towels to clean yourselves up."

"Thanks Elise," said Mia as her friend got up and headed out the door.

"It is no problem!" called Elise. "My very great pleasure!"

"You feel like you're ready for another round," said Mia to me, pulling forward off me until only the tip of my cock remained in the grip of her cunt. The skin of my tool glisten with a salacious mixture of my jism and her pussy cream.

I grinned at her and eased my shaft back into her slick depths. "Mmm, I think I could manage another bout."

"Great," she announced. "I'm going to need you to make me cum then."

Elise returned to find us on the loveseat, Mia's legs wrapped around my waist, my hands squeezing her large brown breasts, fingers teasing her hard, dark nipples. The blonde shopkeep quietly waited for me to pump another sloppy deposit into Mrs Bragg's cunny before stepping over and handing us a couple of towels.

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