tagSci-Fi & FantasyKeith and Lena Ch. 01

Keith and Lena Ch. 01


April 17, 2675

A tall man, perhaps 6'2", with dark hair and medium build stepped into the teleporter. He had that shaved but not shaved look about him – a perpetual 5 o'clock shadow, no matter how soon he had shaved that day, and dressed in a dark blue shirt and a pair of slacks with luggage in hand. Beyond that, there wasn't anything to unusual about him, could have been anyone, really. Never did liked those things, Keith thought to himself. After 32 years of living with them, one would think you would get used to the idea that your entire body would destabilize for a split second, sent though a channel of pure, invisible energy and then rematerialize somewhere else, but he just never did. Keith didn't pretend to try to understand it either. Just smiled and nodded. Old fashioned that way he supposed. Incidentally, that's also the best reason he could think of for going into journalism. In this day and age, everything is downloaded and uploaded. Hardly anyone actually reads anything anymore. Though there are a select few who, for one reason or another, aren't compatible with the neurological uplinks or just enjoy the activity of calmly sitting down to read a newspaper.

On this particular outing, Keith had an assignment on Earths moon. Humans have been trying to colonize it for years, but the low gravity lead to certain health problems. A number of solutions were created but all fell just short of perfection. Finally a breakthrough: something to do with gravity nets and anti-gravity fields. Again, Keith didn't try to understand, he just quoted the old grey men and women on the project, and did his trademark thing: smiled and nodded. As long as it didn't interfere with his moonlit strolls or readings he was content with whatever he smiled and nodded his way through. And smiled and nodded Keith did, through three days of lecture and tours and press conferences.

Not that any of this really mattered at the moment. The article was written, submitted to his editor and soon he would materialize in the living room of his own house, back on Earth for the weekend. He hadn't seen his wife for days now. The two remained completely monogamous, a nonsequiter in today's world. Not that there was anything wrong with any other kind of relationship, at least not to him, he just preferred it like this as did Lena, his wife. Maybe in time things would change and each would look for sexual releases beyond each other, but emotional monogamy would always keep him coming back to her and her to him. It was just the way they were.

Well, here we go, Keith thought. The transporter room on Tyco city started to become brighter and brighter and little globules of light floated everywhere like pollen in the wind. Brighter and brighter until there was no room anymore, and then starting to fade away to reveal his own living room complete with his couch, plants, Oriental rug just beneath his granite coffee table. Sounds started to come through, too. Birds from outside, his cat, Mao, curled up in the sofa, purring while he napped in the sunlight, and the moans and grunts of the bedroom… moans and grunts… of the bedroom? The last Keith checked, he was here, in the living room, not making passionate love in the bedroom with Lena.

Thoughts ran through Keith's head, a million at a time, like sheets of rain, they poured through his consciousness desperately trying to make sense of everything. Keith and her had always had an agreement that if either one needed some release outside of each other they would be free to do so. She always did have a thing for women as well as men, so he thought that if she ever went after anyone it would be a woman and not a man as the low grunting sounds emanating from the bedroom were leading him to believe. But it was all wrong. All of it. He always thought she would come to him first and talk to him about it, or at least let him know what she was planning on doing ahead of time. Just then, Keith spotted something out of the corner of his eye. The computer panel, just to the right of the door, it was flashing. A program was running? Of course! The FB programs Lena made! Why didn't he think of it before?

The FB programs were short for Fuck Buddy. Lena had made them when they both talked about a mutual fantasy for a threesome. Neither of them wanted to bring in a third person, so Lena had the holounits installed and scanned her own and Keith's bodies into the computer. The result was a perfect simulation of either of the pair, and they were always ready for action. The mini gravity fields in the holounits made the illusions feel real too. The first test night was amazing for either both of them (a story for another time perhaps). But the terminal said there were two programs running? Both FB Keith programs? Hmmm? Maybe he should mix things up a bit. The touch sensitive panel reacted to Keith's finger tips and both programs immediately terminated. A slight thud could be heard from behind the closed bedroom doors.

"What the fuck?!" A slightly bewildered voice exclaimed. The bedroom doors slide open to the right with a small pneumonic hiss. A slender, but not skinny, 5'7" figure stood in the doorway. Long dark hair fell behind her shoulders and her dark skin flushed with the heat of arousal all offset her deep green eyes. She was very much like the Mediterranean women of Europe, Keith had always thought. Lena nearly jumped our of her house robe when she saw Keith standing there with an ear to ear grin on his face and he could see the nipples of her 36B breasts straining against the silk of the robe, another sign of her passionate games. "Oh my God, honey! When did you get home?" she questioned, trying not to reveal her recent activities too much, and failing miserably, what with the flushed face and all.

