tagErotic HorrorKeira Shadows, Vampire Hunter Ch. 01

Keira Shadows, Vampire Hunter Ch. 01


Keira Shadows found herself once again in a crowded vampire club, wearing a revealing outfit and flaunting herself as a stupid human who just "happened" upon the club. The walls of the bathroom pulsed along to the beats from the techno music that coursed through the club as she gave herself a once over in the mirror. Her long red hair fell in long layers just past her shoulders. Her green eyes were bright and big, lined heavily with eyeliner. Her thin body was deceiving to most, as everyone underestimated her strength, which was helpful when hunting for rogue vampires. Keira's 32 D cup breasts were just about bursting out of a tight black corset that was barely being held together with red ribbon. In fact, this particular corset did not close all the way, leaving a bare strip of flesh down between her breasts and stomach. Her skirt was one of those frilly black and blue tutus, and she wore nothing underneath, leaving everything exposed if you looked just right. Her long legs were bare until just above the knees where leather boots started, ending in a high stiletto. Her forearms were covered in black opera gloves to her elbows, and just inside her wrists were invisible slits in the fabric where her most powerful stakes were. One strong squeeze of either fist and a stake would extend with enough force to crack a breast plate, then retreat in mere seconds. She was as ready as she was ever going to be. Flipping her hair over her shoulder, she brushed past a female vamp who slapped her ass on the way by.

"Come find me later, honey." The vamp purred. Keira turned giving her a smile.

"Maybe another night, I'm here with someone."

Back at the bar, Keira started surveying the crowd. Everything seemed normal. Humans danced around in revealing (okay, more than revealing) outfits, grinding unknowingly on vampires who hoped that at some point in the night that the human would allow them to feed off of them. The system in place worked well...usually. The vampires stayed in line, meaning they didn't just kill every human they happened upon, and they got consent to feed off of a willing human without killing them. But as with many rules, there are those who break them.

Keira grabbed a drink from the bartender, who flashed his fangs at her as he poured her a vodka soda, and downed it in one gulp. Time to find her mark. Seductively she swayed out onto the dance floor, raising her arms above her head and glanced around for her vamp. Her gaze fell on a male sitting towards the back on a bar stool, eyeing her up. His hair was bleached platinum blonde. Many piercings covered his eyes, nose, eyebrows and lips, and he wore dark jeans and a dark shirt. Twirling in a circle, Keira carefully studied his face for a moment, and it was definitely her mark. She locked eyes with him and swayed her hips seductively and ran her hands over her breasts that were pretty much spilling out of her corset at this point.

The young vamp smiled back at her, his teeth stained with blood. He probably raped and drank some poor girl already, as was his M.O. Usually the organization she worked for did not kill vampires for feeding or sometimes killing a human. Only when it became a regular occurrence. This particular vampire liked his girls innocent virgins, and used faked ids to get into the clubs. Keira knew that she had caught him, and just needed him to come to her now.

Kiera made her way to the middle of the dance floor, holding her targets gaze, and dancing in seductive circles. Grabbing a random vampire that was close by, she kissed him, and then danced by herself. Raising her arms over her head, she moved her body to the beat of the music. Just as she had planned, the vamp she had kissed gently grabbed her hips. She turned to face him, circling her arms around his neck. He smiled back, running his hands up her thigh and onto her hips, pushing up her skirt showing her ass to the entire crowd including her mark. A second later, a gravel voice sounded behind her and another body grinding against her ass.

"You're dancing with my concubine." The voice said. The vampire Keira was originally dancing with turned and left without a word. Pretending to be put out, she turned towards the gravel voice and came face to face with her mark.

"I am not your concubine." Keira yelled over the music. Her mark grinned wrapping his arms around her waist.

"Yet, you mean." Keira looked up into his eyes and then smiled seductively.

"Hi." She whispered.

"Hi." He whispered back, but she heard him clear as day. Keira tilted her head, exposing the soft spot on her neck. The vamp's eyes caught her movement and he licked his blood stained teeth. Pulling her closer, he ran his hands down the small of her back, over her ass, and dipped his fingers lower rubbing her pussy. Keira hid a grimace, and faked a moan.

