tagErotic HorrorKeira Shadows, Vampire Hunter Ch. 02

Keira Shadows, Vampire Hunter Ch. 02


Keira Shadows grasped the iron handles of the organization's door, pulling hard, and was greeted by loud creaking and groaning as the door slowly swung open. She strolled inside and up to the desk, where Heather the receptionist sat filing her long blue nails.

"Did you get him, tiger?" Heather asked, not bothering to look up at her. Keira sighed shrugging off her leather trench coat, revealing her ripped corset tied around her, and tossed the coat on Heather's desk.

"As always." She replied, stretching out her arms. "Any messages?"

"None, nada, zilch- whoa." Keira turned, and Heather was looking her up and down.

"Did you fuck him?" She purred. "You did, didn't you? I can smell his seed on you." She ran her tongue over her fangs, and then licked her lips.

"I didn't really have much of a choice." Keira replied.

"I'm sure you did, pet." A voice echoed through the large foyer. Keira turned and watched Kaleb slink towards her. Keira rolled her eyes at him. She didn't want to admit it, but Kaleb was a very attractive vampire. He was tall, with long blonde hair, icy blue eyes, an amazing body, and from what she heard...well endowed.

"Excuse, me?" Keira placed a hand on her hip. Kaleb smiled, touching her shoulder, tracing her collar bone for a minutes, before she jerked away.

"You love being fucked by vampires. Admit it, slut." Keira scoffed at him.

"All you vampires do is take. What is there to be enjoyed?" She countered. Kaleb's hands were now on her hips as he rubbed up against her. She could feel his erection pressing on her stomach.

"I could change your mind, darling." Without a warning, Kaleb mashed his mouth against hers, his fangs piercing her lower lip. Before she could stop herself, Keira pushed him back and landed a hard punch to his lower jaw. Kaleb's head snapped to the side, and Heather gasped behind her. Slowly, Kaleb returned his head to its normal position and bared his teeth, stained with Keira's blood. "You're going to regret that, pet." Kaleb's arm snapped forward, grabbing a fistful of Keira's hair and slammed her on the desk, face first.

"What's going on here?!" An authoritative voice made everything come to an abrupt halt. Kaleb immediately let go of Keira allowing her to stand up.

"Nothing going on here, sir." Kaleb replied, a sneer on his face. Keira looked up seeing Matthew, their superior, standing in the doorway, his eyes searching Keira's face.

"Nothing." She mumbled.

"That's what I thought." While she could get away, Keira ran up the stairs and locked herself in her room, in desperate need of a shower.


Cleaned and dressed in leggings, and a black tank top, Keira found herself up on the roof gardens, sitting on the railing and twirling her stake delicately between her fingers looking out across the city. The stone she sat on was cold, and caused a shiver to ease its way up her spine.

"Keira?" A deep voice echoed off of the stone walls that surrounded the garden. She jerked her head up and looked at the man walking towards her. Though technically speaking, he was not a man, but a vampire. One of the hire guards who worked directly with the head of the organization. His name was Gavin. She had seen him around the organization and talked to him a few times, but this was the first time she had been alone with him.

"What's up, Gavin?" Keira asked turning towards him. Gavin towered over her at 6'5", forcing her to look up at him as he stood in front of her. He work a dark t-shirt that seemed to strain over his muscles, with matching dark jeans, and his black, shaggy hair fell into his green eyes. He was one of the few vampires who didn't constantly try to rip off her clothes.

Humans didn't generally know of the organization or vampires. The vampires were, for the most part, just like humans - considering they used to be human. They could walk in sun light, contrary to popular belief. They just preferred the dark. Crosses and other religious paraphernalia had no effect, and neither did wooden stakes, only blessed metal. They also had an insatiable amount of lust. Oh and of course, they lived off blood.

"What are you doing up here?" Gavin asked. His voice was deep and seductive without him ever meaning it to be, like liquid velvet.

"Oh, I usually come up here after I return from tracking down a mark." Keira answered. Her eyes lowered and she stared at the floor, unsure of what to say. She never had a full conversation with Gavin before. After a moment, he cleared his throat.

"Is everything okay?" She nodded in response.

"Just tired." Keira had been in the organization for 5 years now, since she turned 18. She was the only human who worked for her employer. They preferred vampires to hunt vampires, but of course...humans lured vampires much better. So, she was the only human constantly surrounded by hungry, lustful vampires, and she was expected to do everything and anything asked of her by these vampires. They kept her very busy.

Without thinking, she ran her fingers over the light bite marks that littered her forearms. Gavin caught the motion and touched one of the scars, his fingers cool.

"Been riding you rough lately?" He was asking a serious question, but as Keira looked up at him she saw a mischievous smile played on his enticing lips. Keira had never been with Gavin, though he had always hinted at it. Thankfully, he didn't force himself on her like the others. Even the female vampires just took her when they wanted.

"You could say that. A little consent would be nice." Gavin chuckled.

"You know younger vampires. They just take, take, take."

