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Keeping your Marriage Exciting


There is a lovely movie that was made in the sixties called "The Seven Year Itch." The idea is that a couple will have a great marriage for the first seven years and then after that time the man will get an itch, an urge to stray from his marital vows. This movie was made in the sixties and assumed that women would do no such thing. Of course, now if the movie were remade, the wife would be equally likely to stray.

Married people cheat because they are not having their needs met. As a relationship develops, there are changes for both parties and some of those changes are for the good. Others have a negative impact on a marriage.

This article gives you suggestions on some ways of keeping your marriage exciting. If the marriage is exciting and the needs of both people are being met, there will not be the urge to stray. The itch will be scratched.

Go On Dates

Remember back to the first few months of your relationship. It was fun and exciting. Going out on dates was such a thrill. You might have gone on the typical dinner and a movie date where you chatted through dinner and then cuddled throughout the movie. You might have seen a scary movie so that the woman could cling onto the man or maybe you saw a romantic comedy that had the perfect balance of comedy for the man and romance for the woman. You might have gone on more adventurous dates such as white water rafting. Either way, the thrill and romance of dating was enjoyable.

Even though you are married going on dates can still be fun. Do something you normally did when you were dating. There is no need to go outside you comfort area. If you really want to have fun meet at the location as opposed to leaving from the house together. This truly enforces the idea of a special night.

If you can't go out for a date you can always have a date inside. Once the kids are asleep, turn the living room into a park and have a picnic. You can enjoy a quiet picnic without needing to leave the house. If you have an outside pool, you can pretend you're in the Caribbean. Something that allows you time alone with the person you love is the best way to reconnect.

Safeness of Sex

This is a very interesting topic that requires some explanation. The first thing is the idea that even though you have been married for years, sex is still an important part of your relationship. Sex has two purposes, recreational and procreation. Some religions fail to mention the former, but it is true. Sex is supposed to be fun and enjoyable. If it wasn't, no one would want to have sex and there would be no more humans on earth. Sex needs to be enjoyable and builds a close relationship with the one you love. The longer you go without sex, the less likely you are to have a close intimate relationship.

The stresses and risks that exist when you were dating no longer exist. In a married relationship, there is no risk of STD's. There is no worry of an accidental pregnancy. The enjoyment of sex can be the number one priority.

As a couple, you should be having sex regularly. Livening up your sex life can be as simple as doing it with the lights on. You can be more daring and go to a different location in the house or even go outside. Let's go back to the idea that you have an outdoor pool. Sex in the water is very arousing and if you do it at night, you have the added risk of being caught by the little old lady that lives next door.

Sex keeps your marriage exciting because it reinforces the intimacy that is the glue that holds your relationship together. Embrace the fact that you have married your true love and that you have unlimited sex for the rest of your lives.

Blast from the Past

No I don't mean that horrible movie with Brendan Fraser. This suggestion is based on the idea of revisiting your relationship in the beginning. My husband and I used to replay our first date every year on the anniversary of the day we first met. Of course, once we got jobs and had children that idea went out the window. Revisit the locations and activities that you participated in when you were dating. Going back to those places will renew the sense of excitement and allow you to remember the feelings you had when you were first dating. Remembering how you felt when you were first dating can help renew your love for one another.

In an ideal world this article would not need to be written. Of course, we do not live in an ideal world. We live in a world where the divorce rate is almost fifty percent in Canada and over that in the United States. Keeping your marriage exciting might reduce the chances of either party having a "seven year itch'.

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