tagFetishKeeping up with the Neighbors Ch. 02

Keeping up with the Neighbors Ch. 02


A few days ago, my girlfriend, Nancy, convinced me to eat her pussy after I had cum in her.

Her friend, Marcy, had told Nancy, that her husband would eat her creampie after they had sex. Marcy told Nancy that it gave the her strongest orgasms of her life when he did it.

That same night, Nancy told me what Marcy had confided in her. I told her that it sounded pretty nasty to lick your own cum from your woman.

Nancy responded, "He loves her." She continued, "He knew she wanted it, and he couldn't deny her this fantasy."

Then Nancy asked me to please consider doing it for her. She told me how she couldn't get the thought of it out of her mind. She really wanted to feel what it was like.

I told her I understood, and after some consideration, I did it for Nancy. She went crazy, and I thought it was hot.

After that first time, while I still had our cum in my mouth, Nancy asked me, "Can I tell Marcy that you ate my creampie?"

I told Nancy, "Absolutely," and, "Thank Marcy for turning us on to this."

A couple of days later Nancy told me, "Marcy and I talked today." I know that they often discuss the intimate details of their sex lives.

I asked, "Did you tell her that I ate you out after I had cum in you?"

"Why do you think I would tell her that?" she giggled.

"Because you asked me if you could tell her, and because I think you girls brag a little." I continued, "I'd bet you even told Marcy that I lick your asshole sometimes."

Nancy looked at me sheepishly and said, "Yeah, I guess I did mention the you will lick my asshole."

Nancy then looked at me seriously and said, "She didn't believe me! She didn't believe you ate my pussy after you shot your cum in me."

"Really?" I said.

Nancy then said, "Marcy told me that men won't really do that."

I said, "But she told you Jeff does it for her."

"Marcy said she was just joking about it. She had read a story in Literotica, where a guy would eat his wife's creampie. After reading it, she started to fanaticize about it. She wanted Jeff to eat her after sex."

She told Nancy that she asked Jeff if he would do it. He laughed, and said "Never in a million years."

Nancy continued, I told Marcy, " Billy really did it for me. He even sucked my hole and stuck his tongue into me and sucked his cum out."

Marcy told Nancy, "I don't believe it. It sounds so hot, but I don't believe Billy would do that."

Nancy said, "He really did it! I went bananas and he kind of liked it."

"Well okay, if you say so, but I just can't see Billy doing something like that." said Marcy.

"Do you want to see him do it? Will that make you believe that he will eat my creampie?"

"Sure, but how are you going to get him to do it while I watch?" asked Marcy.

Nancy said that she told Marcy, "I'll video us!"

Nancy then told me, "I want to video us having sex. You have to eat my creampie on camera. That way Marcy will know I'm not a liar."

"Yeah, and she'll see that I'm a nasty cum sucker too." I protested. "I did it, and I'll do it any time you want. Shouldn't this be private? Do all your friends need to see me eat creampie?"

"You already told me that it was okay to tell Marcy." Why is it a problem now?"

"You make a good point, Babe. Okay, but just show Marcy. It would be embarrassing for Jeff to know I'll do what he won't." I said.

"I wouldn't count on that. She'll probably want to show the video to Jeff to get him to do it for her. You believed the story she told me. That was what got you to do it." Nancy replied.

"This is crazy, Hon. I love you, and a video will just show what we honestly did. If you don't mind Jeff and Marcy watching us naked, fucking and sucking, I guess I shouldn't either." I said reluctantly.

The next evening, after dinner, Nancy said, "I have the camera on the tripod up stairs. Are you ready for dessert?

"If you're sure you want to do this," I said.

"I'm sure." She said. "It'll be fun."

We went up to our bedroom and shed our clothing. When we were both naked, we kissed. Nancy started the video camera, smiled at me, and came back to the bed.

I quickly went to sucking her lovely breasts. She pushed my head lower and said, "Eat me, Billy. Eat my pussy!"

She then told me, "Let's make this quick. I really want Marcy to see you eat my pussy after you cum in me."

I got on her missionary style and slipped into her wet pussy. She kept telling me, "Fuck me! Cum in me so you can eat me again."

She felt so good. She was humping and grinding on my cock. It didn't take long and I shot my load into her wet pussy.

We relaxed for about a minute, then she said, "Eat my messy pussy, Billy."

She pushed my head down and I started licking her. Suddenly, she got up and readjusted the camera so her pussy would be clearly visible. A trace of my cum was leaking from her.

I then went back to licking and sucking her cum filled pussy. Her pussy smelled strongly of sex. I love that smell! She kept saying, "Suck it! Eat me! Clean my messy pussy! Make me cum!" I licked and sucked her. She started to moan. Her legs clamped hard around my head. She was humping my face while I was tongue fucking her. Then she came, squirted, and I had a mouthful of our stuff. I was a mess.

She looked down at me and said, "Smile for the camera!" Then she said, "Show what you got from me."

I opened my mouth and showed that my lips had stringy cum on them. I said, "I love you, Babe."

She readjusted the camera and lay back down on the bed. She spread her legs to show that her pussy was clean.

She got up and we viewed the video on our desk top computer. The video was HOT!

Nancy then said she was going to forward it to Marcy. I went into the bathroom to clean up.

When I came out of the bathroom Nancy said, "Now Marcy knows that some guys really will eat creampie from their women."

I just nodded.

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