tagErotic HorrorKeira Shadows, Vampire Hunter Ch. 04

Keira Shadows, Vampire Hunter Ch. 04


Keira's mind floated somewhere between a dream and consciousness. Gavin's face appeared before her, beckoning her, but the closer she tried to get to him, the further he seemed to be.

"Gavin." She whispered.

A harsh laugh snapped her mind back to reality. Keira's eyes popped open, but the blinding light made her close them again.

"So you know my brother? That means you work for the organization." Keira tried to move her arms, but she found they were tied above her head. Testing her legs, she found them tied as well. Groaning, she opened her eyes again, and looked around.

Theon was walking around her, a smile on his lips, like a cat who caught a mouse and just couldn't wait to play with it.

"You attacked me." Keira's voice was weak, almost a whisper. She turned her head to see that they were still in the same room. As she turned her head looking around, a stabbing pain emanated from her neck. "And you bit me, you undead son of a bitch."

"I knew that the organization would send someone after me, eventually," Theon explained ignoring her remarks, playing with a lock of her hair, "I just did not think that they would insult me by sending a human."

"Clearly, you underestimate me. Most vamps do. You all see a pair of tits accompanied by a beating heart, and you loose your fucking heads." Keira spat. Theon chuckled, standing where she could see him. "Laugh all you want, but I survived your attack, didn't I?"

"You survived because I wanted you to. I need you to listen to me." Keira cocked her eye brow at him, and looked down her body.

"If you just wanted me to listen then why am I naked?" She asked. Theon grinned, making her heart jump a little.

"I wanted something nice to look at." He replied making her blush.

"Okay, so what do you want?" Keira's arms ached and tingled from how they were stretched out. There was no way she could wiggle out of her restraints. They were too tight.

"I'm not the one who went rogue." Theon sat down on a counter top, and Keira stared at him.

"We have multiple reports placing you at every scene." Reports of someone who looks like you, she corrected in her mind.

"Do you?" He countered.

"You're trying to say that someone managed to convince every single witness at every scene that the vampire had your every feature?" Keira asked quizzically as she slowly twisted her wrists, trying to get her hands loose.

"Didn't have to convince anyone really. All this person would need is colored contacts. And you can stop, they will not come un-tied." Keira stopped moving.

"Wait. You're seriously suggesting that Gavin has been framing you?"

"Who else? He gets to fulfill his blood lust and not take any of the blame, and he's got that nice cushy job at the organization."

"He's one of the highest ranks. He wouldn't..." Keira trailed off mid-sentence. How well did she really know Gavin? Then again, how well did she know Theon?

"This is crazy. Do you expect me to believe this?"

"You will in time," Theon said as he got to his feet. Standing next to her, he leaned down so his face was close to hers. "I'm going to let you go." Keira studied his face for a moment.

"You're going to let me go?" She repeated. "Just like that?" Theon straightened back up.

"Well, yes. After I've had a little fun." He started walking around the room pulling out and plugging in machines all around her.

"Fun?" Keira didn't know what any of these machines were, and some of them looked down right alarming.

"Must you repeat everything I say?" Theon had returned to her side with two cylindrical devices with tubes attached. "Are you a parrot?" Keira eyed the device in his hands warily.

"No, I'm not a goddamn parrot," she spat, "I just want to know what you mean by fun." Theon placed each cylinder onto the tip of her tits, then walked out of Keira's sight.

"Don't worry, I promise that you will enjoy it as well. I would let you go, but you are just too tempting." Keira heard a click, and a machine whirring. Then, a strong tugging sensation started on her tits. She gasped, looking down and watched as her nipples and areolas pulled up into the cylinder, and then fell back down in two second intervals.

Keira bit her lip as her nipples slowly became erect and more sensitive.

"Do you like that?" Theon asked, his voice coming from somewhere behind her.

"No." Keira gasped, though she felt herself become wet. A delicious feeling was spreading from her stomach down between her thighs.

"Liar." He hissed. Theon reappeared at her side, running a hand down her stomach with a device that was similar to the ones on her tits, but much smaller.

"Oh, god." Keira sighed, closing her eyes and giving herself over to the pleasure. She just wished that she could feel Theon's hands on her. As if he had read her mind, Theon ran his hand flat against her lower stomach and down to her pubic bone. Using two fingers, he spread the lips of her pussy wide open, giving him a full view. A smile played on his lips as he set the device down and trained a finger down her sex.

"Wet already." He murmured. Keira didn't reply, only thrusted her hips up to meet his hand. Lazily, he circled his finger over her clit and circled around her opening, teasing her relentlessly. Her body shook and goosebumps rose on her skin as all of her nerves became more and more alert. At this point, Keira had lost all sense of time as she was so focused on the different sensations. Suddenly, a small weight pulled delicately on her clit. Looking down, she saw a thin wire coming from between her legs, and Theon was moving back behind her.

Another click sounded through the room and the suction on her tits moved at quicker intervals. A moment later, the same tugging sensation was on her clit.

"Fuck..." Keira groaned as her hips involuntarily bucked. Her heart beat quickened, and a thin sheen of sweat broke out over her skin. She could feel liquid pooling between her legs, but the gentle tugging on her clit was just enough to keep her at the edge of cumming, but not letting her fall over the edge. She thrashed and wriggled helplessly against her restraints trying to get relief.

"How are you feeling now?" Theon's voice was in her ear. He kissed her lips, tracing her lips with his tongue before gently sliding it between her lips. Keira sucked his tongue into her mouth, massaging it with her tongue as he removed one of the suction cups from her nipple, which had become enlarged and oversensitive. "Are you enjoying my toys?" He asked as he gently pinching her nipple. Keira moaned as her answer, it was the only thing she could do as he rolled her nipple between his fingers, almost sending her into an orgasm right there. He continued to roll her nipple and Keira began to whimper.

"Please." She begged through gritted teeth. She was just so close.

"Well, since you asked so kindly." Theon put the milker back on her nipple, and with another click, the device on her clit not only tugged and pulled harder, but now it was vibrating.

A gasp escaped Keira's lips as a powerful orgasm slammed through her body. It felt as though hours passed as she rode her pleasure out. Through her daze, Keira felt the table creak and her legs move, but she was still riding too high on her orgasm to care or question it. Then, Theon was inside of her.

Keira cried out again, her back arching as a second orgasm went through her. She pulled against her restraints and bucked her hips as Theon pounded into her. Between his enormous size, and the vibrating on her clit, one orgasm after another racked her body until they melded into one giant orgasm. Just when Keira thought that she couldn't take anymore, one last orgasm ripped through her. Stronger than any orgasm she had ever had, one that caused her to scream. Her pussy clamped hard around Theon's cock, which filled her completely, sending him into a simultaneous orgasm. He groaned loudly through his teeth, emptying himself into her, so much that she felt cum drip out of her pussy and onto her legs.

Still inside of her, Theon pulled all of the devices off of her, and he watched her face. Keira looked back, breathing hard. They stayed like this, looking into each others eyes for a long time, until Theon had wilted inside of her. Finally he pulled out. A few minutes later, while he cleaned her up, Keira fell into a deep and much needed sleep.

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