"Not to long ago… what ever were you doing in there?" Keith replied. He knew full well what she was doing with two simulations of himself, the question he was really after is, where were they doing?

"I… ummm… needed a… a release, you know?" She said, stumbling over her words. Keith had started to stalk his way towards her and she started walking backward into the bedroom.

"And you needed two of me to do it?" Keith also knew full and well where this was going too. As always Lena knew when she could stop it, but they both liked playing these games from time to time.

Lena let out a nervous laugh. "Oh, you know me, it just isn't the same as the real thing. I needed two to satisfy me as well as you do."

"Flattery will get you nowhere my dear. How many times have you done it while I was away?" Lena was up against a wall to the right of the bed. The scent of her own arousal from the days encounters filling her nostrils as it was Keith's. Her breathing had gotten heavier and she could how feel the hot breath of her lover on her lips.

"T-Two. Only two", Lena nervously replied. She looked away from him as she did it, almost ashamed. She played this game rather well, Keith thought. She was lying of course and he knew it.

"You know, I could always check the computer records. If you're lying, you know what will…"

"Three", Lena cut him off, "Three times." Lena feigned fear in her eyes. She loved this. She needed to be dominated like this.

"Where were they doing you just now?" Now he was at the core of the matter.

"Wh- Why do you want to know that?" She started to look into his eyes again. Almost pleading with him to just fuck her and get it over with.

"Answer my question. I want to know how much of a little whore you've been while I was gone!" A small whimper came out of Lena. A whore for Keith is what she always was and always will be and she relishes the fact that he reminds her of that.

"One was in… in my… my… pussy."

"And the other?" Keith said pressing on.

"The other was in my… other place."

Keith smiled. He's going to have fun with this one. "What other place?"

"You know… back there", she said, again turning her head to one side so she didn't have to look at his eyes anymore. Lena is by no means shy. Normally she curses like a sailor, but right now, playing the guilty innocent seems to be far more fun.

"No, I don't know. You need to tell me… unless you want to show me", Keith teased, grabbing her cheeks forcefully and turning her face so her eyes meet his own.

"My ass", Lena said almost inaudibly through clenched teeth.


"He was in my ass. Are you happy now?" Lena spat out. There was almost childish anger in her voice. Keith and Lena had done this dance years and she never tired of stoking the coals of the fire every so often.

"I'm not sure if I like your tone miss. Turn around!"

"What? Wh-why? Wh-what are you going…" before she could finish Keith had whipped her around and placed her hands spread out on the wall. The force of the turn had made Lena's head spin. She could feel Keith's hands on her ass. Her bare ass as he slid his hand up her robe. Lena was silent. She dare not say anything, lest it offend her master. Yes, that it was he was to her now, and she was his whorish slave.

"You've gotten quite a little mouth on you. You need to learn your place." Keith's voice was dark, slick with lust and passion. The exact voice that would make Lena melt. Keith roughly ripped her robe down, completely exposing her body. Lena gasped when the cool air made goose bumps on her naked skin.

*SMACK* a hand went down hard across her bare ass cheeks. Lena let out little whimper again, followed be a small nearly undetectable moan.

*SMACK* *SMACK* *SMACK* *SMACK* one after another and her whimpers and moans got louder and louder. A sweat started to break out on her forehead and chest and her ass was getting a little warmer now.

"On your knees… NOW!"

"Yes, sir." Lena complied be turning around and kneeling before him. Her heard was just in front of his crotch. She knew what he wanted and thought about whipping out his hard cock and sucking on it right then, but she knew he wouldn't approve of it since he didn't tell her to do anything yet. The thought briefly crossed her mind to purposefully upset her lover and receive another spanking… or maybe worse, oh the possibilities, she thought to herself. But this was his game now and she will play by his rules. For now, she merely knelt before her master, naked and with her mouth just slightly open, ready to receive his cock while looking up at him with her large green eyes.

"Did you just say 'sir'?"

"Yes... master."

"I thought so". Keith said while unbuckling his slacks and pulling out his hard 7" cock for Lena. He squeezed some precum out of his member and let it drip down onto her waiting lips. He used his head to spread it around and ordered Lena to taste it. Lena let out a small amount of protest in the form of hesitation. "don't pretend you don't like it slut, taste all of it!" Keith demanded. With that, she quickly lapped up all of it on her lips with her tongue. "That spanking is only half your punishment. For now, I want you to suck my cock and I will give you the rest of what you deserve later."