"Come with me." Her mark ordered, pulled her roughly towards the back of the club. There were quite a lot of vampires coupled with humans in the back, all in different phases of feeding or sex. Many were half clothed and completely oblivious to any of their surroundings. Perfect. The vampire pulled Keira to an empty cushion and he sat down. "Come here," he ordered, patting his lap as he unzipped his jeans, and pulled out his dick. Keira pulled her best innocent face and looked around uneasily.

"Here? I don't know..." She let her voice trail off. The vampire, who was now rubbing his dick, changed his expression from lustful to angry very quickly. With great speed, he grabbed Keira and pulled her closer and then shoved her down to her knees, which banged painfully on the cement floor. Before she could put up any kind of protest, the vampire forced her face into his lap. Unwillingly, Keira opened her mouth and the vampire slammed his dick painfully into it. Going with the motion, she flicked her tongue against his tip as he thrust harder and faster into her mouth. She whimpered, trying to pull away, but he kept her dead down as he fucked her mouth. After a few moments, he pulled her up to stand in front of him. He held up his hand menacingly, his long nails flashing in the club lights.

Keira made a mental note to watch out for those. The vampire smiled and ran his nail down the front of Keira's corset, cutting her skin in the process. The blood trickled down her stomach as he went, and he growled, ripping the corset and letting her tits spring free. The vampire leaned forward, running his tongue up the cut and licking the blood from her skin while his hands painfully pinched and pulled her nipples. Suddenly, searing hot pain pierced Keira's cleavage as the vampire bit hard into her skin. Blood poured out of the wound, and Keira had to fight the urge to start throwing punches at the creep. She didn't want to blow her cover. The organization was keen on secrecy.

Suddenly, without any warning, the vampire grabbed Keira's hips and slammed her down onto his dick. She gasped in pain, and tried to climb off of him, but the vampire held her tightly and started pumping himself into her. Wincing through the pain, Keira stopped struggling and placed her hands on his chest, one right over his non-beating heart, to steady herself as he mercilessly moved in and out of her. He groaned through his teeth, moving his hands up to knead her tits and pinch her nipples roughly, causing her to gasp and wince in pain. Vampires never let the humans have any fun. Keira's body was flexing around the vampire's, causing very small waves of pleasure to run through her body, but at this rate, that's all it would ever be. Just because she was working didn't mean she couldn't have some fun too, right? Keira leaned down and kissed and nipped at the vampire's shoulder and then she nibbled his ear. "Slow down, let me." She whispered.

The vampire grabbed her hair pulling her back, but slowed down his movements. Smiling, Keira rolled her circled her hips, and then rolled them, causing the vampire to buck underneath of her. Keira felt herself becoming wet, allowing him to move easier inside of her. Using her legs, Keira bounced up and down on his dick, letting him deep inside of her. The vampire moaned and continued to roll her nipple between his fingers, while his other hand traveled down between them. Using his thumb, he used her juices to rub and circle her clit. Keira moaned, moving fast, and he rubbed her clit, matching her pace. She felt herself coming close, but she couldn't quite get there. Suddenly, the vampire pinched her clit, and her orgasm hit. She moaned loudly, and the vamp rolled her clit between his fingers sending her into multiple orgasms. Suddenly he grabbed her hips, and using his speed and strength, pistoned himself in and out of her pussy, causing orgasm after orgasm to spasm through Keira's body.

The vampire breathed hard - not that he needed to, as he neared his own end. Keira felt his body stiffen as another orgasm caused her to almost scream, and she clenched her fist over his chest, piercing his heart as his seed flooded into her. Un-clenching her fist, the stake retreated back, and Keira leaned forward, kissing the dead vampire's cheek, leaving a perfect red lipstick kiss. It was her trademark. The vampires would know why this vampire was killed and by who. Carefully, Keira lifted herself off of the vampire's dick, her legs shaky, and tied up what was left of the corset around her. Fixing her skirt, she headed out of the club and back to the headquarters of the organization.

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