tagBDSMKeisha's College Experience

Keisha's College Experience


Chapter 1: The Breakup

Keisha was lying on her bed in her dorm room with the lights off, the shade drawn and a single candle lit. She watched the candle light flicker and dance on her wall feeling lonely and depressed as she thought about her life. Her childhood was not pleasant, she got desperate and acquired a fake ID identifying her as 18, stole cash from her mother's drug dealing (small time) boyfriend and ran. She had used the name on the fake ID and run for 3 years until she was across the country.

When she turned 19, she started using her real name so that she could get registered for school and get her GED. Working a full-time job at a diner and another part time job with cleaning offices with a cleaning service to pay for a cheap room and her schooling, it had taken her a while to get her GED, but she had done it shortly after her 21st birthday.

One of the instructors that had helped her get her GED was impressed with her, he did not know much of her past, but he knew she was on her own and still got her GED. He had helped her submit for a scholarship to a university that was geared at helping underprivileged get a chance at going to college. She was amazed and ecstatic when she was accepted.

Keisha had found that being 22 years old and living in the dorms as a freshman took a little getting used to. Luckily, she looked young enough, and did not tell many people your age. After working a job and half and studying for her GED, she found that working part time on campus gave her plenty of time to study, so thus far she had easily maintained nearly a 4.0 gpa (well above the 3.3 gpa required to maintain her scholarship).

Near the end of her freshman year she had Anthony. He was so handsome, intelligent, and treated Keisha like a lady. They only dated a month before he went home for the summer. She stayed on campus and took summer classes as she really did not have a home to return to for summer. That summer vacation was a long torturous time for her; the chatted nearly daily, but it was not the same. When he finally came back to campus she was so happy.

Was it only a week ago? Yes, last Friday morning, Keisha was a little worried about an exam in psychology that afternoon; the professor was intense, especially considering it was a basic class that many took for their undergrad studies. She decided to skip out on her history class to return to her dorm room to study. Her roommate would be in class until well after lunch, so it would be nice and quiet in the room allowing you a couple of hours to cram for the psych exam.

Thinking more about the upcoming exam rather than where she was going, Keisha was not really paying attention and opened the door to a dorm, she saw the back and ass of some guy with a girl's legs splayed out around him. Slamming the door shut, she assumed she had accidently opened the wrong dorm room but glancing at the door she realized it was your room. As a matter of fact, she recognized that ass, it was Anthony.

Her mind was in a whirl, not able to settle on a thought. What the hell, who is he fucking? Wait he is fucking someone in her dorm room? He wouldn't do that would he? The following day was going to be their one-year anniversary, he had gotten reservations at a nice restaurant; she had bought that special dress as well as some special clothes to wear under the dress as a surprise for later. No, that wasn't him, it must be your roommate and another guy. There surely must be other guys with a mole on their right ass cheek? Her mind was still spinning, but she had to know for sure.

Apparently, they heard the door slam because when she opened the door he was standing next to the bed trying to pull his pants on. It was Anthony alright and laying on the bed naked smiling at Keisha her roommate, that bitch. Her roommate's legs were still spread wide and Keisha could see her wet pussy, her pussy lips engorged. Her roommate's skin was glistening with a light sheen of sweat. She did not even try to cover herself. It was like she was presenting Keisha her pussy that was freshly fucked by Keisha's boyfriend!

Anthony starts walking towards Keisha as he buttoned his pants; he was still shirtless, and so fucking hot. He approaches Keisha talking sweet "Baby it's not what it looks like."

Staring at him, Keisha responded calmly "How exactly is it not what it looks like?"

Giving her his heart warming smile "Come on babe, you know you're the one" he starts to say. Keisha did not even realize what she was doing, but she had stepped forward and she remembers seeing her hand moving, see it strike his face, see his head spin to the side with a look of surprise on it, then hear the loud smacking sound.

Keisha turned and ran out the door, running into Alexis, her floors RA (Resident Assistant). Alexis looked at her, looked in the room, then wrapped an arm protectively around Keisha's shoulders and just walked her down the hall to her room. Alexis sat Keisha on her bed and just held her. Keisha was sobbing and found herself telling Alexis the story.