"Yes, master, I understand you must punish a little whore like me." The last words she spoke for a while as she took the long shaft into her mouth, sucking it and stroking it with her hand. It had been three days since Keith had felt a mouth on his cock, and God, he loved it. Lena gave the best head in the universe. Keith placed a hand on the back of Lena's head forcing her to deep throat his cock. He could feel her nails digging into his legs, he knew shed had enough and needed air. Lena gasped as his cock left her mouth. She didn't mind that he took it that far, in fact, she loved it when he pushed her. She went right back to sucking again.

Soon, Keith could feel the tingle of an impending orgasm. No, not yet, he thought. He pulled Lena away from him and she let out a small whine of protest.

"More?" She begged.

"No." Keith retorted simply.

"But I want your cum!" in the same childish tone. Keith grabbed Lena's wrists and threw her on the bed. He stalked over to the bed and flipped Lena around so that her ass was up and pulled her legs off the bed. Her legs were just dangling there, off the edge of the bed.

"Oh, you'll get it."


Keith continued his onslaught on Lena's ass. Her ass was bright red now and Lena was sobbing in between moans and slaps, still she didn't give the safety word so Keith continued until he thought she had enough. Lena felt the head of his hard cock at the entrance to her cunt. She moaned out loud at the stimulation.

"Don't get used to it; I just need it lubed for your tight little slutty ass." The woman beneath him moaned in disappointment. She wanted his cock in her pussy badly. Lena felt her lips part as Keith entered into her. God the sensations drove her mad; the tingling of her ass, the taste of precum in her mouth, the cool air on her flesh and now the cock in her pussy, slowly starting to fuck her.

"Oooh, God yessss", she hissed as he pumped harder and deeper into her cunt, "I love it when you fuck me like a whore." Its times like these that Lena and Keith are grateful that humans have perfected birth control finally and eliminated STDs or have at least have a cure one if you got it. According to their grandparents, condoms always got in the way.

Again, Keith felt the tingle of an orgasm once again and pulled out of Lena's dripping wet pussy, her juices flowing from her tunnel down her legs, and positioned the tip of his penis to the tight asshole staring up at him. "No! Please, not like this… oh! Guh!" Lena protested as Keith slid his cock past her tight sphincter muscle. No safety word yet, still playing the game.

"Why not? You took it up the ass while I wasn't here like a good little whore and you're going to do it again!"

"Yes, your right, master. Whores like me deserve it like this", Lena submitted fairly easily.

"God, you're such a fucking whore."

"Oh! Y-Yes m-master. Ah! Shit, yes! God, you make me feel like such a slut. I love it!" Keith continued to pound Lena making her feel sluttier and more of a whore every time his balls slapped her pussy from behind. "May I play with my clit, master?" Lena asked in between her grunts and moans which began to mimic what Keith heard when he first arrive. "Please, you're making me so… s-so… oh GOD!"

"Go ahead, but don't you dare cum. I have something special planned for you."

"Thank you, master." Lena was only too happy to oblige as she slipped her hand in between her legs and started massaging her love button with all the rigor of Keith's thrusting. The two continued their tango for, what seemed to Keith, hours. Finally Lena could start to feel Keith's thrusts start to get deeper and jagged, a sure sign he was near his climax. That was all she needed to put her over the edge as well, "Oh god, Keith I'm going to cum! Please cum in my ass with me! Fill me up!"

Just as Lena was about to orgasm, Keith pulled his cock rather forcefully out of her puckered hole, flipped her around and held her hands above her head as to not allow her to stimulate herself any longer. "What? No, no! I need to cum! PLEASE!" He took his cock in his free hand and aimed it at her mouth and unloaded three days worth of sperm all over her beautiful Mediterranean face with one satisfied grunt.

Lena knew she deserved all of it. And gladly started to wipe the cum off her face and lick it off her fingers. "No, no. I want you to leave it on there. You have the rest of your punishment still."

"You mean, that wasn't it? Wh-what more do you want?", Lena asked, cum glistening all over her face. Keith went over to the terminal on the left side of the bed and pressed a few buttons. Suddenly three holographic versions of himself appeared, all naked and with full erections. He whispered something to one and all three started to make their way over to her.

"I'm going to take a shower and you will stay here with my spunk on your face and pleasure them in any way they see fit. They have been instructed to punish you severely if you try to pleasure yourself in anyway other than taking their cocks into you. Have fun, my love." With that, Keith blew her a kiss and went into the washroom for his shower and closed the door. He didn't emerge for 3 hours. The End.

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