"Sadly, our organization is all younger vampires now."

"They are stronger." Keira nodded again, noting how close to her Gavin was. They were almost touching.

"Maybe Kaleb was right. Maybe a human has no place here." She thought of the punch she landed on him, and knew that she would pay for that as soon as Kaleb found the right moment.

"You are one of the best hunters. Plus, a lot of us vamps would miss you."

"You mean miss my pussy." Keira said incredulously. Gavin laughed again.

"That as well."

"Well, I probably wouldn't miss it." Keira turned looked out to the city.

"Oh?" She turned back, looking at Gavin.

"You vampires are quite selfish when it comes to sex." She smiled.

"Ha! The younger ones are. The older ones, not so much." Gavin explained, as Keira stood up, her tits brushing against his chest.

"I wouldn't know." She replied and started walking towards the door, but found Gavin's arms at her waist. Keira mentally sighed. So much for older vampires not just taking what they wanted.

"Maybe, you just haven't been with the right one." Gavin's words brushed across her skin, sending a pleasant shiver down her spine. He kissed her shoulder gently, then her neck, grazing his teeth over her skin, but not piercing. Keira closed her eyes as Gavin ran his tongue over her outer ear, then sucked on her ear lobe causing a slow ache in her stomach.

"Maybe." Keira panted. Gavin's hands massaged her waist and he sucked at her neck, but made no move to take it further.

"I want you, Keira. But, I won't unless you say yes." His lips we gentle, nipping at her shoulder, his fingers trailing on her waist. What the hell, she thought.

"Yes..." She sighed.

Gavin's hands moved from her waist up to her sides, peeling off her tank top. The cold air caressed Keira's skin, causing her nipples to harden. His erection pressed into her back, as his hands found their way to her tits. He kneaded them softly, then cupped them, his thumbs skimming over her nipples. Keira's legs started to shake a little as she turned to face him. Gavin pushed her back against the railing then leaned down, kissing her chest. His mouth found one of her nipples, kissing and nipping at it while his other hand continued to rub circles over the other one.

Keira moaned, leaning her head back. Gavin sucked on her sensitive nipple, taking it in his mouth, and flicking his tongue around it. She slipped a hand between them, rubbing his enormous erection through his jeans, causing him to growl into her skin. She then unsnapped his jeans and snaked her hand into his boxers, wrapping a hand around his dick, squeezing gently and slowly moving her hand up and down his shaft. His hand grabbed her tit a little roughly, pinching the nipple and pulling a bit, rolling it between his fingers as he gently bit and nibbled on the other nipple. Arching her back, Keira kept moving her hand on his dick, but then he stopped her, moving away from her.

"No, not until I make you cum." Gavin whispered. Before Keira could reply, Gavin ripped off the rest of her clothes, picked her up, and set her on the railing. He supported her body with one arm, and propped up her leg on the railing, leaving the other one to dangle, spreading her wide for his viewing.

She looked up at him and he smiled, kissing her hard, sucking on her lower lip as his hand found her pussy, spreading her wetness around and on her clit. Keira's hips jerked up to meet his hand, her breathing coming in gasps as Gavin's fingers danced around her clit. She moaned low into his lips, kissing him fiercely. Her body shook as her pleasure built in a slow wave. Gavin kissed her deeper, his tongue massaging hers as he slipped two fingers deep into her, rubbing her g-spot. He moved his fingers, pumping them in and out of Keira's dripping pussy. Just when she thought she couldn't take it any more, Gavin's thumb pressed into her clit, and rolled it up. Keira's body spasmed, and she moaned loudly into Gavin's lips as she came. He kissed her holding her tight letting her ride out her orgasm. When her body finally relaxed, she felt weak, leaning against Gavin. He laughed lightly, sucking on her bottom lip.

"I'm not done with you yet, Keira." He whispered. Still bracing her with his arm, Gavin pulled out his cock from his boxers, positioning it outside of her pussy, tracing her still sensitive clit. Then without warning, he thrusted deep inside of her. Keira gasped, instinctively wrapping her legs around his hips as he fucked her hard. She dragged her nails down Gavin's chest, down between them, and she rubbed circles over her clit as he pounded into her. Pleasure built quickly through her body as Gavin seemed to fill her completely, and her fingers rubbed over her clit at a quick pace. Both of their moans filled the night air. Gavin's pace seemed to pick up a little, his body starting to stiffen. "Fuck, Keira." He groaned, pulling her close. The sound of flesh on flesh was almost deafening, and Keira grabbed Gavin's hips, grinding her clit on his pubic bone. Gavin thrusted hard one last time and buried his cock to the hilt into her pussy as his seed flowed into her. There they stood for a long time, Keira's heart finally finding its normal rhythm again. Gavin kissed her, pulling out of her and setting her down on her feet.

"Thank you." Keira muttered into his lips grinning, and Gavin laughed as they both put their clothes back on. He shook his head.

"No, Keira. Thank you."

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