Alexis let her sob, wiped Keisha's face when she was done, and talked to you for a while. Somehow Alexis was able to get you to calm down, to help you focus on the exam. Keisha realized Alexis was distracting her, but she did not care. Alexis walked Keisha to her class and even walked up and talked to Professor Sage for her. She came back and told Keisha to come straight to her room when she completed the exam.

As Keisha started the exam, she started losing her focus with her mind drifting to Anthony her boyfriend, well ex-boyfriend. How could he do that? Then of course she started to wonder if he had cheated before and who else he may have cheated with. When the class was over, she had completed the exam but feared she did poorly. It has been a week since the exam and the professor had returned the exams today; but rather than a grade on hers there was a note at the top instructing to her to make an appointment to come by his office.

As she returned to the dorm, she did Alexis had instructed her and went directly to Alexis' room. Once in Alexis' room she collapsed on her bed and could not decide if to ball or just go to sleep, she was so tired. Alexi made tea and they talked for a while. When the tea was done, Alexis led Keisha to the dorm room right next to hers. When she entered, Keisha saw her laptop on the desk and her clothes in the closet. Alexis was able to get her moved while Keisha took the exam. Not only that, Alexis had been able to get her into one of the RA's rooms, it the same size as her old one but it only had one bed so she did not have to have a roommate.

Chapter 2: Is Keisha a Lesbian? Is Keisha subservient?

For the last week Alexis had taken Keisha under her wing and made her get out and meet new people. Alexis seems to know everyone and spent the week introducing Keisha to what felt like hundreds of people and going to parties and events nearly every evening. Over the last week Keisha felt that her and Alexis had become close friends (well Keisha's only real friend). Keisha had been so busy working and studying for her whole life to make friends, plus she was very shy.

But last night Alexis drove Keisha crazy; they had gone out and gotten home around 7:00, which was early for Alexis. The wall between their rooms was not very thick, and it was obvious that Alexis had a visitor and was having a great time. Keisha did not know who Alexis was with as she had never seen Alexis show romantic interest in anyone, nor had she talked about anyone.

Keisha found herself thinking about Alexis and wondering if it was a man or woman. Keisha also found herself thinking about Alexis's body; her dirty blond hair, striking blue eyes, tanned skin and athletic build with long muscular legs. Keisha found herself listening and imagining Alexis' partner as a woman and not a man. Keisha found yourself imagining Alexis' body in more detail; thinking about her perky B cup breasts with the light brown nipples, her nearly bald pussy with just a small triangle of hair above her pussy pointing down. She remembered her from the shower's but now wish she had looked closer.

Keisha had never thought about sex with another woman but found herself getting wet imagining Alexis' body and listening to the activities next door. Keisha had slid her hand under her panties as she listened and imagined. Her fingers rubbing her pussy as she imagined what it would be like being the one to make Alexis moan like she was.

Keisha slid a finger between her wet pussy lips getting it wet with her juices, then pulled it out and sucked on it and imagined what Alexis may taste like. She then rubbed her breasts, wondering if Alexis would like to play with her full C (nearly D) cup breasts and how Alexis' lips would feel sucking her dark nipples.

Keisha heard a steady rhythm on the other side of the wall start and realized that Alexis must be getting fucked now. Was it a man? Not in Keisha's mind, it was a woman with a strap-on. Then she imagined it was Alexis with a strap on and Keisha was on her knees with her ass in the air as Alexis pounded that dildo into her pussy.

Keisha's head was on laying back on her mattress with her head pushed against the headboard. Two fingers sliding into her pussy in rhythm with the noises on the other side of the wall. She did do not know where these images came from, but she did know that she was incredibly turned on.

Keisha found that if she put her ear against the wall, she could hear Alexis moaning more clearly. Keisha found herself getting close to climax. Listening intently, she started rubbing her clit and her fingers were sliding in and out of her pussy in time to the noises next door.

Keisha had been so close to cumming, so very close, but she did not allow herself to reach that climax. She played with herself and kept herself close. She forced herself to wait, keeping herself on edge as she listened to the noises next door. Then she heard it, what she had been waiting for, she heard Alexis scream out. With a couple of rough thrusts with her fingers she reached her orgasm. Keisha kept her mouth closed and tried to be as quiet as possible as she had an incredible orgasm. Keisha drifted off to sleep wondering where these feeling have come from and was confused by her feelings for Alexis.

