tagHow ToKeeping Your Better Half Happy

Keeping Your Better Half Happy


Hey it is DirtyJoe again, and today I am going to tell you how not to piss your better half off or if you do the recommended things the opposite way, how to piss off your better half! Now I am not saying to take my advice to heart, it is more like therapy for me. Lately my woman has been getting pretty upset with me and I am trying to learn how to make that NOT happen! I find if I write things down they tend to stick in my memory better.

So let's see what pisses women off shall we? Well I know for a fact cheating is not the brightest idea. Not only will she be angry, it will also cause a lot of hurt feelings. So to top the list........DON"T CHEAT!

I think number two on the list is never talk bad about your spouse. In private, with friends, in front of her, it doesn't matter; even if you are just joking around she might think there is an underlying truth to your words. Take the old adage to heart; if you can't say something nice then don't say nothing at all! Actually just say nice things period. If you don't say anything at all you will start building walls between the two of you. So number two is......DON'T PUT THEM DOWN!

If you do fuck up for some stupid reason like you just weren't thinking then the next one on the list is extremely important; probably the most important one for me to learn. I am thick and selfish most of the time and forget this critical, critical point. I say critical twice because it is that important. Whether you think you are right or not; and believe me guys you might think your right but in the long run you ain't,....SAY YOU ARE SORRY!!! Apologize and mean it. Don't give them some half assed "sorry" but go over in your head what happened (write it down if you have to, like I am doing here!) and give her a heart felt apology. I am so bad at the last one. It is not that I don't care I am just plain stupid sometimes.

I think the fourth one is time! You have to give them time with you. If they are feeling lonely make sure you are there for them. An extra hour here and there can end up being the difference in a twenty or ten year marriage. Now this one is the is probably the most difficult for me to achieve. Since I am in the navy I can't always be around to give all my time. And when I am home I have a very addictive personality. Be it drinking, sex, reading, singing, or writing once I am locked into something and get a rush from it, I have a hard time of keeping it at a level where I am not consumed. Sometimes it is like they feed themselves. When I wrote my novel I would be at my computer for 14 hours a day. Everybody and everything seized to exist except for my thoughts and my keyboard. So if you are not giving enough time to your better half be it spouse/girlfriend/boyfriend/lover because you are caught up in other things switch it up so you become addicted to them. I am not saying stop completely just don't let it take over your life.

I could list hundreds of other things to do and not to do like; do not go to strip joints. Unless of course you are conforming to rule number four because your better half is a dancer and you just want to spend more time with them and you want to lend moral support. Another out for this one is if your better half is into strippers too. Then that becomes a together activity and that is a good thing. But why do so many guys think they really need to see some chick taking her fucking laundry off if they have one at home? I bet a lot of the ladies out there even the ones not the most comfortable with their bodies would gladly put on a striptease for their man if it meant them being home more often.

Another no, no is spending money on stupid items that don't involve her. If you are going to spend hard earned money at least waste it on the one you love. Flowers, cards or stuffed animal can be the perfect touch. Maybe a day at the spa for her, there is a hundy that couldn't be better spent! Your woman will get treated like a queen and it is the perfect opportunity for some "You" time as well.

Last but not least DON'T TAKE THEM FOR GRANTED!! If a woman thinks you are doing this then you are. So find out what it is they want and change accordingly!

So now for some tips:

-Leave little notes around the house expressing your love
-bring flowers home for no particular reason
-give her a body massage at least once a week
-once a month have a nice bubble bath with scented candles waiting for her
-clean something you don't normally clean
-take her somewhere nice at least once a month, and it doesn't have to cost a lot
-pick a hobby you both enjoy and do it together
-cook her a nice meal
-a nice bottle of her favorite perfume will go along way
-last but not least buy her something sexy and comfortable to make her feel sexy.

So guys take it for what it is worth. I just know I am going to start following my own advice because I love my woman too much to ever let my stupidity get in the way.

Yours truly DirtyJoe69

PS if you do try some of these things let me know how they worked for ya!

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