That was last night and now Keisha was laying on her bed in her dorm room with the lights off, the shade drawn and a single candle lit. It was 3 o'clock in the morning as she lay there watching the candle light flicker and dance on her wall as she felt lonely and depressed. She had been beginning to feel better over the last week, but last night listening to Alexis with someone else had bothered her. Keisha could feel tears sliding down her cheeks slowly as she wondered if she would be alone her whole life.

Keisha did not even realize she fell asleep again, but she wakes up to find Alexis sitting on the end of her bed, smiling down at her. Keisha covered her breasts, realizing that she was wearing nothing but the panties that you wore last night. Keisha always wear pajamas to bed, but last night, well she did not feel like getting up.

Keisha is vividly aware of the smell of her in the air, she is sure that Alexis can smell it. But Alexis just smiles and tells her to get out of bed and to get dressed it was time for breakfast then they were going shopping. Alexis does not take no for an answer, and next thing Keisha knows she is dressed and sitting in the passenger seat of Alexis' jeep.

Keisha spent a lot of the day watching Alexis, admiring her body and wondering who she was with last night. She is not sure what she feels, if she is attracted to her physically and jealous, or if she is just lonely and was used to Alexis' attention and was perhaps a bit jealous that there was someone else getting her attention. Keisha begins to wonder if they were as close as she had hoped seeing as how Alexis had never mentioned anyone that she was seeing.

At the end of the day Alexis walks Keisha to her room and gives her a big hug. Keisha finds herself hugging Alexis back, enjoying the feeling of her firm body. As Alexis closes the door to return to her room, Keisha realizes that they had never hugged before, and wonders what brought on the change. It's almost like Alexis knew how she was feeling.

It is 10:00, it has been a long day, Alexis has so much energy and Keisha was tired from trying to keep up with her. As Keisha removes her clothes for bed, she realizes she is still wearing the panties from last night. Oddly enough she finds that this turns her on; she does not know if it is the reminder of what she listened but realizes part of it was that she wore dirty sex stained panties all day.

Keisha decides she should probably shower so she strips down, puts on a robe and slips down the hall to the shower. There are a few other girls in the showers and Keisha finds herself checking them out some and finds she is somewhat attracted to some, especially the athletic cones that have bodies like Alexis. Alexis finishes her shower, puts a robe on and returns to her room. Putting on some panties and a thin tank top she sits on her bed to study.

Chapter 3. Keisha learns more about Alexis

Keisha finds herself waking although she does not even recall falling asleep and does not know what woke her so suddenly. Then she hears noises from the wall, from Alexis' room and she moves to the wall putting her ear to the wall. There is a voice, a masculine voice talking, and Keisha finds herself somewhat disappointed.

Suddenly there is a slap of flesh on flesh and a yelp of pain that she was sure was Alexis. Someone is hitting Alexis! Keisha jumps from her bed and runs out of her room to Alexis' door and beats loudly on it. After a bit of commotion inside, Alexis opens the door a crack then seeing it is Keisha she lets it slide open more. Alexis is standing there naked before her and Keisha's eyes moved down her body to take it all in.

Alexis has her hair pulled back into a ponytail and she is wearing a black leather collar around her neck with three silver rings on it, one at the front and one on each side. One of the rings has a short leather strap clasped to it with the other end clasped to a ring on a leather cuff on her wrist.

Keisha's eyes move to her other hand, the one on the door and confirms she has a cuff on it as well and it has another short leather strap dangling from the cuff. Keisha's eyes slide down Alexi's body and she sees that she has silver clamps on her nipples with small weights dangling from them

Keisha realizes that she has been staring at Alexis' body for a long time and she feels her flush as she snaps her head up to Alexis' face trying to find words. Alexis smiles at you "Go to bed Keisha, I am fine". Keisha just stands there still trying to form words, to make sure her friend really is OK and sees someone behind Alexis but is not able to see very well with the low light. Alexis steps forward and kisses the top of Keisha's head then tells her "Go back to bed baby, I will come see you in the morning" then steps back into the room "unless you would like to join us?" Keisha feels her face flush even more and quickly turns away and rushes back to her room.

Keisha goes back to bed in a bit of a daze; her mind really kind of fixated on the black leather collar around Alexis' neck. Soon she finds herself moving closer to the wall, pressing her ear against the wall. Keisha can hear the slap of skin being struck. The sounds of Alexis yelping, of her screaming quietly, of her moaning, and some talking. She cannot make out many words. It sounds like she thanks him a lot, even after she is struck.

As Keisha lays there listening, she suddenly realizes that she is naked. Her clothes are bunched up on the bed beside her and she has two fingers buried deep in her very wet pussy. She does not even recall taking her clothes off much less starting to play with her pussy. Keisha starts pinching her nipples hard wondering what it nipple clamps would feel like.

Keisha lay there listening to the noises next door and playing with her pussy, her clit, and her nipples. She does not even know how many orgasms she has had, she was just focused on what she could hear next door. Keisha could only imagine some of what was happening next door and wondered what types of things are happening to Alexis; Keisha was also wondering what it would be like to be in her place.

Once the noise stops next door, Keisha finally falls into a restless sleep. Keisha slowly wakes, her eyes opening and focusing on Alexis sitting at the end of her bed once again. Once her eyes are fully open, Keisha is met with Alexis' gorgeous smile. Keisha notices Alexis' eyes moving down her body and glances down and realizes that she is naked and that the sheet is on the floor. Keisha quickly covers her breast with one arm and her pussy with her hand and starts to roll over to retrieve her sheet.

"Stop!" Alexis says firmly and Keisha finds herself freezing instantly. "No need to cover yourself up, I have been here for the last half hour and have seen your body, so what is the sense in covering up." Keisha finds herself sitting up with her back to the wall in the corner of her bed, drawing her knees up to her chest. "Good girl" Alexis tells Keisha with a knowing smile.

Alexis sits on the end of your bed, bringing her legs up and sitting cross legged and staring at Keisha for a few moments. Keisha finds herself staring at Alexis' body, wondering if there are red marks under her t-shirt and sweatpants. Wondering if she is sore or if it feels good, wondering what it would feel like to be in her spot.

"Keisha" Alexis says in a firm voice. Keisha looks up into Alexis' eyes for a moment to find Alexis staring back at her and Keisha finds herself looking down after a moment. "You have questions for me?" Alexis asks.

Keisha finds herself struggling with what to say, wanting to ask lots of things, but she is not sure what to say. Finally, she murmurs "Who was that last night?"

Alexis stares at Keisha for a long moment then Alexis says in a calm commanding voice "Sit up straighter, cross your legs, shoulders back, chest out, hold your head proud". Keisha finds herself complying before she realizes what she is doing. Thinking to herself that she is listening because she really wants to know what was going on last night and thinks that if she listens Alexis will tell her.

"Good girl" Alexis says once Keisha is sitting as instructed. Alexis continues "Now, I want you to kneel, your ass on your heels." Keisha hesitates for a moment, wondering why she should listen, thinking this is getting a bit carried away. "Now" Alexis she says firmly raising her voice slightly. Keisha finds herself quickly moving to your knees, sitting back on her heels.

Alexis moves across the bed, moving closer and reaches out to grab Keisha's shoulders pulling them back. "I said shoulders back, chest out" Alexis states firmly. Keisha quickly tries to do as instructed, her skin tingling where Alexis touched her. Alexis sits there staring at Keisha again; it is so silent and Keisha soon finds herself turning to Alexis and starting to ask who was with Alexis last night.

"Silent" Alexis demands, and Keisha quickly shuts her mouth. "Head forward" Alexis tells Keisha who quickly turns her head forward. Keisha hears Alexis moving and feels the bed move and Keisha fights her instinct to look to see what she is doing. Keisha's mind is whirling, wondering why she is listening to Alexis, wondering what is going on, and wondering what... Keisha suddenly hears a loud smack and her mind starts to wonder what it was when she feels a sharp pain in your right upper ass cheek, just over her heal.

Keisha leaps up, and yells out "Ouch, what the hell?" Alexis stares at Keisha and firmly tells her to kneel again. Keisha just looks at Alexis as her mind registers that Alexis has a ruler in her hand and that it is moving towards her ass cheek. Keisha hears a sharp smack again as she sees the ruler strike her ass. Glancing down she can see a red line forming next to where she just hit you, realizing it must be from the first slap. "Kneel I said!" comes Alexis' firm voice through Keisha's clouded brain.

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